by Eric Thomson

2 January 2000

The federal government of The United States of America (FEDZOGUSA) is waging war against the White people under its jurisdiction, in violation of the treaty known as "The Genocide Convention". Every year, the number of Whites decreases, relative to the number of non-Whites. For various reasons, we neglect to have our own children, but pay taxes so non-Whites can have theirs. The more we feed, the more they breed. We are paying for our own diminution and displacement. The demographic effects of the ZOG's genocide campaign against Whites are obvious. Part of this genocide campaign is economic, the other psychological. In both regards, the U.S. government violates specific sections of The Genocide Convention.

The ZOG's media of information, education and entertainment teach Whites to hate themselves and to love non-Whites instead. Conversely, non-Whites are taught to love themselves and to hate Whites.

FEDZOGUSA gives non-Whites representation without taxation, while White tax payers' interests are not represented by those they elect. On the contrary! Whites face their natural enemies as individuals, while our enemies face us as nations, both de facto and de jure. Although these non-White nations are dependent upon White funding, they are no less hostile and predatory in regard to White survival. We are therefore feeding the proverbial tigers in our midst.

The first dependent nation I shall address is a long-festering sore on our body politic: The so-called "Indians", most of whom are not true Asians, but mestizos (part Asiatic, part White). As they multiply at our expense, so does their hatred of White people and White civilization. Given a bit of their favorite firewater, their venomous hatred spews forth. I don't know if a certain Lakota named Giago indulges in alcohol when he writes his hate-filled newspaper columns, but he may as well do so. The local jewspapers carry his hate propaganda as often as he can peck it out. Naturally, if he were a White man who said similar nasty things about tribal mestizos, our rulers would never allow him to publish his views in their newspapers. Like our other racial enemies, they never forget any real or imaginary attack on their 'noble' way of life. One recent example of this "Indian" mentality occurred at a meeting of tribal casino officials. A White casino staffer was discussing certain irregularities in bookkeeping with these officials off the reservation, where liquor was served. An otherwise professional discussion was suddenly interrupted by one of the "Indians", who said to the White, "What about Custer's last stand?" The surprised White stammered, "Well, you won that battle, didn't you?" "Well, he killed some of us before he died. Even one is too many!" It turned out that this "Indian" official had lived in The District of Corruption for a time, and had visited the local Holohoax Museum, funded by White tax payers, of course.

The ZOG prefers to deal with non-Whites as nations, rather than as individuals, and it does everything in its malign power to avoid dealing with Whites as a nation. Foolish Whites could never decide what to do about the so-called Indians. There were at least 3 choices: (1) Complete extermination; (2) Total isolation from White livingspace or (3) Full integration of the "Indians" into White society, as individuals, regardless of the cost to "Indians" and Whites. The latter program would begin with the privatization of tribal lands. The reservations could have been converted into corporations which owned their lands, with the tribal councils becoming the corporations' boards of directors. All tribal members would be shareholders, after which, no more federal subsidies would be available. The terms would be those of the jew, Lenin, who declared, "Those who do not work shall not eat!" As things now stand, any business run by the tribes is subsidized by the U.S. tax payer, and never need show a profit. "Indian" run businesses are characterized by waste, theft and incompetence stemming from a 'don't care' attitude. Outside their corporate structure, the "Indians" would be treated as individuals and would obey the same laws as Whites, with the same status as U.S. citizens and tax payers. This would be a vast improvement over the present pernicious welfare state system which rewards irresponsibility on the part of tribal members. Liberal whiners would say that such a program would be 'un-fair' to the "Indians", but that is not true if we are, as the liberals say, "all equal". Much tax-payer money could be saved if this were a democracy, instead of a hypocrisy run by the ZOG.

The Black nation (a nation is composed of tribes of the same race) was brought to the New World as unwilling captives who were used as slaves. In Brazil, they remained slaves as late as 1888. The hypocrite, Thomas Jefferson, used Black slaves in his agribusiness, but he wrote of his conviction that Blacks would not remain slaves, nor would they remain in North American society. Abraham Lincoln also intended to repatriate Blacks to Africa after the Civil War, but he was killed by Booth who was supposedly of jewish ancestry with Rothschild connections. The Back to Africa Movement began with the founding of Liberia by ex-slaves and their White abolitionist supporters. Black leader Marcus Garvey petitioned Franklin Roosevelt with over 3 million signatures of American Blacks who requested repatriation. FDR ignored the request and deported Garvey. The jews wanted Blacks to remain in the U.S.A., so they countered Garvey's movement with their NAACP, which was headed by a jew until recently. Short of repatriation, independent Black leaders like George Washington Carver and Booker T. Washington urged Blacks to form their own communities and to support themselves through their own resources of education and labor. These leaders reasoned correctly that respect, equality and prosperity could only be earned, never granted. But the jews who were instrumental in bringing Blacks here as slaves in the first place had other intentions: they wanted Blacks to stay so they could be used as a battering ram to destroy White society. Instead of separation and independence, the jews wanted Black integration and economic dependence. Obviously, the jews achieved their aims in regard to the creation of this dependent nation in North America, which ill-serves Blacks and destroys White society at the same time. When White nationhood is achieved, an agreement may be reached with the Black nation in regard to apportionment of territory and/or repatriation to the African homeland, where their bio-cultural patterns are appropriate.

The hispano-mestizo 'nation' is a very odd ZOG critter indeed. USZOG-LAND already swarms with anglo-mestizos, some of whom receive tax payers' tribute in proportion to their Amerasian tribal ancestry. A 'full-blooded' Navajo, for example, receives 100 percent of tax payers' tribute; a 1/2 breed gets 50 percent. One can have only 1/32 "Indian" blood and still receive FEDZOG funding, in that proportion. Hispano-mestizos have the same 'entitlements' if they have some portion of tribal ancestry of "American Indians". But most hispano-mestizos lack U.S. tribal affiliations, as do most anglo-mestizos. A mestizo is a Eurasian mongrel, as distinguished from mulattos who are Afro-Europeans and sambos who are Afro-Asian mongrels. When all 3 races are mixed in the same person, one usually has a jew. See "The Genetics of the Jews" by A. E. Mourant. In USZOG-LAND, anglo-mestizos are treated as mere individuals because they have non-hispanic surnames, regardless of their degree of non-White ancestry. Since FDR, mestizos, whether anglo or hispanic have been deemed "White", but since White people do not qualify for special entitlements, a new category was created by FEDZOGUSA: "hispanic", which is a linguistic, rather than a racial term. Hispano-mestizos can claim to be "White", whenever they wish, but if they claim to be 'hispanic' they receive special entitlements normally reserved for non-Whites. One college student changed the spelling of her name to the hispanic equivalent. Suddenly, she was offered all sorts of grants, housing allowances, tutorial assistance and even transportation! Thus, a person can claim all such entitlements, merely by having a Spanish surname, even if that person's family lived in territory annexed by the United States in 1848! On the other hand, White Mennonites who have lived in Mexico for generations, and who have Mexican citizenship are not accorded 'hispanic' status in the U.S.A., so there is a racial factor, after all. Mexico does not give this White minority any 'entitlements', whatsoever. Regardless of their Mexican birth, they are not deemed Mexicans (1) Because they are ostensible Whites; (2) Because many, if not most, speak little or no Spanish; (3) Because they are not Roman Catholics; (4) Because they keep to themselves in their small agricultural communities. I witnessed the Mexican official attitude when a Mennonite stood in front of me in a Mexican customs line. He was re-entering Mexico from the U.S.A. on the El Paso/Ciudad Juarez border crossing. The Mexican official checked the blond fellow's Mexican passport and asked him a question in Spanish. The Mennonite asked him to say it in English, and the official demanded to know, in Spanish, why a Mexican citizen did not speak "the national language". I intervened as an interpreter,, for I had to catch a train, and would have missed it if this 'Mexican standoff' had lasted much longer.

In this regard, Mexico is much more a 'nation' than the United States ever was. To my knowledge, anyone can receive U.S. citizenship without speaking a word of English, as well as vote and obtain a driver's licence, etc. The jew, Bill Gates, makes much of his lavish handouts to 'minorities' in the U.S.A. It cannot be imagined that he would be able to get away with his anti-majority programs in Mexico!

The Mexicans teach their children that the U.S.A. "stole" their territories in the Mexican War. Mexicans claim all of "New Spain", right up to the Canadian border. New Spain includes all western states, as well as the Louisiana Purchase and Florida. This lost territory is dubbed "Aztlan" by Mexican nationalists, who hark back to Aztec terminology. Mexicans and other hispano mestizos from Latin America have formed a political movement called "La Raza Unida", "the United Race," whose slogan is Viva la raza! A year ago, they held a large convention in Chicago. A more militant group, if that can be imagined, is "La Mecha," which means "The Fuse" in Spanish. The letters stand for "Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan" or "Mexican Student Movement of Aztlan." They seem fond of a Castro-commie line and have chapters in many colleges and universities in the U.S.A. Christian charity centers feed vanloads of Mexicans, some of whom visit all such centers and sell the food to others. One center displayed a large map labelled "New Spain" (Nueva España) which included the territories I mentioned. These Ostensible Whites had their Christian-zombie trance smiles stuck in place, as if to say, "Here, take our food, and take the country as well!" These fast-breeding mestizos claim what is 'rightfully' theirs with nary a 'gracias'. Their expressions reflect thoughts such as, "It's about time the damned gringos returned our land they stole, with interest!"

Naturally, this Mexican invasion and occupation could not take place without U.S. complicity: the Republicans want them for their 'cheap labor', the costs of which are passed on to the tax payers, and the Democrats want them for their votes. Between the two ZOG parties, the country is being rapidly ruined. Even Mexican labor unionists object to this flood of mestizos into U.S. territory, for they act as strike breakers and keep wages down.

FEDZOGUSA representative Richard Holbrooke was one of the brokers of the uneasy and temporary 'peace' in Bosnia. As we know from history, the Balkans are a constant source of discord because different nationalities live on and claim the same pieces of land. Holbrooke was given the futile task of keeping everybody together and stopping the fighting, which was the natural result of their 'togetherness' and diversity. As long as FEDZOGUSA has the power to bomb and starve the Balkanese, they will merely simmer, but when FEDZOG forces depart, as they eventually must, the Balkans will go back on the boil. Holbrooke obviously knows this, for what he now proposes in regard to Africa is the redrawing of borders to accord with the locations of tribal-national groups. As I have mentioned, from my own African colonial experience, the existing borders divide these homogeneous peoples and force them to live in close proximity with their traditional enemies. Countries such as Rwanda and Burundi are always flashpoints because they include Hutus and Tutsis. Southern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, includes two traditional enemy tribes, the Matabele and the Mashona, who have been traditional rivals before and after White colonial rule. The present map of Africa is demarcated with political boundaries guaranteed to create conflicts. Europe is no stranger to such mischief, for the Versailles Treaties laid the powder kegs for the Second World war by mixing diverse peoples and placing them under foreign rule. Meanwhile, the ZOG does everything possible to bring Balkan conditions to North America! Perhaps Mr. Holbrooke will recommend we do here what he proposes in Africa, after the elimination of White people, of course. Only a nation can survive among nations, so it's high time that Whites discovered ORION: OUR RACE IS OUR NATION!