by Eric Thomson

12 January 2000

When Alice balks at believing an absurdity, the Red Queen advises her to believe in at least one absurdity before breakfast. Or, as Tertullian proclaimed, "I believe (in Christianity) because it is absurd!" In modern parlance, he would have said, "I buy this car because it doesn't run at all!" "I use this pen because it doesn't write!" Or, "I pay this bill because it doesn't add up!" An absurdity is more than a contradiction; it is a ridiculous contradiction. We can thank the founders of Christianity for warning us that their cult is a conglomeration of absurdities, for sheep, rather than men.

Christianity has always consisted of what is written, which changes, as we currently see in the recent proliferation of different versions of "The Holy Bible". But what is written and what is done by believers is quite another thing. The written versions of the Christ-Cult change, according to the wishes of the powers that be, and so do the beliefs and behavior of the believers, who are, after all, "sheep".

Because Christians, as well as other sheep, have no critical faculties, they do not even enquire into the origins of beliefs they use frequently, if not daily, in describing their 'own' beliefs and utterances. Christians do not even know what god they worship. Every time they say 'alleluia', they are saying in Hebrew, 'up with Yah' or 'Hail Yah', Yah being the ancient tribal god of the Habiru Sagaz or Desert Cutthroats, as jews were known in those times. Later on, the jews added another god to their original, and that god is now called 'Yahweh'. For no good reason, the Christians continue praising "Yah". Every time a Christian says 'amen', he is praying to the Egyptian god, Amon or Amen, who was their god of fertility. Like the jew-god, Yah, this deity was later combined with the Sun God to become Amen-Ra. The creation of new gods by adding the name of one god to another is followed by the so-called Freemasons, who are told when receiving the 4th or Royal Arch degree, that "the true name of God is Jabulon". This god is a combination of Ja or Yah, the tribal god of the ancient Hebrews; Baal, the fertility god of the Babylonians, and Osiris, the Egyptian god of the dead; a grotesque monster indeed!

As to be expected, Christians can't even count. They are always babbling about "The Second Coming" of Jesus, when they should be talking about "The Third Coming". According to their New Testament, Jesus was born and 'died' on the cross. That's #l. Then, he reappears before his disciples after his burial. That's #2. The Christians were expecting Jesus to reappear on 1000 A.D., just as they did on 2000 A.D. They might as well be waiting for "The Great Pumpkin" to come down from the sky, for all the good their fantastic faith will do them.

The god of the Old Testament is quite different from the Jesus of the New Testament. Yahweh remains a jewish tribal god, but Jesus has been transmuted by Saul, alias Paul, from being a savior of "the lost sheep of the House of Israel" into a universal god with the addition of myriad pagan, that is, non-jewish beliefs and symbols. This paganization continues with the advent of the "Black Christ", which adds animism, voodoo, wicca and Earth-worship to the pre Christian content of "Christian" doctrine. The Catholics have the heretic, St. Francis, as their animist advocate, so that much is not new. Animists believe that all living creatures and inanimate objects are beings with souls, which must be accorded due respect and worship.

Judaism can be characterized as a religion of vengeance, while Christianity can be characterized as a religion of forgiveness. Yet, Christianity is one of the bloodiest religions on this planet. The jews can be accused of instigating wars, but the Christians fought them to bloody finishes. It can be argued that the wars would have occurred, regardless of the current religion; yet, Christianity was used to foment them and to justify them by the clergy. This religion of 'peace', 'love' and 'forgiveness', whose supposed founder declared his kingdom to be "not of this earth", never prevented nor stopped a single war. On the contrary!

Semitic religions such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Communism and Capitalism are distinguished in that they oppose Man to Nature. Whatever Man wants comes first. Natural laws do not apply to Man, for no matter what he does or does not do, 'his god will provide.' Since Man is 'exempt' from Natural laws, he supposes that he will not be held responsible for 'playing god' with Nature. Capitalists and Communists both prate that "Man conquers Nature", when a dam is built or an aircraft flies. This is, of course, nonsense, for Man is one of Nature's creatures. Man achieves only by obeying Natural laws, not by ignoring them. Because he lacks understanding, Man thinks he can infinitely populate and despoil a finite planet, in pursuit of infinite profit. He thinks he can escape the penalties of race-mixing described in The Babel Fable, as well as the dismal outcome of massive downbreeding and dysgenic practices. But there will be no escape. There will be no magical rescue from our collective folly, for Nature is Nazi, and she is not fooled; especially by those who choose to fool themselves.

The hypocritical chameleon called Christianity is once again changing it's political color. Most notable has been the churches' back-peddling from doctrinal differences which instigated massive bloodshed and suffering; the doctrinal differences used to foment the wars, the crusades, the conquests, the torture and burning of heretics and 'witches' who consorted with the Devil. Non-Christian beliefs and symbols are being incorporated into the mainstream churches, in addition to Pre-Christian beliefs from the Middle East and Europe, which formed the bulk of ancient "Christian" practices and beliefs. All the bloodshed, the fiendish torture, the tyrannical mind-control of previous centuries are being wimpishly dismissed by Christians as "misunderstandings". In previous times, Christianity was used to justify slavery, racial segregation ("Thou shalt not commit adultery" – from adulteration, meaning to pollute or contaminate), anti-homosexuality, etc. But now, the new gods of Christianity are Tolerance and Race-mixing, with the addition of a specious 'Whole-Earth' eco-philosophy, on par with the Christians' specious version of 'Natural Law,' which they adopted around the Renaissance Era, which was anything but natural.

Western scientists and scholars of the Renaissance (the rebirth of knowledge, following the Dark Age of Christian dogma) discovered that pre-Christians had obtained considerable knowledge and wisdom by observations and studies of natural phenomena. Since observable natural processes were repeated, patterns of natural phenomena were called 'Natural Laws', which made it possible for people to predict, with some accuracy, the occurrence of natural events. Later men of the Renaissance or Age of Enlightenment, such as Descartes, were careful not to be hauled in by the Inquisition by publicizing their discoveries and suppositions. Descartes avoided the fates of Copernicus and Galileo by paying lip service to Christian dogma. He realized that people were governed by Natural Law, which made them predictable in important ways. Predictability, like predestination, denies 'free will', a tenet of church dogma, so Descartes claimed that Natural Law controlled men's bodies, but not their 'free will'. In his latter years, Descartes spent much time and labor to solve the dilemma held made for himself, by searching for the supposed nexus between the 'free will' of the mind and the Natural Law-abiding body. The pineal gland was his guess.

"Natural Law" became such a buzzword that the Christians adopted it as a label for their dogma. Hence, the speciousness of Christian prattle about "Natural Law". Were farmers to use Christian dogma in their business, it would mean the preservation of the worst stock at the expense of the best, and it would mean the feeding of every varmint at the expense of his remaining stock. In short, it would mean the end of the farmer, and those who depended upon him for their food! The Christians' version of "Whole-Earth" ecological tenets is likewise opportunistic and specious, for they maintain their dogma in favor of infinite human population growth. What they agree with, along with other schizophrenic ecology nuts, is the reduction of production and consumption by that rapidly-increasing population. The result of such a policy would be another Bangladesh or another Sahara, which is one of several man-made deserts. Of course, no Christian would mind such misery if he could live like the Pope!

As an organized racket, Christianity uses anything available to survive and to prosper. It has expanded by adopting and incorporating non-Christian beliefs and practices into its own doctrines, which are periodically 'up-dated' by rewriting of the scriptures. Currently, it is attempting to survive by incorporating doctrines which deny the 'special' status of Man as a being "created in Yahweh's image" who is exempt from the laws which govern the survival of all other creatures. When Jesus is quoted as saying that "all those who do not believe in me shall perish in everlasting fire", he is no longer taken seriously. No preacher says why this statement is to be ignored through the tolerance of non-Christian believers' doctrines. Jesus warned those who would seek to "gain the world" at the price of losing "their souls". So it is with Christianity, whose adherents want it to expand, on behalf of The Jew World Order, as did the Roman Empire, which incorporated more and more peoples, until it perished for lack of Romans.

It is obviously absurd for Aryans to believe in Semitic religions, for we are not Semites. Non-Aryan beliefs can only be anti-Aryan, just as it would be anti-Aryan to behave as if we were members of another species. By becoming 'sheep', we deny our own fundamental nature. We do violence to our innermost beings. Such alien creeds destroy us as individuals, and they lead to our destruction as a race. It's time for Aryans to awake from their jewish nightmares. It is time to rediscover our true nature and to redeem our racial destiny. It is time to turn away from the dark faces of Judeo-Christianity and to gaze upon the bright future of O.R.I.O.N. – OUR RACE IS OUR NATION!


(1) Christianity: Communism with a big sky-jew. A motley monstrosity of paganism with kosher labels. Cabalistic victimization, i.e. Judaism for Gentiles. A profitable racket for jews.

(2) Judaism: Capitalism with a big sky-jew. A profitable racket for jews.

(3) Capitalism: Judaism without a big sky-jew. The Cult of the Golden Calf. A profitable racket for jews.

(4) Communism: Christianity without a big sky-jew. A profitable racket for jews.

(5) Liberalism: Communism without a little Earth-jew named Marx. A profitable racket for jews.

(6) Islam: A genuine Semitic religion whose adherents are hated by non-Semitic jews and communists.

(7) Hate: Whatever jews and their Zionist stooges hate.

(8) Prejudice: As currently misused, the exact opposite of its true meaning: "Gee, I've eaten 5 gallons of pistachio nut ice cream and I still don't like it!" Or, "I've been mugged by 12 niggers and I still don't like 'em."

(9) Gay: An unhappy homosexual.

(10) Racist: any ostensible White person. A Nazi. Someone who puts bubblegum on seats in theaters.