27 Sep 00.

Dean Mr. Hakes:

Liberalism and its theological equivalent, christianity, rests upon the "golden rule fallacy", which presumes that all others are like oneself. The term is that "one man's meat is another man's poison." That has certainly been my experience amongst non-Whites in Asia, Africa, Latin America and North America. In Latin America, kindness is taken for thievery, because those mestizos do nothing for anyone, without taking more for themselves. When they find nothing stolen during the course of a favour, they observe that the act of kindness means only that the benefactor is a fool. In Africa, Aryan ideas of kindness are interpreted by Blacks to equate with weakness of kind, body and spirit. The giver is despised and endangers himself because Blacks sense fear, not strength or character in any act of kindness without strings attached. I've been there, so I speak from hard experience.

The failure of Whites to understand these inherent differences leads to their undoing. That is why all White civilizations have fallen, because of their lack of self-knowledge and their inclusivity. "Rome perished for lack of Romans", as you have illustrated in your book on the importance of race in civilization. Certainly, the White race is most highly-evolved, but what can we think of such a being who lets fossil species well in his midst, and mate with his sons and daughters? There was a children's story which I read about a man who trained monkeys to dance the minuet. They were performing this stately dance on stage, in their powdered wigs and 18th century costumes of lords and ladies, when some mischievous boy threw nuts on the stage. Instantly, the monkeys reverted to type. A simian riot ensued as each monkey tried to grab a nut from another. The dance was forgotten and the noble wigs and garments became knocked askew and tattered. Non-Whites can literally 'ape' Whites, but they revert to biotype when there is no coercion nor incentive to behave otherwise. My Black soldiers could be taught the outward signs of European military discipline, but they would revert to their natural pattern without the presence of White officers, just as the U.S.A.'s Black troops did in Europe during the Second World War.

Martin Luther discovered that the rabbis lied to him when they mistranslated various portions of the jew-book, which he was translating into German. "Love thy neighbour as thyself" was mistranslated from "Love thy kinsman as thyself" in the original language. Jesus is twice quoted in the King James bible as admonishing his disciples 'not to go unto the gentiles', for his message was only for "the lost sons of the house of Israel". As for the liberal reaction against racism, frankly, I don't give a damn. Liberalism kills whoever believes in it.

Buddhism was a heresy of Hinduism. The adoption of Islam by lower castes was a revolt. Inferiors always revolt, from time to time against those who lord it over them. That is to be expected. That is why the Spartans periodically punished and killed their helots, to show who was boss. If one cannot be cured of his liberalism by knowledge, observation and experience then I can only conclude that such a person is botched and dysgenic. Such people should be exiled from White society and they should be required to live amongst the aliens they insist are their equals.

As you state, ideology can be potent, but inferior minds adopt inferior ideologies. One of my favourite jew authors, Arthur Koestler, describes his experiences as a 'true-believer' of communism in "The God That Failed" and "Darkness At Noon". He had to suppress his intellect in order to serve this insane ideology, but inferior minds never caught on that it was a hoax. The fact that persons are devoted to ideologies does not make them valid. The question we must concern ourselves with is what makes an ideology appealing in the first place, no matter now erroneous it may be. Wishful-thinking is a large part of the equation.

Incidentally, Aryan laws against cruelty to animals, was deemed "racist", not liberal, as Bridget Bardot has recently discovered. The job of the liberal is to kowtow to non-Whites, for the liberal is also a masochist.

I firmly believe that the collapse of White civilization is the only hope for White survival as a race. This is similar to the Odinist idea that the gods and Valhalla will be destroyed in Ragnorak, the great battle against their enemies. But, they will win and their children will rebuild Valhalla. This is how it has always been. As you say, it seems impossible to motivate Whites on behalf of their own survival. Zündel and I were able to motivate Whites on behalf of truth, freedom and justice, against the holohoax. It was remarkable to see that Whites would actually demonstrate and fight the kikes in the streets because of that ideological motivation. As soon as Zündel saw what it had started, he pulled the plug and let the whole effort roll back downhill. Some of his ex-supporters said to me that Zündel feared he was attracting people of ability which exceeded his abilities and that a movement was growing which could survive without him. Thus it was, that he threw the organisational effort into reverse, perhaps at the instigation of his jew mistress who had him by the brain as well as by the balls.

I remember a nigger pimp-type who came up to me when a group of us was demonstrating outside a jew cinema in Toronto. He said, "What you people want?". You hungry? You want a sandwich?" I told the nigger that we hungered for something he could not understand. We hunger for freedom.

Most of Zündel's supporters were not German. On one of our first, most dangerous demonstrations, there were nine of us against a crowd of 500 screaming, spitting hebes. Two of us were German, including Zündel. The other eight were of other European descent, like myself. Zündel had the key which you and I seek, but he threw it away.

If we approach any White and tell him he has no ideology, he will disagree, provided he has any idea of what we are talking about. He may say that he believes in jee-sus or that he is a devout "American", or "humanist", or "sports fan", or "hedonist". Whites lack unity of purpose and belief because they see no need for it, as non-Whites do, the jews being the foremost proponents of anti-White unity.

The question in ny mind remains: suppose you were to achieve success in convincing all smart people of the validity of dynasophy, as I would wish for you. Let us also assume that you would have many now-White members, as you should, for any reasonable person would want to improve the human quality of his own kind. "Mensa" invites members of all races, as far as I know, so what would you do with such a group? Would you approve of race-mixing within the group? The best Whites mating with the best Blacks or Yellows, for instance?. Would you approve of the best Great Danes mating with the best Chihuahuas? Or the best Shetlands mating with the best Percherons? The best race horses breeding with the best draught horses? I think not. But how would you introduce the racial preservation question in such a group? Well, that is a bridge we can cross when we come to it. For now, the best I can think of is to contact "Mensa" and see what reply they give yon, if any. I am shocked that you received no interest and no response from anyone else. That only confirms my disgust at the blighting. They are so lacking in ideas, yet, they reject an idea which may have potential. One reason for that non-response in that the blighting is White supremacist. My American grandmother came from North Carolina. I sometimes asked her if she were a confederate spy. She would laugh and say she was too young. She sure made great cornbread and cornmeal mush and knew how to prepare sweet potatoes in many delicious ways. One day she told me, "Eric, there are Black folks who are the best people you could hope to meet, and there are Whites who are nothing but trash. The Blacks know who they are, and you will, too." That was my first lesson in National Socialism. Most U.S. Blightwingers are White supremacists, meaning that any critter with a light complexion is superior to anyone with a dark complexion. Experience has taught me different. Whites must breed out their inferiors, but they should not breed with superior non-Whites, for disaster results, as we can see in India and any other mongrelised society, whose ideologies are in place, but have been re-interpreted so as to justify the status quo. An ideology is in the eye of the believer, who can twist it to his own satisfaction. Which comes first, the ideology or the desire on the part of its adherents? People tend to adopt ideologies and religions which express their own inner mature. That is why the Khazars chose Judaism over Islam and Christianity, for Judaism was more their mature than the others which King Bulan considered. That is why my exposure to christianity was nugatory, for it sounded no responding chords in my being. As I wrote, the effect which christianity had on me was similar to the effect which my forcible attendance at a nigger rap 'concert' would have had.

The jew, Landau, at the center for disease control, laments that "one out of a hundred Whites is immune to the AIDS virus." This may be the proportion of Whites who can snap out of their jew-daze and their death-spell. In this life, I value my race, first and foremost. I have lived with the best of other races and the worst of my race, but as Kipling wrote, I prefer the worst of my own to the best of theirs. I enclose his poem, "The Stranger". I have lived in societies which still subscribed to the standards of Kipling and Joseph Conrad, so I can very much relate to those writers, even in the latter part of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st. The calendar has little bearing on truth. That is what makes the ancient Greek tragedies relevant today, and which gives Shakespeare his vigour. The race still survives with its great potential to 'overcome' itself, in the Nietzschean sense, as well as the liberal, death-wish sense. We have our work cut out for us.

All the best, Eric Thomson