(Eric sometimes sends me cut out sections from the letters he writes. He hopes that these clippings might be of general interest. RF)

Thank you for your letter of August 30. In regard to Rimland, you are correct in saying that a person can change his or her mind, but he cannot change his race. Rimland is, by her own words, one of the 2 groups who came to Paraguay after WWII: Mennonites and jews. Mennonites, in my personal experience are blond and fair. She is neither. Mennonites do not use their misfortunes, real or imagined, to make money. Jews do. Rimland could pass for an ugly Gypsy, but not for White.

As for Yuriy, the Stalinist apologist, one look at that fellow tells me he is not too far removed from Genghis Khan. I don't know how Asiatic-looking one can be in your opinion and still be Aryan, but Aryan, he ain't!

I love White people, not for what they are, but for what I know they can be. That was the gist of my captions in my book, "The Hitler We loved and Why", which Dietz published. As Colonel Rudel used to say: "He does not lose if he does not himself give up."

When I was in Spain in the years 1964 and 1965, I dined at Horcher's Restaurant in Madrid, where Skorzeny also liked to eat. There was a tall man sitting at a table with some people in a far corner. His face was scarred. Briefly we made eye contact. I smiled and nodded and he smiled back. I was with companions and I had no wish to draw attention to him, so that's the first and last time I saw him. Of course I recognized him from his wartime pictures. Age does not obliterate character, nor the passage of time.

Please understand that any elite requires an infrastructure. In the 1700s, it was said that each British soldier required 10 to put him and keep him in the field as an effective fighting man. In the 20th century, it was said of the U.S. soldier that 20 men were required to do the same job for him. The knight in shining armor required the services of a squire, a farrier, armorer, peasant farmers, harness-makers, etc. He also needed an employer who owned a castle. When the Brits blockaded Beira on the Indian Ocean, to keep the World War II heros of the R.A.F. in Rhodesia from trading from that port, I understood that one ship on permanent blockade duty required a total of five! That "one" ship had to be replaced at regular intervals, so to keep one ship in position, five were required for the operation.

Guerrilla or "little war" requires a sympathetic population. A guerrillero or little warrior can shoot a policeman, for example,

dispose of his weapon and vanish into a protective populace. Please rent the excellent video "The Battle of Algiers"! I have fought in guerrilla situations and I can say how frustrating and worrying it is to suspect that the civilians know who your opponents are, but they will not or dare not say.

There are leaders and followers. One cannot exist without the other. Too many people who claim to be White Nationalists are neither leaders nor followers. As the old Brits used to say, harking back to feudal times: everyman in his proper station. Please do not think that I denounce all potential leaders and followers. I only know a few, and from my own experience, I can say they have been unsatisfactory. One fellow said that I condemned all members of "the movement". I said, that is not true. I only condemn most of those I know. It is analogous to sailing: If I wish to circumnavigate an island, I may encounter reefs, rocks and shoals. You may wish to sail around the island, too, so you can benefit from my chart to which the dangers to navigation are indicated, even though I have not completed my voyage. What I have learned may speed your passage, then you can find your own rocks, reefs and shoals.

Dietz was not a leader, He was a publisher. He said so. He did not run a movement. He ran a printshop. That is what he proclaimed to myself and witnesses. Willi Krämer, one of Dr. Goebbels' secretaries, said that one publishes on behalf of an organization. Since Dietz refused to have an organization, he was replaced by the Internet and its freebie-seekers who no longer needed to pay him to read the same stuff. Being a publisher, Dietz would pay to say something in one edition and pay to unsay it in the next. He could not tell the difference and did not care. That was his benefit to the cause, when he was not detracting from it: he just did not care. He hoped that whatever he printed would annoy someone, somewhere.

To put things in perspective, let us imagine that the Jews had such 'champions', as we see in the blightwing. As I recall, JDL leader Meir Kahane and Prime Minister Rabin strayed from the kosher path. They are no longer among the living. If some drunken bum spoke out on behalf of jewry, how long would he be around? Imagine some crazy hebe proclaiming: "It's time to kill Gentiles!" Remember what Meyer Lansky did to his old childhood buddy, Bugsy Siegel, when he would not shut up. "Bang! You're dead." Hitler said that the opposition kept our ranks clean of opportunists, criminals and undesirables, before National Socialism came to power. From that time on, it was The Party's duty to keep its own ranks clean. That is why people who joined the NSDAP after 1933 were 'vetted' more strictly than were those who were members during the 'Kampfzeit' or time of struggle. One Party speaker, whose name I've forgotten, for the moment, declared that it was not sufficient for a Party member to say, "I believe." It was necessary for him to declare, "I fight!"

I also saw "Alexander Nevsky", but it did not strike me as particularly Aryan in regard to casting. The hero made Rasputin look Aryan. Since WWI and WWII, the White population in the territory occupied by the former USSR has diminished almost to extinction. If you come across an Aryan from Russia, please let me know. I have only met Asiatics and Khazar kikes from that region. It may come as a surprise to Yuriy that a colleague of mine, Peter Worthington, who was Moscow correspondent for The Telegram of Toronto, reported that the traffic cops of Moscow all conversed in Yiddish, rather than Russian. So did the officers in Lubyanka, where he was questioned. Ah, yes, Aryan Russia! If Yuriy can convince you that he is Aryan and you are jewish, you might hit B'nai B'rith for some shekels. Ha!

We are engaged in a cosmic struggle, so we cannot expect to see major changes, one way or another, within our own lifetimes. Certainly, time is of the essence, but if Whites do not or will not understand this, then we must accept such casualties as we allow from our own disregard for reality.

I would like to hurry up the process of the White Awakening, but I cannot, myself, awaken people before they decide to wake up. A major problem which I have encountered is the Babel-like confusion of identities. Mestizos think they are White. As a Eurasian, Yuriy would be a 'mestizo'. Whites think they are jews, and say that those who practice Judaism are "fakes". As I say, to be effective in any fight, you must have a Selbstbild and a Feindbild: you must know who you are and who your enemy is – on sight! It reminds me of the old joke about the Lone Ranger and Tonto. In their final episode, they are surrounded by overwhelming numbers of murderous Apaches. The Lone Ranger says,"Well, Tonto, old buddy, we're nearly out of silver bullets and there's just too many of them, so it looks like we've come to the end of the trail." Tonto makes a sly, Asiatic grin and says,"What you mean, 'we'", White man?" America's misfortune is that too many mestizos think they can be "White" when it suits them and "Injun" when they feel the urge. They are really loyal to neither the White nor the Yellow Race. The Asiatic invaders will use them and kill them off when they have served their purpose. In the meantime, real Whites should not be fooled by them, any more than they should be fooled by jews calling themselves "Aryans".


P.S.: I see that I omitted several points, due to my haste to run off to work. First off, let me say that I admire Colin Jordan both for his efforts on behalf of our ovine lemming-like race, and for his great knowledge of National Socialism. Because he lacks activist followers in the present, he will provide a bridge of knowledge between past and future. That can also be our roles: the closure of the generation gap between those who know and those who want to know.

As far as there being a chance for the survival of the White Race, we never lacked for chances, nor do we now. It's like the song from the jew-musical, "Carousel": "...(we) let (our) golden chances pass (us) by..." That is our own, chosen misfortune.

David Irving is a great speaker, but does not want to lead any group. Like Zündel, he likes people only for that which they can give him. Otherwise, he prefers his own company exclusively. It sounds as if they have a Yahweh Complex. Irving knows a lot about certain aspects of history, but his judgement of character and of situations must be worked on, since he no longer has the jewish publishing infrastructure at his disposal. Here are a few classic Irving stunts: he left limited supplies of "Churchill's War" Vol. I, with people who had no ability to distribute them, let alone sell them! Eventually, he relied on Zündel to help promote his books at meetings, but Zündel would always announce the meeting venue in advance and get the meetings cancelled at the last minute. My method, which always worked, was to hire a hall in any one of Toronto's major hotels, in my name or any other. The advance notices of the Irving meeting advised attendees to meet the ticket-seller in a parking area centrally located amongst the possible hotel venues, so as to be in easy walking distance. Only then were they told the actual meeting place. Result: no mobs, no cancellations and no disappointments for Aryan attendees. Irving obtained needed funds from such meetings, as well as from book sales at the meetings. The loss of Canadian funds and support was very harmful for him. On one occasion, Irving drove a rented Cadillac, his chosen lifestyle. He had about $3000 U.S. from his speaking tour, so he parked his car on a New York City street and went up to his hotel room with his usual dark-hued female companion, whom he apparently distrusted with access to his money, which he left in the glove compartment. The marauding mud-people thought they'd died and gone to Hubcap Heaven! Not only was a new Cadillac left for their picking, but when they discovered the money in the glove compartment, they knew there was a Santa Claus. The thieves left the accessories dangling and fled. One can only wonder from which planet in the galaxy Mr. Irving comes. Obviously he has little knowledge about this one in general or New York City in particular.

Many people we know are like idiot savants: Harold is a great writer, period. Irving is a great speaker who lacks an editor for his books, period. Zündel is good at two things: me, me, me and gimme, gimme, gimme. That is all. Then there is Wiley Willie Carto who still puts out a good revisionist publication, The Barnes Review. He personally chose the snakes of the Institute for Historical Review, who put the bite on him for money he embezzled under false pretenses. As for Messrs. Mark Weber and Bradley Smith, the former is a non-White with a writer's block and the latter is an anarchist race-mixer. If you wish to fund these types, by all means be my guest.

Eric Thomson

18 August 1999