27 Sep 00.

Dear Miss Corey:

Margolis writes some pretty scary stuff about German doings with Israel and U.S. doings with China. I even dreamt that accused spy, Wen Ho Lee was going to take some major form of revenge on his coworkers and/or accusers. You may know the old Chinese motto: Makee lose facee; I killee. That seems to be the rule when round-eyed devils reprimand them at work or flunk them in school. Likee diversity?

I don't know if you ever log onto Robert's website, WWW.faem.com. If you have, you may be aware that I have been debating a jew, the only one who responded to my essay on the jewish problem. I have been using him to introduce things which were too short to write as essays, as well as items on the holohoax, which Ernst would not allow me to write when I was conveniently near the source material. Robert dislikes 'wasting time and space' on the holohoax, but he has permitted me to introduce such subject matter in my debate, since the jew is a holohoaxer. It is indeed a 'miracle', but it is another case of 'the law of the contrary'. When I had access to the material, and it was fresh in my mind, I was forbidden to write about it. Now that I can write, I don't have the material, and I must hope that my memory serves me correctly. Perhaps 'life isn't fair', but certainly is an adventure. By the way, Robert is the only one who has posted my essays without cutting things out and altering them to fit some preconceived notion of what the readers should read. Such is the blightwing.

The Chinese invasion of North America and the oil crisis threaten to add new ingredients to the political stew. I have the feeling that we are on a roller coaster which is nearing the apex of its ascent. The ZOG has nasty ways of surprising the dumb goyim. In the U.S.A. people were on the lookout for U.S. involvement in others' wars under the World War I entry recipe. Pearl Harbor was a new twist on an old theme, for the U.S. fleet was supposed to deter such an attack, rather than invite it. Part-jew FDR knew what was coming, so he got the most useful ships out of harm's way and let the Japs hit the dinosaurs of the fleet. Even the battleships, excluding the Arizona, were back in service within six months to play their secondary roles as purveyors of shore bombardments, rather than engagements. The submarines and aircraft carriers did that job much better.

Whites have rapidly declined in intelligence, which is best exemplified in planning for future events, and especially, avoidance of future disasters by preventative action. The ostensible Whites with whom I come into contact live from hand to mouth, from one pay cheque to the next. Their snouts are either in the feed trough or on the proverbial grindstone. Most of those who have a sense that 'something is about to hit them' are too scared to look around in order to see the danger and take measures to cope with it. The north-south transfer of our wealth is draining our economies through the banks who make unrepayable loans to the turd world. As if that were not enough to ruin us, our governments permit the turd worlders to swarm into our countries. In other words, we are exporting wealth and importing poverty. Such a deal! I have never heard the jew, Greenspan, warn about inflation stemming from rising energy costs. All he worries about is that too many goyim are employed, to suit him and his kosher cohorts. Such nice pipple, eh? On the radio I often hear newscasters say loud and clear that 'inflation is minimal, except' (then they lower their voices and say the words so rapidly that it sounds like someone speeded up the tape) 'in the volatile food and energy sectors'. As we know, energy costs affect the costs of everything, including food. Inflation is theft, and the so-called Federal Reserve Act was originally written so that wild extremes or inflation and deflation were to be avoided. The bankster lobby quickly deleted that section of the act, after its passage, and the "Fed" was responsible for the biggest deflation period the U.S. ever experienced, and the 1929 crash. The economy is a crooked house of cards, which could collapse on us at any time. Canned goods might be a wise investment, as long as too many people don't know you have them. Who knows how long the sunny part of our Titanic cruise will last? We really do live in interesting times (as the Chinese curse states). Just remember, big changes afford one big opportunities, so my outlook is anything but 'negative'. I take the positive attitude of the Spartans who were informed that the Persian archers could darken the sky with their arrows. The Spartan commander said, "That means we can fight in the shade!" What could be more positive than that?

I certainly appreciate receiving Paul's newsletters which I pass on to people on the internet as well as use for the bases of my own essays. That article on the Chinese drought means that the Yellow locusts are going to swarm over here, thanks be to ZOG, while we continue to supply them with the weaponry they can use to destroy any armed resistance we may try to put up against them. For those to whom 'race does not matter', they will soon find out how much race matters to the Chinese. That's like saying 'money does not matter' and leaving one's wallet available to thieves, or declaring that one's virginity does not matter, when one is in the company of a rapist. Perhaps we can look at the demographics another way: when other people of any colour wish to invade another people's livingspace, take over their economy, distort or displace their culture, spread exotic diseases and increase their numbers at the expense of the host people, why should the host people take it lying down?

Well, we do take it lying down, for our worst enemies occupy our governments, our churches and our media of education, information and entertainment. Those who hate us are the loudest voices to proclaim that they are us. Since we identify our enemies as "us", we do not consider ourselves the subjects and targets of alien exploitation, domination and destruction, which are exactly the programmes of 'our' social institutions. I caught a quick glimpse of this modus operandi in Rhodesia. The 'they-live' bunch touted themselves as being ever so 'patriotic' as they worked against the Whites, while claiming themselves to be White. Then, one day, the jews began telling Whites that our day was done, and that "you White people" had better leave. Of course, the jews did not fool the Blacks into believing that they were Black. Now the jews have or are skedaddling from the lands they helped 'liberate' for the Black marxist misrulers. "Winds of change" turned out to be billows of sewer gas.

I am firmly opposed to our re-entry as colonial protectors of non-Whites' folly and fecundity, which got us thrown out of Africa in the first place. I am just as firmly opposed to permitting the products of such folly and fecundity invade our living space and live off us, as they impose their ways upon us. I have long heard from the wogs and nig-nogs that we only had to leave then to 'run' their own countries, and all would be well. Now we see that they are failures at governing their own people, so they invade our countries to govern us! Such a deal! I oppose White imperialism, just as I oppose coloured imperialism. For almost a decade, in Africa, I participated in a vain effort to save the insanely-multiplying Blacks from themselves, at no little risk to myself. Colonialism did not work then and it won't work now.

The fact that we are not heeded by the masses of White asses does not mean that we are wrong. It just means that they don't care to acknowledge our message. The law of the contrary is very much in evidence in this case, for those who have the most to lose refuse to protect their assets and their offspring. I chided Rhodesian Whites by telling them: you seem to think you can give away your country and keep your property and way of life. Please run that by me again, because it does not make sense. It did not make sense, as it turned out.

Race-mixing is no panacea. It never has and never will bring about world peace. To the extent that races and cultures mix, environmental and demographic disaster usually follow. The Eurasian land of Mexico is a very good example: White productivity and Indian fecundity have produced a growing population which cannot live within its territory, largely because the mestizos cannot govern themselves so as to live within their territory, by their own industry. By invading our territory, they merely postpone the inevitable reckoning. What sort of 'peace' is this?

I hope that the Mortls have put some of their valuable findings about China on the internet, or that someone else has done so. The best Asians have to offer is Hong Cong, Singapore and Tokyo. The worst are Bombay, Bangladesh and interior China. It reminds me of Kipling's poem, "Give me somewhere east of Suez... Where the best is like the worst ..."

I just heard on the radio that Trudeau is dead, after making Canada sick unto death. Too bad he missed his treason trial! I don't think his Chinese beneficiaries will bother to thank him for changing Canada's immigration laws. They are too busy breeding, and taking over new territory. As the old saw goes: "Why does treason never prosper? What can be the reason? Well, if treason prosper, none dare call it treason!" How does one say 'Western Canada concept' in Cantonese?

Well, from brownest Yakima, I can report that "it's all well on the western front."

All the best!

Eric Thomson