30 August 2000

"We have descended from the preservation of degeneracy to its exaltation." E. Thomson

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his need." K. Marx alias Levi (the credo of dysgenics).

Eugenics is the improvement of a species, whereas dysgenics is the worsening of a species. The selective breeding of animals and plants has produced dogs of integrity; stronger and faster horses; larger fruit, sturdier plants, and their abundance in the service of man, who rarely applies this genetic knowledge to himself.

Elmer Pendell, author of the MOST important book anyone can ever read: "Sex vs. Civilization", outlines the rise and fall of civilizations and societies. He observes pre-civilized man in his natural environment, in which Nature culls the unfit, and leaves the fastest, smartest, strongest, best-endowed with all five senses and most adaptable specimens to breed. The tougher Nature treats man, the better he becomes. Pendell makes another useful observation: Nature produces two types of man, the problem-solver and the problem-maker. In the state of Nature, the feckless are killed off by weather, wild animals and other men. In pre-civilization, errors are often fatal, so the observant, alert, strong smart ones survive. These are the problem-solvers who create civilizations.

My own definition of civilization is: that state of being which provides an optimum of comfort and culture. By this definition, our present society is receding into barbarism, for the rat-race is not comfortable and the jew-nigger fare in our media of information, education and entertainment is most appropriate to tree-dwelling apes. Comfort encompasses safety and, hence makes it easier for one to survive, including problem-makers. Problem-solvers tend to base their breeding on forethought, whereas problem-makers just find a hole and fill it. The urge for immediate gratification is usually a sign of low intelligence, reflective of one's inability to plan ahead. That is why we still find hunter-gatherer tribes who live from hand to mouth, without cultivating and/or raising their own crops and animals for food.

War is part of man's nature, like it or not. Men of one race fight amongst themselves; men of different races fight each other, and men of mixed races fight whomever. Barbaric warfare, of man versus man, tribe versus tribe, takes over where the rudiments of civilization have made Nature leave off. Hence, barbaric warfare is eugenic, rather than dysgenic. That is why the Germans grew taller and the Romans grew shorter, for the Romans were more civilized and they fought in civilized fashion: as a team, rather than as a bunch of individual berserkers. In open country, Roman teamwork and discipline under able commanders made them invincible against big, strong opponents who fought on a man-to-man basis. But civilized warfare is dysgenic, for it does not produce the best; it removes the best from the breeding stock. That is why the Romans became shorter and shorter, as compared to the Germans.

The Spartans were wise to the ways of Nature: they did their own culling of unfit babies at birth, just as most societies have done. In Britain, as late as the 1920s, it was customary for the midwife or doctor to set such a baby aside and let it die naturally, for it was deemed burdensome to the parents, as well as to, society. The Spartans took another wise step: no man could go to war until he had sired at least one child. This policy allowed the fit to replace the fit.

In so-called civilized warfare, it has been precisely the opposite: fit men without children are removed from the breeding pool, while the least fit remain home to breed more of their kind. This dysgenic aspect of 'modern war' is so obvious, that only a few writers have thought it worth mentioning. "War and the Breed" was mentioned to me in this connection. I understand that the author was an Englishman who considered the dysgenic effects of World War I, as it affected the British population, and the future of the British Empire.

Imperialism is highly dysgenic, for it deprives a given population of its most vigorous specimens. The number of young British officers and other ranks who died of diseases all over the farflung Empire could not be replaced, just as Portuguese imperialism crippled the population of that once great nation. In addition to the removal of the best breeding stock, imperialism caused the remaining Portuguese to be adulterated with Negro genes, which made the Portuguese the least intelligent of all 'European' immigrants allowed into the United States. It is a bad bargain indeed to sacrifice one's race for lands full of others, for one eventually loses the lands and one's race. The U.S. version of imperialism was no better: the best young White men were sent away to die of disease and/or enemy action, after which members of the enemy were brought into the U.S.A.

In recent times, the Jews of Europe have inflicted massive genocide on the Aryan population. The commissar order during the Russian Civil War, between the Reds and the Whites, was: "Smooth-handed Goyim to the wall!" Gentiles were stopped by Red patrols, who demanded the Gentile to show his hands: no calluses meant a mind-worker, rather than a manual laborer, and that meant an immediate bullet in the head. It is notable that the Soviet regime produced no inventors, writers, composers, scientists, etc., whereas the great minds in those fields were all born before the Jewish conquest of Russia. As for the Soviet space program, it was the product of captured German scientists, just like the U.S. space program. The Jews destroyed the brains of every people they invaded or captured, by systematically killing members of the intelligentsia and leaders. The massacre of the Polish officer corps at Katyn was a kosher killing orgy. The Hungarians suffered several such genocidal attacks by Jew Bolsheviks, the first being in 1919, under the Jew dictator, Bela Kuhn, alias Cohen, then again with the World War II Red invasion, and thereafter, under the dictatorship of the Jew, Rakosi and company. This is why the Jews are so vigorous in accusing Gentiles of "genocide" against them. It is wise to note that the one who first points the finger at another points three back at himself.

Elmer Pendell observes that problem-solvers create such wonderful civilizations that they can sustain ever greater numbers of problem-makers, who eventually overwhelm the problem-solvers by dint of their proliferation. The reason for this factor is simple and obvious: it takes much less intelligence, effort and discipline to produce a mouth than it does the food to feed it.

Race-mixing is highly dysgenic, for it produces offspring who are biologically at odds with themselves, as well as mentally confused as to their identities. In mongrel Latin America, it is common to hear that one should beware of so-and-so, because "the Indian is on top, today." In other words, come back when the White man is in control, and the fellow will once again be open to reason. Mestizos are well aware of this internal war within themselves, just as are Anglo-mestizos, whose Indians usually get loose when too much firewater is consumed. Most Finns are also mestizos, that is, Eurasians, and it is dangerous to drink with them, for knives tend to come out during the evening. Been there, done that, and I was lucky to escape unscathed, although the other Finn did not. The behavior matches mestizo behavior I have witnessed in Colombia, Peru and Mexico: the booze goes in and the Indian comes out, to hurt or even kill a friend or relative. Finns are usually blond and fair-skinned, while Latin American mestizos are mud-colored, but the behavior pattern under the influence of alcohol is quite the same. When it comes to Asiatic admixture, 'a little dab'll undo ya.' Some tribes like to fight and drink, like the Swedes and the Irish, who I have also observed. Poles enjoy combined bouts of booze and boxing, as I have noted. Two fellows came into a restaurant and ordered drinks. They were engaged in an apparently friendly conversation. Then they went outside and slugged one another as hard as they could, after which, they came back into the restaurant and ordered more drinks; after which they went back outside and punched each other as hard as before; then they came back in for more drinks. I asked the Polish waitress if these two were eccentrics. "Oh no," she replied, "they're fairly typical." I'm sure it's a Polish thing which I could never understand, any more than I do the brawling Irish and Swedes, who cheerfully engage in drinking and fighting as a form of mutual recreation. They may be brutal, but not vicious, as in the case of the Eurasians.

Biology is the basis of culture, as well as civilization. When people adulterate the culture-bearing stock, the culture is inevitably destroyed. Social values are also part of culture so it is not surprising that Afro-Asiatic values and behavior increase in North America, along with the increase of Afro-Asiatic genes. People can ape others' behavior, but that is not who they are, and eventually, they revert to genotype. Although Blacks have lived at least 400 years in the Western Hemisphere, their behavior remains basically African: Black Africans are traditionally polygamous, and the women work for the men, just as they do in North and South America, with few exceptions. After living in traditional Black tribal areas in Africa, I was surprised to note the basic similarities of Black behavior in North America. One can change one's place, but not one's race, and breeding runs true to type, however we may wish to disguise it.

Pernicious creeds, particularly as exercised by a people's rulers, can be highly dysgenic. Christianity and Marxism are the foremost examples of such genocidal cults, as is Islam in other countries. These abominable apologias for genocide oppose Man to Nature, claiming that Man is exempt from Natural Laws. The least fit are praised for their reproductive irresponsibility, and the fit are required to feed them, so they may continue to breed more feckless anti-socials.

The Roman Catholic Church is certainly the most dysgenic of the Christian genocide cults. Not only does it command the unfit to reproduce, but it culls generation after generation of the most idealistic and intelligent, whom it recruits as priests, monks and nuns, all of whom practice celibacy to one degree or another. To curtail the reproduction of the fit and to increase the reproduction of the unfit is as dysgenic as one can get. If the Big Sky Jew exists, he must be scratching his kinky white head in wonderment.

Marxism taxes the fit on behalf of the unfit, which means that fewer fit people can afford to reproduce, as the unfit, the problem-makers, multiply at their expense. Marxism enslaves the best on behalf of the worst: those who 'need' the most. This is why our prison population increases, regardless of prosperity; why our proportion of insane is increasing, and why the problem-solvers are decreasing. Ask any employer how hard it is to find suitable employees, and you will get quite an earful, if you can convince him or her that the conversation is not being recorded.

As downbreeding continues, the collapse of civilization becomes inevitable. Problems which were previously solved and taken in stride become insurmountable. A bridge collapses and cannot be repaired; technology can no longer be maintained, let alone developed; government and the governed become more brutal. That brings to mind several incidents I observed, at a safe distance in mongrel-mestizo Latin America, but the foremost in my recollection was of a building fire in Panama City. The burning building attracted the populace like a flame does moths. The crowd got closer and closer, until some were up against the walls of the flaming structure, in which explosions could be heard that produced geysers of foul-smelling, colored smoke. More and more mestizos, mulattos, sambos et al. came to crowd-up against the building, while I peeked around the trunk of a huge tree across the street. A squad of the country's military police stood by, awaiting the arrival of the fire truck, which turned out to be a jeep with a couple of painter's ladders and some garden hose. It had a bell suitable for an ice cream vendor's cart and a little siren. The vehicle reminded me of a toy from a Shriners' parade but it was all they had. The officer commanding the squad threw down his cigarette. Without a word, he and his soldiers waded into the mob. The officer slashed their faces with his riding crop, and the soldiers smashed people in the face and chest with their rifle butts. Not a word was spoken, and the mob began to open a path for the 'fire engine'. Stupidity correlates with brutality. Can people learn to be smart? Can they learn to be stupid? Science is swinging back to heredity now that the environmentalists have had their chance to prove their case. Of course, it is 'politically incorrect' to whisper that people are born more or less intelligent than others, and that environmental factors cannot make one smarter, any more than we can teach one to be taller, no matter how much we are willing to spend on the effort.

In the meantime, Pendell's curves are becoming more and more visible. He shows one curve representing the increase and decrease of the problem-solvers, the other showing the rise and fall of a civilization. As the proportion of problem-solvers diminishes, there is a lag in the fall of civilization, for the problem-solvers' works and inventions endure longer than does the proportion of problem-solvers. Because of the increase in the proportion of problem-makers, the cumulative artifacts of civilization are no longer improved, replaced or repaired. The aqueduct which supplies the city with water, breaks down at such a distance that the populace can no longer comprehend that it must be repaired if water service is to be restored, so they drink from the polluted river and suffer the consequences. They are too stupid to correlate the drinking of bad water with illness, which they usually attribute to angry gods or evil spirits. And so it goes, down and down. The problem-makers die off and a new breed of problem-solvers starts all over again. "Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it."


Hitler's enemies say he was Jewish. That makes Hitler's enemies anti-Semites.

Anyone who kills Arabs is an anti-Semite.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam are semitic religions, but Arabs are the only true Semites, and they may practice any religion.

If an Aryan adopts a Chinese religion, that does not make him a Chinaman. If a non-Semite adopts a semitic religion, that does not make him a Semite.