The ARYAN NATIONAL STATE – A Proposed Structure by Eric Thomson

(Consistent with his beliefs, the term 'Aryan' is hereby used to represent the Caucasian gentile.)

Fundamental axioms:

     (1) Form follows function.

     (2) Public good must come before private welfare.

     (3) The State is the vessel which protects the Race. The Race is the vessel which nurtures the Individual.

     (4) No system is better than its members.

     (5) The Nation can survive only through eternal vigilance on the part of an informed and active citizenry.


     (I) The National Congress

          (a) Comprised of all citizen-voters.

          (b) Governs by National Referendum.

          (c) A National Referendum is the outcome of a National Initiative Process.

          (d) Any citizen-voter can sponsor a National Initiative.

          (e) The following branches of government are comprised of candidates elected by National Initiative and Referendum, any or all of whom are subject to Recall at the behest of the citizen-voters.

     (II) The National Executive

          (a) Oversees enforcement of existing laws.

          (b) May be instructed from time to time by a National Referendum in regard to Law and/or Policy.

     (III) The National Legislature

          (a) Enacts new laws or changes old laws, subject to a National Referendum.

          (b) Regulates the money supply to prevent inflation or deflation of the currency.

               1. The money supply is indexed to the supply of goods and services, i.e. to economic productivity.

          (c) Manages foreign exchange to prevent currency speculation in the Aryan economy.

          (d) May be instructed from time to time by a National Referendum.

     (IV) The National Judiciary

          (a) Like The National Executive and The National Legislature, The National Judiciary is subordinate to The National Congress of citizen-voters.

          (b) Interprets law should disagreement occur.


     (1) Can only be earned as a privilege, after the fulfillment of requirements, as set forth in a Bill of Privileges and           Obligations.

          (a) Obligations would include

               1. Racial purity.

               2. Community and/or National Service.

               3. Obedience to laws.

               4. The individual's accomplishments, abilities and character, without regard to chronological age.

          (b) Privileges would include

               1. Reproduction and child-rearing.

               2. Legal economic activities for public good and personal gain.

               3. Property-holding.

               4. Voting.

     (2) Citizenship is revoked upon criminal conviction.

          (a) In non-capital offenses, a convict may redeem his citizenship by community service.

          (b) Convicts who refuse community service obligations will be euthanized.

          (c) Convicts who commit additional offenses will be euthanized.

          (d) All Citizens and Provisional Citizens are deemed to be sane and are responsible for their actions as adults, in regard to criminal offenses.

Provisional Citizenship:

     (1) Applies to children of citizen-parents.

     (2) Includes obligations for the earning of citizenship.

          (a) Through participation in community service groups and military defense forces.

          (b) Through the acquisition of knowledge and skills, in or out of The National Academy.

          (c) By passing National Academy tests which evaluate intelligence, knowledge,, physical fitness and character.

          (d) Through generally recognized achievements.

     (3) Children who refuse to earn citizenship credits or cannot do so for medical reasons cannot become citizens.