2 AUG 2000

Dear Mrs. Jehovah Witness:

Thank you for your letter of July 20.

The Catholics were wise to discourage people from 'translating' the so-called Bible, for even a single, correctly translated word can mean different things to different people. As a temporal power, the Catholic Church, like the Communist Party and present-day judeo-liberal proponents of 'political correctness' wish to monopolize 'truth'. This in also what the Jehovah's Witnesses are accused of doing by ex-Jehovah's Witnesses. See "The Orwellian World of the Jehovah's Witness" by Dr. Batting of Canada.

I take issue with your statement that Bible-reading societies are more 'orderly' than non-Bible-reading ones. The United States was settled by a bunch of lunatic, Bible-reading fanatics, who the British were glad to be rid of. It is said of The Pilgrims who arrived in America: "First, they fell upon their knees. Then they fell upon the Indians." Historians have long observed that few societies could tolerate an much civil disorder as occurs in the U.S.A. and still exist. The early colonial experience was one of religious fanaticism which fell short of becoming a domestic version of The Thirty Years' War (between European Protestants and Catholics) only because so many people read the Bible that sects were splintered, rather than unified, so they were too small to pose a danger to public order! That did not prevent Northern Bible-bangers from interpreting the Jew-book against the Southern Bible-bangers, so as to foment the Civil War here in North America.

A good book for you to read is entitled "Mystery Babylon", in which most of the pagan religious symbols and practices are identified, as incorporated into their "Christian" context. The book falls short in one very important item: the pagan tradition of the 'hanged god' who sacrifices himself or herself, usually on a tree; and who suffers and in resurrected. Of course most deities were 'born of virgins', even down to deified Roman emperors. The Old Testament says that the messiah will be a direct descendant of the house of David. For this reason, the Christian forgers of The New Testament busied themselves in Joseph's genealogy; forgetting that Joseph was not Jesus' father. As far an Mary is concerned, no mention was made of her background in relation to the house of David. As far as Jesus being 'the only son of Yahweh', that is contradicted by Gen:6:2; Gen:6:4; Job:1:6; Job:2:1; and Job:38:7. A recently-discovered Coptic manuscript quotes Jesus as saying; "We are all children of God." In logical, sane literal meaning: Jesus proclaimed himself to be a son of God, like everyone else! Were these words attributed to Jesus false? Were any words attributed to Jesus correctly quoted, and if so, were they true? Whose authority does one accept? You have chosen to accept Jehovah's Witness interpretations just as other sects choose to accept their own interpretations. The danger in interpretations is as dire as the danger of mistranslations and omissions. If we come to a STOP sign at an intersection, I might interpret it to mean 'stop'. Others interpret it to mean, 'stop if you please.' Others take it to mean 'slow down'. Still others think it means 'keep on driving, but sound your horn!' I know this, because I am a Stopsign Witness.

Now I see the 144,000 figure in quite relevant in regard to 'heaven', but not to the 'new earth'. The 'new earth' concept is not heaven,, so you may pardon my ignorance. My next question would be this: why do we need a 'new earth', after we have been 'tried and found wanting' on this earth? Is the 'new earth' a second chance for earthly sinners? Is it 'double-jeopardy' for saints, who might be tempted to dabble in sin, out of regret for having missed their previous opportunities? Does the 'new earth' last forever? If not, we are back down to 144,000 heavenly Hebrews (that's all, folks!) and nobody else. If the new earthly paradise will last forever, with saints and sinners, righteous and unrighteous all jostling for their place in the sun, won't this overcrowded place resemble the 'old earth', except that it will be such worse, due to overcrowding? If all the beings upon the 'new earth' have bodies, will they also have bodily functions, like respiration, digestion, urination, defecation and fecundation? If so, who will remove all the human and animal waste? Will Jesus busy himself feeding these multitudes and scooping their poop? Will the children born on this 'new earth' go through the same 'testing period' as we supposedly did on the 'old earth'? If not, why not?

The passage you quote about Jesus in Proverbs is contradicted by the explicit references to "sons of God" in the plural, as I have cited above. You say that Jesus will not return to 'old earth'. That contradicts what I understand to be 'normal' Christian teaching. I do not care one way or the other. Unlike Tertullian, I disbelieve in Christianity because it is absurd.

As far as my desire to be a 'puppy dog', a 'sheep', etc. goes, I think you will find the Bible passage which states "now that I am a man, I have put away childish things." The Jew bar mitzvah ceremony declares to the boy: "Today, you are a man. You count!" Yahweh demands his believers come to him as men, not as children, and certainly not as dogs or sheep! Jesus supposedly commands the opposite of his 'father'. You live in a very good place to ascertain the status of a 'dog'. There is no way a Semite would accept 'dog' as a term of endearment, any more than we would accept 'cockroach' as a cute term of affection! Since Christianity is a Semitic religion, like Judaism and Islam, I would take 'dog' to mean its Semitic connotation, as a word of dire insult.

As for the Jews being 'rejected' as 'the chosen people' for violating their religious commandments, we can draw similarities with other religions whose adherents erred, sinned or blundered. Yet, they remained adherents. Even the gods and goddesses of various religions made mistakes, which I understand to be for the education of their adherents. Loki's treachery toward the gods of Valhalla is notorious and educational to everyone who would learn the danger of having a traitor in one's group.

A faithful Gentile remains a Gentile, just as a faithful dog remains a dog. I am not a jew-supremacist, so I cannot accept Semitic gods nor Semitic values. All Semitic religions I find desolate and destructive to my people and the earth we live on.

Your interpretation of 'soul' is more in line with that of pre-Christian, pre-Socratic Greeks, who believed that a beautiful body was the sign of a beautiful spirit, whereas an ugly, deformed body was the sign of evil. The Evil Eye was dark; the defence against the Evil Eye is a blue eye, which you will see today, in Arab countries. The Christian idea of a 'soul' is Socratic, that is, invisible and immortal, bearing little or no resemblance to the body. Socrates, who was an ugly mongrel, and a con-man to boot, insisted that anyone as ugly as he could nevertheless have a 'beautiful soul'. We can see the mischief he caused, from his own time down to the present.

To return to the myth of the Jews' punishment for their disobedience to Yahweh, in my anthropological studies, every tribe of people, from American Indians to Africans, has similar myths of divine punishment for disobedience to divine commands. The ancient Greeks told of Prometheus' sin of stealing fire from the gods, and the consequent punishment of all mankind by way of Pandora's Box. You need to understand that the Jews are no more unique than any people on earth. There is also nothing original in the Jewish religion, which is a conglomeration of pre-Judaic and non-Judaic beliefs, just like Christianity. Jews once believed in gods and goddesses, whom they whittled down to two: Yahweh and Astarte. You will find references to her in the Book of Solomon. After Judaism was taken over by woman-haters of dubious sexual proclivities, Astarte was given a sex-change and was denoted to hell as a demon. That's why The Dead Sea Scrolls are still locked up! Oh yes, Jesus supposedly spoke Aramaic, not Hebrew. It may interest you to know that the word, "Jehovah" is nonsense, a corruption of Yahweh produced by a benighted scribe in The Dark Ages or 'Age of Faith'. You probably know that the word, "alleluya" means "up with Ya" and the word, "amen" refers to the Egyptian god, Amen or Amon.

The 'new earth' resembles the Catholics' 'purgatory' to the extent that it is a way station on the railroad to 'heaven' or 'hell'. I say 'railroad' for the 144,000 limit to the population of 'heaven' describes predestination, that is, no 'free will'. No matter how many people are born, only 144,000 can go to 'heaven', period. This means that only 144,000 will believe and behave in a manner acceptable to Jesus ben Yahweh et al. The vast majority will never, ever qualify for admission. It may also mean that Yahweh will just close the door after admitting the 144,000 'chosen', and leave equally good 'souls' outside of his 'heaven'.

Once again, we see how many different interpretations are derived from the reading of the 'inspired scriptures' even when we agree on which scriptures are 'inspired, but, as we know, there is no agreement on that. Which one is 'inspired'? The King James, the Douay, the New Revised Standard (published by the Jew-communist Jacob Schiff), the Latin, the Greek, the Aramaic or the Hebrew? Martin Luther discovered that the rabbis he asked for help in his translation of the German Bible had lied to him about the Hebrew meanings of important words. "Love thy neighbour as thyself" really meant: "Love thy kinsman as thyself." A kinsman is a blood relationship, and not a matter of physical proximity. (The Commandment concerning 'adultery' has nothing to do with infidelity or formication. Adulterate means to pollute, or contaminate – in this case, by race-mixing.) Luther discovered such Jew-tricks and published "The Jews and Their Lies".

As you may know, the Christians shamelessly altered words and passages of the Torah or Old Testament. They even changed the order of the books therein, and the rabbis felt that they had been exploited, just as much as Luther thought that the rabbis had tricked him. Some Bibles do not contain the Apocrypha; others do, but this does not mean that any Bible is based on true and/or valid sources. Luke of the New Testament is a fictional person, perhaps a committee. The Old Testament has lots of fictional material, such as the books of Esther, Judith and Exodus. Archeology has proven this to be the case from the examination of the alleged sites of the occurrences, as well as examination of ancient Egyptian, Persian and Babylonian records. Once again, if the scriptures are truly inspired, they should require no interpreters, nor abridgements, nor additions. Nor should they require priests, ministers, churches, hymns and prayers.

The tone of your letters impresses me that you seem tired of living. Yes, life is struggle, and for me, that is what makes it truly rewarding, but then, I am not a sheep, a dog nor an infant, so I probably see things differently than you do. I do not seek a shepherd, a master, nor a father. I despise Jews and Christians for their views and their behaviour which have so harmed those I love. Life is so interesting, challenging and rewarding for me that I do not want a slice of a fictional pie in the sky, in the sweet by and by.

I hope you have read my essays on The Cabalistic Curse of Christianity et al. As you say, it is unseemly to repeat oneself again and again, on the same topic, for my views have not changed from those I express in my essays. I am happy to exchange my interpretations of the jew-book with yours, and I appreciate your effort in showing me the differences between Jehovah's Witnesses and common garden variety Christians. I hope that one day, you may free yourself from the ghastly embrace of The Old Sky Jew and come into the light. You did so in the case of the Catholic cult, and you can do it again. Think White, and you'll be all right. If you are White, there is no excuse for wallowing in the Afro-Asiatic cesspool of Christianity, just as it would be unnatural for you to become a practitioner of Voodoo or Confucianism. You have the power to transform yourself from a pretend-sheep, dog or infant into a real, consciously-adult person. I know other ex-Jehovah's Witnesses who have succeeded in this wonderful achievement, so I wish you the same success in your struggle toward The Light of Reason. To use your mind is no more a sin than using your legs to walk, your eyes to see, or your ears to hear. It is a crime against Nature and against humanity for one to enslave one's mind to dogma by suffocating one's ability to reason. The Truth can never make you free, if you refuse to recognise it and you refuse to heed it. Please wake up, grow up and live your life to the fullest! One ex-Jehovah's Witness described to me his relief and his exhilaration when he snapped out of the spell that made his feel like a zombie and when he began to experience the universe as a living man, and not a member of the walking dead who mouth alien mantras of another race and culture. Best wishes!

P.S.: A classic symptom of hypnosis/brainwashing is the subject's inability to see the obvious. No god worthy of the name needs human intermediaries or books, for he/she/it could contact his chosen people directly. A god, being omnipotent, would have a strong voice, so all could hear what was on his mind, assuming such a god's existence, of course! Let me know if your god has spoken to you, recently, without the man-made stuff, of books, preachers, churches, etc., which exist, even if their particular deity does not. Try using your own mind. You'll find that it works pretty well, once you snap out of your Jew-daze.

Best wishes, Eric Thomson