by Eric Thomson

25 December 1999

On page 222 of the GESTAPO CHIEF, v.2,, the Zionists' liar-for-hire, Dr. Christopher Browning, is unmasked in regard to his ex post facto interpretation of the minutes of a meeting attended by Third Reich officials. Browning made much of the "gas van" legend at his trial testimony in Toronto. Since revisionist testimony, which included the Leuchter findings, raised considerable doubts about the "gas chambers", the Holohoaxers hopped onto the "gas van" myth, which allowed more latitude for statistic stretching. Walter Rauff supposedly had these vehicles built, which allegedly gassed unknown numbers of jews with an unknown number of "gas vans", which sounds like the story about the infinite number of monkeys using an infinite number of typewriters to re-write all the great works of English literature, in an infinite amount of time. Browning offered as evidence some blurry photos of a truck which was reproduced from a Yad Vashem exhibit. What we do know from reliable evidence is (1) Gas chambers existed in ALL German camps, for the de-lousing of clothing with Zyklon B; (2) "Gaswagen" existed throughout wartime Europe. These vehicles used wood vapors brewed up by heating a large container of wood cubes with other wood cubes as the external heat source. The flammable vapors were run through the normal gasoline engines of trucks, cars & tanks. Blueprints exist for mobile disinfection trucks, again, for clothing, but I've seen no depictions of any "van" designed for gassing people. Once again, we are treated to a costly, inefficient, impractical, Rube Goldberg style means of killing allegedly large numbers of people. If one wanted to kill people much quicker & cheaper with a truck, one could crowd so many people into an airtight compartment that they would soon die of suffocation. Or, one could pack them in, open a trapdoor on top & drown everyone by using a railroad water spout.

I am disappointed that Gregory Douglas would carry on with the "gas van" nonsense at such length.

When Walter Rauff died, in Chile, I believe, the two major Canadian newspapers (Globe & Mail and The Toronto Star) ran pictures of Rauff's funeral the same day. One newspaper reported that Rauff was responsible for killing around 200,000 people. The other printed that he'd killed over 300,000! Obviously, numbers aren't important when it comes to Holohoaxers: just add some more zeros, & change the first number, as desired.

On page 193, the author claims that "over 350,000" jews were deported from Hungary, supposedly including the jewish population of Budapest. The Red Cross report of 1947, as I recall, claims that no such deportations from Budapest took place. When one considers the lack of rail transport for the job, I would believe the Red Cross which had representatives in Budapest.

I don't know where Gregory Douglas got his numbers, for the total number of German concentration camp deaths totals barely 400,000, up from the Red Cross figure of 300,000 reported by the Canstatter Zeitung in 1952 (I'm not certain of the date, but I saw the article). Since the current official figure for deaths in the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp complex is 74,000, down from 4 million (!), it is hard to credit these jewish figures. Most camp inmates & internees were not jews, so it is impossible for the alleged jew dead to exceed the total number of alleged concentration camp deaths in any case. Obviously, the Holo-hoaxers need to invent more "gas vans", "death camps" & additional Einzatzgruppen to maintain their "11 million" claim (6 million jew-dead + 5 million Goy-dead). They will also need to multiply the alleged number of jews who were supposedly within German jurisdiction, but this will be no problem, since the jews claim in their holy talmud that the Romans slew 400,000 or "some say" 4 billion jews at the Bar Kokhba siege!

The 6 million claim originally surfaced in October 31, 1919 in The American Hebrew. Since 6 million is a magical figure in cabalistic number-magic, it is possible to subtract 3,926,000 from 6 million & still obtain "6 million"! This is called jewish math.

Mr. Douglas covers many salient points of history which are still controversial. One alternative to the Hindenburg bomb theory is that someone fired one or more incendiary bullets at the airship as it was about to moor in Lakehurst, NJ. Müller raises an intriguing motive for the time-bomb: to collect someone's life insurance after the airship exploded over the Atlantic on the return flight.

On page 47, the author states that Rudolf Hess' death was a suicide. I have seen his son's book which proves that it was impossible for an 80 year old to strangle himself by wrapping an electrical cord around his neck & pulling it tight with his own hands: Rudolf Hess could barely raise his arms to chest level, let alone above his shoulders & he could not have held the two ends of the cord in place long enough to strangle. His killers did not even bother to make a noose. Rudolf Hess was apparently beaten & then garrotted by his killers, judging from the forensic photos which appear in the book. British commandos are most suspect in this killing, for Gorbachev, supposedly intended to release Hess from Spandau as a goodwill gesture. He informed the West German government, which warned the British of Soviet intentions. That was Hess' death warrant!

Müller may have been stating his personal opinion of Rudolf Hess' heroic flight to Britain, but Otto Skorzeny may have put into perspective Hess' failed attempt to convince the British of Germany's peaceful intentions when he states that Hitler told him (Skorzeny) that if his attempt to rescue Mussolini were to fail, Hitler would declare Skorzeny to be "crazy", like Hess.

The following appeared on David Irving's website. It was in German and so I, Eric Thomson, took the time to translate it for the readers. Please note that in Germany "Holocaust Deniers" are called "Holocaust Liars".

taz Berlin, December 17, 1999.

Zündel was a Precedent In the latest report, "Hate Online", of the Anti-Defamation League: Two civil rights (consultants) discuss how dangerous are rightwing extremists on the Web, and the legal problems (involved). Alan Schwartz leads the research department of the international civil rights organization of the "Anti-Defamation League". Jordan Kessler is responsible for Internet matters.

taz:     As early as 1985, in your organization's report, "Computerized Networks of Hate", it is written that rightwing extremists readily use the computer networks. Your latest publication is entitled "Poisoning the Web: Hatred Online". This article is available on your website www.adl.org. The Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles has publicized a CD-ROM which mentions (the existence) of 1,400 rightwing extremist Internet sites. Do you believe this number to be realistic?

Alan     Schwartz: We don't know the exact numbers. There are certainly 300 to 500 sites. The ADL has developed a so-called "Hate-Filter" with which parents can block such sites from their children. This filter blocks some hundred Homepages.

Jordan Kessler: For various reasons, I believe the figure of 1,400 hate pages to be unrealistic. On one hand, it is hardly possible to count such addresses, above all because of the constant changes: New ones come; others are thrown out by the providers and vanish. Aside from this: what do we understand to be a hate page – what is a Site, and what is Hate? Is a site with jokes about colored people a hate page or is Don Black's neo-Nazi "Stormfront" site? Or: is "Stormfront" one or 15 websites, since it lists various other groups? A look at mere numbers hides the basic problem. If there were only 5 hatesites, they would be available to anyone who used the Internet. This problem remains, whether there are 5 or 5000. There is no doubt that such homepages have increased enormously and that all significant rightwing extremist groups in the U.S.A. are on the Net – always sufficient reason for concern. The German Constitutional Police count over 300 rightwing extremist websites today, in the German language. This includes those of Ernst Zündel, who went on the Web in 1995. This German-born (man) lives in Canada and stands once again before the courts, in Toronto. He must this time answer for his "Voice of Freedom" web-site. Until now, he has won all his trials.

taz:     Could it be different this time?

Kessler: For years, the Canadian justice system has tried to achieve Zündel's deportation. But all attempts over the past 15 years have failed.

Schwartz: Zündel will not admit to being solely responsible for the site. The American, Ingrid Rimland, functions as webmaster. Zündel alleges that Rimland produces the website in San Diego and that he has no direct influence. Rimland does not like being solely responsible as author. Nevertheless, she is a key figure, obviously.

Kessler: Rimland is entirely in accord with Zündel. Their biographies run parallel, above all, their being strongly influenced by their experiences of the lost world war. Rimland is a Ukrainian-born German, who left with her family in 1943, along with the retreating German Army. Here in the U.S.A. she studied education, graduated, and until now worked as a teacher and psychologist, principally with children. In this regard, she has often given lectures at various American universities. She has also made a name for herself as a novelist. Some of her books have even been outstanding.

Schwartz: She is, to that extent, typical of the domestic Holocaust-Liars who do not correspond to the traditional picture of the neo-Nazis. She wants to be seen as a legitimate thinker. Consequently, she does not expressly identify herself with militant extremists.

taz:     And the provider?

Kessler: Certainly, the content is known by the servers, but there is no legal ground for getting rid of Zündel. Bigger providers may have a PR problem. The conclusion cannot be drawn that such firms support rightwing extremist homepages. One server with dozens of hatesites would be, for example, "Idlink" in Idaho, in the neighborhood of the Neo-Nazi Aryan Nations. Nevertheless, one cannot say for sure whether this provider is extremist-oriented or if it is simply the provider around the corner for rightwing extremists. There is no question that Don Black's West Palm Beach, Florida, sites such as "White Pride Worldwide", "Jew-watch" or Ku Klux Klan sites are some of the biggest rightwing extremist computer features these days.

taz: How great is Zündel's influence, actually?

Schwartz: He plays an important role as a Holocaust-Liar. He is thus of peripheral significance in regard to groups which openly propagate violence or purely neo-Nazi doctrine.

Kessler: Many neo-Nazis dislike the Holocaust-Liars, above all, because they deem their activities to be a waste of time. They say: Forget the past. We must go forward. Zündel certainly gained in importance as the Internet became a more important medium over the years. In due course, Zündel became a precedent in Canada and Germany for intense discussions about freedom of expression on the Internet. Of greater worldwide importance, in the meantime, is English publicist David Irving. His "International Campaign for Real History" and his "Focal Point Publications", including a small portion in German, are featured on an Internet homepage. Irving has won some awards before he became a Holocaust Liar, and he has unbelievably strong and deep connections with traditional neo-Nazism.

Schwartz: The decisive thing about Irving is that he clearly has more connections with reputable publishers and more influence as an opinion-shaper than Zündel. On the other hand, he clearly has contacts with rightwing extremists, and he is not shy about showing them. He recently spoke at a meeting of the Holocaust-Lying "Institute for Historical Review" in Newport Beach, California. No one who wishes to hide his sympathies would do this.

Kessler: But the mainstream (media) often see this differently. The New York Times has published an article about Irving's lawsuit against the scientist, Deborah Lipstadt, in which Irving is made to appear as a hero. He is presented as the author of numerous successful books on the Second World War, who is being libeled by Lipstadt. It has come out in the trial that Irving has been called a Holocaust-Liar by Lipstadt, as well as by the ADL. Irving wants the book to be marketable after its publication, and because of strict English libel laws, he has some hope for success. This trial could have major effects: a victory for Irving would mean that the known facts about the Holocaust could be legitimately brought into question.

*** Interview: Thomas Pfeiffer Thomas. Pfeiffer-2@ruhr-uni-bochum.de

taz No. 6018 of December 16, 1999, page 17 Internet 237 Line, Interview Thomas Pfeiffer, c Contrapress media GmbH

December 17, 1999.