6 FEB 2000

Dear Robert:

I was reflecting on the word, "homo", as in "homo sapiens", homogenization. Dr. Oliver objected to the word, "homophobic", since it meant "fear of the same". In a racially-mixed society, we might refer to "hetero-sapiens". I think proper terminology for anthropoids would be "species", rather than "race", since all commonly denoted "humans" are interfertile, like lions, tigers and buffalo, cattle. As the visitor to the Island of Dr. Moreau said: "Just because we can do it doesn't mean we should."

Ludovici notes that cross-breeding adversely affects the immune systems of the cross-bred offspring. Farmers also found long ago that is was unwise to cros-breed Jerseys with Guernseys, for that adversely affected the milk output and adversely affected the immune systems of the cross-bred cattle.

Mass-medication, as you predicted will be defeated by racial diversity, for large groups will be adversely-affected by the same substance and dosage as benefits other groups. If one can believe the oft-quoted statistics: 100,000 Americans die every year from properly prescribed, properly dosed, properly administered medication.

The "Gulf War" illness seems to correlate with the vaccines which the USZOG mercenaries were given to 'protect' them from anthrax and nerve toxins. Not all people reacted the same to these experimental vaccines, and, in the case of the anthrax vaccine, it appears that certain genetic groups are adversely-affected. Hence the growing number of 'anthrax mutinies' in the ZOG forces.

The mud-borne TB epidemic is currently resistant to treatment, as the TB bacteria become immune to anti-biotics. The New York Times reported that people of Asian ancestry (spics, chinks and mestizos, including "Indians") are particularly resistant to cure by the last remaining anti-biotic, which is still effective in curing Whites of TB.

In the end, public health measures will be behavioral, rather than medical: spitting on the sidewalk will be curtailed in public, just as existing 'racist' laws have long decreed, but they are not enforced. Sexual activities which tend to transmit disease would be restricted and regulated within licensed red light districts, outside of which, such behavior would be harshly punished. Standards of hygiene and health amongst food-handlers would be strictly enforced from source to consumer, which would rule out all the filthy 'cheap labor' now contaminating our food supplies. Mass medical examinations would identify carriers of infectious diseases and they would be separated from healthy members of society. OR, we can simply do nothing. Diseases will continue to spread and medications will lose their effectiveness. We can wait until we become infected, as well as our family members, as most are now doing. Then, we can shop around for some extensive treatment which may alleviate some of our symptoms some of the time, if we can continue to pay for them all of the time, but if we are too sick to work, that leaves us few options, one of them being death. But that is the logical result of our curiously absent survival instinct, coupled to our lack of intelligence. The picture is perfectly clear, without any need for a crystal ball.

The jew ball-player Rifkin complained that he never not sick until he put his kikelette into a 'daycare center'. Whatever his brat caught there, he'd bring home to infect papa jew. Oi veh! Another holocaust! One wonders why a top-kick sports-kike can't keep his kid home. Is there a lack of money? Must his kikess work, too? Rifkin reports what most parents I know have said about sending their kids to daycare centers: whatever the kids catch there, the give to Mommy and Daddy. When will they ever learn?

I caught a recent headline which announced that some African ex-dictator (aren't they all dictators?) was being accused of "barbarism", and some tribunal wants to try him on that charge. Firstly, it is patently racist to accuse a Black of Black behavior. Secondly, none of the Western Allies of WWII could condemn behavior on par with that of "our gallant Soviet allies", who were paragons of humanity and civilization, as any jew can tell you!

All the best, Eric.