by Eric Thomson

29 December 1999

ORION has very interesting symbolic connotations. One colleague of mine speculated that the White Race may have come to Earth from outer space, for we are the only people known throughout history to embark on hazardous quests with no guarantee of material gain. As Our Race diminishes in numbers and in quality, our extraterrestrial journeys are bound to end and our nigger 'teachers' will tell us that they were all fictitious, including our Moon-landing.

Elmer Pendell described the cultural decline which would accompany the decline in intelligence in his book, "Sex versus Civilization.' As population quality goes down, the "problem-solvers" become fewer, in relation to the "problem-makers", as he classifies anthropoids. Somewhat later, the quality decline is reflected in the decline of technology: the aqueducts malfunction and are not repaired; the drainage canals silt up and the capital city of a once-powerful empire becomes a pestilential marsh; the space craft go astray and/or malfunction, etc.

Robert Frenz kindly sent me some powerful writings by Anthony Ludovici, whom he is rescuing from the Orwellian Memory Hole. Ludovici bases our current demographic and social problems on Socrates who conned people into believing that the visible aspects of anything and of everybody are irrelevant, compared to the invisible 'soul' or 'substance' of the person or thing. I had read Plato without realising the connection between Socrates' pernicious doctrine and much of the degeneracy of the present, including Christianity. I clung to the pre-Socratic belief that 'soundness of mind and body' went together. Deep down, I have always believed that there was no reason to separate mind from body and it would be absurd to consider thoughts without thinkers. Yet, the Socratic world posits just this absurdity. I did make the connection when Plato's version of Socrates described "The Ideal World of Forms": that one could remove all the physical, visible characteristics of a table, but the 'substance' or ideal form of the table would remain, invisible, untouchable and 'perfect'. I could see that this concept was the basis of the Christians' belief in 'souls' without bodies and the magickal 'trans-substantiation' of a carbohydrate disk into a divine bit of 'flesh', and the same in regard to some cheap wine. By the same token, one could blabber some mumbo-jumbo and change an ostensible table into any other piece of furniture. It would still be a visible table, but in 'substance' it would be an easy-chair! The perfectly normal response to such absurdity would be to call the proponent of 'substance' crazy as a coot.

Ludovici notes that the worsening demographic quality is due to interbreeding of disparate physical types within a race, as well as racial interbreeding. This produces disharmonious creatures and dysfunctional societies, as may be expected. It also correlates with increasing rates of cancer in young as well as old people. I note that most of the people who suddenly require bone marrow transplants are mongrels, the results of race-mixing.

I haven't read "The Bell Curve" because I thought it was a statistical study. Most populations of any kind can produce a bell-curve. The fact that Blacks typically fall below Ostensible Whites on standard I.Q. tests has long been known. The ZOG attempts to fudge the figures by lumping the top-scoring Blacks with the top-scoring Whites; by eliminating problems or questions on tests which Blacks most often fail, etc. I had no idea that the book was a paean to 'jewish intelligence'. In this regard, SLIME magazine is devoting a cover to the kosher-commie conman, Einstein. It reminds me of Lewis Carroll's "Hunt for the Snark" in which the bellman declares, "What I say 3 times is true!" The jews have declared Einstein to be a "genius" and Picasso a "great artist" so often that the Goyim repeat the nonsense without doubting it in the least.

In regard to jewish Druids, Robert reproduced the discourse between Hitler and Dietrich Eckart, which characterized the jew as being the infiltrator, the adulterer, the distorter of all religions, arts and cultures. I saw a book on runes and rune lore written by a kike. The book included a bag of wooden pieces with runes inscribed thereon. The idea was to buy the book and bag of rune chips and use them to consult on important questions, similar to the I-Ching, ouija board, etc.

I listen to NPR (National Public Radio), but do not waste my money supporting it, for the hebes control it and keep the content 'kosher'. I note the increasing time devoted to 'jazz' versus classical music. Kosher features abound, such as "This (jewish) American Life", "Fresh Air" and lots of kosher commentary by, guess who.

In regard to the airing of alleged proponents of White Nationalism: Hale, Butler, Duke et al., which I have seen over the decades, you also note the talmudic technique of choosing the least attractive people to 'represent' points of view which the hebes hate. Up in Soviet Canuckistan, they'd trot out Injun John Ross Taylor, a mestizo who would always claim to 'speak out for Whites' on jew talk-shows. Alongside the kike, Taylor's dark features and shifty gaze, as well as his extreme statements, would turn off most White viewers and listeners. I remember one disgusting appearance of blight-winger J.B. Stoner on a nigger TV show, possibly Oprah Winfrey. The jews who made up the 'panel' on stage were already discussing Stoner as if he were some pathology lab specimen before he made his mercifully brief appearance. Stoner came onto the stage without fanfare, dressed like a burlesque show 'banana'. He had striped trousers and a garishly checkered jacket, with an over-size polka-dot bow-tie which was fascinating, for I expected it to begin turning like an airplane propeller at any moment. This would have been quite enough, had he remained silent, but he'd blurt out one-liner slogans: "Thank God for AIDS!" he said. Oprah helped this pitiable creature out of his chair and out the exit door. The effect of Stoner's appearance on the biased, motley studio audience was one of derision and loathing. The jews' statements suddenly sounded like restrained wisdom and Oprah looked like a kindhearted caretaker of a White victim of terminal syphilis. Then there was Butler's appearance on Judahvision in which he disclaimed any connection with "The Order". His un-Aryan features, his sly grin and his insincere denials of having said this or that were, to me, on par with saying, "Who, me?" Or, "You must have some other Butler in mind." A Hitler he is not.

As has been pointed out, we need some good followers, but right now, I know of no good leaders who are worthy of such followers. The problem, as I see it, is twofold: A good leader must serve a good cause, rather than his own ego; a good follower, who serves the same cause, has the potential of becoming a good leader, but     as long as he has a good leader, he must work with him on behalf of the cause. Julius Streicher did that when he decided that Hitler was the better man to lead Germany. Streicher had his own NS party, independent of the NSDAP. He had his own followers, all of whom he invited to join the NSDAP, as he did. Those are the qualities of a good leader and a good follower. Until we have men of such quality, we will go nowhere as White Nationalists.

There are ever more crowded conditions in Virginia, which are not unique to the East Coast. Even my part of Washington State is becoming a northern version of the Los Angeles miasma, a genetic disaster zone. Crowding creates the need for conformity as we see in such ant-nest societies as Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. As crowding increases, diversity will cause increasing violence in this Babel cum Carthage. The Asians have 'ways' of assuring conformity, as we know.

Robert Frenz thinks that separation of groups based upon behavior must occur to avoid violence and chaos. Our growing prison system reflects this need, but presently, the Whites put up with paying to feed muds so they can breed un into extinction. I used to live in an apartment building whose denizens were druggies and young Mexicans. The latter would begin to party with numerous friends, relatives and acquaintances around midnight, through-out the morning. Some people would call the police, after complaints to the jew landlord failed to bring relief. I told the party crowd that I needed my sleep so I could go to work in order to pay taxes for their welfare checks! Eventually, the mestiza and her spawn were evicted, for non-payment of rent. The druggies had 3 characteristics (1) They were filthy; (2) they were noisy and (3) they habitually turned their gas stoves on, without lighting the gas; then they'd forget about it. I got tired of coming back from work to discover the building reeking of gas, which obliged me to phone the landlord, find the source of the gas and have it shut off. It was particularly uncomfortable in wintertime, when all the windows had to be opened to ventilate the corridors. The noise aspect of druggie life was reflected by their tendency to turn on MTV at maximum volume around 3:00 a.m., when I had to be up for work at 6:00 a.m. There was no way I could avoid the screeching and thumping, not with earplugs, nor a pillow over my head. I would bang on the offender's door, with no effect. I would put a note under the door, to no effect. Short of murder, there seemed no remedy for the electronic disturbance, but before I kicked in the druggie's door, I had the fortunate inspiration of going outside and switching his apartment's electricity off at the meter panel. Whenever I did that, I'd hear loud moaning and thumping, as if someone was having an epileptic fit on the floor. Then there'd be merciful silence! As soon as my alarm went off, I'd hop out of bed, run outside, and switch on the druggie's electricity. He never caught on! Even more fortunate was my move to cheaper, more civilized premises. With no druggie noise, I can now hear the sporadic crackle of small-arms fire in the night, which lulls me to sleep in my basement bunker. Otherwise, It's All Quiet on the Western Front.

In regard to nigger noise, I have noticed the peculiar choice of background music on NPR and other jewsmedia: when scientific topics are featured, the background music is usually ooga-booga, bongo-bongo discord, but when a nigger discusses the current military coup on the Ivory Coast, the back-ground music is European music, with a harp strumming harmoniously. This seems to be the rule in jewsmedia music selection. How I'd like to see Moses and his mob wandering through the desert, accompanied by rap-crap rumbles! I'd also like to see all the jewish Nazi actors accompanied by background 'jazz'. If one wants to be contrary, why not go all the way?

In regard to religions, White people, especially racists, must understand that being White is only the first step. Behaving White is the absolute necessity. Any White religion must have, as its First Commandment: Do not do anything unless it is good for White People!