20 DEC 00.

I was able to beg four hours off my work schedule today. This allowed me to do a laundry, as I endeavor to answer your letters of Dec. 12th and 14th. Race-mixing and downbreeding in regard to my fellow staff members are the causal factors in their chronic absenteeism, so this topic is my immediate concern, as well as for the future.

I am surprised at your lack of current research sources on race. You appear NOT to have heard of the Tokharians who had much in common with ancient Keltic peoples. Their mummies date back some 6,000 years and were recently discovered in northwestern China, the province once called Sinkiang. The artifacts of the Tokharians predate similar artifacts of the Chinese. Apparently, these Whites were known as "Teachers" to the Chinese, who assiduously copied THEIR inventions, and have maintained them unimproved for centuries. Apparently, the Tokharians also taught the Chinese military tactics with mounted cavalry and archers. These prehistoric White people had a very advanced civilization, which occupied lands of Central Asia. They were traders and manufacturers, as well as culture-bearers. ARAMCO Magazine had an article on one of their great cities in Turkistan, which not only occupied fertile land, but was on an important trade route. The Tokharians, who were fair-skinned, blond or red-haired, were often depicted as having beards. The Chinese described them as "monkey-faced, round-eyed, ghost-devils", whose visages appear in ancient Chinese paintings as "demons". They call White people exactly the same things today.

The Tokharian city in Turkistan was one place where the Tokharians made a very high-quality steel, known today as "Damascus Steel". Their ancient steelworks were photographed in the article. What happened to that city? The Tokharians behaved like typical Whites. They admitted Arabs, who are Semites, not Aryans. Then the Mongols attacked and laid waste the city and countryside. Today, the area raises a few sheep, which are herded by Mongoloid mongrels.

Further ancient, prehistorical achievements of Whites are only recently entering history, thanks to the research efforts of Waddell, Renfrew et al. Please study these findings in National Geographic Magazine before you make inaccurate statements about White inventiveness. As far as Black steel-making is concerned, the areas where this is still done are those which have long been travelled by Arab and Egyptian traders. Blacks have migrated on the African continent, usually from north to south, so they could bring skills with them which were acquired from the originators of steel-making. To be more accurate, it is iron, not steel, which the Blacks smelt and forge for their spearheads. The quality of iron produced to make the heads of assegais is certainly not Damascus steel quality! It does not take or hold an edge very well, although the weapon is used to stab, rather than slash. A sharp bamboo sprout would make a better, sharper, stronger spearpoint, if such were available!

I have visited the ruins known as "Zimbabwe" several times while I lived in Southern Rhodesia, and I have read several treatises about the place. It was used by Arab traders as a fortified trading post, a gathering place for gold, ivory, slaves and any other items of value in trade. From that post, all such goods would be carried to the Indian Ocean ports, where they would be loaded upon Arab Dhows, which even today, ply the waters of the ancient trade routes. Zimbabwe was the fabled location of "King Solomon's Mines". Indeed, ancient gold workings were found in the area. Zimbabwe is a fortified natural formation comprised of several "kopjes" or abrupt rock protrusions which rise above ground level. This natural defensive position was enhanced by the laying of semi-dressed stone bricks which are held in place by gravity, not mortar. The structure is like a curving maze, with the stone walls preventing visitors and/or attackers from proceeding more than two abreast, or perhaps 3, if they are midgets, in key areas of the complex. High above the intruders are loose stone bricks which are laid out in distinctive X-shaped balustrades, topped by "Zimbabwe Birds", which look like perching falcons. In a fight, all this 'decoration' would come flying down upon the invaders. Zimbabwe could be defended against the many by a few well-placed brick-hurlers or brick-droppers. To my knowledge, there are no similar structures in all of Africa, but there is at least one similar structure in Yemen!

The Blacks who migrated into the Zimbabwe area build nothing of stone, to this day. They build only their traditional mud and wattle huts, with their circular walls and conical roofs. Yet, they claim the Zimbabwe Ruins as a remnant of "their" once-great "civilization". This reminds me of the degenerate Christians who told German visitors to Rome that all the great architecture was the result of Christianity!

If we talk about "race", we must consider that people today resemble their ancestors in looks and abilities. We are told that the Chinese "invented" many useful things, which they never improved, until the Whites came and showed them what could really be done with gunpowder for instance.

As a youth, I was exposed to all the judeo-liberal 'one-world' propaganda in my education. I was therefore quite prejudiced: I believed that "racial differences were only skin-deep". Years of contact with other races have taught me otherwise. As far as "racial superiority" goes, I have a very simple rule: that which survives is superior. The Tokharians survive only as mummies and ruins, or as illustrations in ancient Chinese or Indian paintings. They were WHITE, like the mummies of the ancient Egyptians.

White people still invent and forget. Yellow people still copy and remember. Black people, in the vast majority, do neither. That is what I learned in my travels. Mongrels usually make a horrendous mess of things, as we see in Latin America, for instance. I offer a recent example of this phenomenon for your consideration: the steam locomotive. In 1941, the U.S.A. sent the Chinese two types of "lend-lease" steam locomotives. The Chinese have copied them ever since. In Iowa, a group of citizens depended for their economic survival on the existence of their local railroad, which the big railroad company was going to abandon. Their problem, as I recall, was to get the rollingstock to the junction of the trunkline, where the big railroad would add the consist to their freight trains, and vice versa. A locomotive was needed. The branchline railroaders checked the prices: a diesel electric locomotive was beyond their budget (diesels cost seven times the price of a steam locomotive for the same tractive effort!). O.K., it was agreed that a steam locomotive was needed. In the U.S.A. such engines are only to be found in museums or on narrow gauge lines. India still uses steam locomotives, but they are of British design and not really suitable for American conditions. Then, they discovered China! A brand-new steam locomotive was purchased from the Chinese, who thoughtfully sent "technicians" to train the Americans how to run it! If any Whites survive a thousand years from now, they will visit China and credit the Chinese for "inventing" the steam locomotive!

White civilizations are notorious in their lack of continuity. I visit a local museum which has many artifacts which few people today can even identify, let alone use. The black-smithing exhibit drew curious White people, when my associate and I were using the coal forge. Unfortunately, there is a general lack of curiosity as to the nature of most items on display. They are just exotic shapes to be gawked at for a moment. The Ostensible Whites' lack of curiosity is scary, for these items allowed us to survive before the invention of electricity! If our electric power were to go off for any length of time, they would be critical for our survival, if we have any survival instincts left.

Orwell gave us some useful concepts, such as: "Tyranny begins with the abuse of language" and "Who defines controls". You are falling into liberal traps by your confusion about the definition of "race". Medical science, including DNA research, archeology and forensic investigators seem to identify three races, generally known as Black, White and Yellow. if we begin with the individual, the family, the clan, the tribe, the nation, our next big category would appear to be that of race. It would be nonsensical to speak of a "French" race, a "German" race, etc. Someone who is part Irish and part Norwegian (assuming his parents were White) would be of the White Race, and would not be of "mixed race" at all.

The pre-DNA racial classifications of "Alpine", "Nordic" et al. relate more to geography, rather than biology. In regard to morphology, head shape, body proportions, etc. comprising the elements of "race", we might as well refer to Caucasians or Whites as members of the "fat" race, the "tall" race, the "redheaded" race, etc. Mongrels who are made up of two or all of the 3 races are not a separate race, but simply mongrels.

Zoology does not, to my knowledge, use the term "race", but "species". Like races, the category known as species can be interfertile, but they are distinguishable, even if the casual observer cannot tell that one crow is of a different species than another. The differences in physiognomy between a White and a Black are much more obvious and more important, as medical science is continuing to reveal.

I challenge you to reveal your source for statistics on "talent through race-mixing", for it appears to be nowhere evident in race-mixed populations which I have encountered, including jew-mongrels, mestizos, mulattos, sambos, et al. I cited my source for the correlation between racial mixture and diminished problem-solving ability. As I see it, the crux of your 'mixed-race talent' table involves (1) your definition of "talent" and (2) your definition of "race".

In the marketplace of ideas, a dogma can be true, false or in between. I deem it to be demonstrably true, for example, that the sun rises in the east and that race-mixing is dysgenic. If we decide to change our definitions of "east" and of "race" so as to achieve a religious goal, then we do mischief to ourselves and our posterity. Liberals are true-believers in the cult of liberalism. A cult or religion is easily distinguished from an ideology based on observable facts, since the believer maintains his belief in what he wants, rather than what is. Like Christians, most liberals would rather die than abandon the error of their ways.

You appear to worry about attacks and criticism from jews and liberals who will sniff out your elitist and racist tenets. Why? They already hate you for being a White man. Why try to apologize for your own existence? That gives your enemies the moral high-ground. In addition to that, you appear to be diluting your presentation of the issue, which is the importance or lack of importance of race, in relation to civilization.

What you are attempting to do with Dynasophy strikes me as quite similar to what the proponents of eugenics attempted to do in regard to social progress and the improvement of the population. I may be one of your few correspondents who has read books on eugenics, including Lathrop Stoddard and Paul Popenoe, with whom I corresponded while a high school student in California. The eugenicists accomplished much in the way of laws regarding downbreeding and race-mixing, as they were being ignored by the general population. Now we are living with the fruits of that willful ignorance. Even a liberal like former Congressman Daniel Moynihan (of New York) has complained of the declining level of intelligence in the U.S.A., according to one of my sources.

I asked a jovial insane asylum attendant about the chief cause of mental illness. Without hesitation, he said, "Heredity!" I suggested substance abuse, environmental stress, but he insisted that mental illness was programmed in the genes, like other hereditary defects. He said that people used to check a prospective husband's or wife's family background for hereditary defects, including insanity, but nowadays, "they just find a hole and fill it or grab a pole and stuff it." He was happy because the accelerating increase in the proportion of the mentally ill gave him job security. "I'll be dragging them and drugging them until I retire," he chirped. "Insanity usually resides in one's genes," he concluded, "like baldness. Stress does not need to correlate with mental illness. The genes say, 'it's time to flip out', and that's what happens. Usually, it's irreversible, like baldness or aging."

With an increasingly diverse population, our definitions of insanity are changing in accordance with multiculturalism, for some behavior is "crazy" in one culture and "correct" in others. When a White person marries an Arab, there is potential for violent differences resulting from different value systems, i.e. Western Christian and Moslem fundamentalism. Our Zionist, jew-supremacist rulers are apparently trying to recreate the Tower of Babel Fable in once-White countries, with the foreseeable outcome.

Where you live is being colonized by the Chinese. Where I live is already northern Mexico. I wonder how much time you think we have left to save the world for Dynasophy, let alone the White Remnant. It strikes me a bit like organizing yoga classes on The Titanic.

Meanwhile, I enclose a few of my attempts at relevance for your entertainment. As you can see, I am trying to tell Aryans that "it's later than you think". So far, I know of no one who has heeded my words. The main obstacle which I continue to see in Dynasophy is that it requires people to think. In my experience, most people would rather die than think. Our participation in the wars of the 20th century bear that out, abundantly.

Remember: intelligence is in recognizing that a situation is serious, but not hopeless. Wisdom lies in recognizing that a situation is hopeless, but not serious. That is why I never feel downhearted. Thank you for some welcome intellectual exercise!


P.S.: Esperanto was indeed concocted by a jew. We have had international languages throughout history, such as Latin, French, English and, for the future, Spanish and Mandarin. English is an international language which originated from trade amongst German and Scandinavian tribes, which made English a natural outgrowth of the people using it. Esperanto lacks a bio-cultural heritage which trade languages like Swahili, Chalapalapa and the lingua franca of the Mediterranean have. I have never encountered a speaker of Esperanto who was not a commie or a jew, so I would not care to learn it. Were it used as a primary language, it would effectively cut off one's contact with his own bio-cultural heritage. Translating Shakespeare or Cervantes into Esperanto would be another opportunity for Orwellian-style censorship, which is being done in our electronic and printed media via rewriting and retranslating of texts. I suppose we could study Esperanto, while we re-arrange the deckchairs on The Titanic, but it's just more time-wasting tedium with no effect on biopolitics and demographic realities.

Eric Thomson