14 April 1999

Dear Racial Comrades:

It is always a pleasure to receive your letters. I find it odd that there seem to be just 2 or 3 people on this continent who are willing and able to correspond with me. We share our race and our experiences with millions of Whites here, but it seems we are deemed "too far out" to find many who agree with us. The White "sheeple" think that they can 'go along to get along', just as they did in Rhodesia. One might think that an idealist-activist like me would 'get it in the neck', but The Law of the Contrary applies in my case. It is said that a brave soldier who charges the enemy position with no thought for his own safety often finds himself unscathed, whereas the coward who hangs back, so as to be the last, often gets picked off by surviving enemy soldiers who have the time to get their heads up. In my case, I got kicked out of Rhodesia by their version of the ZOG. The 'politically-correct' Whites were robbed of their property, and several friends of mine lost their lives with the advent of Black Marxist misrule.

In the African territory with which I became familiar, I noted that every Black Marxist leader had a jew handler: Leo Baron for Kaunda of Zambia; Sid Levy for Nkomo, who was side-tracked in favor of Mugabe; "Joe Slovo", the alias used for the Lithuanian jew handler of Nelson Mandela, etc. Mandela was tried in connection with the Rivonia Plot, as I recall, which the Red terrorists had intended to be a major bombing campaign. Mandela was caught and imprisoned, but "Slovo" who led the terror campaign as head of the South African Communist Party got away and spent his time in London, where he continued to plot in comfort.

My favorite Lithuanian jew, Eric Margolis, who writes regular columns for The Toronto Sun, does a great job of pointing out U.S. double standards and hypocrisy. He compared U.S. policy toward Iraq, which is virtually disarmed (get tough and blast 'em), whereas North Korea with its 1/2 jew leader does have nukes and missiles to deliver the goods (fund 'em and feed 'em). He points out an even more blatant contradiction in U.S. policy in regard to "Russian" treatment of the Chechens who fight for their independence and the Serbs' treatment of the Albanians of Kosovo. Clinton compared the "Russian" suppression of the Chechens as wonderful as Lincoln's suppression of Southern independence. The "Russian" campaign against the Chechens made the Serb campaign against the Albanians look like the proverbial Sunday picnic. As I understand from my sources, the ex-Soviet goons would pen the people up in their village; and then blast them with artillery. The Serbs at least permit the Albanians to leave before they destroy their villages. I use Russian with quotation marks because the kikes are still in control of Russian political and economic affairs. Primakov is the head of the kosher political apparatus, while all the "Russian" robber barons just 'happen' to be jews, who are stealing the money lent to repair the Russian economy after decades of jewish misrule, genocide and thievery.

The Protocols describe how to subvert a government and overthrow the Goy rulers and enslave the Goy masses. The other theme in the latter part of The Protocols describes how the new jew state will be ruled by "The Chosen". The problem was that a nation of thieves, conmen and murderers would have to become a nation of law-abiding leaders and administrators. The reality was that the hebes could not resist the temptation to steal from their own state, just as they do in Israel. The Zionist jews conned the German National Socialists into believing that jews could become Nazis, once they had their own country. But, history shows the jews also conned themselves. Instead of driving the Arabs out of Israel, they allowed them to stay, for the kikes need Goyim to do the heavy and useful labor which the jew finds 'beneath' him. Now Israel is a big concentration camp for captive Arabs and the jews are going to have to guard them in perpetuity. The Americans are not the 'new Romans', nor are the jews the 'new Nazis', despite the National Socialist tenets of the original Zionists. But this strays from the subject of Clinton's hypocrisy in treating the Serb leader as if he were "Hitler" and the "Russian" leader as if he were "Lincoln", for suppressing the self-determination of non-Serbs and non-Russians. As Jim correctly observes, the majority of Americans seem to have short attention spans, as well as a total lack of critical faculties, so they may not even notice these glaring contradictions in U.S. policy, as do foreign observers. Margolis calls it plain cowardice. The U.S. can stand up to Iraq, but North Korea turns FEDZOGUSA's knees to water, and the U.S. kow-tows and sends tribute instead of blasting Pyongyang with cruise missiles. Similarly, the U.S. dares not stand up to the Khazar rulers of post-Soviet Russia, for they still have their nukes, so we attack Serbia, which we deem a 'safe' enemy. Serbia is not another Iraq, by any means, so Clinton and his kosher cronies in The District of Corruption may have made a big mistake! Yugoslavia, like the USSR and the USA, was never a nation in the correct, biological sense. None of its nations liked their enforced union under Serb domination. As you probably know, "Yugoslavia" was one of those mongrel-bastard states created by the malefactors of the Versailles Conference designed to detonate so as to start another war. Czechoslovakia was one such, for the Czechs and Slovaks never got along together any more than they did with the Sudetenland Germans who were placed under Czech tyranny, like the Germans of the new Polish state which came into existence after WW I.

You may have read "Truth for Germany" by Udo Walendy, whom I know personally. I admire and respect his work and his courage, but I did try to suggest that he choose a different title for his translation of "Wahrheit für Deutschland". Most English readers would think that this important book has nothing to tell them, since it is "for Germany". Really! The English reader would probably show more interest if the title had been "World War II's biggest secret". In my own research I have come across some very big 'secrets', such as Roosevelt's plan to give all of Europe to Stalin, or the fact that the Soviet Jewnion was founded, funded and fed by the Jew-Nighted-States from 1917 to the present, although the jew murderers and racketeers have changed their commissar uniforms for capitalist business suits. Post WW II Europe is rotten to the core. The Serbs sparked WW I, but this time, they may have set off a chain-reaction of nationalist revivals. Can the jews turn this to their advantage? Stay tuned!

As one of my characters said of the United States in "The Chosen One", which I wrote in Barcelona in 1965, "The U.S. will never be great, but it still has the power to do great mischief in world affairs" or words to that effect, for I don't have a copy handy. The indicator of the decline of the U.S. as a world power will be shown if FEDZOGUSA dares to renew the draft. I don't think we have enough gullible White farmboys to use as cannon-fodder for the jews, and I think that Blacks are too smart to get hurt or killed on behalf of America's Zionist masters and plutocrats, as they showed during the Vietnam business. It is noteworthy that 2 of the captured "G.I.s" are Mexicans. Did they enlist for 3 hots and a flop, as so many Whites did during the 1930s Depression, or did they enlist because they believe in maintaining 'American greatness' at the risk of their lives? I would not think any less of them for joining the military to earn a living. In fact, I would have to think them stupid if they actually joined for 'patriotic' reasons! The problem for FEDZOGUSA is that hungry people may not flock to join the military if they think they might get hurt or killed. Would a stock market crash and another bankster-created depression propel the Goyim into the military? The men who joined the U.S. Army during the Depression were motivated by hunger, not patriotism. When the going got tough, they mainly gave up and surrendered to the Japs, who were scandalized to discover that their White captives still had ammo, which they'd been 'too tired' to fire at the enemy. Many of these non-warriors perished in the Bataan Death March. The British who surrendered to the Japs at Singapore were similar. They were not warriors, either, and their commander, General Percival was a fine catering officer, but not a fighter. They could have overwhelmed the Japs, whom they outnumbered, according to General Yamashita, but they allowed themselves to be bluffed and most of them died without a fight from tropical diseases AFTER they surrendered. The German commander of the Graf Spee preferred to scuttle his fine ship and shoot himself, rather than shoot at the enemy. How do these types become military commanders? I've always advised people under my command to 'fight like hell and save the last bullet for yourself'. Only a fool surrenders to niggers, jews, chinks or zoglings. As Kipling wrote: "When you're left wounded on Afghanistan's plains, and the women are coming to carve up your remains, roll over to your rifle and blow out your brains, and go to your god like a soldier!" My version is: "When you're left dying on America's plains and the jew-quacks are coming to carve up your remains, roll over to your rifle and blow out your brains, and go to your god like a White Man!"

When I was in Rhodesia, the Brits used to chide me about the Americans' allegedly luke-warm attitude toward WW II. I said that one out of every 3 American Whites is of German descent. The Irish and Italians make up another large percentage of those called upon to fight Churchill/Roosevelt's jewish war. I said that the Irish would have loved to bomb Britain. Then, I would shut them up by saying: "If you're not wearing an Iron Cross, then you really fought to make the world safe for Communism." I think that got through to them, for they had nothing more to say after that.

You and I have seen big changes in our lifetimes. I was in Civil Defence as a Boy Scout in the early 1950s. There was a sense of cohesion in the U.S. population which I observed in my door-to-door distribution of Civil Defence leaflets. That was in 1952. In 1962, that attitude had vanished; it was now every man for himself: to hell with your neighbors. People bought WW I machine-guns to defend their fallout shelters against all comers, including their in-laws. Ha! The Catholic archbishop of L.A. said it was all right to kill one's neighbors in defence of one's family; the sheriff of Kern County promised to guard the passes so as to blast the ravening hordes swarming up from Los Angeles. But even then, I had suspicions that the "Cold War" was a hoax, that there was never real animosity between the East and West branches of the ZOG. The government of Red Star and White Star only used the hoax to scare and tyrannize their own populations. Even then I knew that we were feeding our supposed enemies. Why didn't we treat the Nazis so generously? As Orwell would say, "some enemies are more equal than others".

The British writer and convert to Roman Catholicism, Graham Greene, like the jewish writer Franz Kafka, posited that innocence was the major cause of evil. Greene's bad characters were usually jews, the worst one being Harry Lime in "The Third Man", who poisoned thousands of disease victims with inferior anti-biotics, if I recall correctly. His epitome of evil, however, was depicted in "The Quiet American", not to be confused with "The Ugly American", which promoted the opposite view: that Americans should meddle in others' affairs "for their own good", particularly in Vietnam. Greene argued that the French had done less harm to the Indochinese than the Americans were doing, out of their expressed desire to "do good". The French had taken over Indochina for their own good, not on behalf of the Vietnamese et al., just as the Chinese had done before them. The French defeated Indochinese forces under command of the Chinese mandarins, as I recall from my readings. Then, the French would give orders to the mandarins who gave orders to the Indochinese. When the Japanese took over Indochina, they gave orders to the French, who gave orders to the Chinese, who gave orders to the Indochinese! The British in Africa would give orders to the tribal chiefs. Those who did not cooperate were replaced by chiefs who were compliant with British colonial policy. This we call "indirect rule".

By living so long outside the U.S.A., as I did, I learned lessons which were not obvious to those who've lived here all their lives. (1) I could see the great social and demographic changes in this country, similar to the perceptions one obtains from stop-motion movie photography, in which a flower springs out of the soil and explodes into full bloom in seconds, rather than days. (2) I could perceive the operation of political and economic mechanisms which were common to those of banana republics and other Turd World countries. (3) I could see the future for North America in terms of social demographics. You could say that my formal studies in International Relations were simply a cameo shot of my entire life of study and activism. It is a great disappointment to me that I cannot put this knowledge to use on behalf of Our Race. I have done my best to make it available to our fellow Whites via publications and now, the Internet, but my words seem to dissipate into some sort of Black Void of Public Consciousness. This does not surprise me, for 90 percent of so-called citizens are really serfs who live for the pleasures of Hawg Heaven, without the time or the inclination to think and act in terms of community or public interest. As Whites become extinct on this continent, we become less relevant. At this point, our interests have shrunk to the diminishing enclaves in which we live, our own persona well-being, and perhaps the well-being of some of our family members. How low we have fallen, this race which built and ruled world empires! Now, we cannot run our own affairs in our own neighborhoods!

I have learned that FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION is much more vital to one's survival and the survival of one's Folk and Culture than are any of the freedoms listed in the so-called Bill of Rights. Currently, Whites live under the sort of Occupation Regime that D.W. Griffiths depicted in his misnamed film, "Birth of a Nation". What he depicted was, in fact, the death of any nation which the U.S. could have become, just as Cornwallis had predicted to Washington. In this regard, colonial Rhodesia was much freer than the Jew-Ess-Eh. Whites could choose to live with and otherwise associate with Whites; Blacks could do the same. Then there were the Coloureds or mongrels, who had their own living-space. BUT, if one wanted to associate with these other races, there were multi-racial schools and multi-racial neighborhoods. If one wished to socialize, there were multi-racial churches, hotels, nightclubs, etc. But, there was general recognition that the right to be left alone, with one's own kind, was paramount. As an item of interest, non-Blacks were required to obtain written permission from the District Commissioner in order to visit Black areas, but Blacks were allowed the run of the country without prior permission. This was true of South Africa, as I understand. Apartheid was designed to protect the Blacks' way of life, as well as that of the Whites. "Why are non-Blacks restricted from entering Black areas?" I asked a fellow member of Internal Affairs. He replied that non-Blacks usually caused trouble for Blacks by messing with their women, stealing, swindling, etc. In order to protect Black interests, such potential trouble-makers were 'vetted' by the colonial government before they were allowed into the Black areas, which comprised 52% of the territory of Rhodesia (formerly Southern Rhodesia. now Zimbabwe). Imagine what the U.S.A. would be like, were 52% of its territory reserved for the indigenous Asiatic population! I realized that White colonial policy placed us in the role of nurse maids and nannies, as well as zoo keepers, on behalf of a rapidly-exploding Black population. Such a policy could have only one outcome: the end of White rule, and the end of White occupation of that beautiful country. How does U.S. domestic policy differ? Indeed, it is the same anti-White program and it is already showing the same results. We feed, they breed. Robert Frenz rightly points out the fact that "Americans" are not unique because of their alleged values and beliefs. We have enjoyed the vast spaces and resources of a basically unpopulated continent. Once this continent becomes populated, we will discover that it was only our wealth which made us unique, and not "the American way of life", with its hedonist-anarchist founding credo and its judeo-christian hypocrisies. What is the future, if Whites do not expunge the ZOG before the ZOG expunges us?

India, Latin America, the Balkans, the territory of the ex-USSR have much to teach us. The common feature of such areas is their racial and national diversity.

Lesson #1: The introduction of "diverse", i.e. alien peoples into another peoples' living-space is productive of turmoil, not tolerance. The only way in which peace can be obtained (for a time) is to separate these diverse groups and/or to place them under the rule of a dominant group. When the dominant group loses its grip upon the territory, the diversity explodes into open war, as we have seen in India at the end of British rule; in Central Asia after the collapse of Soviet rule; in Yugoslavia after the end of the Tito regime; in Latin America after the end of colonial rule and in America, with the jewish subversion of White Rule.

Lesson #2: Race-mixing does not produce peace. Quite the contrary! The dark denizens of the Indian subcontinent live in uneasy truce with their fellow darkies, a truce which is periodically broken in outbursts of ethnic violence. Were India to become all-Hindu, their society has some 28 castes or social classes which have their own squabbles and their own body-counts. The lack of social cohesion makes such societies easy to conquer and futile to rule. That is the future of North America, which is materializing before our eyes.

It is 2:00 p.m. as I write this letter. My shift was to begin at 8:00 p.m., but I just received a call to begin my shift at 5:00 P.M. One of my colleagues has taken ill with one of the many 'diversity' flus making the rounds. Not only is Yakima a center of racial and ethnic diversity, it is also a center for Turd World diseases. TB is epidemic; the STD rate (previously known as VD) is outstanding and virulent. Hepatitis from the influx of mestizos and other Asiatics is becoming as common as in mainland China. This biological warfare campaign is the result of ZOG policies, not "foreign terrorist groups". It is "racist" to attempt any public health measures, for mestizos and Asians do not comprehend the "germ theory". They spit in public about as frequently as they have babies. We feed, they breed.

The quiet which now reigns in North America is due entirely to White flight and White surrender. We give the colored invaders our land, our jobs, our women and our children's futures, sometimes with a whimper, but often with the attitude of "you want it? Take it!"

There is no appeal to the ZOG, for the ZOG is not our protector, but is the author of our misfortunes. Franz Kafka bad a vision which he depicted in a jarring short story. I forget the title, but the images are vivid. The story describes the invasion of a civilized European capital city, perhaps Prague or Vienna, by a horde of savage, lousy barbarians who have free run of the place and who show no mercy to the hapless inhabitants. Meanwhile, the Emperor's soldiers cower behind the iron fence outside the palace, and they do nothing to save the victims of the barbarians. The Internet is like the Hyde Park corner, in which babbling nutcases vastly outnumber and thereby drown out the few who have important things to say. The Internet users are, according to the observations of Robert Frenz and others, voyeurs, consumers and cowards who can provide no network for the building of an activist group. It is an entertainment medium because its users merely want entertainment. Were the users social activists, the Internet could become a network for coordinating policy and activities, but then, the ZOG would probably shut it down. Human quality is what we lack, not the means to communicate. That is our dilemma.

My lack of time is due to my lack of money. To live, I must work at any coolie job I find. Work takes time. Only a tribally-funded jew or a well-off retired person would have the time to participate in Internet chit-chat. Since I have nothing to say to jews et al., nor to fools, my job would entail the full-time screening of my Internet correspondence, as it does Robert Frenz. That is why he changes his E-mail address so frequently, as he tells me. One must wonder at the value of a communications medium which requires one to spend most of his time screening out the 'junk mail'. Well, off to work!

Henry David Thoreau said that America should strive to build great men, rather than great edifices. How right he was! I have enjoyed the life of a rich man for many years, for only a rich man can afford to do what he sees as right. Since I am not rich in money nor property, I have been able to enjoy the exercise of freedom without the attendant fear of losing 'hostages'. This does not mean that my efforts were futile. Had they succeeded, I would have found effective people with whom to work toward mutually-agreed upon goals. With the people comes the money and not vice versa, as Oswald Moseley may have learned as virtual sole-funder of England's Blackshirts. A leader leads; he cannot drive his followers like a herdsman. I do not see myself as a leader, for I have no followers to lead. I therefore try to make my knowledge available to those who may become leaders with followers.

In regard to 'fairness' and 'kindness', Dr. Oliver made some trenchant observations: Nature rewards creatures not for being fair, but by their ruthless quest for survival. The Donner Party survived by becoming cannibals. Because of that, they survived. As Dr. Oliver observed, only Aryans can relate to such concepts of fairness and kindness as we deem relevant. In Africa and Asia, our concept of 'kindness' and 'fairness', of doing unto others what we would have done to ourselves, is totally alien. According to my observations, 'kindness' is taken for weakness and insanity by Asians and Africans. Might and brutality are respected in Africa; might, brutality and shrewdness are respected in Asia and semi-Asiatic Balkan countries. Aryan 'fairness' and kindness are only invitations for attack and exploitation. On a personal level, White prison convicts say that their normal politeness can get them killed. One fellow was moving from one part of the U.S. prison to another. He found himself sharing a barred area with a Black. The Black smiled and said 'hello'. Foolishly, he answered 'hello' in reply. The Black immediately attempted to rape him, for he had shown signs of weakness and acceptance. The White prisoner had to fight for his life and got sent to solitary, merely because held said 'hello'! The correct behavior, according to White prisoners, is to remain silent and vigilant. Only the most savage Whites can survive in the ZOG-gulags. The recent Mau Mau-style murder of the Black man in Jasper, Texas, was perpetrated by a product of the ZOG-gulag, for Whites must become savages in order to survive in the U.S. prison system. One attorney said that anyone has the right to defend himself from the cruel and unusual punishment inflicted upon White prisoners by Blacks, with the acquiescence or encouragement of the prison authorities. This means that any White criminal really should kill the cops who are arresting him and save the last bullet for himself. A jew child-rapist had strings pulled on his behalf so he could serve his sentence in a 'special' prison set aside for privileged convicts. From my interviews with ZOG-gulag inmates, they all say that claiming to be Jewish gives them extra privileges and kosher food. Apparently, prison authorities don't ask questions when a convict says he is "Jewish".

You may have read Clausewitz and/or Sun Tzu, the German and Chinese military philosophers. The object of war is the displacement and/or subjugation of one people by another. Warfare is waged by those who aim to displace and/or enslave, versus those who fight to defend themselves against those who would like to displace and/or enslave them. When people are being displaced and/or enslaved, war is being waged upon them, whether they know it or not. This is exactly the case with Whites all over the world. Is our present refusal to fight in our defence due to ignorance or cowardice? Most Whites don't seem to know that they are victims of ongoing war, and those who know appear to have given up. Col. Rudel used to say:"One is only defeated if he, himself, gives up!" I saw the Whites give up in Rhodesia and South Africa. I see them doing the same in North America. Once again, those who have the means will not fight and those who would fight lack the means. Sun Tzu teaches that a really good general has defeated his enemy before the actual battle. This is done by infiltrating his command, hiring traitors, using spies, spreading defeatist propaganda and disinformation, while obtaining the best intelligence. It involves the use of agents who subvert the morale and the moral fiber of the enemy. If one can make his enemy believe that he is already defeated, the actual battle is a piece of cake. The French aristocracy was already defeated by their enemies' egalitarian propaganda. Communist propaganda was always touting the 'historical inevitability' of Communist rule. Once White-ruled North America is being given to the colored invaders without a fight. Our enemies marvel at the fact that their invasion force uses baby carriages instead of tanks! Our enemies wear our uniforms and carry our flag, and the White dimwits think that these biological enemies will defend them and care for them in their old age. What folly! As I said to a Mexican who was trying to convert me to Catholicism: "When you worship your enemy (the White Gods of the Aztec and Inca religions) you are defeated. When you adopt your enemy's religion, you are enslaved. When you breed with the enemy, you are destroyed. End of lesson!"

Last year, around Columbus Day (The Day of the Race, as celebrated by Mexicans), I removed a poster from a lightpole. It had a portrait of Columbus and was inscribed: "WANTED FOR GENOCIDE!" I pondered the intent of this message: Aren't the victims of genocide walking around and repeating The Original Sin of genocide by race-mixing? Race-mixing is the worst example of genocide, for it kills both races engaged in it. The Asiatics can never reclaim their heritage, because they are part White; nor can they maintain a White civilization, because they are part Asian. Mestizos recognize this fact, for in Latin America, I was often warned: "Be careful of Juan. The Indian is on top today!" Perhaps the White Man would be in charge of his mind tomorrow, so I learned to be patient with mestizos, as one might when doing business with Messrs. Jekyll and Hyde. Even the Freemason and imperialist Rudyard Kipling, warned about the dire outcome of race-mixing in his poem, "The Stranger", with his words of wisdom. I once asked a Columbian doctor what he meant by "the race". His first answer was glib: "Oh, the Latin race, of course!" I said that the Latin race had vanished even before Rome fell. Latin exists only as a language. Besides, I observed, your people are composites of all 3 major races: Yellow, White and Black. A mixture is not a race, any more than a chemical compound of three elements could be called an "element". The mestizo medic redefined "race" by saying it was "the Latin culture". I said, if I were to learn the Spanish language as well as you have, and if I were to fully comprehend and partake in your customs and culture, would I then become a "Latin"? He shook his head emphatically, as if he could not believe that I was so 'ignorant'. "No," he declared. "You'll always be a gringo!" Odin be praised for that, I thought. In Africa, just prior to hand-over to Black Marxist misrule, the jews of Africa proclaimed themselves "non-White". In North America, the hebes claim to be White, so we may have a little more time left in which to save ourselves. Our jewish masters have proclaimed that only Whites can be racists, excluding themselves, of course. That is why Black businessmen's associations, the Negro College Fund, The Hispanic Firemen's Association, etc. are 'politically correct'. Were we to substitute the word, White, for Black or Hispanic, the jewsmedia and the ZOG would come after us. I often suggested that we copy the "Jewish Defence League" manifesto, substituting the word, White, wherever the word, jew, appeared. The original text would be on one side of the sheet and the White manifesto would be on the other side. The public would be invited to compare the 2 texts and voice their approval or disapproval for one or both manifestos. By that time Zündel's jewish mistress was keeping him under tight rein., so my suggestion was dropped. The egregious blightwing in North America would do well to get a copy of a jewish newspaper with this JDL ad and make such a leaflet, but they are too stupid to even think of it. There is much ammunition in most jewish publications to fire back at the jews, but blightwingers would never use the enemy's statements against him. That is why they are blightwingers and will continue to go nowhere. As far as that goes, the text of The Genocide Convention describes the crimes which FEDZOGUSA is perpetrating against White people in this country. Only one Internet writer has tried to point this out, to my knowledge. The Genocide Convention is a treaty, and as such, supersedes the 1st Amendment in terms of Article VI, paragraph 2 of The Constitution. Apparently, blightwingers, including Birchers, are unaware (1) of the existence of the U.S. Constitution or (2) they never read it or, (3) they can't understand it. When I point out the K and U symbols denoting the kosher tax, most Goyim disbelieve me. I said they should read a jewish newspaper if they want confirmation of my statements. Most O.W.s (Ostensible Whites) in North America thoroughly identify themselves with jews and therefore have no interests of their own. I heard one dumb Goy say that "Israel is our lifeline to the Middle East!" I laughed and said that it is indeed odd to call a hangman's rope a 'lifeline', when it is around one's neck. Israel's existence at our expense made us many enemies amongst the oil-rich Arabs and pushed them into the orbit of the Soviet Jewnion. No wonder Secretary of Defence Forrestal opposed our recognition of Israel! Israel takes our money and makes trouble for us in return. What kind of a 'good deal' is that? Zionists are jew-supremacists and Israel-firsters, even if they call themselves 'Christians', Democrats, or Republicans.

17 APR 99. I resume after many work-related interruptions. Robert Frenz reports a huge influx of Khazars alias Ashkenazim alias Russian jews into the northeastern USA. Many of these kikes have criminal backgrounds and the whole bunch is receiving all sorts of FEDZOG handouts, free housing, welfare, tax exemptions, and so on. Yet, the Goyim say "there is no ZOG!" These aggressive converts to Judaism will reenact the despoliation of Egypt by their exemplars of the Old Testament. Already, the "Russian Mafia" is operating here like a plague of locusts. Peare's Encyclopedia used to define "mafia" as "an Italian-Jewish criminal organization." When one looks at North America from the perspective of Clausewitz or Sun Tzu, we see no end to war: war between the displacers and the displaced; war between the enslavers and the enslaved, although the war has rarely been called what it really is. "Immigration" is one tactic adopted by the rulers of North America in order to displace and to enslave the previous population, especially the Whites, whom the rulers hate and fear most. Perhaps it is because the jews want to 'become' Whites, by destroying the true White people. Obviously, a jew like Paul Newman would want to be "Aryan", but when he is compared to a real Aryan, the admixture of Afro-Asian blood stands out. It is therefore incumbent upon the jew to destroy that which he wants to become. The same applies to other mongrels, like the Anglo-mestizos. "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is Whitest of them all?" Remember the World War II Hollywood movies in which the "Nazis" were portrayed by jewish actors. Otto Preminger loved to don an SS uniform. Konrad Veidt loved to play the sinister "Nazi" villain. We see jews calling themselves "Russians" such as Primakov and Zhirinavsky (the "Russian Nazi"). When we hear "American", we see the face of a jew. Let us suppose, for example, that the Irish wished-to displace the Chinese. They would insist upon calling themselves "Chinese". As their numbers increased and the numbers of Chinese decreased, it would be the real Chinese who would be losing claim to their own name as a people. If the Chinese were as stupid and supine as Whites, they would eventually become extinct, leaving the Irish their land and their name. I have long observed this jew-tactic: first they steal your name, then they steal your land. The jew, Vladimir Illych Ulyanov alias Lenin, used this tactic when he adopted "Bolshevik" or "Majority" as the name of his tiny minority party. Even his enemies were tricked into using "Bolshevik'' to refer to Lenin's little band of goons and kooks. Similarly do Whites stupidly use enemy terminology in referring to themselves as "White supremacists", instead of "White nationalists" or "White separatists". Orwell noted correctly that "who defines controls". If I can get my opponent to adopt my terminology, I have already won the argument.

You may have been following the 'debate' between NATO spokesmen and Serbian representatives, the main theme being: "You are Hitler!" "No, you are Hitler!" "You are war criminals!" "No, you are war criminals!" The Serbs are still as clever, devious and ruthless as ever. They apparently use aircraft to kill Albanian refugees, then blame the killing on NATO. Any other Albanians who are killed by Serb ground forces can be added to the body-count of NATO's admitted "mistakes". Duplicity is routine in the Balkans. I recall the tale of one Croatian whose son was kidnapped by Serb partisans in WW II. Periodically, the Serbs would return to the house, demanding food, money and clothing for the son who was supposedly fighting in the partisan band. Of course, the Croatian parents gave whatever they could. It was for their son,remember? Well, months later, they found his body in a shallow grave near their farm. Their son had been slain the very night he was abducted. Dr. Rohrs, the top medical officer of the NSDAP, said that the Balkans was not worth one drop of German blood. I wonder who the ZOG will con to bleed for the Balkans.

"National Public Radio", which is neither national nor public (being jew-owned and controlled) provides the only White people's music, so I listen to it. They also have more important news items than the Joe Sixpack stations, which devote so much precious air time to niggerball entertainment features. The once-existent concept of 'community' has vanished in White minds, just as Thomas Jefferson had hoped. Being a bloody fool and probably a psychopath, Jefferson's anarchistic philosophy placed the well-being or perceived interests of the individual above those of his community. Of course, Jefferson may have done all right, since he was a wealthy agri-businessman and slave-owner. Had he been able to see the results of his philosophy, as applied within the context of reality, he might have used his utopian maunderings as kindling. I have known other self-styled anarchists and I have told them much the same: that 2 or more individuals who organise their efforts can overcome any number of anarchists who refuse to organise (pardon, I've slipped back into my British colonial spelling). The Khazar minority easily defeated the disorganized Russian majority, which proves that mere numbers without cohesion and leadership account for nothing in a political struggle. Of course, coherent numbers and Judas Goat leadership will account for many of our misfortunes in North America, ever since our suicidal Civil War. The Jeffersonian-Rousseauvian-Lockean anarchistic ideal has indeed shown itself throughout our society in the form of ruthless personal hedonism. As the hippies said, "If it feels good, do it." If it feels good to mow down your fellow students with a firearm, go ahead. If it feels good to take drugs, go on! "The pursuit of happiness" is sanctified as the highest goal of American achievement.

I was in U.S. Air Force ROTC in college. One of the most important lessons we were taught was in the form of a Pentagon report on the shocking death rate amongst U.S. P.O.W.s of the Korean War. One third of these young men died! Not one escaped from the Chinese-run P.O.W. camps. The reason was amazingly simple, for Chinese anthropologists had shrewdly analyzed the "American" character (meaning lack thereof). First off, the Jeffersonian myth of "equality" is a grotesque joke. The Chinese recognized that, for they are not fools. The Chinese figured that something like 1 out of 20 U.S. soldiers had any leadership abilities whatsoever, regardless of rank. How did one identify such men? Even if the gook guards spoke no English, they watched for men to whom other men listened, men who had a sense of humor, men who had the courage to insist upon 'rights', even when they faced armed men who could kill them on the spot. These men were segregated from the rest and placed under heavy guard in ONE prison camp. The 19 out of 20 'sheeple' could thus be guarded with minimal forces, thus freeing troops for combat against the Americans and their allies. The sheeple were further divided by rewarding snitches and NOT punishing those who were snitched upon. A man who wanted to escape would need to hoard food. The vigilant snitches would turn him in to the Chinese authorities, for some cigarettes or an extra blanket. The snitchee would be chided by the Chinese officer in front of the assembled prisoners, but no particular physical brutality nor exquisite Oriental torture would befall him. So it seemed to be a 'win-win' proposition for the snitch. Hence, the sheeple camps had no escape committees and no escapes. The Chinese permitted the American P.O.W.s to leave the camps to gather firewood, but few took advantage of that opportunity, for there was no one to tell them to "get up; go get firewood!" The Chinese rations were sparse and heavy on rice, millet and fishheads. Many of the American P.O,W.s would not eat this stuff. They would retire to their bunks and sleep. There was no one to tell them to get up, eat and participate in organized activities; These were the ones who would die. Indeed, the Chinese had our number! The British P.O.W.s fared better, since they had a code of unwritten social conduct which emphasized individual teamwork. In Africa I was told, on receiving my assignment: "Don't let the side down, chaps!" All of us "odds and sods", the foreign contingent who served where native-born Rhodesians would not, would give the Brit salute and say a hearty, "No, sah!" We never did let the side down. It let us down. In the long run, that did not matter. It was most important that we White men did our duty, bravely and faithfully, as a monument to our own worth as White men.

The Turkish troops were the bane of Chinese psychologists! The first thing the Chinks would attempt was to break the Turks military discipline by refusing to recognize ranks, in true Jeffersonian fashion: "You all people, now. You not soldiers. You not plivates, you not sergeants. You all equal!" The Turks did not agree. They would obey their officer. The Chinese would shoot him. They would obey their sergeant. The Chinese would shoot him. They would obey their corporal and if the Chinese would shoot him, then they would obey their next senior private. The Chinese gave up. As I recall, some Turks escaped, despite their heavy guard. It is remarkable that these semi-Asiatic people could accomplish more with their primitive, authoritarian outlook than did Aryans who had "American" attitudes. One memorable occurrence described on the Pentagon report was the death of a U.S. P.O.W. who had dysentery. "He stank", so his fellow G.I.s threw him outside the hut, where he died of exposure. A jew named Hans Kaufman spent WW II in British Palestine and later, Israel where he was exploited (he claims) by his Russian jew masters because he was a German jew. At his first opportunity, he fled Israel and went to the U.S.A., where he was scandalized and disgusted at the righteous hedonism which permeates American society. He longed for a society which had a socially-responsible ethos, so he returned to Germany!

The Whites here are ripe for extermination by their non-White rulers, for they lack an identity of their own. The ZOG has defined them, for now, as "Americans", and they accept the enemy's definition without question. They are totally disorganized, except for those who participate in anti-White organizations, such as churches and freemasonic entities. In revolutionary Russia, the Khazars created havoc and distracted the more intelligent White Russians by releasing hordes of armed criminals upon the defenseless populace. The U.S. prison population is huge and growing rapidly. It is mainly non-White. I have read reports from the jewsmedia that the U.S. prison population is "2 million", "1.8 million", up to "5 million". I don't know the basis for such rubbery statistics, but I assume that the kike-writers jump from the number in federal prisons to that of federal + state prisons, to that of federal + state + county and/or city jails. The Black population either has been in prison, is going to prison or is now in prison. This is (1) a source of Black pride, for a prison sentence is deemed to be a rite of passage, from punk kid to dangerous adult; (2) a source of Black rage against the "racist" system, and an excellent excuse to kill, rape and plunder Whites. The "cheap labor" from Mexico which the fatcat landowners have welcomed to Yakima County eat up 76 percent of the county's budget in the criminal justice system. A further chunk goes to their welfare families. Cheap labor, indeed! Whether we know it or not, we are in the middle of a war to displace us, to enslave us and to render us extinct. I am a lone observer and reporter. If no single White person gives a damn about the fate of Our Race, then I can be just as indifferent. When there is no love, there is no loss, as I explained in my essay, "Must we Despair?" To these complacent Whites who depend upon White Civilization, for their very existence, but who refuse to defend themselves or it, I merely say, "You never miss the water until the well runs dry." Where is our survival instinct? That is indeed a mystery to me. Once again, we have allowed the enemy to define us as mere members of the ZOG's egalitarian rabble, in which "all men are created equal", but as Orwell noted: "Some are more equal than others." I love my race, but I cannot help it if my fellow Whites do not love themselves and their own offspring. This is the riddle which we must solve, just as T.E. Lawrence solved the riddle to defeat the numerous and well-armed Turks in Arabia, with vastly inferior Bedouin guerrilla fighters.