16 AUG 2000.

Dear Mr. Raymond:

As I understand 'human nature', ideology is used to 'justify' that which the doer intended to do all along. When ideology does not promote certain actions, they are done anyway. Few people follow the song (ideology) as compared to those who follow the singer (a sometime proponent of an ideology) with charisma and 'sex appeal'. Ideologies are made for man, not vice versa, if we study human affairs. That is why Christianity is so full of contradictions, which allow it to be used to justify any course of action. An ideology which can be 'all things to all men' is usually chosen, over an ideology which says "Thou shalt not", because it is both expedient and convenient.

People do pretty much what they want to do, and as downbreeding and race-mixing progress, their choices become more and more stupid and self-destructive. This is as it should be. The duty of all fit Whites is NOT to support the Marxist doctrine of "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need." The sooner the Great Die-Off begins, the better for the Aryan Remnant which will be the basis of the New Civilization or New Nation. We must maintain our strength, while letting the mud-people and race-traitors dissipate theirs.

When it comes to saving a race with ideology, I believe that this puts the cart before the horse. Only when members of a race want to survive will they choose a survival-oriented ideology, and not before. One fellow proudly showed me a copy of a letter he'd written some South African official. The gist of it was which policies could be adopted which would maintain and increase White power in South Africa. I said the ideas were excellent, provided the boneheaded Boers wanted to see White Civilization survive in that part of the world, but they didn't. It was similar to telling an arsonist how to put out the fire or how to prevent it. When Whites cease to love the ZOG, they will withdraw their support. When the ZOG demands their support, they will resist. Telling them not to love the ZOG right now is too taxing for their intellects. First, the ZOG must step on them a bit more or maybe a lot more in view of their dull wits and lack of awareness in regard to their own survival, not only as Whites, but as individuals. I wrote that in my "State of the ZOG Message".

I agree that appeals to the masses usually fall on deaf ears, but a mass-appeal which reaches potential supporters and activists is certainly worthwhile, and the Internet is our greatest opportunity to broadcast our views worldwide. This increases our chance of reaching the few who can make the difference. We must do whatever we can do, with every means available. When Whites want to survive as Whites, then and only then can form follow function. We lack the means to impose a form upon the masses which will cause them to function on their own behalf. As I say, the desire selects the ideology which satisfies the desire. Not vice versa.

Let's go back to Square One: The infant's development begins with response to instinct, the desire for warmth and food. The instincts of infant and mother are served by emotions, i.e. when the baby is not fed, he cries. A natural mother whose instincts have not been distorted by environment &/or genetics responds to the infant with an emotion called love, which results in physical actions which protect and nurture the infant. At a later stage in human development, the infant uses his powers of observation and his ability to reason in order to satisfy his instincts most efficiently, just as the mother applies her own powers of observation and reason in order to secure the necessities of life for her and the infant. That is the role of reason: the servant of emotion, which is the servant of instinct. The powers of observation and intellect, which we call intelligence confer upon us our ability to reason or the lack thereof. In Dr. Barton's testimony at one of The Holohoax Trials in Toronto, he mentioned the role of 'brainwashing' in regard to his prejudice before arriving at Bergen-Belsen, where the inmates were starving. British propaganda prejudiced him to think that the Germans were purposely starving the camp inmates. But when he visited the camp kitchens, he was astounded to find institutional cooking facilities sufficient to feed the camp population, along with books of recipes designed for very large numbers of people. The problem was that there was no food in the final months of Germany's collapse, and that the criminal-communist minority in the camp was using what food remained for themselves, only, there being insufficient guards to control food distribution and other such conduct within the wire enclosure. Since the camp was overcrowded by the influx of refugees from eastern camps now controlled by the Reds, diseases such as TB and typhus were rampant. It took Dr. Barton much effort to throw off his prejudice about the German administration of Bergen-Belsen, where he became impressed that the Germans were indeed trying to maintain the lives and health of the inmates. However, he admitted his retention of Allied propaganda in regard to all the camps he had not visited!

Brainwashing is really a form of hypnosis in which the subjects' powers of perception are used by the hypnotist or government propagandists to alter and/or distort the subjects' awareness, so as to trigger instinctual-emotional responses for or against a given person or group of persons, and responses for or against certain ideas. Any Pavlovian psychologist and/or hypnotist can see what a good job the jewsmedia are doing on the White population! A hypnotised subject, for instance will forsake food and eat poison, if he is so directed. An otherwise intelligent person can be directed not to see people or objects, and his powers of observation can thus be curtailed. In other words, hypnotised Pavlovian subjects can be made to behave stupidly and self-destructively, regardless of their intelligence. Dr. Barton's revelations explain quite a lot of anti-White behavior which we see Whites doing and saying. If you have ever tried to use reasonable argumentation with a religious fanatic, you will see how ineffective reason is against repeated hypnosis. I remember a Catholic girl with whom I argued religion in university. As I recall, the subject was on the forgiveness of sin. Suddenly, the girl lapsed into repeating the mantra: "God is merciful, but he is also just." I kept silent until she ran down, then I asked her about the meaning of what she had said. She blinked, as if she were waking up. "Well," she stammered, "don't you know what it means?" She had learned through Pavlovian hypnosis, to press the mantra button in her pretty head, whenever she heard certain trigger words. She was a classic example of post-hypnotic suggestion, but she denied ever being hypnotised! Ditlieb Felderer, who visited the Auschwitz museum 52 times, reports the church-like atmosphere created by the museum directors. The visitors are put into a religious-reverence trance state by darkened, lugubrious areas and exhibits, and are thereby discouraged from examining the exhibits critically. When the typical visitor comes out of the museum, he will repeat what he has been told about the place, and he will recite the things he 'saw', which were really things he was told that he saw. It's more of an exhibition of slick mind-manipulation than it is a reasonable substantiation of the Holohoax. I experienced similar first-impressions when I visited the Hiroshima Museum the first time. Later, I began to realize that the exhibits were 99 percent the same as one could have obtained from the Tokyo incendiary raid, which took more lives than the atomic bomb blast over Hiroshima. The only things which made the atomic bomb exhibition unique were the alleged shadows of people who stood on a concrete sidewalk near ground zero at the moment of the blast. The atomic bomb also caused dysgenic mutations in the survivors and numbers of their offspring; but those dysgenic factors are nothing as compared to the effects of conventional warfare, in which the best specimens are removed from the population and the worst remain home to breed! After several visits, the Hiroshima Museum fell into a larger context and took on a better perspective: the first use of the atomic bomb was unique, but its effects were not. It just took more incendiary bombs to achieve the same loss of life and property, as was inflicted by a single atomic bomb. One can be killed by a machinegun bullet or an arrow, and be just as dead.

One key to the solution of the problem is the use of material which appeals to the Aryan imagination. The jews have monopolized this medium, as we can see whenever we turn on the TV. Commander Rockwell warned about reading fiction because the reader's disbelief is suspended and the writer's message appeals directly to his emotions. The reader's normal critical faculties are bypassed. I remember my first reaction at watching "All Quiet on the Western Front": I was rooting for the Germans, even when I 'knew' they were supposed to be our enemies. In Civil War movies, one can empathize with the Yankees or the Rebels, depending on their portrayal by the movie-makers. Imagine how one would feel, right after watching "All Quiet on the Western Front" that he was being drafted into the U.S. Army to fight the Germans on the Western Front: "Hell, no, I won't go!"

What influences people's opinions and actions is known as propaganda. There is effective and ineffective propaganda. Compare the Germans' appeals to reason in World War I to the Allies' appeals to emotion. Hitler praised the effectiveness of Allied propaganda in that war, and chided the Germans on their bumbling, back-firing propaganda, which did not scare the Allies, but which demoralized the Germans, when the Allied armies did not crumble before the advancing German troops. Our role is similar to the role of the patriotic Earth-people in the movie, "They Live". The jew-like aliens look like humans because they use a mind-clouding ray on the unsuspecting humans. The aliens, in the film, control the media which are full of simple, subliminal messages: "SLEEP", "OBEY", etc. When one dons some 'special' sunglasses, one sees these messages in books, magazines and TV programs, and one can also see who the aliens are. Yet, the humans refuse to put on the sunglasses, even when they are free for the taking! This describes our problem in the proverbial nutshell. In this war of words, our job is to first capture the Aryan imagination. Aryans pay to buy jew-propaganda, whereas they do not go out of their way to find our propaganda, even if is free. This should set us to thinking.

Zündel and I had the idea of promoting An Aryan Adventure Series of books, films and videotapes. Unfortunately, Zündel's jewish mistress had other ideas, and Zündel appeared to be jealous of people who had more talent than he did in certain fields. Toward the end of our collaboration, he promoted only items which featured himself and only what he had to say. Commander Rockwell's essay, "Propaganda, from Ivory Tower to Privy Wall", was a good overview, to the effect that propaganda must be multi-faceted, if it is to appeal to the masses. One could open a shop and stock it only with caviar, for example, but one would obtain more customers if one had a greater variety of wares. As long as 'our side' is comprised of isolated individuals, with neither time nor money to pursue such projects, we cannot expect much progress, with or without the Internet. I am, for example, attempting to resume writing my second novel, but my chaotic work schedule interferes. Hence, a project which should take weeks, takes years to accomplish. Under such circumstances, it may never be accomplished. My expenses are minimal, like my wages.

Let's consider the proper role of reason in reality: When Aryans made their voyages of discovery, most recently to the Moon, the idea of going to some far-off place with unknown dangers would strike most people, Aryans included, as being 'unreasonable', crazy, in fact. So much for the bases of incurring risks without prospects of material rewards. The desire for adventure is deemed unreasonable, but it seems to accord with Aryan instincts and emotions. Thus it was that reason performed its services on behalf of adventure: the sailors devised the best ships they could put together; the astronauts received the best training conceivable. The latter made it to the Moon and back, and most of the world is still wondering why. Blacks and Asians have not been explorers. When they moved from one area to another, it was usually because of drought, famine or the incursions of more powerful tribes. The idea of going somewhere at the cost of great risks and effort they consider as downright insane. Only crazy White people do that! It was not reason which impelled Columbus' crew; it was their 'irrational' quest for adventure. I stepped on board a life-size replica of the Santa Maria which was docked at Barcelona. That was the biggest ship of the expedition. After looking at the tiny vessel, I concluded that no reasonable man would ever want to cross great distances of water in such a thing; yet, the Portuguese had been doing it routinely, down the coast of Africa, then up the African coast, crossing the Indian Ocean to India and beyond! Adventure is still in the White man's genes. We can appeal to it if we can capture his imagination. The jews do it all the time, but their dreams are deadly. As Mark Twain wrote: "Dream better dreams".

Best wishes, Eric Thomson