(With a special message to my Jewish readers.)

by Eric Thomson

28 June 2000

Karl Levy, alias Marx, was anti-Jewish in many of his statements, to the extent that he hated certain physical and behavioral traits which he identified as Jewish, i.e. negroid features and crass materialism. In one essay, Marx concluded that Jews could only become emancipated citizens of civilization when they had emancipated themselves from their obnoxious traits. Despite his virulent opinions, Marx remained a Jew, though he hated to admit it. In this respect, his use of a German name, his denial of his identity, revealed Marx to be a typical Jew, with a typical Jewish inferiority complex. But instead of coping with the problems which the Jew perceives as the bases of his inferiority, the Jew acquires an equally exaggerated form of megalomania, accompanied by delusions of grandeur, and its fellow-traveller, paranoia. This unholy trinity completes the typical Jewish psyche. In the German film, "Erbkrank" ("Hereditary Illness"), based on Weimar Republic statistics, the Jews, who were a small minority of German society, comprised a disproportionately large percentage of the insane asylum population. The Weimar Republic was very such a 'Jewish paradise', so 'poisecution' (sic) would not be a factor in driving Jews crazy, any more than it would be a factor in the Jews' promised land of USZOG. Certainly Jewish heredity is a factor in Jewish insanity, but Judaism inculcates mental illnesses via its tenets and rituals.

(1) Inferiority: The Jew can never do enough or have enough. He must always have "more", as Jew labor leader Samuel Gompers declared. The Jew is often ashamed of his Jewish origins and his ugliness; hence, the Jewish penchant for name-changes and nose-jobs. The Jew sees himself as 'the eternal victim' of persecution, although he is more likely to be the persecutor, rather than the persecuted. This reverse-thinking is a typically Jewish delusion.

(2) Megalomania/delusions of grandeur: The Jew is the "chosen, creature of Yahweh, his tribal god. Since all women and all Goyim are deemed to be without souls, the Jew is the only male creature on the planet who is deemed to have a soul. The world and everything in it are deemed to be the Jew's property, including the Goy 'livestock', who are to be used and abused as the Jew sees fit.

(3) Paranoia: Because the Jew thinks of himself as a 'noble knave', an 'omnipotent victim' who is 'exalted and despised', as well as 'protected and persecuted', he projects his own hostility toward the universe in general and the Goyim in particular. As rabbis have declared, "Der Olem ist ein Golem" (the universe is a monster). The Goyim supposedly hate the Jew, and are always out to 'get' him, and the Jew usually 'proves' the correctness of his belief by means of his own aggressive and obnoxious behavior! Anyone can confirm the truth of such a paranoid belief by assuming that "everyone wants to hit me", therefore, "I shall hit them first!" Just go into a bar and start punching people. In short order, you will discover that they will respond by hitting you, which 'proves' you were 'right'! Paranoia often has sado-masochistic overtones. The paranoid, i.e., Jewish personality, wants to lash out at his perceived enemies, but he often feels the urge to be punished by those toward whom his hostility is directed. Usually, he identifies with those who strike back at him. Hence, the Jewish penchant for dressing up and acting out their Hollywood Nazi fantasies. If this be paranoid-schizophrenia, the Jew makes the most of it!

The quintessential Jewish writer, Franz Kafka, expresses his assurance that his protagonists will be inevitably found out, caught and punished. He describes the Jewish fate, from which there 'is no escape'. It is indeed, "hard to be a Jew", but seemingly impossible to escape from the jewishness one despises in oneself.

Before all my Jewish readers jump to paranoic conclusions and stop showering me with their praise and donations, I shall declare that I am in full agreement with the observations and revelations of Marcus Eli Ravage, who described Goyim quite accurately, especially Christian Goyim. We are indeed foolish, credulous and thoughtless in our dealings with you. Your positions of power and influence in our societies proves your assessment of us is at least 99% accurate. We can also be stupid, greedy, mindless brutes, especially toward other Goyim.

Although we accuse Jews of instigating our internecine slaughters, that by no means absolves us of our guilt nor of our responsibility in the perpetration of world wars and other such atrocities. If you lend me money to push someone else off a bridge, and I accept your bargain, I cannot justly consider myself your victim. The one I pushed off the bridge is certainly my victim, and only indirectly is he your victim. You have told many of us to 'go jump in the lake'. The fact that many of us do it is our fault, not yours. It is one thing to say, 'the devil made me do it', but it is quite another thing to admit that the devil made me want to do it! Yes, the Goyim, especially the Whites, have a lot of growing up to do.

"The Babylonian Talmud"warns that "a lie kills three persons: the liar, the one who is lied about, and the one who believes the lie." The truth of this statement has been amply demonstrated over the centuries, since it was written. Fantasies based upon lies were goading the herds of hysterical Goyim into stampeding to their deaths in such disasters as the Crusades and the recent world wars, but Goyim are not the only victims of fantasies based on lies.

Jews have shown astounding patience in awaiting the arrival of their fictitious messiah for some 4,000 years, whereas Christians have awaited their fictitious entity, "Jesus ben Yahweh", for a mere 2,000. One may as well await the advent of "The Great Pumpkin".

Another example of "Waiting for Godot" is expressed in "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" and their precursors, including "The Babylonian Talmud". Like the 'messiah', the 'final victory' of Jewish power is always 'just around the corner', and it will always remain so! Jews have attempted to explain the non-advent of Jewish power and/or the messiah by claiming that the culmination of Jewish power will bring the messiah, or that the advent of the messiah will bring about the culmination of Jewish power. The reason this can never be lies uncomfortably close to home in the Jewish psyche, as any 'righteous Gentile' can tell you.

Certainly, the Jewish scheme to subvert, enslave and slay the Goyim under a Jew World Ordure (sic) is clever and practical, if only it were not the Jews who have tried to achieve it! The reason for these centuries, nay, millennia of failures to subvert Goy states and establish Jewish 'order' is obvious: The Jew cannot stand order! He can ruin, but he can never rule, for the Jew is a congenital subverter and corrupter who cannot stop himself from undoing his own work upon the attainment of his power. The Jew has held the reins of power in the ancient world: Egypt, Athens and Rome. The juggernaut of states and empires fell under Jewish control by means of gold, but all the Jew could do was drive it over the nearest cliff. The Jewish adventure in Egypt reveals the jewish incapacity to rule, even with the full co-operation of the Jews' Goy subjects. This incapacity is both embarrassing and tragic: embarrassing for the Jew and tragic for the Goyim. In recent times, the Jew has shown that he has neither learned from his past experiences, nor has he changed for the better in regard to ruling over the Goyim.

The Khazar-jewish nation subverted the Russian Empire, then conquered it, only to ruin it by shortsighted looting and polluting of its vast, rich territory. The outcome of jewish misrule was the transformation of this mighty empire into a dismembered, impoverished, political-economic cripple, a mess of warring bandits, which the Chinese are watching with greedy anticipation.

Israel is another embarrassment. At least, if I were a jew, I would be embarrassed by the failure to make Israel into a viable state, such as Switzerland. The early Zionists claimed that Israel would be a state of, by and for Jews, only. Jews would perform all the jobs, including manual labor and farmwork. Under Jewish management and labor, Israel would be prosperous and powerful, the shining example for the Middle East and the world. Alas, the reality is otherwise: Israel is a dependency, a beggar-state, which must rely upon handouts and tribute from the U.S.A. and Germany. Instead of expelling the native Arabs, the Jews insisted on keeping them to do all the 'Goy work'. Israel is pretty much a concentration camp for a growing Arab population, and Israel's existence is the outcome of another Big Lie: the lie that Jews ever lived without a host people!

Jews are called parasites, but you aren't very good in your parasitism, for you are not content to live off your host's substance, quietly and insidiously, as do real parasites. The Jew parasite eventually triggers a violent reaction in his host peoples and is ejected. This process has been repeated throughout the countries of Europe, especially where the Jew has attained the most power and influence.

The relations between Jews and their Goy host peoples is one of ambivalence, because the Jew is ambivalent. Even in the Torah, the Jew cannot decide whether to enslave us or slay us. We are called 'cattle', and we are exploited as such, but then the Jew changes his mind and treats us as if we, were his human opponents, rather than his 'livestock'. No wonder we are confused, whenever our Jewish shepherds attack their own flocks of productive 'sheeple'. Why do Jews kill their golden geese and their best milk cows? My guess is that you don't believe your own lies about us. You claim that we envy you. Would real cattle envy their herdsman? Your inconsistent behavior reveals that you cannot convince yourselves about our status.

You have one more chance to ensure your survival and prosperity, here in the U.S.A., which the economist, Werner Sombart, described as "the distilled essence of Judaism". The Goyim here look up to you. The Freemasons want to be your slaves. The Christians either tolerate you or love you. All the workers and the wealth of this land are at your service. White Goyim willingly served your interests in all the country's wars. By means of your propaganda, you have succeeded in identifying your interests as "America's interests". Our form of government is very much as you outline in "The Protocols". The United States was very much the product of your thinking and your instigation, as parroted by such 'useful idiots' as Thomas Jefferson. The Goyim overwhelmingly admire you and wish to emulate you. They are grateful that you have come to govern us with your 'wisdom'. Obviously, they like to see you in positions of power and influence. Goyim like to buy kosher products, because they believe they are 'better' than those which 'merely' meet FDA standards, and they don't mind paying 'a little extra' for the 'privilege'.

White Goyim really do love you. Our hatred for you exists 99% within the realms of your own diseased imaginations. Even I do not hate you, but I will defend my interests, which may or may not conflict with yours.

All of the above raises the question: Why are you so determined to defile and destroy this country, whose Goyim have complied with all your wishes, so far? Marcus Eli Ravage stated that we can do nothing to satisfy you. Neither our productivity nor our extinction would appear to satisfy you. This dilemma means that The Jewish Problem is really your problem, not ours. We do not oppose you; you oppose yourselves, as you have done from the beginning. You are eternally the doers of your own undoing. To see things from your viewpoint: How can a farmer be undone by his own livestock? Your own view of us makes you out to be a bunch of bungling, incompetent fools. Rabid fools, at that.

Mark Vonnegut wrote of the insidious nature of mental illness in his autobiographical book, "Eden Express". Where the sufferer begins and the illness leaves off is impossible to ascertain. His schizophrenia was cured by a high-protein diet, which is not to say that other forms of mental illness are similarly curable, especially those engendered by indoctrination.

As you observe, I have done my best to see the world through your eyes, and now, I invite you to see things through mine, the eyes of an Aryan. My view of the universe is quite congenial. If the universe were hostile, I would not exist, nor would you. I do not combat Nature. I am sustained by Nature, as you are, even when you claim to 'conquer' Her. I am at home on this planet. My fellow creatures all have their roles in the scheme of things. I do not fear or loathe other life forms. I respect then as teachers and I appreciate their beauty and their virtue. I am no more ashamed of being a predator, a meat-eater, than they are. In human conflict I am always prepared to win, lose or draw. All my opponents I consider 'worthy' in their own right, regardless of the weapons and tactics they choose to use against me. In struggles with opponents I neither forgive, nor do I bear grudges, for neither are relevant to me when the question is one of survival. For me, death is natural and inevitable, sooner or later. This awareness enhances the value of my life and makes the moments precious. I am therefore reluctant to spend my limited time in the pursuit of material possessions,including money. I seek quality instead of quantity, and I admit my inability to put a price on a sunset or a birdsong in the morning. I am stirred by the swells of the sea, and the wind in my face, as it makes the pines whisper, for such things remind me of my connection with the universe. They fill me with energy, inspiration and strength, as well as peace of mind. I am revolted by the bleating sheeple in the Christian fart-halls, as I am by the wailing and haggling in the synagogues. I enjoy others' company, as well as my own, just an I appreciate conversation and silent contemplation. I do not wish to insult nor demean those with whom I share differences of opinion. Rather, I seek to inform and to be informed. Everyone has something to teach not regardless of his wealth or lack thereof, and regardless of his academic achievements. I am not interested in ruling others, unless it is absolutely necessary, and I have no wish to ruin anybody, for ruin is usually brought upon oneself, without my assistance. I despise confidence tricksters, in comparison to armed robbers, who steal the victim's money, but not his trust. I believe that duty is sacred and that the desire for 'something for nothing' is both immoral and foolish. If I trip on the stairs, I know the fault was mine, and not the 'malevolence' of the universe. I care nothing for your 'god', nor for your ways. I do not wish to take over your rackets, nor do I wish to be victimized by them. I do not intend to play sadist to your masochist, nor vice versa.

For just one moment, imagine that you are not nearly so inferior, nor as important as you have been indoctrinated into thinking. In this moment, your paranoia will subside. Without prejudice, examine the many rules and tenets of Judaism, and you will recognize them as manifestations of compulsion neuroses. Dr. A. F. Stein described Judaism as "a group fantasy", which would apply to any people's religion. Fantasy is derived from dreams. That makes it incumbent upon all of us to "dream better dreams", in the words of Mark Twain. I sincerely hope you get well, soon. Mazel tov!