by E. Thomson


I recently received a letter purporting to come from a Mr. Frank Nowak of Jew York City. Mr. Nowak accuses me of "factual errors and misstatements" on certain points in my essay, which I shall address in my reply.

Mr. Nowak assures me of his Aryan ancestry, yet he champions a semitic religion (Christianity) and lives in an anti-White cesspool. I do not care from whom factual criticism emanates, for I never wish to misinform my readers on any subject. The Spaniards say, "Truth can even come from the mouth of a jew." As an Aryan, I value truth, whether I like it or not, so I welcome factual criticism.

Mr. Nowak claims that (his) Catholic doctrine permits infanticide by neglect, so long as the infant is baptized. In practice, I see no difference between Catholics and non-Catholics in their preservation of the botched. I happen to have one deformed Catholic monster living at tax-payers' expense in my apartment building. On his door, he proudly displays a sign that states in Spanish: "This is a Catholic home." I have not seen any evidence of Catholic eugenic practices, but I do see many examples of Catholic dysgenic practices. Obviously, the majority of Catholics do not appear to share Mr. Nowak's views, nor the views of his particular theologian.

Mr. Nowak denies that Finns are mestizos (Eurasians). As 'proof' he offers a genetic study of the Finns which states: that Finns are "approximately 25% Siberian" in their genetic makeup. Any National Geographic Magazine which features Siberia provides even the casual reader examples of the asiatic nature of the population of that region. Eurasians (mestizos) can be blond, fair-skinned and blue-eyed, although their eyes are often slanted. The genetic study proves my point that Finns are Eurasians, the Spanish word for which is mestizos.

Unfortunately, miscegenation is increasing throughout Europe, as well as Scandinavia. White Europeans are mating with the blackest of Africans, the yellowest of Asians and the muddiest of mongrels. Race-mixing is dysgenic, and the Catholic Church seems to approve of such genocidal behavior

Mr. Nowak claims that Catholic clergy rarely honored their vows of celibacy in the past, but he omits reference to current practice. Am I to suppose that the Catholic clergy are still disobeying their 'sacred vows' in the interests of eugenics? If my statement on celibacy is true, then priests, monks, nuns, cardinals and popes are abiding by their vows, but if my statement is false, the Catholic clergy are "living in mortal sin". What a thing to accuse your hierarchy of doing, Mr. Nowak!

Mr. Nowak seems to think that male members of the clergy are genetically superior to nuns, who were "ugly and unmarriageable", as well as "dysgenic". The dozen or so Mary Knoll sisters with whom I took graduate courses at university were quite attractive, healthy-looking, vigorous, intelligent and idealistic. The Mexican nuns I have seen are no uglier than the normal mestizo females, so I take Mr. Nowak's assessment of nuns in general with a grain of salt.

I agree that voluntary birth-control tends to be dysgenic, for those who practice it are usually better members of society than those who breed botched offspring. Defectives care only about satisfying their sex-drives, not about the results of their careless copulation.

Mr. Nowak accuses me of disagreeing with Adolf Hitler, who admired the Catholic Church for recruiting its clergy from the broad masses of the people, since its clergy were celibate, although Mr. Nowak denies this! Hitler did not approve of celibacy, which is unnatural. What he did approve of was the policy of recruiting leaders from the broad mass of the people, just as Hitler proposed in the formation of the NAPOLA or National Political Academy. By no means were the young men and women chosen for leadership supposed to be celibate! The fit were encouraged to reproduce under National Socialism.

Mr. Nowak chooses to disregard the command, "Be fruitful and multiply". He further claims that his version of Catholic theology discourages the poor, the downbred, the race-mixed and otherwise defective members from reproducing more of same. 'His' church "has nothing but praise for the practice of positive eugenics." One wonders just how the fit can support large numbers of their own children, as well as the growing burden of the botched, which church doctrine also requires them to support! If the church has ever praised the fit for reproducing and the unfit for not reproducing, this would certainly be news for the multitudes, myself included, for the Church's Marxist message is the one which takes precedence (if there is any other message).

As Mr. Nowak notes, the Catholic Church opposes all forms of birth control, with the possible exception of "Vatican Roulette" alias "the rhythm method". To engage in sexual activity without the possibility of reproduction is a 'sin' about on par with murder. This means that effective means of birth control, such as condoms, the pill and/or sterilization are forbidden by Church doctrine, although we can assume that this doctrine is no more binding on the members of the Church, than the vow of celibacy for the clergy, according to Mr. Nowak. In the contest between Roman Catholic morality and reality, Nature wins every time. Obviously, the Church's version of 'morality' is totally unsuited to this planet, although I strongly suspect that Church doctrine was made purposely impossible to obey in order to make the gullible feel guilty for obeying their natural instincts. "No sin, no penance equals no church," according to one Catholic priest, in a religious discussion with a Protestant minister. As David McCalden noted in his "Exiles from History", a typical jew racket is based on instilling fear and guilt in the victims. The Catholic Church is such a racket.

Let us look at reality as opposed to Catholic morality, in Africa: The Blacks believe that birth control is immoral, but they include sexual abstinence in the same category. To tell a Black not to engage in sexual activity is as silly as telling him not to breathe. Like 'good' Catholics, the Blacks frown upon condoms to prevent pregnancy, as well as the spread of disease. All the Church's preaching and praying can have no effect on the AIDS Plague which is causing Blacks to breed themselves out of existence. At best, the Church's message is irrelevant and at worst mischievous, here on Planet Earth.

Mr. Nowak claims that the only 'moral' way of preventing dysgenic multiplication is to segregate male and female botchlings in concentration camps, under guard, to prevent their breeding. Sterilization would be 'immoral', since it would allow the botched to enjoy their sexuality in normal society without the prospect of reproduction. He cites Catholic theologians' description of sterilization as "physical mutilation", although I doubt they would include circumcision as such. The theologians' only consistency is their hypocrisy.

Let's return to reality: Suppose we built the necessarily huge detention camps for the physically and mentally unfit, at tax-payers' expense, and guarded by fit members of our society, at tax-payers' expense, for as long as they shall live. The human sex drive remains, so it is inevitable that these homosexual camps would become centers of "mortal sins" that would be even worse than the "mortal sin" of heterosexuality with no prospect of procreation. Another aspect of reality is that guards do have sexual relations with inmates of asylums and prisons, with dysgenic results. Since 'sin' cannot be avoided, those of us who are sane would prefer the much less expensive method of sterilization!

Mr. Nowak makes an astounding claim in regard to Roman Catholic eugenic policies. He alleges that Catholic Mexico rid itself of its Black population by segregating male and female Blacks into separate concentration camps in the 1800s! That is why he claims "Mexico has no Blacks today." Although I took two university courses in Mexican history, I heard and read nothing about such a policy, which would surely have been mentioned, since the status of Blacks and Indians was discussed and recorded by The Council of the Indies.

If such a genocidal policy had been adopted in Mexico, it is obviously a failure, for the Mexican population shows many Negro features: thick lips, broad noses, black complexions and kinky hair. As I understand through research and actual observations, the Black population interbred with the mestizo population and they contributed not only their genes to the mongrel mess, but also their voodoo religion, Santeria, which has many Catholic symbols for its outward guise. This religion permeates the lower and middle-classes in Latin America by means of nannies and other household servants. Even members of the light-complected upper classes show Santeria influences. In this regard, Roman Catholicism is incorporating voodoo idols and imagery into its mainstream, along with its recent adoption of a 'Black Christ', whose face is that of a Negro woman, according to the Catholic nun who allegedly concocted it.

Mr. Nowak seems to agree with my observations that race-mixing is dysgenic, and as a major promoter of race-mixing, the Catholic Church remains just as I said. I thank Mr. Nowak for supporting my thesis, however unwillingly!