There is a little book entitled "Mystery Babylon", which you should read, if you have not done so. If you have read it and still hold your "Christian" beliefs, then you did not understood it. This book reveals the origins of Christianity: the pre-Christian religions of Asia and the Middle East. The bishops' mitres are taken from the priests of Dagon, the merman god which Yahweh dislikes in the Old Testament. The full Dagon costume was the open-mouthed fishhead or mitre, attached to a train in the form of a fish. "The sign of the fish" adopted by Christians is both Dagonian and fertility cultist, in that it is known as the "vesica pisces", the symbol of the female sex organ. The cross existed long before Christianity as a religious symbol and a phallic fertility cult symbol. It also was used by sun-worshippers. The Christians stole the sunrise service of the latter. As any child can see, "The Lord's Supper" takes place at sunrise and has the form of sun-shaped white disks. Some Christian churches even place the disks in a monstrance, which enhances the sun symbol. The saints of the Christians were usually pre-Christian gods, or pious frauds. In 1960, the Pope purged several of the more embarrassing 'saints', such as "St. Sol" (the Sun God) and St. Christopher (a hoax). Of course, the biggest pre-Christian artifact of Christianity is Jesus, himself. The "Hanged God" is typically pagan and involves the sacrifice of the god for the redemption of Nature, or the salvation of the believers or the acquisition of wisdom. This concept was common from the Europe of Odin, through the Middle East of Mithra to the India of the Hindus. The magic of the number 3 was also incorporated in the Christian mumbo jumbo of a god who is three beings, yet one. Reminds me of 3-in-l Oil or just plain snake oil.

As most educated people know, the word "hallelujah" is a prayer, which includes the name of the jew tribal god, Yah. The ubiquitous "amen" was thoughtlessly incorporated by Christians, for it is the name of the Egyptian god, Amon. As we know, our Roman versions of Middle East languages can be varied. I have seen at least 3 different ways of spelling Mecca, for example as well as Ehaddafi. The reason observant jews deem Jesus an abomination is simple: (1) The messiah cannot be a god, for there is only one god, Yahweh. (2) The messiah is defined as a MAN, who is the chosen servant of Yahweh and is therefore protected by him. The messiah cannot be abused. Let's go back a bit to see why jews cannot accept the Jesus Myth: when Jesus claimed or let others claim that he was "the son of God", that was ipso facto blasphemy, then and now, in terms of Judaism. When the jews dropped their goddess, Astarte, in favor of their bachelor deity, this was the point at which the jew-cult became anti-female. Orthodox jews deem women to be "without souls". Now, just imagine the obscenity in suggesting that Yahweh produced a son via an Earth woman! To a religious jew, such a belief is like saying that Yahweh produced a son via a 'sanctified sow'. Jesus' scourging and crucifixion proves that he could not be the messiah, in terms of the jew religion. As far as the word "Christ" is concerned, that is a title, not a surname. As Dr. Oliver pointed out, Britain's monarch is Elizabeth Windsor, not Elizabeth Queen. Christ means jew-king. The jews elected King Cyrus of Babylon as their christ. Cyrus in Hebrew is Koresh. In other words, jews could have a Gentile king. That is what irked the kosher cowboys about the Waco Wackos of Koresh, who displayed a huge Israeli flag above their compound, which the TV jewsmedia purposely blurred whenever it was caught by the TV cameras. The periodical, "Criminal Politics", opined that Koresh had greatly offended the Lubavitcher kikes whose H.Q. is in Brooklyn, NY, for that reason, so they sicked the zog-thugs on him and his dopey disciples. President George Bush kow-towed to the "Rebbe" of that sect and honored him on "National Education Day," at which time, Bush made the peculiar declaration that "the Noahide Laws were the foundation of our civilization."The Noahide Laws are jew laws for the ruling of Gentiles, somewhat like our rules for the proper treatment of domestic animals, which is what jews deem us to be. In those laws is an article which deems the worship of any non-jewish religion, such as Christianity, to be an "abomination", punishable by death. Hence, the Christian 'brother' is a Judas Goat who will one day soon, lead his Christian flock to the kosher slaughter house.

As I have long observed, Christians leave their reason on behalf of the "childish things" the old testament warns about. As Jesus ben Yahweh alleged said: "They have eyes but will not see." In this 2nd millennium we are seeing the same sort of Christian insanity we would have seen around the year 1000. When a rabbi was asked what he thought of the Y2K which is fast-coming, he said, "It's not even a blip on my radar screen." The Christian Armageddonists, as I call them, itch for the end of the world and the conversion of the jews to their pseudo-semitic cult of Christianity, which is in fact paganism with jewish or kosher labels. The "god" of the Old Testament remains the tribal god of the hebes (habiru sagaz or desert cutthroats). The "god" of the New Testament is certainly not kosher! Any rabbi could tell you that. As I noted in "The Cabalistic Curse of Christianity", Christianity is the mirror-image of Judaism, not the progression or projection thereof. Nothing could be plainer than that. Jesus denounced the practitioners of Judaism, which is Phariseeism, as "the children of the Father of Lies" (Satan). The Christians believe that they must serve those same people, come what may. This behavior, in which the "true Christian" serves the servants of Satan simply underlines the nature of the Christ-cult. If one omits the Paulistic prattle and goes back to the alleged statements of Jesus, himself, we find that the Jesus-cult is really a jewish heresy which was considerably fattened by the acquisition of fatuous pagan beliefs. In Matthew 10:5-6, Jesus says he has nothing to say to Gentiles, but tells his disciples to go after "the lost sheep of the house of Israel. In Matthew 15:22-26, Jesus reiterates that his message is only for the lost sheep of the house of Israel and that Gentiles are dogs. What more do we need to know? Jewish books are for the jews, and jew messiahs, too; so if you're not of jewish blood, what good are they to you?

The Christian mind is wondrous to behold. If a Christian were to read a stop sign the way he reads his version of the jew-book, he'd drive right on by, for he'd interpret "stop" to mean (1) only on Tuesdays; (2) "Stop", eventually, for lunch; (3) "Stop", if it feels right for you, etc. ad infinitum. As the Marquis de Sade said: "All men are created equal." And as Simon Weishaupt noted: "Oh, marvelous mind of man, what cannot you be made to believe?" Being a non-Christian Aryan, I see the word, "stop", and I take it to mean me, at that place and time.

The one thing I found useful in studying geometry was to avoid extraneous interpretations. In human affairs, I avoid losing my temper or misinterpreting others' words, based on that principle. Sure, there are nuances of speech, but bad feelings and misunderstandings are often due to one's own interpretation of another's statements, rather than taking them at face value and without prejudice. Students often have problems with exams because they (1) fail to read the instructions and/or (2) misinterpret them according to prejudice. This word has become twisted in Orwellian fashion to mean something different. "Prejudice" now means that one dislikes someone or something AFTER experience, rather than before. I often joke to the dumb, brain-polluted Goyim: "Golly gee, I must be prejudiced. I ate 5 gallons of pistachio nut ice cream and I still don't like it!" I tell young people that they are prejudiced if they love someone they've never met, and if they do meet that person and get mugged and raped by him, and they still love him, then they are bigots, for their minds are not changed by facts.

A radio feature on the trusting Goyim of Paducah, KY, revealed the recently discovered occurrence of radioactive contamination perpetrated by the local nuclear processing factory. Radiation badges were stored in barrels and the employees would pin them on when they began their shifts. After clockout, they'd drop them back into the barrels, perhaps for use the next day. With such a 'system', it was impossible to know who got what dose of radiation, or how much, if any. In other words, it was a Soviet-style administration of no records at all. The plant allegedly handled uranium, which the workers processed barehanded. It also processed much more radioactive plutonium, with the same lack of precautions. Now, Paducahians may or may not be dying of radiation-caused cancer, although the report was vague on any death statistics, just as were the townsfolk who were interviewed. As usual, the company which ran the ZOG-owned facilities has skedaddled. This is a typical jew-trick in which the perpetrators of evil leave town and/or change their names. Then they can say, "Oh, those abuses occurred under the bad, old NKVD. We are the nice, new KGB!" As you may recall, the jew-owned Hooker Chemical Company which perpetrated the toxic waste at the Love Canal in New York State changed its name to Occidental Chemical Company, but Armand Hammer remained the boss and principal shareholder. As I understand from an ex-city employee of Buffalo, NY, the alleged "waste-processing facility" within the grounds of Occidental Chemical Co. is nothing more than a large building which conceals an old sewer pipe running directly into the Niagara Falls River and thence into Lake Ontario, the major source of drinking water for such large cities as Hamilton and Toronto. According to residents of Niagara Falls, Ontario, the cancer and birth defect rates in that area are remarkably high. Large tank trucks are seen lined up at the "waste-disposal plant" at night. People have been warned about standing in the mist at Niagara Falls, and along the Occidental side of the gorge, one sees vile substances seeping from the canyon walls, and pipes discharging viscous substances of various colors. Hammer had radioactive waste dumped down water wells on his property in the 1940s onward. According to TIME Magazine, "Hooker Chemical" has some 72 toxic dumps scattered around the 'US SA', usually near railroad tracks.

To return to the theme of jewish mythology, we may now consider the "Christ-Anti-Christ" topic. The identity of both are easy to guess, when one is familiar with Judaism and Christianity: Jesus ben Yahweh would be the Christ of the Christians and the Messiah of the jews would be their Anti-Christ. For jews, Jesus would be the Anti-Christ. "Good" or "bad" very much depends on who one is.

Eric Thomsom

11 August 1999