Dear Harmon:

It is a rare pleasure to make your acquaintance! Thank you for sharing your life experiences with me. I hope the recent earthquake left you unscathed, for that is the first news report I received, even as I reread your letter.

You must have some of your uncle's genius when you can see and state an obvious truth about the Jesus-cult which few are able to see: that the Shepherd is the Wolf! As the jew-book says, "None are so blind as those who WILL NOT see." Obviously, most Christians have learned to become blind sheep, if they were not already born such.

In regard to ignorant arrogance and self-righteous folly, your Scottish boiler 'expert' was a prime example. I recommend that his idiotic statements be recorded, his body put on display in a big pickle jar in a museum, so visitors may learn the meaning of true folly. I don't know what propagandist inculcated anti-German sentiments so effectively in so many Scots, but he sure did an effective job!

I never knew my grandfathers, but my two grandmothers were quite educational. My American grandmother was of German descent, and I sometimes asked her if she had been a Confederate spy, coming as she did from North Carolina. My Scottish grandmother was born in Edinburgh. She was a repository of anti-German propaganda. The Boers were bad because she knew they'd fought the British in South Africa, and she remembered the Scots Greys leaving their cavalry barracks for embarkation to the Boer War battlefields. To her, the Boers were so much like Germans, they were indistinguishable, except for their location. Well, the Germans were in Africa, too, but she seems to have lost track of World War I African campaigns. Her newspaper subscription must have been interrupted when she and my grandfather moved from Scotland to Rochester, New York, around the outbreak of World War I. She suspected Queen Victoria and her prime ministers, Gladstone and Disraeli as "German spies", whose worst deed was the infliction of Free Trade with Germany upon the Scots. The German goods were cheaper, so Scottish workers were soon out of jobs as their factories closed. "But who made the people buy the German goods?" I asked. She had no answer for that; to her, free trade was the culprit, not the British people who freely chose to buy the cheaper German goods! Although she arrived in the U.S.A. as a teenager, she never lost her Scottish accent, which some persons mistook for a German accent. I remember being pestered by a couple of Jehovah's Witnesses on our front porch. Little Granny, as we called her (since she was not much over 5', if that) was sweeping leaves off the porch, which I would later rake up. One J.W. noted her accent and asked if she were German. I said, "That's possible." When Granny heard that, she chased the lot of us off the porch with the broom. The J.W.s fled down the walk, thankful they'd escaped one of "the dreaded Huns".

I suspect the Scottish dislike for Germans goes back to their battles with the English who are mainly Angles and Saxons. The Scottish word for an Englishman is "Sassenach", which I take to mean, Saxon. Her clan was Murray. The Thomsons (Thompson with the 'p' is Irish) are not really as Scottish as they are Norwegian, for they come from the Orkney Isles, which were purchased from Norway. I have other ancestry from the Outer Hebrides and the Isle of Man, so we are "off-shore" Scots at best and Viking pirates at worst, although that might be an asset in present-day situations, as I wrote in Return to Spring Island.

On a minor note, I do not recall how I learned that Michael Caine is a jew, but I was a long-time reader of The Canadian Jewish News. I'm sure they would confirm it for you, if you care to write them a 'schmalzy' letter. Incidentally, some people have said "Charlie Chaplin" was not a jew. Funny how is real name was Israel Thornstein. See "The Jewish Book of Lists" published by Schocken Publishers of N.Y.C. Caine would be in their up-dated edition.

The Jewish Experience or Kosher Plagues suffered by the Hungarians, twice in the 20th century, should serve to educate all us Goyim, especially the Hungarians. Sadly, that is not so. I worked in Toronto for 12 years and I knew many Hungarian refugees, most of whom were knowledgeable, skilled and cultured gentlemen, like yourself. Unlike North American boobs, these Hungarians always knew who was a jew; yet, they seemed to have dangerously cozy relationships with them. I knew Imre Finta pretty well, the moreso during his 'war crimes' trials in Toronto. Imre told me of his love of Hungarian culture and theater, which prompted him to fall in with a bunch of jews in BudaPest. I asked him why he could not find some Hungarians with whom he could put on stage presentations on behalf of Hungarian culture. After all, it was Hungary, not, Canada! He could not answer that question, but I suspect he fell in with the jews because their women were easier to get into bed with than Hungarian women. "Why they do this to me?" he lamented. "My best friends were jews!" I replied that befriending a jew is like going to bed with a rattlesnake. It is not the snake's fault if he bites you.

Jews are a distinct nationality which resembles their host-people, but remains a race apart. Once one knows that, one also knows that "nations do not have friends, but only interests." Ex-Mossadnik, Victor Ostrovsky, admitted this fact when he wrote that a Goy in conversation with a jew "was speaking to his friend," but the "jew was not speaking to his friend."

Jews punish their own when they step out of line, as they did in the case of your peasant friend who refused to behave as a Jew, after the kosher-Communist takeover of Hungary. I try to educate Goyim by saying "Jews can kill Jews and still remain Jews." Stalin killed some Jews and remained Djugashvili (Son of Jew) with his kosher Khazar father-in-law, Kaganovich. The Jews they killed did not know how to slay and enslave their Goyim as efficiently as the Stalinists claimed to do.

As you say, the Third Reich had some very bad apples like Frank in Poland and Koch in the Ukraine who sabotaged German victory in the East, quite as much as the Jews Canaris and Milch did in the field of counter-intelligence and aircraft.

David Irving, whom I know personally, seems greatly in need of education. After all his research, he still does not know who won World War II. Hint: It wasn't the British. Why he ever thought he could get a fair trial in Britzogland is a mystery to me. The Jews control Britain as effectively as they do the U.S.A. I once read an interesting book entitled "The Empire of the City", which revealed the British-Jewish connection from The City of London (the headquarters of The Bank of England and world Freemasonry) to the Jewish Sassoons of India, who grow the opium which was supplied to the Jewish Soong family of China, who sponsored Sun Yat Sen and Chiang Kai Shek as frontmen.

The judeo-freemasonic nexus was most recently newsworthy in the case of The London C.I.D. scandal, in which masonic cops were lodge brothers of masonic crooks. Many City of London police officers were dismissed or forced to resign because of corruption and outright complicity with criminal activities. I met one of those ex-cops in Rhodesia, and he was a crook who conned several local businessmen in Bulawayo out of their hard-earned money, which he took with him into Botswana, which had no extradition treaty with Rhodesia; nor did any other country except South Africa, for Rhodesia was not recognised as a 'legitimate' country.

Freemasons have been major powers in the Western Hemisphere in North America and South America. As you may know, the founders of the United States of America were mainly Freemasons, that is, jew-supremacists. Cecil Rhodes and his jewish diamond cronies used Freemasonry as a hand uses a glove. Southern Rhodesia, which was named after Rhodes, was a nest of Freemasons. In Southern Rhodesia's second city, Bulawayo, there were over 200 Freemasonic lodges. The city's first hotel was "The Masonic Hotel". In Soviet Canuckistan, police have informed me that a male officer cannot rise above the rank of sergeant, unless he joins the Freemasons. I have heard such things in the U.S.A. This masonic monopoly has been broken to some extent by the forced inclusion of women and non- Whites into many professions. Women cannot be Freemasons, but they can belong to 'Masonic auxiliaries' like The Eastern Star et al. With the exception of Doug Christie, male attorneys are either Freemasons or Jews. That is why it is advisable to seek a female attorney, as long as she is not jewish! Now that the Freemasonic programme of destroying the White Race is nearly concluded, the organisation is passe.

Last year, I stood watching a parade on Yakima Avenue, which featured Shriners on their tiny motorscooters. A Mexican with five spicklettes beside me asked his female, "De dónde vinieron tantos turcos viejos?" (Where did so many old Turks come from?). I could not help laughing out loud when I heard that. When those be-fezzed buffoons join their Big Jew in the Sky, there will be no one to take their places.

On the road to his extinction, Whitey has become irrelevant to the non-White invaders, who already out-number us. One time my discussion of politics was interrupted by a Freemason who said that we were not to discuss religion or politics. I replied, "only your Jew masters are allowed to do that, but I have nothing to say to a jew-serf in any event, so butt out!" The slimey snake slithered away, possibly to report to his masters that "Goyim were discussing politics in the pub!"

After The Zud dumped his activist supporters, myself included, I returned to the Jew-Ess-Eh, where I earn a bare living at menial, part-time jobs, like younger coolies, who are trying to raise families. The good wages and secure jobs here are long-gone, and it is really hard to find employees of even mediocre competence, diligence and honesty. That is why I have been able to find work, despite my race and age, as well as gender and lack of physical defects. I have no companions and no friends here, for non-Whites are anti-White, and the Ostensible Whites are also anti-White. People who know me at all fear to be seen with me, "for fear of the Jews".

In many ways Yakima reminds me of Bulawayo, before the Black takeover. The attitudes of.the Ostensible Whites are much the same: they fear to confront the problem, and prefer to seek refuge in television, the "opiate of the masses", and their own little worlds of hectic trivia and routine. I am like the skeleton at the feast, the bearer of bad tidings. It is much like being twice a passenger on The Titanic, and knowing in advance what is about to happen, only to be ignored, feared and shunned by my fellow passengers. Like you, I can put up with it. I am alone, but never lonely, and if I cannot bear witness for the living, I can at least bear witness for our heroic dead, like your father. We certainly need such heroes to save the Goyim from themselves, but are these wretched specimens of Our Race worthy of such heroic sacrifices? None that I have seen. Most seem to love their enemies.

I hope this letter finds you in good health. Right now, my only phone is at work. I'll let you know when I get one.

Here's a copy of a recent letter I wrote for the website.


It is nice to know that more than 4 or 5 people on the North American continent know that the White Race is in danger of extinction. I've never heard of Elena Haskins, but I wish her lots of luck in waking up the real Whites left on this continent, as opposed to the Ostensible Whites, who behave like dimwitted mestizos.

I am glad to see that the editor of your local newspaper dared to publish your informative letter. In regard to retyping my essay on "A Proposed Structure for an Aryan National State", I think you might save lots of time and labor if you would simply download it from Robert Frenz' site and reformat it to your requirements. In regard to the word, "euthanased", I have to rely upon two dictionaries, a Webster's New Collegiate and an Oxford American Dictionary, both of which are abridged. The best all-round dictionary I ever had was a Webster's New Collegiate of a previous edition. It never seemed to be at a loss for words. Sometimes I must coin my own words to express my specific meaning. One which came to mind was "Illusionary". The word which the dictionary supplied was "Illusory". In reference to propaganda, I coined "illusionary" to mean that the intent of the propaganda was to instill illusions, as opposed to the propaganda being in itself an illusion. By deleting some truth from a truthful statement, I can use the remaining truth to create an illusion in the mind of the reader. One dictionary prefers the term "euthanized", but the stem word is Thanatos (death), rather than Ithanitos, and since the term is euthanasia, I chose euthanase, rather than 'euthanize', for it seems more logical. I did not choose a 'z', as in 'euthanaze', since it doesn't look right to me, any more than 'nazal' for 'nasal' would look right. My Webster's New Collegiate was published in 1960, and my 'good' edition of the same work must have been published in the 1950s. One notable and annoying change in the post-1950s editions is the total omission of the International Morse Code, except for an incomplete reference there-to, and the inclusion of 'the hobo code', or diagrams used by travelling bums which are often found beneath bridges and fenceposts. These signs or marks inform the newcomer about jailhouse conditions, such as good or bad food, if the place has cooties, etc. On a fencepost, it usually indicates that the householder is a soft touch and generous or stingy, etc. I joked to Robert that Websters' was preparing college grads for hobo life, rather than emergency Morse communication.

I used to commute from South America to North America by ship, since there was no road connecting Panama with Colombia through the Choco. As I understand, the major means of transportation in that region is still canoe! In 1968, I was aboard a Peruvian freighter and I was acquainted with the ship's radio operator. As we approached Panama, he signalled the Canal authorities according to a simple alphabetical list, which he sent in Morse. One letter represented a request for water to be taken on board, one for fuel. I remember that "H" meant the ship had a dead body on board. I asked the operator why Morse was still in use. He replied that a Morse message carried a lot further than a voice message, which would often be drowned out by static, whereas, Morse could get through most interference, and still be understood. I don't know exactly when that White Man's magic was replaced by more White Man's magic; the digitalized satellite-relayed voice transmission, which we now rely upon, instead of shortwave Morse transmissions. I guess the changeover was in the 1960s, as reflected by the dictionaries' omission of Morse alphabets. I remember as a Boy Scout, attempting to send Morse via heliograph to similarly-equipped Scouts on a hilltop. The idea was great, but we needed more practice! Then there was the semaphore code, which we never practiced, but which is still in the dictionary! I guess that means that college grads will be able to communicate via semaphore and hobo code. Such a deal!

Robert informs me that Dr. Pierce is looking for another secretary. I'm surprised that he cannot find a willing and competent person from the National Alliance membership. No, I am not interested in the job. I have no desire to be censored by one who cannot identify a jew and who does not know a White from a mestizo, nor a strategic target from a nonstrategic and non-revolutionary one. I will no longer subordinate my knowledge to another's ignorance. Time is too short for that.

In regard to non-hispanic mestizos, usually specimens with White 'Indian" admixture, I tend to go by behavior, rather than their Ostensible White appearance: if they act Injun, they damn well are! Every piece of 'White Trash' I ever met bragged of his Injun heritage.

Now, let us consider "Indian" behavior: one of its chief characteristics is lack of thought for the future. "Indians" lived in feast or famine conditions, for the most part. Those who lived in pursuit of game, including Buffalo, traditionally lacked means of preserving sufficient meat to tide themselves over when hunting was scarce. Some sedentary tribes, like the Pueblo Indians, would grow grain and store it over winter, until the soil was depleted and they too, had to move on. Apparently, the "Indians" looked mostly to luck, rather than prudence, for surviving winters. Whites who lived in places with milder winters learned to plan ahead. In fact, much of White behavior can be summed up as 'planning for winter'. It is future-oriented, rather than present-oriented behavior; the ant, rather than the grasshopper. Non-Whites are usually present- oriented: 'if it feels good, do it, or don't do it'. It's much more fun to hunt deer and chase squaws in the summer, rather than tend crops for harvest and winter storage! As for the Blacks, they never planned for winter, and Whitey makes sure they get fed! Mestizo behavior is exactly what we see in North America: the land is being invaded by hostile aliens, just as the people are governed by the ZOG's hostile aliens, but the vast majority of Ostensible Whites, as well as obvious mestizos, prefer to live for present consumption, rather than take steps to provide their offspring with a future worth living in. As in H.G. Wells' "The Time Machine", the ZOG's 'morlocks' cull their Goyim by stampeding them into periodic wars. When it comes to "Indian" admixture in the White Race, "a little dab'll undo ya!"

Behavior is biological, regardless of environment. Non-White behavior in North America amply proves that.

I note recurrent 'war with China' items in the jewsmedia. In the 1960s, USZOG was planning a war against China, in alliance with the USSR (EAST-ZOG). Vietnam served as a U.S. staging area to open a second front against China in the south, while the USSR would fight Chinese forces in the north. This would serve to split otherwise overwhelming Chinese forces, and complicate their logistics problems in supplying such immense forces. You may remember the Hollywood films in which the USSR was once again "our gallant Soviet allies" and China was the villain. "Fifty-five Days in Peking" was one which comes to mind, in which the European powers of the time were allied against China, just as the jews hoped they could repeat. A panel of jews was televised in conference on China during the Vietnam 'War'. One said to the audience: "We do not control China!" That statement was intended for the knowledgeable kosher crowd, rather than the dumb Goyim, who may have taken it to mean that I the U.S. does not control China!' Well, of course not. Ellsworth Bunker went to NATO with the proposition that the USA and USSR needed NATO's support for fighting China, but NATO apparently gave that proposal a cold shoulder. One joke of the period was about a Czech who summoned a genie out of a bottle. When the genie asked the Czech to make a wish, the Czech asked that the Chinese invade Czechoslovakia twice. The genie asked why he would wish such a thing. The Czech said, "for the Chinese to invade us twice, they must pass through the USSR four times!" You may remember that North Vietnam was supplied by Soviet shipping via Haiphong Harbor. The Chinese rail system was officially 'out of order', so no Soviet supplies were sent through China, nor did Chinese shipping provide military supplies to Haiphong. North Vietnam was a Soviet client state for the establishment of a second front against China, and the Chinese knew it. Meanwhile, the jewsmedia were gulling the Goyim into thinking that China supported North Vietnam! This explains why the U.S. was not supposed to 'win' the Vietnam War, for the U.S. was marking time, at huge cost in lives and materiel, until the second front could be opened against China.

For U.S. business, the Vietnam War was profitable. Of course, lives were lost, but they were 'only Goyim'. Our Zionist rulers had a fall-back scheme ready when World War III did not occur: that was to hand over all U.S. bases and weapons intact to the Soviet client state of North Vietnam. This was achieved by setting up a South Vietnamese puppet regime which would I take over the Vietnam War. The U.S. promised to supply the South Vietnamese with war materiel, but 'after a decent interval', the U.S. pulled the same stunt on South Vietnam which was used to defeat Chiang Kai Shek: U.S. sailors dumped the ammo into the ocean en route to our Asian 'allies'. I have interviewed U.S. sailors who participated in both such dumping operations. Thus did South Vietnam collapse, leaving the immense port and base facilities at such places as Camranh Bay intact for Soviet North Vietnam and their Soviet 'advisors'. As soon as Vietnam was unified under the pro-Soviet North, China attacked! This was intended to give them a taste of what they could expect if they did open a second front against China. Once again, we see U.S. jews cozying up to the North Vietnamese regime. Some evangelical Christer took out a full-page ad in USA TODAY announcing the 'inevitability' of war with China, as 'prophesied' in the unholy jew-book (which 'translation' I would not know). The ad quoted various jews of FEDZOGUSA to that effect, as to the 'necessity' of war with China. As I observed in my essay on "The Yellow Peril", the North American population is already Asiatic in far greater proportion than it is White. All so-called "Indians" are of the Yellow Race. So are all Eurasians, that is, Anglo, Franco and Hispano-mestizos. In addition to these indigenous Asiatic mongrels, we face a rapidly-growing Chinese invasion and colonization of the continent. What could be the point of waging war upon Chinese in China, once they have overrun The U.S.A. and Canada? As a German friend of mine used to say, "Nicht ürgern, nur wundern!" (Don't fret, just wonder!).

We all die eventually, as individuals. I cannot grieve for my own demise, for I see that as natural. I would grieve for the demise of the White Race, for I see its extinction as avoidable, and I would be saddened to see its vast potential wasted. Yet, my concern is tempered by the apparent fact that the members of Our Race are too stupid to grieve about the dire fate which confronts them, individually and collectively. When there is no love for one's race, how can there be any perception of loss, when the race is extinguished? Can one grieve for lemmings who rush toward the cliff, or for sheep who flock to their shearing and slaughter? Minds which are incapable of understanding are not worth grief, nor concern. As the old Aryan warning goes: "From the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races; from the confusion of races, the loss of memory; from the loss of memory, the loss of understanding, and from this, all evil!" The White Race is self-condemned to suffer what it has chosen to suffer. If this suffering results in its total extinction, so be it. The Universe will go on, regardless.

On a 'lighter' note, I watched a TV program that starred a mestizo guitar-plucker named "Santanna". I was impressed by the 'music' not at all, but by all the Santeria imagery and content. Santeria is a mongrel cult derived from Roman Catholicism, African voodoo and some indigenous Amerasian beliefs. Normally, hispano-mestizos do not perform with Blacks, especially non-hispanic Blacks, but in this case, voodoo was the mutual attraction, with "Santanna" dressed in black with a black hat, looking like a rumpled rabbi, or a Mexican version of "Baron Samedi" who officiates as the God of Death at Haitian voodoo rites. Santeria or the cult of saints is not pure voodoo, as I said, for the voodoo gods or loas are called "saints" so as to delude members of "The Holy Inquisition", and Christian symbols are also used as fetishes. Human and animal sacrifices form part of Santeria, just as they do in 'orthodox voodoo'. The Brazilians have their form of Santeria, which was called "Condumbé". It's been many years since I studied Latin American anthropology, so the Brazilian version may have another name as well. In Yakima, local practitioners of Santeria are called "Los Hermanos Colbert" (the Colbert Brothers). Colbert is not Spanish, but French: Haitian French. A local landlord made the mistake of renting premises to cult members, who turned the house into a stinking mess of blood and entrails of roosters et al. which were used in blood sacrifices during the ceremonies, which usually involve drugs and sex orgies with willing and unwilling participants. "Diversity is strength", remember? The rooster sacrifice is done the way orthodox jews 'consecrate' chickens, by twirling the live birds vigorously above their heads. In Santeria and voodoo, the rooster is beheaded, and the blood is spattered upon the worshippers, the walls, the ceilings and the floors of the premises. As some writers in Liberty Bell have noted, the Catholic Church is going out of its way to pander to the voodoo crowd, even to the extent of approving the image of "La Crista Negra" or Black female Christ. The Santeristas must be ecstatic over that! A number of years ago, a group of Santeristas abducted a young White medical student named Kilroy (yes!) from the U.S.A. into Mexico, where they made him a ritual sacrifice, along with about a dozen other victims. The sacrifices were 'necessary' to insure the safe conduct of the group's drug-smuggling activities. Two of the principals who led the cult were judeo-hispanics with jewish names, a father-daughter team. Yes, Virginia, there seems always to be a kosher-connection when evil appears incarnate. On that lighthearted note, I shall post this letter before it becomes ancient history.


P.S.: In the televised, sanitized Santeria exercise described above, I was disgusted to see otherwise attractive White or Ostensible White performers and members of the mainly non-White audience who participated in this afro-mestizo coven. They did so with expressions of reverential abasement and joyful self-defilement. I'm sure they will make good sacrificial victims in The Ceremony of the Hornless Goat, which may have occurred after the stage performance. I did not see the 'grinning visage of the kike 'who made it all possible', but I had a feeling he was there. Voodoo-Santeria is transmitted to Whites and middleclass mestizos by Black or sambo nannies and servants in childhood. The Catholic Church may have their minds in adulthood, but Santeria has their hearts and souls. New Orleans was the traditional focal point of voodoo in the U.S.A., but it now appears that the mestizos from Latin America are spreading it throughout the country. Haiti has invaded and conquered us! What fantastic times we live in.

P.P.S.: In regard to jews' growing disaffection for Israel, it appears that every kike wants someone else to 'get tough with the Arabs'. I believe that jews are getting tired of running their concentration camp for Palestinians, when they could be enjoying more of our money to pursue activities other than playing soldier. Benjamin Franklin predicted that no jew wants to live in Israel, "for vampires do not live off vampires." Rabbi Elmer Berger said: "A Zionist is one jew who gathers money from a second jew to send a third jew to Israel, and no one wants to be that third jew!" Why stay there, when they can all come to America's version of Babel-Babylon?