by Eric Thomsom

12 February 2000

I have been reading a copy of RATIONAL ETHICS by C.W. Macleod wondering if he is the same author, Wayne Macleod, who wrote THE IMPORTANCE OF RACE IN CIVILIZATION. Book 1 of the Dynasophy Series provides new insights on old issues. In some ways it is similar in motivation to the works of F.S.C. Northrop, who wished to derive a universal morality by deriving the moral 'ought' from the scientifically verifiable 'is'. His philosophical ship was wrecked on the shoals of human disagreement on what 'is', including such disagreements in the world of Western science, as described in C.P. Snow's "Two Worlds".

The author of RATIONAL ETHICS defines entropy or regression as a state of chaos or disorder, but chaos and disorder are in the minds of the beholders. Some view death and decay as more 'orderly' than the previously living organism, for in death, the organism is less 'chaotic', that is, less mobile and much, much quieter. The jew-god's joy in the creation of 'howling wildernesses' over which no bird can fly is a kind of order, just as Death Valley barren sand could be deemed 'orderly', whereas, the prolific Amazon jungle could be deemed 'chaotic' by comparison. I am reminded of a cartoon in PUNCH which depicted Genghis Khan boasting to his son, "Just think, this beautiful pasture was once an ugly city!" The molecular structure of the shattered plate, used by the author to illustrate his point, remains the same, whether the plate be whole or shattered. It's energy level remains the same in terms of molecular motion. Because the plate is no longer useful as an eating utensil, its shards may be used by some Turd-Worlder to deck his roof as a deterrent to burglars. Once again, utility is in the eye of the beholder. The lesson I have gleaned from my own world travels and my studies of anthropology is "one man's meat is another man's poison", which is the exact contrary of "do unto others what you would have done unto you." The latter saying can only be posited on the assumption that all men are like oneself. That is also the liberal fallacy. Unfortunately, the vast majority of featherless bipeds prefers superstition to reason and animal gratifications rather than intellectual, as one discovers simply by switching on a TV set. If entropy or 'regression' is evil, then evil is compounded when energy is expended to achieve these goals. That is what jewish influence has done consistently, and I would characterize Christianity as "Nobility in the service of Degeneracy."

Savitri Devi, who studied the Aryan aspects of Hinduism, wrote in her book, "The Lightning and the Sun", that the Wheel of Time moves inexorably from The Golden Age to the Kali Yuga or Dark Age. In Hindu cosmology this movement occurs over many thousands of years. In every generation there are "men in time" who are evil in evil times and good in good times. Then there are "men above time" who have little or no concern for worldly affairs. Buddha and Jesus come to mind in this regard. Savitri Devi warns us that "other-worldly" religions exert an evil influence upon the world, for they tend to deprive the world of the idealistic good people who are always needed. Then there is "the man against time", the good man who struggles against evil in evil times, and the bad man who struggles against good in good times. Savitri Devi writes that some men have all 3 characteristics: they are at once in time, above time and against time. Such a man she found in Adolf Hitler, whom she deemed an incarnation of Kalki, The Bringer of Justice, who will eventually lead the conquest of the incarnate representatives of Darkness in order to restore The Golden Age.

The most important question a man can ask himself about a prospective female companion is: would she make a good mother for our children, physically and psychologically? A biologically 'normal' woman wants to have children. Often this desire is so strong that she will choose the wrong man to have them by. Frequently, women play 'hard-to-get' by playing the field. With the Pill, they can avoid pregnancy, but when they see a baby, their biological imperative often takes over, and they think, "I want one of those! I MUST HAVE A BABY!" The ex-feminist, Germaine Greer, practiced 'equality' by having as many male partners as she pleased. She got pregnant by one, but did not want a baby "then", so she had an abortion. That 'solved' her problem. But, being a woman, one day she wanted to have a baby in the worst way. Surprise! Her fallopian tubes were blocked by scar tissue from gonorrhea, so she was unable to become pregnant, even after medical treatment. She then wrote a book denouncing feminism, and as far as I know, she remains on the outs with her mainly jewish colleagues who lead the anti-male movement.

Orwell wrote of "The Women's anti-Sex League" in '1984', which seemed grotesquely imaginative on his part. Well, there they are! Many people tell me that "1984" never occurred in Orwellian terms. Well, just look around: there are TV surveillance cameras everywhere. What was the "Cold War" but an Orwellian hoax of government versus the governed? The Memory Hole is in full operation: books are being taken out of circulation and/or being rewritten. New versions of the Bible are proliferating. Jesus now has a black face, a Black woman's face, according to the artist's statement in the press! "God"is no longer masculine. He is neuter, hermaphrodite or female, according to the 'translation' you choose. Passages have vanished or have been rewritten to mean the opposite of what was previously stated.

"Reprints" of books have the same dates of publication, but the content has been changed, so they are not "reprints" but rewrites! TV changes history according to the party-line of Political Correctness, which is really the old Communist Party line. "Enemies" of yesterday become the "allies" of today, and vice versa, overnight. Look how fast the Iraqis went from being 'friend' to 'foe'. The Iranians went from being 'friend' to 'foe' and back with similar speed. As in "1984" the masses of asses seem to think that today's 'enemy' was always our enemy. To keep the asses from becoming confused, as in "1984", there is only one villain who is responsible for all evil happenings, anywhere in the world. For Orwell's Big Brother the villain was "Goldstein" (Trotsky). Our permanent villain is Hitler!

"Thoughtcrime" laws, such as the so-called Genocide Convention, have been enacted and enforced in other countries, including Soviet Canuckistan. This law has been enacted in the land of USZOG, but is being implemented and enforced indirectly by designating some crimes as "hatecrimes", which include longer sentences and harsher punishment for the 'offenders'. To my knowledge, no non-White has ever been charged with any "hatecrime". "Hate" is a thought, not an act, but anytime a White defends himself against a coloured attacker, he risks not only being charged for "assault", but for the commission of a "hatecrime", to compound the felony. Let us imagine that a 'person of colour' was killed by a bale of leaflets falling from a skyscraper window. If the leaflets were jewish propaganda, the death would be deemed an 'accident', but if the leaflets were Nazi propaganda, it would be a "hatecrime". Ha. The real question is, what portions of Orwell's "1984" DID NOT come to pass? Remember: Freedom is Slavery! War is Peace!

On the "democracy" front: One jew summed it up best: "We must not allow 'too much' democracy." He referred to Weimar Germany and the election of Hitler, who was banned from speaking in most of the German Länder or provinces. All the ZOG thoughtcrime restrictions were in place, but Hitler got elected anyway! Yup, too much democracy! Now, it appears that Austria has O.D.ed on democracy. Oy veh!

I have just read an article on the latest version of 'cold fusion', 'perpetual motion', etc. Behold: the hydrino! This 'new' form of matter and energy sounds even better than Walt Disney's "flubber". I still like the 'tone engine' with no moving parts which could 'refuel' at any rock concert or political convention. The more decibels, the better! I note in the hydrino article the use of a common technical term by a physicist who says "If you could fuck around with the hydrogen atom, you could fuck around with the energy process in the sun." Now, I know that "fuck" is a technical term which many professions have in common. I have heard it used to describe functions and dysfunctions in helicopters, printing presses, plumbing, chemistry, social intercourse, banking and used cars. It also applies to most situations in the nuclear power industry in which the term describes negative changes and major malfunctions, such as occurred at Chernobyl. That is why I now suggest that we use the term, "chernobyl" instead of "fuck", to make the term more precise. So let's not chernobyl around!