by Eric Thomson

14 December 00

British journalist Douglas Reed predicted the demise of Soviet Communism in his 1947 book, "Somewhere South of Suez". The jews, he prophesied, would dump Red Russia in favor of a Zionist New World Order. In 1947, few were able to grasp the importance of his observation. Even now, with Soviet Communism in ruins, few are able to comprehend the implications of the jews' change of course.

Part of this lack of comprehension is due to the existence of "idiots", which the jew, "Lenin", deemed "useful". These idiots were the true-believers in the overt Communist Party line. They would serve the most cynical of the Red rascals at great sacrifice. JGB officials did not call them "idiots", however. They called them "shit-eaters".

The Orwellian "Cold War" Hoax was showing terminal symptoms, here and there, as far back as the sixties. Even with my limited resources, I noticed a number of 'blips' in my Latin American research. The shift in Soviet policy was announced, fittingly enough, in the CFR journal, "Foreign Affairs", in an article about Soviet support for "the national bourgeoises of the Third World". In typical Stalinist double-think, the writer described Soviet support for Turd World capitalists as 'efficacious' in weakening "First World" capitalism, like enlisting the little demons to fight the devil! There was another article about "detente" between the USA and USSR, with questions being raised as to the existence of any actual conflict of interest. Something was in the wind, I felt, but I saw no concrete results.

In 1967, if I recall the year correctly, a true-believer in world Marxist revolution was killed in Bolivia: Che Guevara. My research revealed the degree of collaboration on the part of the USA, USSR, Cuba and Bolivia in bringing about the death of this famous revolutionary. (1) Miguel Monje, C.P.-USSR chief in Bolivia, tipped off Che's whereabouts to the CIA, which overflew the jungle area with an infra red camera-equipped plane. (2) The CIA located Che's Vietcong-style bake oven and tipped off the Bolivian Army who (3) ran Che to ground and shot him. Che was a dangerous idiot, like his predecessor, "Trotsky", who refused to heed the message that world revolution was simply 'not on' in classical Marxist terms.

Another concrete result of Soviet policy occurred shortly after I left Peru, where my research on USA-USSR collaboration was raising hackles, after FEDZOGUSA's seizure of my doctoral dissertation on the subject. Salvador Allende was president of Chile, and that country was aswarm with Reds from all parts of the world, including the USA. My editor at OIGA magazine suggested I write freelance articles on the Chilean situation, from Chile! He thought that Lima was getting "too hot" for me. I said I would consider the matter. That evening, I discovered a calling card tucked into the doorjamb of my residence in Miraflores, the swank residential area of Lima. It was from Vladimir ... of the Soviet Embassy. "See me, urgently!" was printed on the back. Next morning, I did exactly that. I knew that I was persona non grata with the U.S.A., whose minions had escorted me to the border and saw me across into Mexico, a few months prior to my return to Peru. I did not know what my status was with the Soviet Union, but I wanted to check that out. I entered the Soviet Embassy and was greeted by a man who claimed he was "Vladimir". I said, "So what is urgent for me to know?" "It is not healthy for you to stay in Lima," he said. I suspected that, for two Civil Guards had been posted at my residence, the same number as were stationed at the U.S. Embassy!

"What if I leave Lima for another part of Peru?" I asked. "No, is unhealthy for you in Peru." "What about South America?" "Nyet, unhealthy for you ." "What about the USSR?" He flung his hands in the air. "No, nein, nyet!" I thanked him and bought a ticket to Stockholm, Sweden, that afternoon. Soon, I was sunning myself in Rhodesia, "for reasons of health."

The useful idiots who'd outlived their usefulness flocked into Chile. Once the bag was full, 33° Freemason and Communist, Salvador Allende, was supposedly killed by 33° Freemason and anti-Communist, Augusto Pinochet, with lots of help from the USSR and the USA. The CIA has already been implicated in the 'termination' of some Marxist Americans, so Pinochet may suffer a convenient 'stroke' in case he is ever brought to trial. Knowing too much at the wrong time is definitely hazardous to one's health.

So why would the USSR want me to stay out of Chile, as well as out of the Soviet Union and any of its satellites? The truth is, nobody seemed to know who I was working for. Neither branch of the ZOG knew that I was working only for myself, although I had originally thought that I was also working for "the public interest" as a journalist. USZOG thought they'd got rid of a Soviet agent and USSRZOG thought they'd prevented the incursion of a US agent, without a nasty "wet-job", which could have led to embarrassment. Obviously, I was very, very lucky to have so far survived my research activities.

After seeing "Three Days of the Condor", starring Robert Redford, I could certainly understand his predicament of knowing what others do not want known or do not wish to know.