by Eric Thomson

17 December 00

White Flight is occurring all over the North American continent, usually from cities to suburbs within commuting distance of available jobs. Americans have a long history of preferring flight to fight, trading space for a modicum of peace, no matter how temporary or illusory. Likewise do Whites have a dismal history of preferring to fight FOR the ZOG in foreign wars, rather than fighting the ZOG where they live, in defence of their homes and families. There are two things we must bear in mind as we flit hither and thither in pursuit of jobs and in flight from the fast-encroaching muds: (1) We are running out of space, and (2) We are running out of time.

There is no "Shangri La", unless we make one for ourselves. The longer we delay, the harder it will be to establish any sort of White communities on this continent. The general rule is that those who flee will not fight, and if they will not fight, the muds will simply crowd them out again. One can flee the muds as often as he can, but one cannot escape from the ZOG. Most Whites labor for zogbucks. As long as we worship the ZOG's money, its manacles will remain our sign of servitude to our racial enemies. There is only one way to deal with the ZOG, and that is to destroy it by all means possible, and as soon as possible. The ZOG is to our race as cancer is to the individual.

I knew Ostensible Whites in Africa who were brain-dead Birchers and kooky Christians. They fled North America because of "communism" and sought sanctuary in Rhodesia and South Africa. I wonder where they are now. I knew similar blightwing types in Mexico who invested their "hot money" accrued from tax evasion into Mexican properties and enterprises, only to lose them to the mestizo bandidos through seizure or intermarriage. Stupid Gringos have recently lost their retirement homes to Mexicans who waited to apply their 'law' until the homes were completed! Whites have forgotten that there is only one law: might, against which 'rights' on paper are laughable. Nothing is 'yours' unless you have the power, the deadly power, to defend it from those who would simply take it from you.

From time to time I receive propaganda in regard to "The Northwest Imperative" or "The Great White Hopeland". One of the originators of this propaganda has gone out of business and the other has come and gone from his touted "homeland". It is remarkable that the foremost proponents of this racial relocation scheme have abandoned the policy they wish others to follow. This is classic "do as I say, not as I do" behavior. But what can we expect of the blightwing, anyway?

I came to the state of Washington on a tip from a correspondent, that I could find an all-year job. The tip proved false, so I was unemployed for six months and was exactly one week away from losing my room, and being turfed out on the street with my suitcases and my typewriter. By that time I had made some effective acquaintances, one of whom tipped me off that a parking lot attendant's job was open at a local shopping mall. I jumped in and got the minimum-wage job. My coworkers were agog to think that they were associating with "a Congo mercenary", who was a "multi-lingual professor". They had obviously exaggerated what they had heard from my employment application form. I gave up trying to correct their erroneous impressions, which were much more exciting than the truth. Thus was I able to keep myself supplied with the bare essentials of food and shelter. The clothing I brought with me.

Whatever the jewsmedia have to say about the "tight labor market", jobs are scarce. None of the jobs I have obtained were ever advertised in the want ads. Those that were appeared to be pro forma requirements, with the applicant already being chosen. On every job application was the racial quota form, in accordance with ZOG requirements for non-White hiring, regardless of qualifications. As a White man, my age, race and sex were already against me. Had I been crippled or were I burdening society with my dependents, then I would be qualified to live off the tax-payers, but I did not fall into that privileged category, either. As winter approached, I was faced with the choice of hunger, cold and eventual death. I therefore resolved to have one last good meal, load my haversack with rocks and break the windows of the local "People for People" office. That way, I could solve my food and shelter problems by going to jail. As a jail inmate, I would receive access to social rehabilitation programs. Were I an illegal alien, I would qualify for free medical care!

My 'ace in the hole' has always been my ability to take menial, hard-labor jobs which most niggers avoid. Not so in mestizo America. All such jobs are monopolized by mestizos, usually Mexicans. Whenever I see a Mexican ("Messican" is more apt, for they make messes whenever they can) driving a piece of farm equipment, I wonder about "cheap labor". Even if his wages were low (they are not!) the cost to the tax-payers of sustaining his dependents is exceedingly high. Not only are Mexicans dominating the agribusiness jobs, but they are likewise swarming into business and government administrative positions, where they can hire more of their own and appropriate more tax-money for their kind. It's The Invasion of the Cockroach People! One mestiza bandida shovelled out so many food stamps to her species that the local welfare office requested she leave to avoid prosecution. As it was, the jewspapers reported "great discrepancies" in the area's food stamp program. Así es la vida.

The villains of this piece are the race-traitor, Ostensible White growers, who hire mestizos in preference to others. In addition, the mestizo invaders usually prevent others from remaining on jobs which "belong to them", as I have learned from their White victims. One of my informants says that these growers are fanatical JUDEO-Christians, who declare their "god-given rights" to pollute the country chemically and demographically.

In Central Washington, the jews and the Freemasons are herding the last few Whites to their extinction, while the jews and Jesuits, along with their Marxist mestizo leaders, herd their mongrel Goyim into the green pastures of the stupid Gringos. Central Washington is becoming Mexico and Western Washington is becoming a combination of Hong Kong, Seoul, Manila and Bombay, with a large admixture of the ugliest Polynesians imaginable.

Add to this mass of recent mud invaders the very large percentage of asiatics known as "Indians" (with feathers, instead of spots). Many of these are anglo or franco-mestizos, and some are even blond and fair-skinned. They are, however, "Injun" through and through. I would go so far as to say that I have never encountered a piece of "White trash" which did not have Amerind ancestry. Most of them will proudly tell you so. FEDZOGUSA classifies all mestizos, even the darkest, as "White", so White migrants who come here, based on illusions gathered from ZOG-stats will be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Even in brownest mongrel Yakima, I hear Whites complain about newcomers who cause the price of housing to rise. Who do they complain about? Not the Mexicans, not the Asians, but the Whites who have left their multi-cultural 'paradises' to escape the marauding mud-people! The muds drive up the housing prices many times over, since they outnumber the Whites about 90 to 1, but it's the Whites whom the Whites complain about.

As far as "The Great White Hopeland" is concerned, there is no magic formula for undoing the White man's folly. A migration of pale-faced cowards and hedonists can achieve nothing.

Even if the migrants were pro-White racists, a piece of territory must be defended politically and economically. In other words, it must be invaded and wrested from the anti-Whites. This can be accomplished only AFTER the ZOG is neutralized, otherwise we just make the anti-Whites a larger version of Waco, which they can concentrate their White Man's firepower on.

One further point which the proponents of The Northwestern Imperative overlook is the huge Chinese population in British Columbia, just over the invisible ZOG-line drawn on maps so as to distinguish Soviet Canuckistan from the Jew-Ass-Eh. This population has established its colony in B.C. as well as Seattle, and it is rapidly enlarging with the influx of new Asian invaders. If this demographic situation is not drastically changed, the entire west coast of North America will be populated and dominated by the Chinese.

As long as the ZOG exists, the racial situation in North America will worsen, rapidly and drastically. The fate of the ZOG rests in our hands, Whitey, it's up to us to wring its ugly neck. No half-measures and no further retreats will save us from the fate which the ZOG has in store. Only anti-ZOG action, on all fronts, can do that! Down with the ZOG!