by E. Thomson

12 September 2000

History repeats itself, like a cacophonous symphony of themes and variations. We learn of the repeated expansion of empires, followed by their contraction and disintegration, usually accompanied by massive demographic changes in terms of numbers, race and quality of population. It world appear that another era of bigness is coming to an end, to be replaced by an era of micro-organizations and worldwide social disintegration, as we learned when the Roman Empire disintegrated. So much for the "New World Order", unless we use "order" in the Orwellian sense: meaning the opposite, "disorder".

Existing empires (multi-national states) are rapidly crumbling, as we have seen in the case of the Soviet Union and its bloc of satellites. The U.S. monstrosity is fast disintegrating under the influence of the jews and the hordes of mestizo and Asian invaders. Hopefully, China will not escape this trend, even though the strength of separatist movements in that great empire is hard for us to assess here in North America. What is definitely known is the current and worsening environmental disaster in the form of drought which affects at least three quarters of China's populated land mass. That's another reason why the Chinese are pouring into North America and Europe. What is unreasonable is that 'our' governments are letting them come in!

Military strategist Liddell Hart had seen the effects during World War I of fast-moving German commando units (Stosstruppen) which knocked out Allied headquarters, command posts and cut lines of supply and communications on the Western Front during the Ludendorff Offensive. The effect of such strategic strikes upon the mass armies was like chopping a person's head off. Huge numbers of Allied troops were suddenly without information and without orders. A chaotic retreat began in key sectors of the front. Liddell Hart had seen it, and he formulated a 'new' type of warfare, which the Germans first put into practice as the Blitzkrieg. By attacking strategic targets of supply, communications and command, the mass armies were as easily crippled as would be a big man who got a hard knock on his head. These lessons remain in military archives: highly-mobile, highly-trained and well-equipped elite units can succeed in turning an enemy's numbers into liabilities.

As with the military, the same trend is appearing in business: the big institutions of the recent past are being supplanted by small companies which use mobility and ability to capture strategic footholds in world markets, as in the case of Microsoft and other Internet-based enterprises. Who would have foreseen Microsoft surpassing IBM, which was supposedly on the 'ground floor' of the computer industry?

The major corporate mergers we read about in the jewspapers are not expansions of productive resources, but contractions thereof. Speculators acquire two or more companies in order to sell off assets and get rid of employees, which result in short-term profits aimed at driving up share values on the stock market. By dumping employees, raiding pension funds and selling off industrial assets, productivity is lost, with much damage done to the economy and society.

The merger of Union Pacific and Southern Pacific Railroads was one example of this form of cannibal capitalism: employees were dumped, service was reduced, many miles of track were abandoned, and the result was a major transportation disaster for U.S. farmers and manufacturers which lasted over a year. Such speculative mergers are the socio-economic equivalent of arson.

Governments exist in name, but they are tools of private interests, like the so-called Federal Reserve and the oil companies. The newest members of the "New World Order" are the international gangsters, whose criminal activities are so lucrative that they are recognized by the world banksters and other capitalists. Where 'crime' leaves off and 'business' begins is anybody's guess. 'Legitimate businesses' make harmful and defective products which kill more people than gangsters' sub-machineguns ever did. Gangsters sell drugs and 'protection', which are no more lethal than tobacco, radioactive waste, and tetra ethyl lead, just to mention a few. Agri-business pollutes and depletes our soil and water, as it pollutes our demographics by hiring racial aliens. All such criminal activities are justified by the word, "profit".

This "New World Order" is most accurately described as "World Mafiaization". In North America, even the jewsmedia report the coordination of criminal activities between the Asian crime gangs and the recently-arrived jew mafiosi from Russia. This is one more price of our 'diversity' dementia. Should we be surprised? A permissive society which lets in predators gets what it deserves.

Our respective ZOGs preside over the invasion and dissolution of our societies, just as the White Rhodesian Army units stood guard over the Whites to assure the peaceful handover of the country to Black Marxist misrule, in what is now "Zimbabwe". It is generally acknowledged by even the most pig-headed niggerball fan that the U.S. military is not protecting U.S. borders, even if he doesn't care who invades the country.

The ZOGs of Europe, Australia and New Zealand are no different. They hold open the gates for the mud-flood, to assure the death of the White Remnant. Once their job is done, as in Rhodesia and South Africa, the anti-White ZOGs will vanish, and multi-racial chaos will begin. Our job is to bust the ZOG before it makes us vanish, by depriving us of our living-space and our means of living. Remember: "They Live, We Sleep."

The outcome of The Jew World Disorder will be chaos, followed by the massive die-off of those who are slow to adapt to the new socio-economic environment. The most important survival asset one can have in this New Disorder is neither money nor property, but community. Ability and loyalty will be worth much more than gold.

Our situation is very much like that of the Whites in India before the Sepoy Mutiny, and the Whites before the Matabele Rebellion in Southern Rhodesia: we are dispersed, disorganized and intent on doing our own things, just like the White prospector who was so intent on his gold-panning that he failed to notice the shadow of the assegai pointed at his heart. If we don't wake up soon, we won't wake up at all.