by Eric Thomson

The jewsmedia had a feeding frenzy over this latest incident of 'leaderless resistance', which the ZOG links to several groups and persons. There are many absurdities in blightwing words and deeds, just as there are gross absurdities in ZOG words and deeds, the ZOG statement that it had to burn the children of Waco to "save" them from alleged abuse by the Koreshim comes to mind. The blightwing absurdity is for a 'leaderless resister' to claim membership and/or affiliation with other persons or groups, so as to implicate them in the 'resisters' crimes. Tom Metzger should know all about this phenomenon. But what most concerns me is the absurdity of killing jews because one wants to become a jew. Are we to fight an enemy over his identity? If we win such a struggle, we shall lose, because we thereby become the enemy! Hitler did not attack the Soviet Union because he wanted to be a "real Communist", nor did he fight to adopt Communist symbols and writings of Engels, Marx and Lenin. Only a jew could love the demonic deity they call Yahweh, as I have said previously.

Was the Furrow Fiasco "good for Whites"? Well, it is my observation of the public's revulsion at his anti-heroism that if Furrow did not exist, the ZOG might have to invent him. His target selection was counter-productive, to say the least. By surrendering to his captors, Furrow guarantees more grist for the ZOG propaganda mills. In no way was his action a service to the White Cause, for no White can sympathize with someone who shoots unarmed children and kills a wog postman in the act of doing him a favor. Furrow has done much damage to the White Cause, and he may do much more, for we are in a battle for the minds and hearts of our fellow Whites.

Whenever White 'racism' is alleged by the ZOG, we note that the accused is denied the plea of insanity. It is plain that the ZOG deems all White racist killers "sane". Furrow may not be able to enter a plea of insanity, but all is not lost! He could submit to a DNA test to determine if he actually is White or has an Asiatic admixture. Then he could dodge the "hate" charges as the Injun brothers Wade did at the Fort Smith Sedition Trial, when they proved their tribal affiliation, and were no longer deemed to be "White supremacists". We will no doubt see more anti-White atrocities committed in our name by such 'leaderless' criminals, and they will affect our cause adversely, like the so-called Kristallnacht which the jews instigated in certain German towns so as to discredit the National Socialist government. My warning about 'counter-dissonance' or ZOG actions in our name is always relevant. Beware of agents provocateur! Sadly for us, the Furrows and Smiths may preclude the ZOG from hiring real agents provocateur, for they will do the ZOG's mischief, free of charge!


20 August 1999