by Eric Thomson

With the advent of the Civil War, Americans became subjects of the alien regime in The District of Corruption. As Zionist power intensified in World War I, we became serfs. The U.S. Government is therefore the worst enemy of the American people, for its machinations have brought about the deaths of more American citizens than any government on earth. The Zionist Occupation Government, or FEDZOGUSA, kills, enslaves and impoverishes those who still believe that it is 'their' government. Look at the faces of those who rule over us, and even a child can tell they are not OF us. A knowledgeable adult can see that they have not usurped their power BY us, and they most certainly do not rule FOR us.

There is an old saying which goes something like, "Fool me once; shame on you. Fool me twice; shame on me." But what are we to think about people who have been fooled by minor variants of the old scam so many times, from 1898 to the present?

Remember the Maine? The sinking of that battleship got lots of young Americans killed in the resulting war with Spain and the subsequent war with the Moros in the Philippines. William Randolph Hearst's 'newspapers' were already hyping the Cuban situation to sell his wares, thereby helping to create the hysteria needed to drive the dumb and doomed Goyim into the fever swamps of the Caribbean and the Pacific, on behalf of U.S. rulers' imperial program for profit.

But who, or what, sank the Maine? There were four suspects: (1) Spontaneous combustion; (2) Sabotage on the part of a crewmember or officer; (3) Cuban insurrectionists, and (4) the Spanish government of Cuba. No historian I have encountered in my readings nor my university professors consider Spain as the perpetrator, for the last thing Spain wanted was war with the jingoistic, imperialist United States, who were itching for a fight with a vastly inferior opponent, such as Spain.

Spontaneous combustion in the powder magazine was possible, for the powder used was often unstable and prone to exploding all by itself, as had occurred on two British battleships around the time of the Maine explosion. Most recently, we learned of the same cause for the turret explosion on a de-mothballed U.S. battleship. The questions surrounding this theory include, why did this occur at that particular time and place?

Why the Maine? Apparently, the Maine was a deathship in its own right. Although it was new, the designers had blundered, for the Maine could not stay on an even keel without the addition of many tons of pig iron ballast. Such dead weight reduced space, as well as fuel economy and speed, which nullified the Maine's usefulness as a battleship. In the merchant marine, such white elephants are dubbed 'deathships', for they are sent to the bottom when the owners deem it most profitable. Naturally, crewmembers die so that the sinking appears to be an 'unfortunate accident' in the eyes of the insurance company. In this regard, the dividing line between 'business' and crime is indiscernible, while politics and crime art virtually the same!

The leader of the Cuban rebels was purportedly as anti-American as he was anti-Spanish. He had motive and means for placing a mine against the hull of the Maine, which would not only kill the hated Americans, but spark U.S. entry into a war with Spain. This would be a classic 'killing of two birds with one stone', an opportunity too good to miss!

With the foregoing in mind, one can see that the U.S. had at least two motives for blowing up the Maine: disposing of a new, but defective battleship and using its destruction as the pretext for war with Spain. If the explosion were due to sabotage, the suspects would be the members of the Maine's shore party, i.e. the survivors.

Certainly, the hull plates would reveal the source of the explosion, whether internal or external. An internal explosion would rule out the Spaniards and the Cuban rebels. It would rule in the possibilities of spontaneous combustion or sabotage. The Maine rested in Havana Harbor until the 1930s as a monument to Cuban 'independence'. National Geographic featured the U.S. Navy's raising of the Maine, which was towed out into deep water and sunk.

In a criminal case, one looks for the beneficiary of the crime (cui bono?). One determines motive and opportunity to commit the crime, and one observes evidence of mens rea (the guilty mind). Certainly, all these point to the U.S. government as Suspect #1.

America's entry into World War I was instigated by two 'sinkings' of British ships with American passengers. We are told lots about The Lusitania, which was sunk by a German submarine. Churchill described her as so many thousand tons of "live bait". As soon as The Lusitania entered sub-infested waters in the Irish Sea, Churchill ordered the departure of her cruiser screen, and he ordered The Lusitania to stop zig-zagging and to reduce speed. The German U-boat commander couldn't believe his 'luck' when he saw such a juicy target in his periscope! What we are not told about The Lusitania was its status as "an auxiliary cruiser" in time of war, as registered with Lloyd's of London. American civilians who chose to embark on The Lusitania were boarding a warship in time of war, which was heading into a war zone! These facts blunted the pro-war members of Congress, until 1917, when more American passengers were allegedly killed by the torpedoing of The Sussex, a channel steamer. Congress declared war an Germany and her allies forthwith. It only later turned out that The Sussex was safely docked in her British part! No matter. Americans already 'know' that the 'Huns' were worse than the Spaniards, for they'd read it in the 'newspapers'!

The events of Pearl Harbor are becoming better known than they were under conditions of wartime secrecy and propaganda. Even Hollywood has made some concessions to truth in recent years. One epic film on Pearl Harbor depicted Admiral Yamamoto ordering the return of the Japanese aerial attack force to their carriers after their initial strike against Pearl Harbor. His reason: "We do not know where the U.S. Fleet is!" Americans were led to believe that the U.S. Pacific Fleet had been utterly wiped out by the "sneak attack" on Pearl Harbor. Not so. Only one destroyer and the obsolete battleships were put out of action. Of the latter only the Arizona was too badly damaged to repair. The others were all back in service within six months, which gave them plenty of time in which to demonstrate their inferiority to the aircraft carriers! The U.S. government had broken the Japanese codes, so Japanese intentions were well-known to all but the American people. The battleships and ground facilities at Pearl Harbor, including the servicemen, were the 'live bait' Roosevelt needed to enter the war on behalf of his beloved Soviet Jewnion. It was indeed "A Day of Infamy", as our Great War Criminal, FDR, proclaimed.

The Gulf of Tonkin Incident precipitated massive U.S. involvement in the so-called "Vietnam War". The story was that U.S. destroyers were attacked by North Vietnamese PT boats. It was later revealed that no such attack was ever made! The U.S. government has made no apology for that 'mistake', to my knowledge. During the Vietnam conflict, U..S. forces hit by 'friendly fire' were at least given a routine, "Sorry about that!" Vietnam vets have yet to receive their overdue apology from FEDZOGUSA! As for the American people, no apology is deemed necessary, for we are all dumb Goyin. Isn't that right, Mr. Cohen?.

This brings us to the ongoing hullabaloo over the suicide bombing of the U.S. destroyer Cole in the Yemenese port of Aden. Why now? And cui bono? Obviously, Israel and American Zionists benefit from the deed and its timing, as they would have if the Israelis had succeeded in sinking the USS Liberty during the Six Day War. Ever since the Lavon Affair, Israel has tried to suck the U.S. in to a greater Middle East conflict by attacking U.S. targets and pointing the finger of blame at Arab terrorists. The U.S. role in the Middle East would make me awfully angry, were I an Arab, so Israelis and Arabs both have motives to attack all manifestations of U.S. power in the region.

Until evidence surfaces of Israeli involvement, let us assume that "Arab terrorists" attacked the USS Cole. But which Arabs? The jewsmedia are flashing pictures of our latest 'Hitler' figure, the villainous-looking Osama bin Laden. This is classic Orwellian propaganda. Previously, it was the dreaded "Abu Nidal". This Zionist propaganda is having its desired effect on the 'Joe Sixpack' crowd who want the U.S. to send missiles off in all directions, so they can watch all the destruction on TV. Comments heard from rank and file members of the U.S. military on radio are not nearly so blood-thirsty. In fact, those interviewed are downright scared that they may get hurt on their tours of duty. Sure, they volunteered for military service, but they never intended to fight an enemy who might hurt them! Navy wives think it "just isn't fair" that their hubbies could be killed or wounded by these "awful terrorists". Oy Veh! Obviously, Arabs are willing to die for their beliefs, but not American military personnel. It's a real dilemma. Arab civilians want to fight, but the members of the U.S. military do not, if any risk to themselves is involved.

With this situation in mind, there is only one "American" solution: we give all the terrorists big hugs and Hollywood movie contracts. Osama bin Laden can become the Arab equivalent of Fu Manchu or Ming of Mongo! I can hear the shekels filling the box offices already.


18 October 2000