6 Oct 00.

Eric Thomson's assessment of "The Republic of Arcadia".

If North America's White and non- White population were to remain as it is now, the present policies of the ZOG would create an afro-asian-caucasian mongrel society through the absorption of the White remnant. Whites are already the minority in North America, relative to the non-White population, ever since F.D.R. classified mestizos, including hispano-mestizos, as "White". Of course, it goes without saying that being a member of a majority does not matter if the majority does nothing on its own behalf. It is equally obvious from personal observation and recent census figures that the non-White population is massively invading and occupying North American cities, from coast to coast, as well as industrial and agricultural centers in rural areas. This influx and increase of non-Whites means that the ZOG's miscegenation program of genocide against Whites will not be peaceful.

The non-White invaders and occupiers are going after the Whites' goodies, including their wives and daughters, because the Whites will not defend them. Those goodies include jobs, communities and educational opportunities, as well as taxes and personal property which is being stolen. In Yakima, loss of vehicles and other personal property is deemed 'routine' by most ostensible Whites I encounter. Theft is so frequent that police merely have the losers sign 'certificates of theft' for insurance reimbursement. No insurance? Forget it!

Whites are now the visible minority in most cities, including towns like Yakima. Commander Rockwell's statement that "one's skin will be one's uniform" will come true to every ostensible White, no matter how much 'Injun blood' he brags about.

It is still possible for Whites to unite by forming a state-within-a-state, based upon suggestions I have made in "a proposed structure for an Aryan National State", which would permit unity of purpose by means of consensus and communication, rather than territorial contiguity. Planning for the administration of territory with no population of Whites willing to occupy and defend it is like "counting your money 'fore the dealin's done", as the song goes. Just visit the "great White hopeland" and see what I mean. In Rhodesia, the only territory left to Whites is their graves, and them is no guarantee they will keep those. In regard to Rhodesia, which was betrayed by the British ZOG as soon as Ian Smith declared "unilateral independence" in 1965, it was not my purpose to go there to find that out. I had to find a place to bide my time in exile and earn my living, even if it meant residing in a non-recognized, blockaded country in a state of civil war.

White cowards attempt to ally themselves with their nearest non-White 'friends', which is much like a scared deer who nuzzles up to a hunter, for his 'protection'. I am sure Blacks who see 'wiggers' in action with their baggy trousers, nigger-talk, backward baseball caps and chronic 'high-fiving' are at least as disgusted as I am. Cowards and toadies will not survive. Neither will those ostensible Whites who ally with Asians and mestizos. It must be nice for a hunter and predator to have his meat so accessible.

To project the shape of things to come, from observations of the present, we may expect to see non-Whites consuming the fattest, most defenseless targets before they battle their non-White opponents for turf. Their first targets of opportunity are us.

It has always been our choice, to be or not to be. The way to not being is just by continuing our present behavior. The way to be means that we must fight. I recall an incident during the White mercenaries' campaign in the Belgian Congo, as related to me by an 'ex-merci' amongst those whom I knew in Rhodesia: a car with a White man and woman drove up to their roadblock from rebel territory. The man was so happy to see White soldiers that he wept as he told then his tale of horror. The woman in the car was his wife, who was also shaking with emotion. The couple had escaped being tortured and killed by the Black Simbas only because they had given them their young daughter. "Get out of the car," said the officer in charge of the roadblock. The two ostensible Whites did so. No order was necessary, for the White soldiers shot them on the spot. It is trite but true that the brave die only once, while cowards die many times. In the 'good old days' of cowboys and Injuns. The rule was to "save the last bullet for yourself." Those who are too cowardly to fight for their survival are certainly unworthy to live in the first place. Must we all meet the business end of a machete before we learn this truth? I wonder what Patrick Henry would say, were he to see us now. I think he'd forget his stirring speech and just throw up.


Dear Charles:

My work schedule is governed by 'surprise', so I never know when I shall be required to work, depending upon my dysfunctional associates. Why are they dysfunctional? Because they are subjects of race-mixing and downbreeding. Each generation is worse than the previous one, as down-breeding combines with outbreeding. When such creatures are exposed to the present school and jewsmedia environment, combined with a dysgenic, dysfunctional home environment, it is no wonder.

In regard to your letter of 29 September, which I received yesterday, you state that both inbreeding and outbreeding destroy a race. No, inbreeding is the only way in which a race may be improved. Farmers and veterinarians know this. Inbreeding produces a certain percentage of 'duds', just as does outbreeding, but the positive aspects of a species are concentrated with inbreeding, but not with outbreeding. So-called 'hybrid vigour' can only be maintained by crossing the pure parent stocks. One cannot pass on the alleged improvements by breeding from the crossbred stock.

The Ashkenazim or Khazar jews converted to Judaism around 700 A.D. The Ashkenazim did not exactly upbreed: they preyed upon a more able host people than did the Sephardim, for the jew is only as strong as his host people. When asked why jews would not go to Israel, Benjamin Franklin replied: "Vampires do not live off vampires."

I believe I have previously mentioned that I am not a White supremacist, but a National Socialist who believes in racial improvement, via positive and negative eugenics.

You have noted that races of humanoids and even ducks miscegenate when they occupy the same living space. As you say, ideology divides people, even when their biological traits are indistinguishable. You are correct in noting that "German" is a geographical-cultural expression, not a racial expression. Racial science has been greatly advanced with the advent of hematology and DNA research. The old head dimensions are no more descriptive of race than to describe a 'fat' or 'thin' race.

There are three primary races: White, Yellow and Black. The 'brown' race is mongrel, as in Arabia, India and Latin America. As I noted in my essay on race-mixing and world peace, there is no solution to the human problem via race-mixing. In fact, miscegenation creates many new problems, rather than solving old ones.

My advice for broadcasting your ideas is definitely to go on the internet. Dynasophy is 'safe' in Soviet Canuckistan, as a matter of 'thought-crime'. Of course, any attempt at improvement of anything is attacked as "elitism". You will always find critics. As I gather, you do not see race as important, on behalf of the 'best' people's acceptance of Dynasophy. Well, since the 'best' are a tiny minority of all races, what would be achieved? Obviously, the 'best' people would have to implement dynasophical concepts of improvement amongst the 'duds and the cruds' of the population. This would mean the enforcement of a eugenic programme, as stated in "Sex Versus Civilization" by Elmer Pendell. His book addresses the human factor, rather than the cosmological approach of Dynasophy, which seems to consider the survival of 'humanity' in passing, from what I understand from my readings of your booklets. What you have presented so far is analogous to the presentation of a blueprint for the construction of a ship without explaining why we should build such a vessel, and why we need to sail her to any destination. The concepts expressed in Dynasophy are light-years from the perceived needs and problems of the people who devote their entire efforts in the struggle to earn a living, as well as the others who are equally devoted to keeping the workers under their heels. Perhaps a student of philosophy would have time and interest in learning about Dynasophy, provided he does not get his time taken up by a girlfriend. However your best bet to find even one other person interested in Dynasophy is the internet!

One writer opined that the darker the population becomes, the more "Whites" there will be. Once again, we have ideology superseding biology. In this regard, the jews use all their media to instil shame and guilt in Whites, for being White. Our attack on the holohoax was a strategic stroke against the jews' programme of genocide by propaganda. Too bad Zündel ran out of steam! As I said to a German interviewer, Germans are taught to love everyone but themselves, and everyone else is taught to hate the Germans.

There is no way to achieve strategic victories without fighting at strategic points, which are often very 'hot' because the enemy knows now important they are. One can be ever so polite and ever so indirect, but the jew can figure out the ultimate objectives, and he will go all out on his attack, as we have seen in the Zündel case. As Zündel's jewish mistress told him, "If you win, the jews will kill you." I warned him that his course of action would put his life at risk ten years before, but the jewess told him to disregard "Eric's negativism". Of course, her negativism was not to be disregarded! Zündel had supporters like me who were willing to risk our own lives to protect his. Only a coward, a fool or an imbecile would spurn such supporters!

Remember, for the majority, it's the singer, not the song (the philosopher, not the philosophy.) As you mention, Dynasophy would need a charismatic, dynamic promoter. Good luck!

Eric Thomson