by Eric Thomson

12 February 2000

I like The Barnes Review as much as I have learned to dislike Willis Carto, its owner/director. I sometimes wonder what fate is in store for a man who deems all financial supporters as "suckers", to quote Dr. Oliver, who first warned me of Carto's mala fides. Although I never met the fellow, the more I learned of his un-Aryan dealings, the less I was inclined to meet him, let alone work with or for him. The nest of non-Aryan, anti-Aryan snakes which bit him at the Institute for Historical Review were his very own hand-picked vipers. Carto apparently obtained several million USZOG-bucks from the deceased heiress of Thomas Edison, no jew-lover, I can assure you! She believed that the money was to belong to the IHR, but, allegedly, Carto pocketed the cash himself. When his ophidian buddies at the IHR found out about the bequest, they went after him with all the ZOG's forces at their disposal. Carto skipped out and the nasty proceedings are still going on. If the IHR bunch of anti-Aryans wins, it may be R.I.P. for the Barnes Review. I certainly hope not!

I offered to do research at the archives in Suitland, MD, the alleged source of "Gestapo Chief". I explained to a person (possibly Carto under his frequently used pen-names) what a treasure trove those archives were to any historical revisionist, but I had no money and hence, no time to do the research. I received a snarky reply, razzing me for my lack of zogbucks. Carto knows me indirectly, for I corresponded with him when I worked at Samisdat Publishers Ltd. in Toronto. He even jewed Zündel when I was there: Ernst Zundel had Savitri Devi's permission and copyright to republish her books, such as "The Lightning and the Sun". Carto agreed to purchase at least 1000 copies, so Zündel went ahead with the printing on that basis. Once the books were printed, Carto balked at the wholesale price he was offered. For some reason, Carto claimed that the books should be sold below cost, "to make them cheap for students". This peculiar criterion never entered the previous agreement, and Ernst objected to selling the books below cost, for he had to recover his own expenses. He pointed out to Carto that students had enough money to keep them supplied with beer and cigarettes, so they would find enough money to buy a book they really wanted. Ernst mentioned the agreement he'd had with Carto, so Carto finally bought 100 copies at our wholesale price. George Dietz of Liberty Bell was offered "The Lightning and the Sun" at the same price, with the information that Savitri Devi was to receive royalties on every copy sold, and that she needed the money because she was quite old and infirm, as well as nearly blind from cataracts. Dietz, like a true non-Aryan, replied that he could get her books cheaper from Carto! We did some investigation and discovered that Carto's pervert-pedophile printer, Morrison, of Angriff Press in CA was running off copies of Savitri Devi's book and undercutting our price, since the Cartoids were paying no royalties! Then Fate took a hand in the matter: it just happened that Ernst had a brother living in California, and that brother had just passed the state bar exam! The brother appeared at the Morrison printshop with a "cease and desist" order and Carto caved in, as he always does to a bit of pressure. Carto has proven over and over that he is both a crook and a coward.

The non-Aryan IHR-nik, Mark Weber, who later chased Carto for the embezzled bequest, requested the British Foreign Office documents which I'd used in my Liberty Bell Article: Poland and the Lies of the Allies. I told him that my colleague, Paul Norris, had himself gone to England to peruse the British Imperial War Museum and discovered these important documents after days of work. I mentioned to Mark that Carto should be willing to pay Paul $2000 for the documents, which would allow him to return to England to do more research. After all, I wrote, Carto purchased an alleged set of "Hermann Goering's cufflinks" for much more ($4000 of his supporter's money, I was told – RF)! That ended the correspondence on that matter.

There is no mystery that the Aryan Cause is in such a forlorn state when one learns who are its 'champions'.

I particularly appreciate Leon Degrelle's writings. I corresponded with him when Simon Wiesenthal wanted to debate him on Radio Madrid. I included 30 some questions composed by one of Wiesenthal's victims, which he could ask Wiesenthal. Obviously, the ZOG was reading our mail, for all of a sudden, Wiesenthal could not show up for the radio program and the heat was off Degrelle.

I said to Demjanjuk's crooked Irish Catholic attorney that 'justice' was not an issue in his trial but a test of who could apply more heat to whom. That is why I advised an all-out assault on the Holohoax, but the attorney said he believed in the Holocaust and sucked up to the Zionist kangaroo court. Demjanjuk's jew attorneys were far more effective in proving him 'not guilty' than that Christian swine, who bilked the Ukrainians out of millions for his high lifestyle, so did nothing to defend Demjanjuk.

Sometimes I forget just how long I've been on the anti-ZOG scene.

I have still not read the article on the Balfour Declaration, which as I presently understand, was the trigger for the entry of the U.S.A. into WW I. How sad to see just how far we have sunk into the pockets of the British, who are themselves sunk into the pockets of the jews. The article on Prof. Quigley underlines this fact.

The article on "Negro history" was quite timely, since February is dubbed "Black History Month". That is similar to Cmdr. Rockwell's publication, "Great Negro Contributions to Civilization" which was the brainchild of Robert Frenz. Fittingly, it was a very small book, with all blank pages!

The Degrelle article on Hitler's treason trial was very informative. Never read such a good account of Hitler's trial. The jewsmedia go only so far as to state that he was imprisoned after the "Beerhall Putsch". They totally omit the victory of his trial.

The article on Hermann is as timely now as it was when he fought the Romans. Imagine the difficulties he faced: (1) The Germans, as usual, could not unite; (2) As usual, many Germans served the enemy with loyalty and courage; (3) The Roman military organization was the best ever known, to my knowledge. That meant that Hermann had to (1) Organize the German warriors as much as possible, or at least, get them to behave for a little while as if they were organized and (2) Disorganize the Romans as much as possible. He did this by carefully choosing his ground, so that the Roman formations would be broken up and strung out, similar to the tactic used by the French and Indians in the Braddock Campaign. After all, the British Square was merely a musket-equipped variant of the Roman formation. Both relied upon massed 'fire-power' to defeat an enemy, but their firepower was only effective when concentrated. By choosing ground and circumstances in which the Romans and the British could not form up, the advantage of organization was lost and the irregular warriors had a one-on-one opportunity, which gave the advantage to the greatest number, rather than the best organized, best disciplined. The Battle of Montreal was a victory for the British because their smaller force could beat a less-disciplined, less-organized American force in the open. The British commander knew this, so he interposed his force in the field outside the city. To reach the city, the Yanks had to come out of the woods and fight. That's why the British kept Quebec Province!

Then one looks at the American or Judeo-American version of imperium, one can see some glaring differences. Imperial rule is worthwhile only if the imperial power obtains material and/or strategic advantages from the places and peoples ruled. The object of imperialism is to rule, rather than to ruin and devastate an area. The Romans did that to Carthage only because it was such a formidable competitor. Ruling often means getting people to do things they don't want to do. To do this, an empire must have loyal, effective troops. It must also be masculine in mentality: the male mind knows that a price must be paid for everything. The female mind wants everything without paying for it. To lose 5000 men and gain a vast, rich territory is a small price for men to pay, but for the female mind, it is unthinkable. "Even one is too many!" as the jews say, which reveals their own sexual ambiguity. Writers like Yockey and Phillip Wiley ("Generation of Vipers") noted the feminine aspect of Americans in their maudlin desire to be loved by those they exploit and their desire to exercise power without paying the price for such power. Our ZOG wants loyalty without identity. This is impossible. How can I be loyal to myself if I do not know who I am? How can I be loyal to a government which may become one thing or another, from one day to the next? One day I wear a US Army uniform and am obedient to my US officer. The next, I don a blue beanie and must fight for some international conglomerate, for what goals no one may know. That's an awfully nebulous set of values with which to motivate soldiers!

Judeo-American power depends upon its ability to devastate an opponent's territory with air power, as Foster Morrison of MYTHBUSTERS writes. Once that power is weakened or defeated, say, through the sale of Aryan technology to the Chinese, then the Judeo-America Imperium goes into the dustbin of history. All the errors committed by the Romans are being committed by the Americans, on the double, so we may see the collapse of the ZOG in our life-times. That means Aryans will have many opportunities and lots of work ahead of them! ORION!