TAKE THAT YOU COMMIE by Marlin Creosote:

a book review by E. Thomson September 20, 2000.

I received a review copy of this opus from Mr. George Marshall, publisher of WWW.RIGHTWINGBOOKS.COM. The snailmail address is: RIGHT WING BOOKS, PMB #112, 4051 G Barrancas Avenue, Pensacola, FL 32507-3482.

The reader can easily tell that this book emanates from the right wing, for its inside margins are so narrow that each page must be pried apart in order to read the text completely. The author declares this book to be "a work of fiction". It is that, but the reader who looks forward to a novel as well-written as "Hear the Cradle Song" will be disappointed.

Fifty-six pages out of 267 are more or less devoted to a plot, describing battles between the forces of the Eastern New World Order and the Free Enterprise West of North America. The 'East' is Marxist, with a particular hatred of White males. The 'West, is an uneasy mix of libertarianism, hedonism and authoritarianism, a sort of 'disciplined anarchy' which has more or less adopted the U.S. Constitution under its program. In the West, White males are supreme, although 'citizens' of the West have no particular racial affiliation, for non-Whites are included, along with females, as long as they obey their White male masters.

The largest part of the book consists of a long list of right wing gripes, with tentative 'solutions'. These include reforms of education, business management, the justice system, etc. The author presents views which favor homosexuality and heterosexual relations with minors, as well as 'kiddie-porn', based on the liberal assumption that children should have the 'right' to decide on their own about such things. Drugs are also permitted in the 'West', since the author apparently believes that they have no permanent effects on those who take them. The author supposedly hates anything to do with liberalism, which he equates with communism, according to the logo on the front cover, which depicts a hammer and sickle enclosed in a circle with a diagonal red line running through the center. Beneath the hammer and sickle appears the word, "liberals".

The role of the jews in instigating and directing the downfall of the United States is omitted, and jews are included as 'citizens' of the West, sort of like inviting foxes to enter another henhouse! In this regard, the book includes ten pages entitled "Spies against America", which lists notable Soviet agents with biographical sketches. Funny thing is that most of them 'happen to be jewish'.

Twenty-seven pages are entitled "A Condensed Report on Religion". Major eastern religions are described, and Germanic and Celtic religions are omitted. The author recognizes the divisive nature of religions, so he presents a version of Free Masonic Deism, in which all religions are equally 'good', since their gods and doctrines are 'all expressions of the same universal god'. Of course, Buddhists are embarrassing, for they have no 'supreme being' in their religion. By claiming that 'all religions are the same' the proponents of Free Masonry are really seeking to impose a new religion upon their members. The differences of religions are real, and the cloak of 'universalism' is phoney. One might as well claim that all languages are the same. The danger inherent in obscuring differences lies in the fact that one tends to trip over them.

Thirty-one pages comprise a glossary, with some 'definitions' created by the author, which may conflict with most standard dictionary definitions. The reader may agree or disagree with the author's definitions, which are not as entertaining as reading "The Devil's Dictionary" or "Lucifer's Lexicon".

In regard to definitions of words, the author of the 'fiction' sections ignores them so frequently that the reader must make his own corrections. If the reader is as illiterate as the author, the text becomes incoherent and nonsensical. Perhaps the author knows what he meant to write, but the poor reader must deal with hordes of wrong words throughout the text, even if these words are correctly spelled. "Assassination" appears as "assignation", "college" becomes "collage" and so forth. No distinction is made for "there", "their" and "'they're". Verbs often do not agree with the person, i.e. "bastardizes" takes the place of "bastardize", which gives the text a peculiar pigeon-English flavor. So much for the formal composition.

In regard to content, the author ferociously attacks "fascism", which he equates with National Socialism and Soviet-style Communism. "Fascism" is 'bad', according to the author, because it is authoritarian, dictatorial, 'belligerently nationalistic' and racist. The blightwing practice of equating Fascism, National Socialism and Communism (Socialism) as practiced in Italy, Germany and the Soviet Union is disinformative and mischievous. As Orwell warned: "Tyranny begins with the abuse of language", so the blightwing should take care in the proper use of words and their distinctions.

Fascism, as promoted by Mussolini, was not racist. After all, its principal founder, Gabriele D'Annunzio, was a jew, and The Grand Rabbi of Rome was Fascist treasurer. The reality of Fascism was that of a corporate consensus of all major power-holders, with the exceptions of the jewish Mafia and the jewish Communists who Mussolini tried to stamp out. Fascism was an authoritarian consensus, over which Mussolini presided as Prime Minister for the King of Italy, as well as head of The Fascist Party. In 1943, he was summarily dismissed from both positions, which disqualifies Mussolini as a "totalitarian dictator".

National Socialism was indeed socialist and racist. Hitler and his supporters, which included the vast majority of the German people were totalitarian populists who ruled with the hearty consent of the people. It was incorrect to say, "Hitler's Germany." In reality, it was "Germany's Hitler". National Socialist Germany was more 'liberal' in its gun laws than the jew-supremacist America of today. German views of homosexuality, child-pornography, drugs, etc. would certainly conflict with those of the author, so it is no wonder that he hates National Socialism. On page 146, he parrots the Holohoax calumny, but alters it to claim that Germany 'murdered' mostly non-Germans, along with some jews. He goes on to state that the jews' "Communist heros murdered even more humans than the Nazis did."

Soviet Communism was jew imperialism cloaked under a smokescreen of phoney universalism and bogus 'concern' for the welfare of the masses. It was internationalist – which distinguishes it from 'fascism', which is defined as "nationalist". Soviet Communism's major characteristic was its penchant for killing Goyim by the millions, by means of wars, famines and slavery. That's why so many Germans and Italians preferred National Socialism and Fascism!

The author appears genuinely ignorant about Fascism and National Socialism, from which he borrows many of his ideas and programs for inclusion in his own utopia of the West. His use of the kosher-conservative term, "Feminazis" reveals his arrogant ignorance, for German women under National Socialism were the author's very own paragons of ideal womanhood. Erroneously, he confuses "Nazis" with the hebrew harpies of strident feminism which he so detests. This is like saying "fire", when one means "water", and vice versa.

"Fascism" appears to be any form of authoritarianism which the author dislikes. When authoritarianism is used on behalf of his own pet programs, then it's all right, as long as it is not called "fascistic". What's a little fascism among friends, eh?

The author's grasp of northwestern U.S. geography is far better than his understanding of the area's demography. The region is predominantly asiatic. The northwestern states are heavily populated by tribal mestizos, alias "Indians", Anglo-mestizos and Hispano-mestizos. Anglo-mestizos claim to be "White", but they brag about their "Indian heritage". To these semi-asiatics can be added growing numbers of real Asians from China, Japan, Korea, the Philippines and India, along with mongrels from the Middle East, and the former Soviet Union. One observer reported the shift changes at Boeing as resembling "rush hour in Bombay." Large numbers of Polynesians are included in this mess; their primary contributions being crime, welfare consumption and reproduction of their own kind at public expense. The Chinese are the best colonizers of Southwestern Canada and Northwestern U.S.A., as Chinese Governor Locke could say, if he wished to be candid.

In regard to content, the author is extremely liberal in his fantasizing. In order for his utopian 'West' to exist, Whites would have to drive out the muds who already occupy the livable parts of the territory. Perhaps he assumes that the muds would adopt 'White values'. Not likely! The 'fictional' sections of the book are indeed fantastic: competent leaders appear, miraculously: 'somehow', a one hundred thousand man army is 'secretly' trained, and 'secretly' supplied with the most advanced weaponry, including missiles and killer satellites. Their miraculous source of funding remains a secret to the reader.

In his utopian fantasy-land, the author makes the same mistake as the founders of The U.S.A who attempted to obscure racial differences under the phoney universalism of The U.S. Constitution. The author believes that there 'must' be a form of universal justice, which could only exist if all men were the same. This was the original sin of the founders, which produced the America in which we suffer today. Like a true blightwinger, the author wishes to conquer an ideology (communism), the true purpose of which is to conquer land, on behalf of aliens. By ignoring biology and emphasizing a dubious ideology of 'renovated Americanism', the author ignores reality. He should visit "The Great White Hopeland" and see just how far in the past his fictional 'future' is sunk.