05 AUG 00.

Dear Mr. Switendick:

Many thanks for your letter of August 2. Postal service is pretty fast. The only reason I did not send off my answer on August 4th was that I worked that day, so that means the mail can be sent either way within 2 days!

I have a similar rational approach to politics as you do. So did Hitler, who said that the masses had emotional attitudes toward Jews, based on love/hate ambivalence. Neither emotion was appropriate, for the masses of asses were either in bed with the Jews or wanting to give them a thrashing. Neither emotion got rid of the Jew-pests. Hitler used a rational approach in his policies, so as to exclude the Jew from German society, step by step, and then by assisting them to leave, as per The Transfer Agreement.

As you point out, the number of potential rationalists is small, in proportion to the number of Ostensible Whites. Even the jew-book forbids race-mixing: "Thou shall not commit adultery!" The Phineas Priesthood allegedly roamed the countryside, looking for Israelites copulating with Gentiles, whom they would promptly skewer with their spears. Adultery was never supposed to mean 'sex outside of marriage' for that was known as fornication and concubinage. It forbade race-mixing. Any people so concerned with maintaining the kosher content of their bloodlines would be expected to forbid race-mixing, and that is exactly what they did when they forbade "adultery". If adultery had nothing to do with "adulteration", as current bible-bangers claim, then would we define adulterated milk as being milk taken from unmarried cows, or cows who copulated with other cows' 'husbands'! No, it means mixing something with something else, usually of an inferior nature, which causes impurity of product or offspring. So much for the direct approach against race-mixing!

Your indirect approach is milder, and far too subtle for the masses; but you do not aim to convince the masses, just an elite minority, who might agree with Dynasophy. I believe that was Dr. Pierce's idea, when he announced the launching of his "Cosmotheology". Unfortunately, he appears to have converted only himself, for I have never met anyone else who purported to be a Cosmotheologist.

Reason, like truth, has few followers, for, as Dr. Oliver said: "Most people 'think' with their glands, rather than their heads." That is our animal nature. The Zeitgeist or spirit of the times swings back and forth between faith and facts, between feelings and reason. When I was a child, I had an irrational belief in 'progress'. I thought that we were able to learn from history, so we could avoid the mistakes of the past, and I also thought that rational, demonstrable science was going to drive out irrational faith and superstition. The World War I cripples I saw would be replaced by a new generation of men who had all their members intact, and healthy lungs. The eccentric old men who babbled in Pershing Square about tea leaves, palmistry and phrenology would disappear, to be supplanted by men of logic, facts and reason. I still had such childish hopes, until the shock of the sixties: I saw rows of men younger than myself, minus arms and legs, outside the Army Hospital at the Presidio of San Francisco, fresh from Vietnam. Meanwhile, my own generation and younger ones were immersed in a dismal swamp of superstition: taro cards, oriental mysticism, palmistry and yes, tea leaf reading! Eccentric attire was rife, and worst of all, drugs! An entire generation wanted to lose its mind, it appeared to me. The places of 'higher learning' were the centers of unreason, against which there was no intellectual opposition, and alongside of which the ignorant masses, behaviour appeared much more 'reasonable'. So much for my childish belief in 'progress', which was replaced by the cyclical concept of social change. Once again, we were steeped in a morass of dystopian dementia.

Today's politicians are creatures of the sixties' psychedelic swamps, so we can look forward to more insane policies than we experienced under previous ZOGs. The permissiveness of the hippies, has become the rule, and the rule is classic Marxism: "From each, according to his ability, to each, according to his need." Non-Whites 'need' to live off us, so we pay them to breed us out of existence. The country, once defended fiercely by patriots, is now open to all invaders, simply because they 'need' to invade us! After which, we 'need' to feed them so they can breed more and more at our expense. At this rate, the day will come when the mud-people announce their 'need' to kill the last of us; then, we will give them the knives they 'need' to slash our wimpy White throats. "Camp of the Saints" is a gentle work of fiction, compared to the grotesque reality of our racial death-wish. As my German friend used to say: "Nicht ärgern, nur wundern!" ("Don't fret, just wonder!)

ORION! – Our Race Is Our Nation!