by Eric Thomson

10 February 2000

We have all heard references to "The American Dream", which is used to describe a myth, a goal for which 'most' people strive, as they do for "Paradise". "The American Dream" is quite Marxist in content, for it defines "happiness" in terms of material possessions and consumption. It defines "freedom" as the freedom to obtain more and to consume more, like hogs at a swill trough. In The Hog Heaven of the American Dream, the object is to multiply the number of days one spends a-swilling. In brief, those who realize The American Dream are engaged in an orgy of self-indulgence to the point of over-indulgence, which can be prolonged by consuming medications. All things have a price, however, so we might consider some of the costs of The American Dream to ourselves as individuals, to our remaining communities and to our future and our children's future, if we bothered to have any.

A righteous jew, Hans Kaufmann, related his experience with The American Dream. He had been born in pre-World War II Germany. His father figured that a general war was about to break out in Europe, so he sent Hans off to British Occupied Palestine, where he worked as a virtual slave on a kibbutz. He felt that he was being exploited by the Russian jews who ran the place, because they did not like German jews. After British Occupied Palestine became Zionist Occupied Palestine, Kaufmann worked to leave so-called Israel as soon as possible. Being a jew, he had little or no difficulty in coming to the U.S.A. He found "America" to be a relief from the oppressive atmosphere he'd suffered for years in jew-land, as a German jew. But, as he became more accustomed to "American" ways, he became disgusted. This was not a society, but a collection of narcissists, hedonists and anarchists whose minds and bodies were utterly devoted to their immediate, personal gratifications. The most disgusting thing to Kaufmann was their self-righteous awareness of what they were. They had no loyalty to anyone or anything other than themselves and their own immediate needs. Kaufmann recoiled from "America" as one who'd discovered "The Heart of Darkness", fleeing the horror of it all. He fled back to Germany, the one place where he'd experienced a non-oppressive sense of community, even under the Nazis. He found something of what he'd sought in Germany, for there is where he spent the remaining decades of his life.

Another jew writer, Riesman, saw "Americans" as "The Lonely Crowd". Both Kaufmann and Riesman point out the lack of community in America, for community is not part of "The American Dream".

"The American Dream" posits "freedom" without responsibility. One enjoys "freedom" as a "right". It is never earned nor fought for, because such obligations would not make it "free". The "freedom" of "The American Dream" entitles one to proceed without regard to anyone else, on behalf of one's personal enrichment and gratification, NO MATTER WHAT! The limits are imposed, not by a sense of decency, not by loyalty to one's family or community, but by the objections of other hedonists who invoke "the law" of Might is Right. Recourse to "law" usually reveals that some hedonists are 'more equal' than others, for the outcome of litigation usually favors the 'big battalions'. Principles only apply when they favor personal gain; if not, they are never invoked nor mentioned.

H. L. Mencken had many pungent comments about "The American Dream". He said, "Every American lives for the day he can steal something." And, "No one ever lost a dime underestimating the intelligence of the American people." "The American Dream" is therefore the chosen myth of stupid thieves. Indeed, this would explain many things which I've heard and seen over the years; that there is no loyalty among thieves.

One of the most pernicious aspects of "The American Dream" is its lack of responsibility. Others are expected to pay for the individual's self-indulgence, as we see in the spawn of the welfare mommas. One fellow mentioned how a family had produced five generations of diabetics, and another family was producing its third generation of hereditary heart defects. I said that they were burdening the tax-payers unnecessarily, and that if I knew of such a hereditary defect in my own background, I would not have children, as a duty to them and to my society. "They don't care about that!" he chuckled, as if I were citing Martian mores without any earthly significance. Perhaps I am one of the very few who does care about that.

Yakima 'won' its title of "All-American city", when it was discovered that English is not the only language spoken here. In many ways, Yakima is a microcosm of "America", an entity which is fast-devolving to the point of dissolution. Yakimorons, as they are known, are the quintessential exponents of "The American Dream", so I offer a few things I've heard from the locals, by way of illustration.

"Most people (Yakimorons) hope to sell their rundown houses to drug lords for big bucks so they can leave town and go on vacation." "Go where," I ask, "from one crime-zone to another?" A Yakimoron with relatives in Southern California said, "Why leave L.A. to come here? It's just a little L.A. with a very big crime rate."

Yakima is a fruit-growing area with heavy emphasis on apples. Mining and logging used to be major industries. The Black population of Yakima owes its presence to the importation of Black strikebreakers when the Whites got 'too expensive'. The Mexican population owes its presence here because fruit growers did not want to pay White workers a living wage. Funny thing is that most mine-owners, lumber mill owners and fruit growers look White, but they appear to hate members of their own race. That has long been a part of "The American Dream": the myth of 'cheap labor'. By bringing in racial aliens, these criminals have destroyed their own community and they will pay a heavy price for that as visible targets for abduction by marauding mudpeople. In Latin America, it is customary to kidnap people whose complexions are lighter than the majority's. One can call it mongrel racism, mestizo Marxism or brown bolshevism, but it is the outcome of failing to heed Earnest Sevier Cox's warning: "To maintain a White civilization, the White worker must be paid sufficient to support himself and his family." Cox observed that no White civilization could survive without a White working class. That is why Yakima is pretty much like a Mexican 'barrio'.

Growers' Gripes: "All these Mexicans! I don't feel like it's my country any more," said a grower's wife. Not knowing who she was, I said, "You can blame the growers for that." She replied, "But we had to hire them or go out of business!" "If you'd cared about your community and your children, you'd have gone into some other business," I replied.

"Do you know that the Chinese have more acres under apples than the entire state of Washington?" a grower said to me. "In four years, they'll be in full production and we'll be left holding the Mexicans." "Well, who sold the Chinese the trees and the technology to flood the world market with low-priced apples and apple juice," I asked. "We did," he replied. "You saw nothing wrong with that?" I asked. "Well, we needed to make money and that's the only deal the Chinese would accept." "So you sold out your long-term interests to make a fast buck," I said. "Yeah, you could look at it that way," he agreed. "Couldn't you see that coming." I asked. No, he hadn't really thought about that, he admitted. "It was just what people did," according to him. "Obviously," I concluded, "the Chinese are not only better businessmen, they are better patriots than Yakima growers."

"Who needs a favorable trade balance?" laughed a Yakima zogling who thinks he is an intellectual in this 'best of all possible worlds'. "We have unprecedented prosperity. We buy the world's goods and they take our dollars!" I nodded and replied, "What happens when the sellers discover that our dollars are just worthless I.O.U.s?"

Although I do not have a television, since I receive enough enemy propaganda during my workdays, I chanced to see a couple of episodes of "Miami Vice" when I visited a TV-owner. There it was: "The American Dream". The scuzzy cops were just distractions from the 'ideal' lifestyle: that of a Latin American drug lord, with his palaces, his private army, his bevy of bimbos, his fleet of sports cars and limos, his expensive 'habits', his exotic apparel and heavy gold jewelry, his yachts and private jets, plus his power to get what he wants, whom he wants, when he wants them. Why would any young person of any race wish to become a burger-flipping part-time minimum-wage earner when he could become a "drug lord"? What young male would not prefer the depiction of dangerous glamour to a life of daily toil and dingy drudgery? Who would not prefer to swap his minimum-wage slavery for such a life of adventure? Most young people probably do not act out these aspirations, but they have been inculcated with them, just as Prohibition era movies depicted the lawbreakers as being smart, glamorous, 'macho, and wealthy', as compared to those law-abiding wimps with their lives of toil and tedium. As in "Miami Vice", the hebes of Hollywood made a few hypocritical bows to 'the majesty of the law', but most people could see the real message: crime pays! And, it's much more exciting. It is perfectly justifiable to become wealthy, as long as one does not get caught. But what is wealth?

There is an ancient tale which has made its rounds from Beijing to Baghdad and beyond. It tells of a band of happy bandits who have obtained a great deal of plunder from their raids on hapless villagers. They make camp in the vicinity of another target village which will complete their plundering for the year. The bandits split into two groups: one to guard the treasure and the other to go after more of same. The bandits who stay in camp are both guards and cooks, who will prepare a grand victory banquet for the returning plunderers; after which they will divide all the treasure in equal shares and be on their merry ways. Meanwhile, back at the burning village, the other bandits have taken what they wanted and are returning to their camp. It is on their return trip that the bandit leader gets a perfectly American idea: Why not kill the other bandits in the camp, thereby increasing the survivors' shares of loot? Meanwhile, the leader of the camp bandits also gets his American-style idea: If they poison the feast, the returning bandits will die, and they can increase their shares of the loot! Both groups of bandits carry out their 'free enterprise' activities. The returning bandits slay their fellows when they ride into camp. Then they feast on the goodies their 'sucker' buddies have prepared for them. Result: Lots of loot, but no bandits!

The official U.S. Defense Department transcripts of U.S. prisoner of war experience in Korea illustrate the American Dream in its grimmest reality: not one U.S. P.O.W. escaped from the Chinese-run P.O.W. camps because every G.I. found out he could snitch on his fellow G.I.s for small rewards such as a cigarette or another blanket. One third of these young men died, not from Chinese brutality, but from lack of will to live. There were no leaders to tell them to get out of bed and eat something! The Chinese correctly estimated the number of leaders amongst the U.S. P.O.W.s as being no more than 1 out of 20. How did the Chinese identify these dangerous men? Guards were told to watch for any man to whom other men listened; any man with a sense of humor, and/or any man who bravely insisted on his 'rights' in the faces of his armed enemies. Those men were removed from the mob and sent to heavily-guarded camps. Few guards were needed to keep the leaderless mob of U.S. P.O.W.s behind the barbed wire, for the Chinese knew they had defeated them and imprisoned them mentally as well as physically. The Turks were the worst-behaved P.O.W.s in Chinese hands. They would never cower or kow-tow to Chinese threats, Chinese punishments or Chinese rewards. They stuck together, even when the Chinese threatened to shoot the lot of them! The British P.O.W.s stuck together and survived better than the "Americans", but those warrior Turks were the toughest survivors in proportion to the entire P.O.W. population under Chinese control. In a pinch, it would appear that "The Turkish Dream" includes much more national identity, national pride and strength of character than does "The American Dream". Lack of identity, of knowing who one is, precludes the establishment of a community, without which there can be no continuity and hence, no future.

"Americans" are appendages of the banking system and America is just a business address. A Japanese chided the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for selling out their people's interests. "If you were Japanese, you'd be killed for doing that." The silence was deafening! Wherever did "Americans" learn that they were justified in selling out their fellow "Americans" interests? They may have learned it from Thomas Jefferson, who wrote in the preamble to The Declaration of Independence that "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" were the highest achievements for mankind. How could such a country ever accuse anyone of treason? Benedict Arnold was merely pursuing his own happiness, and nowadays, he'd be a champion of multinational free enterprise! The 'wealth' of "The American Dream" is really fool's gold.

Real wealth is one's community, the commonwealth. When community is lost, all is lost. Were Beethoven exiled to an African kraal, he would find no musicians to play his music and no audience to listen to it. His piano would be destroyed for firewood, except for the legs, which would be prized as ornate clubs. The piano wire would be made into necklaces, bracelets and snares for wild game. Here in Judeo-America, all Aryan composers and their music have been banished from the airwaves, in favor of Afro-style thumping and screeching. One must find the one radio station which plays Beethoven et al. at least some of the time, through diligent searching, as if Beethoven were indeed exiled to some kraal in Darkest Africa!

Race matters. Race is everything, but so-called Americans don't want to know this. The Chinese know about race and they know about community. That's why they're smiling.

What is a community? It is one people who share the same purpose: the survival and improvement of their community. By thus increasing the commonwealth of human and material resources, each individual member of the community enriches himself. If I am a member of a smart, healthy, loyal and industrious community, I need little money for the good things in life, for I already have them! Without my community, I could have all the gold in the world, but if I encountered bandits, I would not live to spend any of it. If I had all the gold in the world, but were exiled in a traditional Black African society, I would be poor indeed, for I could purchase only such things as other Black Africans, sick cattle, voracious goats, kaffir beer, cornmeal mush, boiled mice and all the grubs and termites I cared to eat. By Black standards, I'd be 'rich', but I'd be very poor by White standards. This is why Blacks prefer the White standard of living to their own. Black values and behavior tend to destroy White civilization, as do jews and other non-Whites, so we are foolish to allow them into our midst. They destroy our race and our civilization and they deplete our commonwealth through their predations and parasitism. The Ostensible Whites who let them into our communities are our worst criminals.

Put me as a rich man in Aden, Bombay, Bogota, Cairo, Cali, Colombo, Harare, Hong Kong, Lima, Singapore or Tokyo and I am a poor man indeed, for I lack my White community which gives me a wealth of opportunity, of expression, of understanding, creativity and enjoyment. I've been to all those places, so I know what I'm talking about.

Community depends upon freedom of association. It cannot be coerced. Freedom of association is so obviously precious that the writers of the U.S. Constitution omitted it, for if one has no freedom of association, the freedoms listed in The Bill of Rights are worthless! Freedom of association allows amy person or group to exclude others with whom they do not wish to associate, as well as to include those with whom they do wish to associate. The ZOG coerces association, except in the case of jews and other non-Whites, who may freely exclude Gentiles or Whites from their associations. Whites have no such options. But coerced proximity does not create community. Only free people can do that! On the contrary, "integration' creates conflict, most notably in the work place and the prison system.

The first step toward the building of a community is the recognition of our identity; the second step is unity of purpose, such as the survival and the improvement of Our Race; the third step is to acquire a livable location for the people of our community. The fundamental requirement for the successful completion of each step is the exclusion of aliens and the punishment of traitors. Our present task is the building of communities toward the building of our racial nation. "ORION" is thus our inspiration and our destination: OUR RACE IS OUR NATION!