by Eric Thomson

5 May 2000

From 1945 to the present, the blightwing and the jewsmedia were in agreement about the supposedly 'monolithic' might of the 'Communist Bloc', which included the empires of Red China and Red Russia. The touted alliance of these two racial antagonists was an Orwellian hoax, on par with the 'Cold War' myth, both of which were jewsmedia concoctions. Orwell described, in his "1984", a state of perpetual war, ostensibly fought against external enemies, but really fought by the government of Big Brother and his counterparts against their respective governed. As the reader may recall, the world was divided amongst three supposedly opposing empires, two of which were allied against the third, according to party-line propaganda, and those 'alliances' changed at short notice. West-zoglings were told that Red China and Red Russia were allies, just as East-zoglings were told that the U.S.A. was secretly supporting the Soviet Union's Red Chinese enemies, who fought numerous border skirmishes against Red Russian forces. Thus it was that Orwell's 'fiction' described a very nasty and devious reality, distorted by the ZOG's tactic of The Big Lie. The fact that hundreds of thousands of gullible Goyim were killed in 'brushfire wars' and 'police actions, of the so-called Cold War does not contradict the fact that the Soviet Union or Khazar Empire was founded, funded and fed by New York jew banksters from 1917 into the present. These Jews take our money, for the benefit of their kosher cohorts overseas, using the United States government as their compulsory fund-raiser. Thus it is that FEDZOGUSA's primary function is to bilk the productive to bribe the predators and parasites all over the world. A diminishing number of producers is exploited to feed an already monstrous burden, which increases in weight and appetite with every dollar thrown into its maw. The more we feed, the more they breed. Like any Jewish Ponzi scheme, this racket must run out of 'bilkees' who feed this rapidly-increasing number of bilkers and their growing rapaciousness.

Straws in the Wind: This writer made several attempts to peek behind the Iron Curtain, without success, so the information had to be gleaned by indirect means: the observations of others who were allowed in by Soviet authorities, and by judicious reading of the jewsmedia. The first bit of information came from a railroad fan who travelled from one end of the Soviet Union to the other. He reported that the mainlines were electrified, meaning that the locomotives were powered from overhead wires. He saw no reserves of steam or diesel locomotives, although he was keenly interested in finding them. Were the supply of electricity curtailed, by a pinpoint bombing attack, for example, there would have to be at least as many steam or diesel locomotives as there were electric, in order to sustain the volume of traffic, especially in wartime. Since the USSR relied upon its rail system for most of its east-west ground transport, this fact meant that the Soviet Union was not prepared for war with the U.S.A. or its allies. Then there was the embarrassing incident of the crazy German kid, Rust, who flew over various Soviet Bloc satellites and crossed the USSR's territory to land his single-engine plane in Red Square, next to the Kremlin itself. This would be like someone flying over U.S. territory, to land in the center of the Pentagon! The Soviet Union was indeed embarrassed. Their alibi was that all their air defence personnel were celebrating "Air Defence Personnel Day", so they were all drunk and off duty! Sober readers could deduce that there was no Soviet air defence system in the west, because the rulers of the USSR had no fear nor expectation of an aerial attack from the U.S.A. or its western allies. This further served to prove that the rulers of the Soviet Union did not take their own public statements of bellicose distrust seriously, in regard to the 'capitalist West'. Orwell would have recognized such statements as 'prole-feed', or propaganda with which to gull the Goyim, so they would make more sacrifices on behalf of their respective ZOGs.

The last straw in the wind came to me in the form of a tiny newspaper article which was tucked in between the funnies and the used car ads: The USSR agreed to recognize the war-bonds issued by the Tsar's government in World War I. This would signify as great a change of policy as it would be, were the U.S. government to recognize the war debts of the Confederacy. Soon thereafter, the Soviet Union ceased to exist and its Communist Party was turfed out of office. The Khazar communists suddenly changed themselves into Khazar capitalists! This is an old jew-trick, derived from The Babylonian Talmud: by changing one's name, one 'dies', along with the guilt attached to one's previous name. By adopting a new name, one is 'born again', and is supposedly guilt-free. Hence, the renaming of the hebes' satanic secret police in Russia, from Cheka, under the Jew, Yagoda, to NKVD, under the Jew, Beria, to KGB, under the Jew, Lieberman, alias Andropov. The KGB has a new name, under a new Jew, but the kosher content and intent remain, and the same evil reputation will attach itself to the 'new' entity.

"Anti-semitism" was punishable by death in the Soviet Jewnion, even under the "anti-semitic" Stalin regime. Internal passports used in the USSR included one's nationality. "Jew" or Zhid was deemed a nationality, as was Russian, Armenian, Georgian, etc. "Jew" took on such a bad reputation that it was a strong insult, so the name was changed to "Hebrew", which soon took on the same bad reputation of the previous national title, ad infinitum. Even Goyim can learn that a change of label does not change the content. Jews are notable for seeking to escape the consequences of their guilt by frequently changing their names, their locations and their citizenship, and they do the same to fool the Goyim (that's us, folks!). Their switch from kosher communism to kosher capitalism is a double-trick: (1) By becoming labelled as capitalists, they could lay the blame for looting and polluting Russian territory on their 'Communist predecessors' even when they are the same people. (2) They can now bilk the gullible Goyim into funding the establishment of 'capitalist free enterprise' and 'democracy' in the territories devastated by Soviet misrule, inefficiency and corruption.

To send tax-payers' money to the former Soviet Bloc's Khazar criminals is like providing public funding to Meyer Lansky or Al Capone because they claimed to be 'great humanitarians'. One female economist commented in a USA TODAY article that "giving our money to gangsters" will not help the Russian people nor will it solve Russia's problems. On the contrary! We are financing the parasites and predators who continue to victimize the productive members of society, not only 'over there', but right here! Once again, a change of label does not change the contents of a cesspool, any more than it changes kosher criminals into responsible rulers. But it does appear to fool the Goyim today, just as the jew, "Lenin", did in the early 1920s, when he proclaimed a retreat from Communism under the "New Economic Policy". This enabled FDR to recognize the USSR and open a cornucopia of political, financial and material aid, so that the jews' zombie state could be energized, as Dr. Frankenstein energized his favorite monster. That's where lots of our money has gone and is continuing to go, thanks be to ZOG!

As a long-time student of international relations, I have had to rely upon 'straws in the wind' which indicate the nature and direction of coming events and situations. To recognize some of the many windblown straws as being 'more equal' than others is the result of many years of research and experience. The reason for all the effort expended in the recognition of patterns and priorities is simply due to the fact that I am not an 'insider' nor a ZOG decision-maker. If I were, I would have no need for my observations and analyses, and I certainly would not be making my findings public in North America and Europe, even the blightwingers are aware of the radical and thorough-going changes of demography in our livingspace. Most Whites pretend that these changes will not have a major impact upon their lives and living standards, just as many passengers on the Titanic felt the bump with the iceberg, but pretended until it was too late that their ship was 'unsinkable'. They preferred to listen to the band, just as today's Whites prefer to live in their televised fantasy worlds and their time-consuming infatuation with 'niggerball'. The onrushing flood of mud-people into White livingspace is much more of a log than a straw, but it is often necessary to point out the obvious to those with the most to lose, as I have learned.

Because the ZOG is a jew-supremacist entity, its motives are always alien and pernicious to its host-peoples, in this case, the Whites. No matter what its criminally-insane motives, it is obvious that the ZOG neither can, nor will stop the non-White invasion and depredations in our former territories. The non-White zones of colonization have enlarged to an extent, and their populations have grown so rapidly, that deportation has become futile. "It's like deporting Mexicans from one part of Mexico into another part," said one bemused INS agent. I replied, "No, it's more like attempting to bail out The Titanic after it sank under the waves." As the green and white INS buses drove through the crowds of irate Mexicans who taunted and jeered at the INS agents, he commented, "They'll be back here before our buses return,," He was referring to the deportees who filled the buses to capacity. When East Germany lost control of its borders, it soon ceased to exist. The so-called U.S. government has lost control of its borders.

When a government can no longer call up conscripts to fight on its behalf, it soon ceases to exist. USZOG abolished the draft in 1972, as I recall, for many people objected to its war in Southeast Asia. The peoples' love or hatred of the ZOG will be revealed by the results of the current census, as well as by any attempt to restore the draft. East-ZOG, which attempts to rule former Soviet territory, can no longer rely upon the draft, so it must rely upon mercenaries, just like US-ZOG. Machiavelli warned that mercenaries were expensive when not needed, and usually ran away when they were most needed.

World-ZOG now depends on a very small force of mercenaries with whom to confront and coerce rapidly-increasing numbers of people who are hostile to ZOG extortion and exploitation. This leaves the ZOG few options: mainly bribery or blasting with high explosives, neither of which can govern, but rather create growing hostility in peoples with manly instincts, as well as a thirst for revenge, in the exploited populations. The insane greed of the ZOG further isolates it from the peoples it needs to rule, in order to accomplish its insane ends. For a government, isolation from the governed means impotence. US-ZOG's use of terror tactics in such cases as Ruby Ridge and Waco reveals the ZOG's impotence, rather than its power. In this regard, two more straws are relevant: (1) A FEDZOGUSA shipment of contaminated waste from US-ZOG military bases in Japan was refused entry by people in Seattle, and was returned to the bases in Japan. In effect, the people of Seattle have the power to prevent FEDZOGUSA from exercising its sovereignty over its own property. (2) Miami mestizos fired a likely non-mestizo city manager and forced the resignation of the local police chief because they had dared to 'collaborate' with FEDZOGUSA in the raid which obtained "Alien" Gonzales for his Cuban father. It thus appears that various levels of government can disregard federal authority when there is sufficient public sentiment against it. What a sad reflection Cuban determination has upon the Whites who slavishly obeyed FEDZOGUSA's school integration orders! Even federal departments are exempt from collaborating with other federal departments, most notably in the Census Bureau's refusal to inform the INS about illegal aliens. Nowadays, 'alienship' confers more rights, and fewer duties than does citizenship!

Some Observations, north and south of Suez: In his book, "The Seven Pillars of Wisdom", T.E. Lawrence discovered a riddle he had to solve. The Turks, who ruled Arabia as part of their empire, were able to threaten the Suez Canal, which was the major east-west nexus of the British empire. The Turks had numbers, weapons and the determination to fight off the British, to whom they dealt an embarrassing defeat at Kut. Lawrence was sent to enlist the Bedouin tribes against the Turks and their allies, until the British and their allies were prepared to do 'a proper job' on the Turks. The British high command's idea of a proper job was to attack the Turks with overwhelming numbers and firepower, thus recreating the bloody slaughters of the Western Front, after which, the Turkish P.O.W.s would be shipped to British-ruled Egypt and interned at British expense in British-run P.O.W. camps, which would mean a further expenditure of time, supplies and manpower. With such a game plan, Lawrence's Bedouins were ludicrous and irrelevant. They lacked the strength of numbers; they could tolerate very few casualties, and they could not defend any objective they might capture, should the Turks counterattack. Lawrence meditated upon this conundrum during a nasty bout of fever, which he described much like an out-of-body experience. In his mind's eye, he saw the map of Arabia, and suddenly realized that the Turks were already defeated! Even with their numbers, they could not control every square mile of terrain, should the population turn hostile. Better yet, it was the Turkish 4th Army in Medina which posed the greatest threat to the Suez Canal, and that army stood at the end of the Hejaz Railway, the extreme end of Turkish logistic capability. Lawrence decided "to attack the Turks' metal, rather than their manpower", by cutting the slender rail link sufficiently to reduce supplies to a trickle, but not so much that the Turks would withdraw from Medina to stronger, better-supplied positions. The reduced rations prevented the Turks from attacking the British, but encouraged them to remain immobilized in Medina, where they were, in effect, prisoners of war without British battle losses. The British objectives had been achieved on the cheap, without a fight!

During my own stint, south of Suez, in the 1970s, I compared my position to that of the Turks. I was stationed, from time to time, in the "Sharp End" of Rhodesia, the northeastern part of the country where terrorist incursions were most frequent. My job included 'showing the flag' of the Rhodesian government in my civil capacity, along with military duties of intelligence gathering and liaison with units of the army, the police and tribal authorities. I arrived at one 'fort' which was my H.Q., where my Black auxiliary troops were quartered, along with an RLI company (Rhodesian Light Infantry), a BSAP unit, (British South Africa Police), and the occasional members of the Special Air Services, Selous Scouts and Grey Scouts, whose missions were always 'hush-hush'. It was a fort in name only. The buildings, tents and personnel were exposed to enemy fire from three points of the compass, and the installation looked as if it were set up on a sloping display counter, for maximum visibility. I asked my African corporal if the place had ever been attacked with rifle fire, rockets, mortars or grenades, and he replied, "No, Sah!" I realized that we'd all 'come short' if anyone did so much as to discharge a magazine of AK-47 rounds into the compound. I therefore sited trenches and fields of fire, as well as the installation of barbed wire which we had on hand. As I supervised the digging, with my ever-present FN rifle slung over my shoulder, I studied the surrounding terrain through my binoculars. It was typical Black African terrain: denuded of groundcover by overgrazing, in particular by the Africans' voracious goats which could climb up into the branches of the thorn trees to devour the tiny leaves. A good rain would send much of the landscape into the nearest river. African ways were causing the deserts to engulf the entire continent. Obviously, there were too many Africans for the land to bear! But these thoughts were nothing new to me. What was novel to me during my first 'emergency call up' was my realization of our peculiar situation: we represented "the Government". We were a group of uniformed, armed men who had a flag, just as our opponents did. The population which we supposedly governed liked to receive our tax-payers' handouts, but they would also co-operate with our opponents, when sufficiently threatened by them. Both our own existence and that of our opponents really depended upon the consent of the 'governed'. Regardless of our weaponry, government existed in the minds of the governed. Those who govern are always in the minority. To paraphrase Lincoln, 'you can coerce all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot coerce all of the people all of the time.' Eventually, one runs out of police to police the police, as we saw in the Soviet Jewnion, which was infamous for its use of terror tactics against its population.

The Marxist terrorists who wished to overthrow White rule in Africa were well-named, for Mau Mau style terror was their stock-in-trade; especially torture by mutilation and 'necklacing', which slowly burned the victim alive. This was Nelson Mandela's favorite method of killing his fellow Blacks. Is this why he is touted as a "great humanitarian" by the ZOG and the jewsmedia? Our opponents' terror tactics greatly worked in our favor, for the people saw us as their protectors, which we certainly were! The small number of White Rhodesians (some 250,000) not only protected the Blacks, but subsidized their population explosion, from some 300,000 in 1890 to more than 7 million in 1980, the year of White handover to Black Marxist misrule. White productivity combined with Black values created a demographic disaster upon the African continent. That is why I am not a colonialist who would wish to rule over non-Whites. And that is why I am a White Nationalist.

The White people of North America and of Europe are doing exactly the same things which led to their ouster from Africa: they are feeding the enemies of Our Race, letting them swarm into our livingspace, and paying them to multiply at our expense. The ZOG is merely the middleman in this give and take process, only because we choose to support the ZOG! As long as Whites love the ZOG and hate themselves, our dispossession and extinction will be inevitable. Government certainly does exist in the minds of the governed, which means that the ZOG is on treacherous ground, for the non-White invaders do not love it and they do not identify with it, as do most Whites who think it's still 'theirs'. The ZOG's power to rule over us and to drive us to extinction is 90% illusion and 10% terror, which is inflicted upon us by an incredibly small number of mercenary ZOG-thugs. The killer squads at Ruby Ridge and Waco had to be gathered from all over the U.S.A. to make a show of force to impress the Goyim, but the Waco siege was lasting too long, so US-ZOG's macho-lesbo Reno decided to burn the Koreshim alive, and leave no survivors. So even the ZOG-thugs' terrorism is part of the illusion. Where do illusions come from? They are purveyed by the jewsmedia of information, education and entertainment, and they are further broadcast to us by dupes who repeat them, be they parents, friends or associates. Where do illusions reside? They occupy our minds, just as the ZOG occupies The District of Corruption and the three branches of the federal government, which are ruled by the biggest illusion of all: the money which the Federal Reserve is allowed to create out of nothing! Every Federal Reserve Note in your pocket has no intrinsic value, nor does it represent useful things, like goods and services. It owes its existence solely to jew greed and Gentile need. Each Federal Reserve dollar is a promise, an I.O.U.,which is accepted as a medium of exchange on trust. And where does trust exist? In our minds. Remember that a promise is only as good as the man who makes it, so we are really placing our trust in the likes of Greenspan and his fellow tribesmen. This means we should not be surprised to find our zogbucks have become suddenly worthless, like any other mirage or illusion. The ZOG's anti-White policies are, ironically, more dangerous to the ZOG than to White people, since we are the ones whose taxes go to bribe the mud-masses, whom the ZOG cannot seem to coerce with its tactics of terror and illusionary propaganda. When the ZOG loses its power to bribe the North American population, the ZOG will go the way of the Roman Empire, but much more swiftly, more like a vampire fleeing daylight. The ZOG is a racket, a combination of Ponzi pyramid schemes and extortion, based on a flimsy foundation of lies. If enough Whites can get this truth into their heads, and act upon it, for the good of Our Race, the ZOG's blight upon our destiny can be flushed down the sewer of history, where it belongs.