by Eric Thomson

Let me be clear! When I say someone is an Asiatic, I do not retract my statement, for it is based upon independently verifiable facts. I have reviewed Yuri's voluminous picture archive & I can deduce the following: (1) Yuri is a non-White. You seem to be confused about what that means. I can assure you that Dr. Landau, the top-kick kike in the ZOG's "Center for Disease Control" in Atlanta is not. When he said that "l out of 100 Whites is immune to the AIDS virus", he did not mean Eurasians, mulattos, sambos, mestizos et al. He said "White". What you do not appear to comprehend is that Yuri is trying to redefine Germans & Americans as "jews", & Ashkenazim or Khazars as "White". Would you al-low a mulatto from Ghana to tell you that you are Black & that he is White? Well, if you accept Yuri the Eurasian's definitions, then he is White & you are a jew, & so am I. (2) I originally thought Yuri to be a typical Eurasian nutcase, with more verbosity than brains. However, his Stalinist-Soviet disinformation campaign against Germans, Anglos & National Socialism is so immense, that I hark back to my cold war memories, some of which are as follows: (A) Nobody in the Soviet Union received any perks such as pianos & university tu-ition unless they pleased the Communist Party. Hardwork & ability had no meaning in the Soviet blot without reference to the Party. If the Party liked you, you were promoted & rewarded, despite your incompetence. If the Party disliked you for any reason, all your efforts & brilliance were of no consequence, although they might land you in the gulag, if you stepped out of line naturally. Yuri is pro-Soviet & pro-Stalin: he & his family were beneficiaries of the Soviet-Stalinist system. Those who disliked the Soviet regime did not survive & did not prosper. Most of all, they did not make it to North America.

Since I must work for a living, I wonder at what job Yuri makes his living. Or does he work at all? Is Yuri a jew? Since the Ashkenazim traded their national name, Khazar, for that of "Jew", that is quite possible. He comes from the region of the Khazars, looks like a Khazar, expresses himself like a Khazar, spreads Khazar disinformation, &c. If we examined all the characteristics of a duck, then Yuri not only quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, swims like a duck, &c., so he strikes me as a duck. In this case, I mean Khazar. Why he does not also strike you as such is a mystery to me. Have you no experience with Khazars alias Ashkenazim? Can you not spot them in terms of empirical criteria? Real Russians can sure spot them a mile away, as I saw in San Francisco, when a jewess came into their restaurant & asked for "pirogies" or some such. They gave her a razzing. You claim that "Yuri is disliked by the jews" or that he is making them "unhappy". Since most of those he claims to have as 'friends' have jewish names, please give me some specific example of how Yuri is making the jews "unhappy".

You say that NIZKOR & the jews are not attacking me. Once again, I welcome you to the world of politics. There is "black" propaganda, which purports to be from a source, but isn't; then there is "White" pro-paganda which emanates from the source as purported. Black propaganda would be, for example, a jew who claims to be "The Great White Hope", denouncing jews & other non-Whites in the vilest terms possible, so as to gain sympathy from real Whites for their enemies. Black pro-paganda would also include a jew who purports to debunk the Holohoax, later to insinuate the fiction that "the Nazis" made the whole thing up to victimize the jews.

The Zionist publica-tions I have read, such as The Canadian Jewish News, state their tactics in black & white: First, ignore the critics of Zionism while trying to dig up all information possible with which to destroy them; then, turn the full jewsmedia spotlight on them & cook them with it. This treatment was tried on Zündel. For years, the ZOG ignored our massive mailings. We did not exist, as far as the jewsmedia were concerned. Then, after the jew riot on May 31, 1981, everything was reversed; we received all sorts of adverse publicity, along with denial of our "postal privileges" for over a year. Since you have not been in this 'business' very long, I can assure you that the ZOG will use its media to attack us whenever they deem fit.

I remember Brezhnev's 'endorsement' of Maggie Thatcher, the kosher kandidate for Britzog prime minister: He denounced her as being a "dangerous conservative", practically a fascist. Ian Smith, the Communist collaborator & sympathizer who was Rhodesian Prime Minister, until he handed it over to Black Marxist misrule, was usually denounced in the jewsmedia as being a "racist" & a "fascist". He was neither, as events proved.

In Army basic training, we were instructed to scan our fronts, for signs of the enemy. The first place to scan was the area nearest us, because that is where the enemy could be effective, even if he only had a brick & a mean look. Then, we were to scan further away. As the ancient Whites who gave us Greek culture admonished: "The most deadly enemy in the traitor within our gates." Such as Yuri, who claim to be on "the Aryan side", as they define it, are of more pressing concern than the distant jews who do not make such claims.

It appears that you do not understand who jews are nor who is "against" them. If you were to read The Protocols of Zion, you would encounter the passage which declares that we shall lead every group & advance every opinion, even those we know to be wrong. In this way, no matter which program the Goyim choose, they will be led by one of us. In less sophisticated fashion, the ADL & its branches recommend that non-Aryans infiltrate all so-called Aryan groups. I believe that was put on the Internet by NIZKOR, so we really should be alert to the possibility of these operatives. As Dr. Oliver noted, a good enemy agent knows how to wrap that lethal grain of cyanide in layers of sweet coating. Of course, you like to consume the candied coating, but beware of the poison at its center.

The jew who used the name Fred Farrell, author of "Unwinding the Jewish Mysteries", advanced the same sort of Soviet-kosher disinformation about Stalin that Yuri does. Farrell infiltrated & took over "Common Sense", & presided over its demise. Indeed, it is an old tactic to fly the false colors of anti-Holohoaxism or anti-Zionism in order to gain swift admission into the ranks of the gullible Goyim, exactly as Yuri & Rimland have done. You think they have 'made errors in the past' & that they have 'changed their minds'. No, they have merely made a show of turning their coats, but they remain as anti-Aryan as ever. How many times has Rimland declared her anti-racism? How many times has Yuri denounced Aryan Germans as "jews" & how many times has he declared his Asiatic Soviet hordes as being "Aryans", Stalin being the foremost Aryan of them all?

You reveal your true colors by denouncing racial identity. This proves that your concept of National Socialism is erroneous if not irrelevant. Hitler, to whom you declared loyalty in your letters to me, was first & foremost a pro-Aryan racist. You scoff at the importance of obvious physical differences. Lathrop Stoddard found that these physical differences are indications of mental & behavioral differences. I have noted them amongst the various racial & national groups with whom I have lived.

Aryan biology has removed all need to interview generations of ancestors in regard to one's membership in the 3 races, as well as any degree of mongrelization. DNA testing can show you what your racial background is, no matter what lies one's female ancestors may have told in regard to their offspring's father. In addition, DNA reveals the female's racial ancestry as well. If you cannot distinguish between a blond Swede & a blond Finn, then you run the risk of getting your throat cut whenever the 'firewater' lets the Finn's asiatic blood take over. I've seen what happens when Finns get drunk. A rowdy Swede likes to fistfight, like rowdy Brits, but such brawling is done with the ethos of a rugby match scrum, rather than a murderous assault.

I differ with Robert in regard to Holohoax revisionism: It is not irrelevant if it is used to build an anti-ZOG alliance. It is irrelevant to our racial survival if it is merely an item for selling books & babble on the Internet. When Zündel saw that his operation was in danger of becoming an anti-ZOG movement, he quickly sabotaged it & chose to play his current nonsense of being a legal punching bag for the ZOG. Anti-Holohoax revisionist Germar Rudolf fled into exile where his thoughts are not deemed criminal. Zündel chooses to remain in one place where such thoughts are illegal. It may be due to ego problems, masochism or careerism as a paid pawn of the ZOG. If one is under attack, why stand around in no man's land when you can fight from relatively secure trenches? Zündel's operation was & is a mailing business. He could have sent his mass mailings from the USA where it was all legal, but he did not. He preferred to send mail from Toronto, where it was deemed illegal. When one uses the Internet for the same purposes, it behooves him to remove himself from unnecessary harassment by the CANZOG regime. He could have done so, but 'fumbled' his chance by alienating his U.S. wife.

What Zündel is doing is to have Rimland write a nasty note in the USA, which Zündel delivers to a crowd of enemies who surround him. He does not seem to understand why he gets thumped: the note was written in the USA. How come I'm getting thumped in Canada? We're thumping you because you wrote it, they keep telling him, but he seems unable to understand. By question-ing the Holohoax & nothing more, we simply assure the passage of thought-crime laws, as has happened in every country where such laws exist. The Holohoax is not merely a topic of dis-cussion, but must be the focal point of an anti-ZOG alliance, but it must never be an alliance led by Judas Goat leaders, but by pro-Aryan Aryans. Rimland, Yuri & Zündel need not apply. If you want to support them, that is your folly. Go on & enjoy your penpal club on the Internet, but do not misconstrue your correspondence as effective in terms of serving the Aryan Race or fighting "da jooz".

Please don't be disheartened by lack of effective leaders as long as there are no followers nor followers who can distinguish from good & bad leaders. As J.P. Jones supposedly said: "We have not yet begun to fight!" (because no one really wants to).

30 August 1999