by Eric Thomson

26 August 2000

The Communist Manifesto, purportedly written, plagiarized or otherwise concocted by the jew, "Karl Marx", alias Levi, has some memorable lines, but the most pernicious line owes its origins to another jew, the fictional Jesus ben Yahweh: "So as ye do unto the least of these, ye do unto me." In Marxese, the line translates to: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need." A third jew, "Ayn Rand", alias Rosenbaum of Odessa, proclaimed that Marxist line to be 'the root of all evil'. When she wrote "Atlas Shrugged", New York City was a whole lot cleaner, brighter and safer than it quickly became, with the application of Marxist doctrine. No one, except for her little group of jew disciples, believed that her description of the future New York City et al. was to be reality, just as it turned out to be, and for the very reason she identified in her novels. "Ayn Rand" identified the problem, but she provided no solution, for unbridled capitalism was what produced Marxism in the first place!

Kosher bankster capitalism founded, funded and fed the Marxists and their successors, the Leninists, Stalinists et al. Reds are kosher: the red flag was derived from the house of Rothschild (Red Escutcheon or Shield in German). In the Frankfurt ghetto, the house of the money-lender, Rothschild, alias Meyer Amschel, bore no red shield, but a red flag by way of advertisement. The clenched fist salute, now universal, derives from the clenched fist ritual of Purim, which celebrates the slaughter of Gentiles. The headquarters of the First International of 1848 was at the so-called Frankfurt Parliament, which was the result of rioting throughout Europe by mobs of rabble. The jewish origins of Communism were underlined by the raucous synagogue-like babble of the "Parliament" proceedings. They babbled and haggled without adopting a program and they did it so long that the paralyzed Goyim snapped out of their apocalyptic apathy. A German patriot named Bismarck gathered a handful of soldiers, and they promptly turfed out the babblers and hagglers, and sent them back to their respective ghettos. Thus ended The First International, many of whose members emigrated to the U.S.A., to help foment the Civil War. The jew, "Karl Marx", fled to England, where he lived under the protection and funding of the jew, Friedrich Engels, a capitalist of the worst sort, who exploited the labor of men, women and children.

But why would capitalism fund its supposed opposite? First of all, capitalism is a doctrine, not a person, and, so is communism. Like them, Christianity is also a doctrine. Doctrines are used as tools, maps and/or recipes, by people. We do not oppose 'carpenterism' to 'demolitionism' for example, when we visit a carpenter who knocks a crate apart in order to make something else from the wood. Nor do we lose track of the carpenter's purpose when he uses a hammer, then a plane, then a drill, then a saw, then resumes wielding the hammer. We do not confuse ourselves by calling the carpenter a 'hammerer', a 'planer', a 'driller', etc., for those are his tools. Why should we let ourselves be confused when we see a jew using capitalism, communism and/or Christianity as means toward the advancement of the jews' interests? The doctrine of National Socialism was not an end in itself. It was the means of preserving the White Race, as Hitler proclaimed, in regard to Germany.

In other words, there is no opposition between communism and capitalism, as long as both are kosher, that is, means toward the achievement of jewish ends. Were these means in other hands, the outcomes might well be different, but they are not. The book, "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" by Gary Allen, describes the founders of the so-called Federal Reserve, all of whom were Rothschild agents, including Ostensible Gentiles, like J.P. Morgan (See "The Federal Reserve" by Eustace Mullins). Capitalism, as a doctrine, has no moral principles, for everything is subordinated to profit-making, even if it means using destructive, unscrupulous and exploitative means, including slavery.

Why then, would capitalists, including the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, adopt Marxist doctrines as tools? The answer is stated quite bluntly in Protocol No. 6: "What we want is ... the ... transfer into our hands (of) all the money of the world, and thereby throw all the Goyim into the ranks of the proletariat. Then the Goyim will bow down before us, if for no other reason but to get the right to exist." It is notable that the "Wreckafeller" interests hired prostitutes of the pen to write articles in praise of the Marxist graduated income tax and the levelling of incomes during the depressions of the 1910s and the 1930s, at the time Jacob Schiff and his kosher bankster buddies were shipping gold to the Bolsheviks in Russia. Capitalists of all stripes favor the Marxist doctrine of "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need" because they can squeeze their profits from the wage-slave tax-payers whom they force to fund and feed the breeding hordes of parasites, whose 'need' is as infinite as the greed of the capitalists. The truth is that the number of producers and problem-solvers is diminishing, in proportion to the rapid proliferation of the parasites and problem-makers, which include capitalists, communists and Christians.

Does anyone have a 'right' to live off you? Is it your 'duty' to diminish your own substance and that of your family to feed others so they may breed at your expense? If you say "no",then you are not a Marxist. If you can say that it is your right and your duty to STOP parasitism, then you are a National Socialist. Banksters beware! Those of us who favor reproductive responsibility are your enemies, and if we win, you will lose. If you 'win', you will lose in any case, for you will live in the world you are busy creating: a world of poverty, filth, disease and squalor, similar to the 'brave new world' depicted in the movie, "Soylent Green".

Let's examine the fruits of applied Marxist doctrines, which give parasitic 'needs' the top priority in the distribution of wealth. We have already seen the drastic deterioration of our cities, beneath which are deteriorating utilities which are essential to life and health. On street level, the lack of garbage removal is promoting the reproduction of other parasitic life forms, such as rats and flies. Between the cities, we see deteriorating roads, bridges, tunnels, railroads, canals and pipelines. On the other hand, we see the increase of pollution, mainly in the form of chemical waste, fertilizers and pesticides, which poison the soil and the water, as well as the air we breathe. What do we receive for all these depredations? Paper profits, in the hands of the few, and growing poverty for the many. Such a deal!

The political-demographic fruits of applied Marxism are also obvious: invasion by hordes of anti-White aliens; the funding and arming of bandit states like Israel and criminal cripples like the former Soviet Union and cesspools like Haiti.

The Marxist influence in 'our' so-called justice system is rampant: (1) Criminals are deemed innocent, unless they are deemed "White racists". The 'environment' is 'guilty', including the criminals' parents, society and even the criminals' victims. (2) Since society is 'guilty', the punishment of criminals is lessened to the point that it is no longer feared. (3) Criminals must never be executed for their crimes. On the contrary, they have reproductive 'rights' to breed more of their kind, at tax-payers' expense and peril.

The Marxist doctrine ennobling the 'needy' has usurped our will to survive. We have no right to defend our borders; no right to defend our jobs; no right to defend what property still belongs to us. Nor do we have the right to defend our own lives and those of our loved ones. Our belief in those rights was traded for our belief in Marxism, under the guise of capitalism and Christianity. The Marxist rot creeps down from the plutocrats and up from the masses. When it meets in the middleclasses, including the well-paid trades workers, our society is through. Then every day is "Soylent Green Day."

Liberals, another name for Marxists, talk about 'crime' as if it were on another galaxy, until it hits them between the eyes. Plutocrats migrate to 'gated communities' with guards and perimeter defenses. Meanwhile, the majority of us downwardly-mobile tax-payers bear the brunt of the criminal-parasites. We are not secure in our persons or our property. Our transportation is under attack, by which we go to our coolie jobs. If we rely on a car, it is frequently damaged or stolen. If we ride public transportation, we must defend ourselves or succumb to bandits. If we walk in the streets, we are subject to the same, particularly after dark. When we come home, we often find our belongings missing. If the bandits are waiting for us, then, 'that's all she wrote' in many cases. Most people I know have been repeatedly victimized by 'needy' criminals in these ways. One poor fellow's apartment was the target of thieves, who stripped the place of every movable item, including the lightbulbs. He was reduced to taking his few belongings with him to work, in a battered suitcase, like "The Fugitive". As the jew-book says: "The last shall be first." In our Marxist society, the criminals are rewarded and the productive are punished. We must have change, not on behalf of the worst, but on behalf of the best.