DECEMBER 6, 1999

A letter by Eric Thomson

Thanks as always for your insightful letters. Sorry if you mistook my reference to "a neighbor" as applicable to yourself. Although I'll drop dead before I retire, and I'll never be rich, I do know a dozen or so rich, retired people, mostly men, who find things to do. I even know 3 and possibly 4 such men here in Yakima! Nearly all of them urge me to get a computer. They figure every Ostensible White man over 50 MUST have lots of free time. Most of these acquaintances really think that my job is just a hobby, which I do as a pastime. I assure them that I'd choose some other pastime, were I comfortably retired. These people do live in a political-demographic vacuum. They seem oblivious to the fact that they are 'moving' to Mexico just by standing still. They do look a bit uncomfortable when Spanish is dinned into their ears, and they look even more disconcerted when I converse with employees and customers in Spanish. Their fragile fantasy-bubble might go "POP!"

When you get to know me better, as I hope we will become better acquainted, you will know that I do not interpret objective facts according to my moods. I can be perfectly happy and let you know that there is a tarantula on your neck. If I am in a lifeboat full of lunatics who are filling, rather than bailing it, and using the oars to poke holes in the hull, I merely report my observations, while thinking of ways in which to stay afloat. My first action in that regard would be to start heaving the lunatics overboard, which would be nice, especially if I had some help in the task! When I report that White people are behaving stupidly, as if they were victims of an evil spell, that may cause depression in the receiver of the message. In myself, that observation stimulates me to search for a remedy or solution to rid fellow Whites of that which ails them. For me, problems are energizing, rather than depressing. Since we all die, sooner or later, I figure we might as well apply ourselves to solving some problems during our brief lifetimes, rather than live in fear and despair.

You describe your life and your priorities in raising a family and seeking a career very cogently. Compared to you, I am exceedingly cautious. As a child, I began to feel my parents' anxieties. They had experienced, ever so gently, the impact of The Great Depression (in that they worked like slaves, but managed to avoid starving to death) and WW II. Early on, I could see myself in a social context, rather than that of a Jeffersonian anarchist-hedonist. Perhaps I was born a National Socialist, although I suspect I just started learning sooner than most. As I entered elementary school, which was part of the Los Angeles City School System, in 1944, I became increasingly aware that there was something rotten, alien in the society around me. I felt that I was given a jigsaw puzzle in which none of the pieces quite fit. I had the growing feeling that I was to be used to fulfill someone else's agenda. When one is socially-conscious, one wonders what one's society is made of and what its goals are.

My parents lived in constant fear and want. Despite their education and intelligence, they behaved like hogs who are immersed in their swill and who fear to look around the corner to see their butcher sharpening his knife. The smell of blood is what scares them, so they slurp their swill, for it is the only happiness they know, and the reality of their situation is 'too terrible' to contemplate. As a ten year old, I asked my mother, "Mom, what are we afraid of." The old admonition of "Don't look back, something might be gaining on us!" described my parents behavior pretty well.

As I may have mentioned, during my primary and secondary education, I had no peers. There were none whom I knew for 12 years of quasi-imprisonment who shared my interests or values at all. I was a human on The Planet of the Apes. I resolved at the age of 8 to begin my exploration of the world in South America, in which the rivers flowed with water, rather than the sand of dry, Southern California. In the intervening years, I also hoped to find "my people", my community of peers with whom I could work for our mutual benefit. I had hints and clues that "my people" did exist. The first time was during my freshman year in college. Suddenly, I found people with whom I shared values, interests and knowledge. I felt close to them in Africa, of all places, for the White people there were more aware of who they were, in contrast to the Black sea around them. Since my parents were poor and declasse (middle-class in orientation, but lower-class in income), I lacked peers in my neighborhood, as well as my pre-college schooling. Although the males I met in college were more congenial, I cannot say the same for the females who seemed to lack intellectual interests. Apparently, they attended college as a status symbol, about which their parents could brag. They showed no particular interest in their subjects, and would forget their studies as soon as they had passed their final exams. For the most part, they seemed to be hunting for husbands with majors most likely to be profitable in providing them with "a fifty-year meal ticket", as college cynics said. The few women who were really interested in their studies seemed totally uninterested in men, so college is not where I'd advise a young man to go in search of a good mother for his children and a loving helpmate for his lifetime.

I had no intention of subordinating myself to any alien agenda, whether that person be a government, a church, a woman or my parents, who seemed not to know what they were doing their entire lives. Like most Goy parents, they feared to express their doubts and concerns about 'the system', although they were its victims and its slaves.' What little they knew about the world and the people in it, they would not or could not pass on to their children, who had to rely upon their innate survival instincts, without benefit of knowledge. Once again, the 'evil spell' analogue seems best to describe the behavior of the Goyim. Obviously, there was a whole lot more going on in the world and in my own society than I was aware of, so i reasoned that I must first get a real education before I invested my time, labor and resources in folly.

Growing up in California, we knew as children that it was folly to build one's house on (a) a floodplain, (b) an earthquake fault and/or (c) a fire area. The residents of Topanga and Malibu Canyons seem never to learn this lesson! I learned pretty soon that one does not do things simply because other people do them. There is no safety in numbers when one lives with lemmings. Naturally, my research impinged on my income, which fluctuated from nil to low to minus, as did my dwelling places in countries which were often unstable. This interferes with most females' nesting impulses, so it is no wonder that I never found a mate, although I have worked with a few very courageous and competent female colleagues who were against the idea of marriage. My academic post-graduate work was, fittingly, in International Relations, which was mainly trivia and leftist disinformation. As it turned out, my best studies of the subject occurred in my own personal experience and observations.

Well, I must interrupt this 'conversation' to go to work, for at least 5 hours.

I resume, briefly, before going to bed. It is 3:70 a.m. here.

Most Whites appear to be hostages of their possessions. They fear to fight because they might lose their land and/or 'encumbrances', 'traps' and such as possessions are called. My experience has been that those with the means will do nothing, for fear of losing their means. But those like myself who are willing to do, have little in the way of means to do it. I saw this phenomenon in Rhodesia. My friend, Wilfred Brooks, refused to support our Rhodesian White People's Party. He said he was not an 'adventurer, like myself, for he had his family, his home and his business to lose. I replied that we were fighting in a sold-out civil war and that every time I was called up for emergency duty I risked losing my life. I predicted that he would surely lose his property and business if Ian Smith betrayed the Whites. Well, my prediction became true before Smith's handover to Black misrule. Wilfred lost his son in an ambush. He lost his business when Smith confiscated it and shut it down. After handover to Black misrule, Wilfred had to abandon his home and flee to South Africa, as I understand. I am the one person you will meet who never wants his predictions to come true! The truth did not make Wilfred 'free': what he knew and what he had to do something about it paralyzed him into inaction.

The Law of the Contrary is something I discovered decades ago: when one has something to fight for, that something can prevent him from fighting. One visitor remarked that he could not understand why Zündel and I were taking such risks. Zündel had everything to lose and I had nothing to fight for, because I had nothing to lose. I replied that in my case, I did what I thought was right. Only a very rich man can afford to do what he deems right, so in that respect, I have been 'rich' for a long time!

For Goyim, women behave as anchors, tying us down. The jew women, on the other hand, support their revolutionary men and encourage them to strive harder. The Law of the Contrary: the jew "Lenin" touted "free-love", but he and his common law companion, Krupskaya, were 99.99% more faithful to one another than are the most self-righteous Christians I've known. I've known righteous thieves and thieving preachers. People who often protest the loudest seem most liable to do the exact opposite of that which they proclaim.

As for libraries of pro-Aryan content, I have seen a pattern over the decades of malevolent destruction, usually on the part of fellow Aryans who inherit them. Most White offspring hurry to burn or dump their pro-Aryan legacies in indecent haste, as I have learned on most occasions in which a library was mentioned. Zündel was given at least 3 libraries by NS activists "for the sake of The Cause", which he claimed to represent. Funny thing: once he got the book collections, he did nothing with them. He resented anyone reading any of the books on the premises and would not lend them out to trusted supporters. I never saw him reading them, either, so it was a dog-in-the-manger situation. Finally, the mice, squirrels and silverfish began to feast on the book collection, which he kept in his attic. At last, the libraries were consumed by fire and resultant water damage. Zündel had the satisfaction of watching the books go into dumpsters. Yes, they were his, all his! as he often proclaimed. This was a compulsive hoarding neurosis in his case, as well as a sense of 'power', for he could prevent others from gaining any benefit from what he possessed. Donations of food from supporters were something he preferred to let spoil and heave into the garbage, rather than feed some hungry White kids. Since he was given the books and the food "for The Cause", that is the last thing he would allow them to be used for! Pretty contrary, eh? In the end, he proclaimed to witnesses: "I am The Cause!"

Savitri Devi had a garage full of her manuscripts which she entrusted with friends in France. When they died, their Commie kids summarily burned all of them in the back yard! If my information is correct, Dr. Oliver's library fell into the hands of an eccentric. David McCalden's material I believe ended up in the hands of the Jew David Cole and his race-mixing partner, Bradley Smith.

The best we can do now is to publish as many titles as possible on the Internet, before our heirs get their GD destructive hands on them. Imagine giving a copy of Mein Kampf to one of your Christian relatives. No, Robert's idea of giving his books to the jews makes good sense. Here's why: (1) Aryans don't read books, at least very few whom I know. (2) Aryans who style themselves as activists' think they know everything worth knowing, when they are in fact arrogant ignoramuses. (3) Jews like to have archives of "Nazi" material. They pay to store and take care of such material. (4) There is nothing in my own political library which I would fear to give a jew, for such knowledge might raise a few doubts in his mind. I ask you, given the choice of preservation or destruction, which would you prefer? If Aryans ever again support a pro-Aryan movement, the jew archives will be a rich store of historical knowledge. Why not? Right now, I am hoping to find some worthy White people to whom I can give my small collection of books and manuscripts, but I have heard of no such critters. Virtually all correspondents who contact me make ONE single enquiry. I reply and correspondence ceases. You are definitely an exception to this rule. The jews MAY destroy Robert's library, but his heirs WILL destroy it.

Robert has advertised FREE BOOKS on the Internet, but the Net-nerds are so stupid and cowardly that they fear to receive a book at their mailing address. Imagine what pitiable wretches they are! The Vikings called such miserable creatures "skraelings", which sounds pretty appropriate.

One serious question I have in regard to Zündel: do you think he would receive donations from supporters IF HE WERE NOT PERSECUTED? I suspect that he would not, for what he and Rimland have to say is pretty inconsequential, compared to Zündel's 'martyr image'. Maybe that's why Zündel prefers to remain in Canada, instead of the U.S.A., for there he can be prosecuted. Such a deal!

As a further distinction between you and my neighbor, you and your children seem to enjoy mutual affection and regard. As you mentioned, so many Aryan families are dysfunctional. There is no or little love in Aryan families, which is to be expected in a dysfunctional society, which is basically anti-Aryan. How could it be otherwise? I am shocked by the 'golden geezers'' expressions of disdain for their offspring when I describe the shape of things to come: "That's their lookout," they say. Perhaps I might have had such an attitude if I'd had any children, but I very much doubt it. The Law of the Contrary again: I think so highly of children that I didn't have any! After all, it makes no sense to be a racist if one could care less about the survival of one's children, for they are the future of Our Race. That's also why it makes no sense to have "fag-Nazis" who condemn heterosexuals as "breeders". I note that Zündel refers to young Aryans who do not worship him, as "breeders", if they are so impudent as to have kids! Zündel has abandoned any NS principles he may once have had.

Well, time to go to work! Yes, I would very much appreciate a subscription to The Barnes Review, of which I have a few copies given to me by anti-racist revisionists. Bradley Smith who works with the IHR is one such who wants to "de-Nazify" revisionism. I asked him what would be wrong with National Socialism if the Holohoax Smear were removed? Bradley is an anarchist, so he hates any form of government, although he is not shy about helping himself to any benefits he can obtain therefrom.

Yes, I would enjoy reading the 2nd book on Heinrich Müller, which I'll return as soon as I've read it. I hope you received "Gestapo Chief" in good condition. In rereading my letter, I note two topics which I can add something to. My university education was indeed educational, but not in the way the instructors intended. I began to notice the leftist bias of the jew professors and I noticed another thing about the jew students: Goyim studied their subjects, but jews studied 'their' Goyim. As on the 'outside' or 'the real world', jews infiltrated key positions in student government and usually made the college newspaper's editorial policy. During the campus riots of the 1960s, jew agitators were foremost, driving the stupid Goyim under the cops' truncheons. This was the era of SDS, CORE, the Weathermen and campus commies of all stripes. It is notable that Goyim can only be driven so far. The jews were schizophrenic, as usual: they wanted Red Revolution with drugs. "Lenin" warned about "the opiate of the masses", which he deemed Christianity. Certainly, he would have objected to the use of real opiates by those who purported to be revolutionaries. Well, the Marxist movement of the sixties fell apart in a mind-numbing haze of pot, LSD, heroin, amphetamines, etc. Revolution and self-indulgence don't mix. Then there are "fag-Nazis", which is an oxymoron! For no good reason, Zündel began to endorse these perverts, thus driving away the oldest and best supporters. When Zündel lavished fulsome praise on one diseased (AIDS) and dying specimen, Michel Kuhnen, an old friend and ex-Afrika Corps soldier walked out of the Zündel meeting, never to return. Strike 2 was Zündel's endorsement and collaboration with Ewald Althans who was a fag, a jailbird and an incompetent whenever one depended on him to perform simple, but essential tasks. A female colleague was astonished that I had not spotted Ewald as a homo. She could! I said Ewald's dress and behavior gave me no idea of his sexual orientation. I just thought his 'disco outfits' were young people's fashion. I wear about the same type of shoes and clothes as I have for at least 50 years. My clothes go in and out of fashion, so I wouldn't know the difference. Most new stuff looks strange to me, so I couldn't tell if someone looked queer because he was indeed a queer! So many young men wear jewelry such as earrings, nose rings, eyebrow rings, tongue rings et al. that it is hard for me to guess if a fellow were one way or the other, or both ways! Zündel's habit of endorsing, financing and trusting dubious characters with important projects reveals such bad judgement on Zündel's part that one may suspect him of doing it purposely, for some inscrutable reason. Self-sabotage is the result. Is he supposed to do this for his jew masters? That question may never be answered. Zündel loves to waste other's efforts on his behalf. I have seen him alienate our best people in this way. What Zündel has done with his donations of books, food, money and labor over 3 decades should be sufficient warning to supporters that he will continue to waste whatever he cons out of his donors. When I asked him why he requested supporters' participation in endless projects which were never completed, he smugly replied that he gave meaning to their (otherwise empty) lives and, most of all, he gave them "hope". A baseless hope, indeed! One may as well buy a mirage or a shadow, both of which have more substance than Zündel's "hope".

I see my ribbon is fading, so I'll send you a better photocopy. I'll send a copy of this letter to Robert so he will not think you are "the neighbor"!


P.S.: My neighbor has time for lots of amusements, one of which is reading at least one novel per day. His time is not spent seeking knowledge, for that might disturb him. The time he is at home, he plays with his computer, or when he becomes bored, he watches Judahvision and is an avid follower of niggerball-all-sorts. He is astounded that I do not have a TV. I said that I do not wish to receive MORE enemy propaganda when I'm home. I get all I want on the radio and the newspapers. What little TV I watch where I have lunch merely confirms my reasons for not wanting a TV, even as a gift. In regard to religion, I think Bruce Campbell's Liberty Bell article described The Aryan Religion quite well, as a vedic religion, before it became polluted with the muddy additions of the race-mixed ones. Race is our religion and religion is our race. To be Aryan is more than biology, it is behavior: Is it good for Our Race? Otherwise, it is anti-White.