by Eric Thomson

Here in Yakima, it's 1:30 a.m., my usual hour to be at work, except I have a day off. My bio-clock is attuned, however, to that of Count Dracula, so I pretty well keep to my nighttime work schedule.

Under separate cover I'm sending you some articles which I hope you will find of interest. One that struck me, in particular, is the announcement that scientists have located 'happiness', that is, they have determined exactly what part of the brain, the precise nerve, which can be zapped electrically to produce feelings of well-being and even happiness. It goes without saying that there is also a 'pain', worry and unhappiness center which could also be stimulated. It's something right out of "Brave New World" + "1984". This technology is not so new, but it was previously tested in animals. A Spanish scientist implanted a remote control device in the head of a live fighting bull. At the turn of a dial, he could make the bull aggressive or docile, just as he chose. In the realm of ancient science fiction, there was a story about some tyrants who rewarded or punished their slaves with an electrically charged device which could transmit 'pleasure' or pain, so as to motivate the slaves' behavior. In the story, the slaves revolt and overthrow their tyrants. The leader of the slaves finds his constituents fighting over the devices, which they want to keep on the 'pleasure' setting. To hell with self-government and producing food, and so on! In reality, rather than fiction, the U.S. military experimented with a battlefield anesthesia device which used electric current, rather than chemicals with which to operate on wounded soldiers. The device apparently damped out the brain's alpha waves and created the same effect as any general anesthetic. The advantage was that no explosive gas, such as ether or nitrous oxide needed to be in a field hospital, nor did the patient suffer any unwanted side-effects. He could be 'switched off' and 'switched back on' in seconds. No coffee required! This new implant could be used in Pavlovian psychology right off, so as to produce aversion to 'undesirable' thoughts and/or behavior, and to reward 'desirable' thoughts and/or behavior. Pretty scary, kids! 'A brave new world', indeed.

It's all quiet in my sector of The Western Front, but the police scanner I listen to in my surveillance room, while watching the video monitors of the tables, reports at least 5 shooting incidents per day or night. "Shots fired" is the usual announcement. Mostly, the shots don't hit anything, but the occasional body shows up in somebody's yard or alley. Hit and run reports are second in frequency on the police radios. On week ends, there are plenty of "domestic disputes" and loud parties, which include "shots fired". Last week, a White state trooper spotted an erratic mestizo driver with numerous offenses to his name. The trooper pulled him over and was promptly shot to death by the Mexican. It later turned out that he was here illegally and that he'd been deported from the U.S.A. three times!

The AFL-CIO labor unions are kissing up to the mestizos by urging that FEDZOGUSA grant amnesty to illegal workers. Of course, this policy is exactly the opposite which should be adopted for the well-being of LEGAL workers. There have been previous amnesties for illegal immigrant workers, and every time one batch is amnestied, another shows up.

There is a weird article about population control in Mexico, but no mention of the uncontrolled birthrate of Mexicans here, whose spiclettes are funded by White taxpayers. Most Whites I've spoken to, who have any opinion at all, tell me they are lucky to be old enough so they'll be dead before, the racial-demographic 'fit hits the shan'. As for the future, that's too bad for their kids, but that's their lookout. Such loving parents, eh? I heard talk like that before the advent of Black misrule in Rhodesia. Most of those I knew were still alive when it happened. Of course, some of their children had been killed fighting in a sold-out civil war. I've seen it happen before.

One refugee from L.A. mentioned that his area was run by the Mexican gangs, and if a resident were to go on vacation, you could tell, not by the newspapers accumulating on his front porch, but by the number of bodies dumped in his yard! You could cancel newspaper deliveries, but not body-dumping. He said he'd been on good terms with the gangs, but he left L.A. for 'some' reason. He reminds me of the jewspaper columnist Dunphy, who brags about all his Black friends and neighbors when he lived in New York, but for some reason, he left all that wonderful inter-racial camaraderie for the cold White North of Toronto. It's like the Goy who proclaims, "Some of my best friends are jews" or the kike who says, "I'm not jewish, but..." I don't know if I sent you the article about the jew school principal in L.A. who was beaten up by Mexican thugs who told him that "he didn't belong on their turf". I don't know if he is still down there, in that part of Northern Mexico, for there was no follow-up news report, to my knowledge.

It seems a matter of common agreement amongst acquaintances here that the dead trooper would have been dubbed a 'racist', had he shot the Mexican murderer in self-defense. Nobody even mentions the possibility that the Mexican would be charged with a 'hate-crime'.

You may remember how Al Capone was finally put in prison: by income tax audit. Funny thing is that the real, big bootleggers, the Bronfmans and the Kennedys, never got the same treatment. It may have been due to the fact that Al loved publicity and was seen as openly flaunting authority, whereas the Bronfmans and Kennedys were quietly buying favors from the authorities, as mentioned in Guy Carr's "Pawns in the Game", in which he warns about the corrupting influence of bootlegging in Canada, where liquor was legal. Now that we have such huge sums involved in marijuana, cocaine, heroin and 'speed' (methamphetamines), we can assume that corruption of our governments has become truly gigantic. In this regard, I would recommend that the tax authorities audit the sons of ex-President Bush, who were involved in the savings and loan scandals, and who likely have drug connections developed via their father's CIA-drug contacts, Noriega being just one. The Son of a Bush who is running for presidential candidacy may be the most blatant narco presidente since the booze barons backed FDR. Bush is riding on the dirty tide of mestizo voters and their country's drug money, like one who surfs in a sewer outflow. Unlike the silly, stupid Whites, the Blacks can smell a nasty change in the wind. If they understand Bush, they will do their best to keep him from office, for the tide of "affirmative action" is beginning to run against them. The mestizos are much more aggressive and organized, and their percentage of the population is increasing most rapidly, throughout the continent. They are the semi-Asiatic shocktroops for the real Asian invaders who will push the mestizos aside, as they have done in the states of Washington and California, where they succeeded in having pro-Black, pro-mestizo "affirmative action" programs abolished by law. A "National Public Radio" (sic) broadcast comments on the topic last year, before "affirmative action" quotas were abolished in the universities. Those in favor of abolition all had heavy Chinese accents, but their message was the same: "Why let in, if no qulalify (sic)?" Naturally, the White wimps were not in the forefront of racial quota abolition, for they don't want to be called "racists". They'd rather die first. Chinese, on the other hand, don't care what the minorities call them, for all non-Chinese are just "foreign devils", wherever they happen to be. The Chinese who are invading and occupying 'our' countries call us "foreign devils", even though they are the foreigners! Once again, we see that a people is a nation, rather than a place. The Chinese use "foreign" in its correct, biological sense; "foreign" means race, not place. You are either Chinese or foreign, wherever you may be, just as a zebra remains a zebra, even if he lives at the San Diego Zoo, and was born there! To Whites, an Asiatic should also be deemed a foreigner, an alien to our race. Our survival depends upon our ability to keep racial aliens out of our livingspace, and in our preventing them from attaining positions of authority and influence over us. The non-White invaders and occupiers see White taxpayers as a pack of hyenas swarming around a big, dumb, placid milkcow: they will first suck it dry, then devour it.

Local government officials privately inform me that the mestizo/asiatic hordes are rapidly depleting the social service funds, including welfare, health care and criminal justice. The costs of criminal justice in Yakima County now consume 70 of the entire county budget, and they are rising, as any listener to a police radio scanner can understand. Property owners are already 'maxed out' in their ability to pay for more schools, doctors and police. As for the mestizos who burden the system, their money is sent south, to their many relatives in Mexico. "The more we feed, the more they breed." Meanwhile, the TB epidemic continues unabated, along with E-coli and 'diverse' brands of hepatitis and HIV. The White citizenry are like people who swim in a polluted pool, infested with piranhas, for which they must pay! Since the cockroach people are eating up the budgets, little money remains to pay for the upkeep of roads, bridges, severs, water supplies, etc. No wonder this place reminds me so much of Mexico. Sure, these problems could be solved, but the lack of will to do so, reminds me of the whimpocracy described in "Camp of the Saints", with the Christians and liberals welcoming the trampling, devouring hordes. An additional factor is the employer who hires the invaders, out of shortsighted greed, for he is making more money as he destroys his own society and his children's future. What will the ZOG do to postpone the inevitable? Other writers give our rulers two choices: raise taxes or borrow more money, thereby creating inflation, in order to pay the police and the prison guards who are needed to control the worst of these who feed and breed at our expense. If one could somehow switch off the boom boxes which thump and reverberate throughout the towns, we might hear the creak and groan as our ship of state heads, bow first, under the waves. Soon, we must learn to swim or perish. How simple life has become! Otherwise, it's 'all quiet, here on the Western Front'. All the Best!

14 October 1999