26 JUNE 2000

by Eric Thomson

I understand the need for pen-names, for I used to work in Soviet Canuckistan, with Ernst Zündel, on the same anti-holohoax projects which others have embarked on.

I read one holocaust booklet, and I noticed a couple of typos: page 2, next to last sentence of paragraph one, I see "grouse". I think the word should be "gross". On page 6, paragraph 2, line 12, it states: "... Sublimate into hydrogen and cyanide gas." "And" should be deleted for hydrogen cyanide gas is HCN, not H + CN. I have a rudimentary background in chemistry, so the sentence as it reads sounds similar to stating that, by putting sodium chloride into one's soup, one obtains sodium and chlorine! If that were to happen, the sodium would explode in contact with the water in the soup, and the chlorine would gas the diner. Fortunately for those who like salt in their soup, this reaction does not occur, and the NaCl does not become Na + Cl.

Humor aside, I think one can easily drown the typically lazy, feeble-minded reader in details. That is what the Zündel defence team did in the first holohoax trial. 'The Zud' adopted a self-defeating defence strategy of so swamping the jury with details that their minds switched off. Further details were viewed as punishment, and the jury punished back, by finding Zündel guilty. It was poor psychology on the defence's part. I am not speaking with 20-20 hindsight, for I advised Zündel to rebut the jews' allegations, without introducing lots of 'new' material. When the con-artist, Raul Hilberg, was to testify, I was working on his book, "The Destruction of the European Jews", which is full of inconsistencies and unsubstantiated allegations. Unfortunately, Zündel's jewish mistress, who went under the name of "Anne Burton", kept telling Ernst, "If you win, the jews will kill you."

It soon became obvious that Ernst did not intend to win his case, but to impress the Zionist Occupation Government of Canada that he could be obnoxious if he so desired. Our otherwise able defence attorney, Doug Christie, seemed to fade in and out of the proceedings. It appears that he has a private telephone line to the big sky-jew. Although I like Doug and Dr. Faurisson, it was their collaboration in the questioning of Hilberg that saved that rascal's bacon. The one time I was able to get a word in edgewise, I drew their attention to page 177 of Hilberg's book, in which he alleges that Hitler gave two extermination orders. When Doug asked Hilberg to state where such orders were found and in what form they existed, Hilberg squirmed and dodged and equivocated for a whole day. In the subsequent edition of Hilberg's opus, "the two Hitler orders" do not appear! That was just one small item.

As soon as I read Hilberg, I said we must use Hilberg against Hilberg. Instead, Dr. Faurisson, who likes and respects Hilberg, as he told me(!) wasted days on indirect conversations with Hilberg on the witness stand via Doug Christie's questions: "Dr. Hilberg, did you know such and such?" Hilberg would graciously respond: "No, I didn't know that." But none of Hilberg's holohoax allegations were refuted by Faurisson. Since one is not only attacking the jews' credibility when one attacks the holohoax, but the World War II allies' credibility as well, it is relevant to show how the allies changed their lies. Major Stano's article refers.

The jew film-maker, "George Stevens", apparently constructed the fake gas chamber at Dachau, and then made a lugubrious propaganda film narrated by Trevor Howard, if I recall correctly. I saw the opus and the Germans were accused of using those facilities to 'gas' people. In 1960, they changed their tune and now allege that the 'gas chamber' of Dachau was built by the Germans, but never used!

The first "six million" jew victims of this century, oops, I mean the 20th century, is described in the "The American Hebrew". [Note 1]

The gestalt I derive from reading "Mr. Malev" is that the many details support the holohoax in the mind of the holohoax-believer, rather than refute the major points alleged by the hoaxer. Short and simple is best. What we have here is a good reference book, but not one which would persuade a 'true-believer' in such things as big sky-jews, tooth-fairies and holocaust hokum. It's a good effort for anyone with sufficient intellectual curiosity to do research on the six million swindle.

On the subject of intellectual curiosity, I find most featherless bipeds to be severely lacking in this department. In my days as a naive university student, I was not only open-minded and willing to consider anyone's thesis, but I was curious. I really did attend university for knowledge, rather than job-training, so I guess I am a 'odd duck' in this regard.

Barbara Kulaszka drafted a succinct and current report on what constitutes "holocaust-denial". She also compiled an excellent summary of the second holohoax trial, entitled "Did Six Million Really Die." This was republished in the now-defunct Liberty Bell, in case one haven't seen it.

I have nothing to say to ostensible Whites who identify with a semitic religion. As for "Aryan Nations" (sic) and their "Church of Jesus Christ Christian" (sic), I can only say that they are, for the most part, non-Aryans. Pastor Butler is a dead-ringer for a Sioux Indian who lived in southern California, just down the canyon from us. His name was Bill Irontail!

Many "Israel Identity" or "Christian Identity" bipeds believe that Amerasians, alias "Indians" are Aryans, one of "the lost tribes of Israel".

One writer observed that the British used Australia as a dumping ground for their criminals, and they used North America as a dumping ground for their insane religious fanatics.

What we may witness in our lifetimes is the killing of jews in the name of "true Judaism". At that point I shall resign from politics!

It is logical that a reasonable philosophy should attract reasonable people. Let us hope that people have sufficient reason left, after the race-mixing and downbreeding, to form their own communities for survival. I am not a prophet, but before I left Africa, I said, there may not be any Blacks on this continent before the end of the next century, because more capable people than Blacks want it – the Chinese, for example. Insane and downbred America is due for a similar population crash, as I extrapolate from more concrete data.

Since my return to USZOGLAND in 1992, I have observed the population with a greater awareness. In Louisville, KY, I studied the faces of most of the "anglos" in a fast-food restaurant and realized that, if I plugged my ears, I would think I was in Mexico City. On reflection, I realized also that many of the people with whom I attended elementary school in California were also Anglo-mestizos. As a boy, I suffered 'culture-shock' without knowing what to call it. Let us say that you stood in a herd of cattle and you thought they were human, like yourself. Of course, anything you said to them would be met with uncomprehending stares and unconcerned ignorance. They would only pay attention to you if you offered them some grass. As I listened to the restaurant patrons' conversations, I reflected that not one of them was a 'citizen' in the sense of civic duties and interests; they were but serfs who lived to obtain creature comforts of a material nature, and as far as their interests, wants and needs were concerned, they might as well have been exchanging 'oinks' and 'baas' in the manner of hogs and sheep.

Yakima is no different: a tiny minority of Whites, all of whom are anti-White, and a festering, seething horde of mestizos, who await their 'night of the long knives', in which they will seize the last items Whitey has not already given them. It is similar to the atmosphere which prevailed in India before the Sepoy Mutiny.

As one may have related from his own experiences, offering the masses of asses ideas, especially ideas on paper, which they must read, produces hostile reactions. Most goyim do not read anything willingly, not even if it is free. Jews, on the other hand, are always on the lookout for items of interest to their folk, whether such items may represent the potential of profit or the portents of peril. The jew will read. We could have saved ourselves lots of time, effort and money by printing one pamphlet and sending it to a jew organization. As it was, we distributed tens of thousands of pamphlets and fliers to goyim, without any response, other than hostility. I distributed thousands of "Free Rudolf Hess" flyers, stickers and leaflets all over the Toronto-Hamilton area. After the first distribution, we received one enquiry from one jew. On the second distribution of equal quantity, we received one enquiry, from the same jew! It appears that P.T. Barnum and H.L. Mencken were correct in their assessments of the masses' intelligence. Barnum allegedly said, "There is a sucker born every minute." Mencken observed: "No one ever lost a dime by underestimating the intelligence of the American people!" This is proved every time we see what is on television.

The jews are complaining about the 'net', because they do not control its content, as they have done in the case of the jewsmedia for a century. The internet allows me to reach the world, quite literally, without so much as a printing press or even a postage stamp. I use the internet via typewriter and 'snail-mail'. Serious writers can correspond with me by writing me at my B.O. Box. Funny how that screens out all the junkmail, insults and harassment that I would otherwise receive by e-mail!

ORION! (Our race is our nation.)

Note 1:

The American Hebrew, October 31, 1919

The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop!

by Martin H. Glynn, former Governor of N.Y.S.

From across the sea six million men and women call to us for help, and eight hundred thousand little children cry for bread... In this catastrophe, when six million human beings are being whirled toward the grave by a cruel and relentless fate ... Six million men and women are dying ... In this threatened holocaust of human life ...