02 NOV 00

Dear Dennis:

I am reminded of Parkinson's Law in this regard: The less relevant the publications' promoter becomes, the more they improve in technical quality. Willi Krämer, one of Dr. Goebbels' secretaries, wrote that publications serve to promote a politician and his program. They are a means to an end and not ends in themselves. Zündel amply demonstrated that he has no desire to promote anything beyond his publications, so he has gone back to square one. He should have stayed in the UFO book publishing business, rather than demonstrating the validity of The Peter Principle, wherein he rose to his level of incompetence by entering the Holohoax fray as a self-styled leader, only to back off when he and his supporters had gained the forum they had sought, in order to build a political organisation. Why he got involved in the first place is not clear, for he really lacked the commitment necessary to achieve the victories he claimed to seek. Perhaps his Jewish mistress, "Anne Burton", pulled his plug when she said, "If you win, the Jews will kill you!" That's what Zündel told me himself. When I asked if he believed her, he was silent. Afterwards, everything he did was against the growth of the political organisation he had declared that he was building. One does not build an activist organisation by dumping one's activists.

The Zeitgeist gave Zündel his window of opportunity, but he fumbled, on purpose, as it appears, and the window closed. Bismarck was keenly aware of the importance of timing in regard to affecting history, when he said that the politician must grasp History's skirts as she rushes by and hang on as long as possible.

I wrote to one of my Toronto colleagues, after receiving a batch of reports on the interminable Zündel court proceedings. I said, you are dancing a waltz with the Jews, while the ballroom fills up with Chinese.

In regarding to dysgenic concentrations which occur from inbreeding, so do eugenic ones. The rules which we apply to domestic stock also apply to so-called humans. Duds must be culled, wherever they appear. A bit of trivia on this subject appeared on a programme of classical music on "National Public Radio". The announcer mentioned the appearance of a composer and musician in a totally unmusical family, who was subsequently found to be the bastard offspring from an extramarital tryst on the part of his mother. The father was from a well-known family of musicians and composers. That was truly a 'one-shot' occurrence. The chances of inheriting musical ability must be about as rare as breeding a race horse by mating a plowhorse mare with a racing stallion. Hitler encouraged ordinary families, with no dysgenic history to have large families, since such families often produced geniuses in one field or another.

The processes of decay which you and others describe certainly began in the minds of people, after which, the organic processes of decay proceed in their normal pattern. It is as if someone were to decide to contract AIDS, and having done so, proceeds to suffer the predictable consequences. A Toronto fag-rag featured the "Living with AIDS" experiences of a local homo who wrote regular columns for the publication, until he croaked, under the best of public-funded care. He wrote that "street people" who knew that he had "the heros' disease" would ask to have sex with him so that they could enjoy the benefits of living off the tax-payers.

A new religion must appear, or a new interpretation of an old one, for people must change their thinking, if they are to change their presently suicidal behaviour. We are like fire-extinguisher salesmen whose wares are spurned by people whose houses are not yet on fire, as their neighbourhoods are engulfed by a holocaust. As people downbreed into stupidity or succumb to jewsmedia hypnosis, the time for preparation becomes shorter and shorter, until there in no time at all. I saw it happen in Rhodesia, where Whites were quite well educated, but whose behavior appeared no different from ignoramuses.

Geographic origin has nothing to do with biology. I have met Asians from Germany. Genes can travel anywhere. If one looks Asiatic, it matters not where he was born. He is Asian. Any miscegenation of White blood is non-White in its outcome. One has only to live with blond, blue-eyed (albeit slanted) Finns to know one is not with White people. As I wrote in one manifesto, we live in the age of biopolitics, not geopolitics. Blacks could be given "the world heartland", and all one would find after centuries would be small groups of cold, hungry niggers, assuming that they had not decided to go much further South!

The Western Hemisphere appears to have had non-Asian inhabitants. Not only has Kennewick Man been discovered, but "The White Gods" were major players in the religious of the AZTECS and the INCAS. If trends continue, the Asian component will produce a Mexican-like population in Europe an well as in North America.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Unlike most blight-wingers who prefer paranoia to reason when they suffer adversity, I do not think I have been black-balled from work more in my line. I am sure that I would be black-balled from teaching in any U.S. university, since I was set up for my most informative fall by my Jew faculty advisors and I received no support from any member of my department after FEDZOGUSA stole my draft doctoral dissertation on Peru, when I returned to L.A. on the express invitation of a professor in my department of International Relations. I believe that the many hebes who had infiltrated the department recognized me as a 'wise-Goy', so they did not want me teaching any students in any university. That is quite logical and a matter of Jew policy, about which I was duly informed, but not really surprised. I went to university primarily to learn important truths, and only secondarily to prepare myself for a job. I have worked in only a few positions in which the full range of my knowledge and interests were deemed useful and appropriate. Since I was off the conventional job market since 1961, and my resumé includes mostly defunct employers in defunct countries, my job experience does not compute. So I did work in a blacksmith shop in California, after school. No one cares about my ability to fire up a coal forge or assist in shoeing horses! My knowledge of operating steam locomotives is also not required in today's job market. The employer who could really take advantage of my skills and experience would be FEDZOGUSA's CIA and/or NSA, just as Himmler would have made a great FBI employee, except for the fact that I am anti-ZOG, and the ZOG knows it. The normal job market is not nearly so lucrative as the Jew, Mathis, would tout. Even menial, minimum-wage jobs are 'advertised' by word of mouth. That's the only reason I got my first hard-labor job when I returned to the Jew-ass-eh in 1992. It took me six months to become sufficiently acquainted with a few of the locals here that I learned of a job opening as a minimum-wage parking lot attendant. Since that first 'break-through', I have been recommended for two other part-time jobs which make it possible for me to pay my rent and eat, without having to decide to do one OR the other.

The blightwing views everything I offer them, free of charge, with fear and loathing. Some say that I am too insistent that I am right, because I prefer to coin slogans which follow Dr. Goebbels' teachings, rather than "the gospel according to 'St. Mathews' and his disciple, David Lane". It's only when the blighters forget who coined terms like "ZOG" and unifying slogans like "OUR RACE IS OUR NATION!" that they begin to use them. Some people spend most of their lives working in real estate or aviation manufacturing, for instance.

Others have studied electronics, the breeding of horses, etc. After which they claim expertise in politics. Politics has been my primary field of occupation, on behalf of Our Race, and it still is, whereas my means of earning a living are more like hobbies. I believe that Robert may have mentioned something to the effect that most people would prefer to consult one who was trained in brain surgery, rather than have their brains worked on by motor mechanics, electricians and unemployed dropouts. Every blighter thinks that politics is so easy to master, no particular knowledge, ability nor experience are required. I warned activists in 1976 about the importance of target-selection, not only in terms of most effectively damaging the enemy, but as a means of identifying agent-provocateurs. This was not an original idea on my part. "Strategic targets" are listed in U.S. Air Force bombing manuals and in texts written by guerrilleros like Che Guevara. The ZOG-ploys I mentioned in my article were ongoing when I was in Colombia and Peru, and I understand that they were also used by FEDZOGUSA in Vietnam. Even British author Graham Greene mentioned such tactics in his Vietnam novel, "The Quiet American". But, the so-called Order preferred to ignore strategy in theory and practice. The Order chose to march into a swamp without knowing what a swamp was.

Tom Metzger and Pastor Butler thought they could wage war upon the ZOG and retain their property and bourgeois lifestyles. Apparently, they do not know the true meaning of war, for the enemy always attacks one's supply dumps and lines of communications. After being kicked out of 5 countries, the first one being USZOGland, I know that one should not acquire what one cannot defend nor carry with him. The day may come when armed ZOG-thugs break down my door, as they did an apolitical target whose land they wanted to annex to the Los Padres "National" Forest, near Ventura, CA. Ninja-clad ZOG-thugs kicked the door of his secluded mansion open. The man's wife screamed. The man was upstairs and came to the landing with his legal hunting rifle. A ZOG-thug screamed "federal agents! Drop that weapon!" The man complied, and was summarily machine-gunned as his hysterical wife looked on. The pretext for the ZOG-raid was that drugs were suspected on the premises. Other than aspirin, no drugs were found, but a judge ruled that the ZOG-thugs acted 'correctly', under the circumstances, so the widow received neither justice nor compensation for the murder of her husband. That case was reported in a week-long series on ZOG abuses of citizens' rights in USA TODAY. While I was working in "Loserville", KY, a farmer lost his farm to the ZOG because some wild hemp plants were found on his property. I later learned that he was allowed to stay on his erstwhile property, to work for the ZOG as a serf. A jew-boy from Florida was 'holocausted, by airport ZOG-thugs in Miami, as he was about to board a plane for a gambling spree in Las Vegas. The Jew's luggage included a briefcase with $9,000 which he was going to gamble with, but his trip was cancelled when the federal bandidos stole his 'play money'. The ZOG-thugs accused him of having "drug money" but no charges were laid against him. The Jew, whose name I will eventually recall, went straight to his lawyer, only to learn that it would cost him at least $9,000 in an attempt to get his money back from the ZOG. A Goy who had cash in his pickup truck was pulled over by highway patrolmen and robbed with the excuse that the money he had intended to use to purchase a trailer was "drug money". Police in The District of Corruption would stick up Blacks on the streets, confiscating any cash they found, including $34 in one case and $4 in another. The $4 loser was accused of possessing "drug money". An obvious druglord, eh? Next, they'll be stealing kids' lunch money. If they could get up their nerve, they might even hold up banks, for SOME of the funds must have been "drug money" at one time or another! One news report stated that U.S. currency is not only filthy, like other currencies, but it has cocaine residue from previous transactions, so anyone can be accused of possessing "drug money" and being robbed thereof under the forfeiture law. The Jew attorney spokesman for the Dept. of "Justice" jovially told reporters that seizing a person's assets was not deemed 'punishment', so trials were unnecessary. Well, pardon me, but isn't seizure under the forfeiture law the same as being fined without trial? Would that Jew-boy say that losing one's money and property is not a form of punishment? Not if it happened to him! A rabbi in the Jew York City diamond-money-laundering district complained that his employees were being 'gassed' in his counting room, where money was being counted by machines, which filled the air with cocaine fumes and dust! Another holocaust! The DEA occasionally grabs a rabbi's Santa Claus sack of money, for which the rabbi demands a receipt, to prove to his 'business associates' that he did not steal the money. Just routine. Apparently, this ZOG policy has been ongoing for at least a decade, so the blighters should not be surprised when they are victims of economic warfare, just like ordinary citizens.

Maybe the blightwing reads only their own stuff, and not the jewspapers, as I do. My reasoning is as follows: what the ZOG can do to ordinary citizens, it can damn well do to me. But then, I am a National Socialist, not a blightwinger.

I did read Heinz Weichard's story entitled "Under Two Flags", if I correctly recall.

You mention George Bush, the previous president, being flown in an SR-71, which I heard was simply the U-2 under a new name. I did not know that such an aircraft could carry a passenger, in addition to the pilot, unless he were stuck to the fuselage with duct tape. Ha!

It appears you have met a real anti-German Frenchman. When I first arrived in France, I discovered that all the Frenchmen I met in Paris preferred Germans to Brits and Yanks, who killed more French civilians than the Germans did in both world wars. If you have not read Max Hastings' "Operation Overlord" in this regard, I recommend it. As an American tourist, I checked my baggage, exchanged my money and bought my ticket at the Gare du Nord in German, since no one would speak a word of English! Your French friend should read the Hastings book. The Jew general, Koenig, of the de Gaulle bunch, was asked by Bomber Harris if he wouldn't mind the Brits using their heavy bombers to destroy all the railway stations between Normandy and Germany. There was a wee problem: the railway stations were all in the middle of French towns! The Jew replied, "If four Frenchmen must die for every German, that's a price worth paying!" No wonder the French tend to be suspicious of 'their' Jew military officers! Americans have lots to learn, because they love their Jewish officers and everything jewish as I wrote in "The Jewish Problem.

I would put nothing past FEDZOGUSA. If you can rent the video, "The Atomic Cafe", you can see newsreels and U.S. military training film footage of thousands of young men being used as guinea pigs for radiation experiments. The sailors were busy swabbing the 'hot' decks of ships shortly after the Bikini Test, and thousands of soldiers are shown climbing out of their trenches and advancing toward the mushroom clouds in Nevada. FEDZOGUSA knew that the above-ground atomic tests would rain fallout over the entire U.S.A., east of Nevada, so they warned one party: Eastman Kodak of Rochester, NY, to protect their film from radiation! It "Just happened" that FEDZOGUSA 'forgot' to warn any other Americans, according to recently declassified atomic test documents. After Hiroshima and Nagasaki, FEDZOGUSA knew that radiation wasn't healthy, but they did it to the U.S. population, anyway. As I say, the U.S. Government is the foremost enemy of the American people.

Eric Thomson