E.T. letter #50831

Dear Robert:                               31 Aug 95 (Use as you see fit.)

I perused the Bradley Smith newsletter and noted the snide and verbose stuff of David Cole, who attacks everyone else, including Dr. Faurisson and Fred Leuchter. (Mr. Cole was the darling jew-revisionist that Ernst Zündel championed, and supported. Both Cole and Smith are bugs in bed with the I.H.R. – Ed.) He appears to deny the Auschwitz/Birkenau gas chambers, but posits the existence of a Struthof gas chamber in which "it's highly likely that 87 jews were gassed." He finds Nazi and alleged Nazi references to jews "damning" and this brings us to a major issue which is studiously overlooked by so-called revisionists, but is mentioned by Nolte, the German historian: National Socialism was the German reaction against jewish communism. If the jews as a nation within the German nation were so benign, as propagandists suggest, then why did the Germans so prosper once they had removed jewish domination from their society?

As I said to Bradley Smith: Once you got rid of the Holohoax, what would one find wrong with the National Socialist programme? Bradley is an anarchist, so he naturally hates all other political philosophies, especially those which consider the needs of the society or community beyond those of the individual. He sees order as tyranny and I wonder how he will react when he is finally faced with the 'Libertarian' anarchy he so desires. He likes race-mixing (married to a mestizo – Ed.) and foolishly seems to like jews, so he faults National Socialism on those counts, also.

It is long overdue that N.S. be placed into a historical context, rather than a polemical, propagandistic diatribe, but World War II, which was a continuation of W.W. I, is still being fought with other weapons and tactics. The Allied animosity remains, even more virulent than in 1939. I pointed that out in my video-taped interview with Ewald Althans (a young German – Ed) in The World's Biggest Bookstore in Toronto, which I gave in my fractured German. (Mr. Althans is also another one of Mr. Zundel's darlings, whom he generously supported. Mr. Althans, a questionable neo- Nazi, publicly announced to the German youth that he was a homosexual. When accused of "anti-Semitism", he promptly declared that he had a jewish uncle. So much for this "great White hope". – Ed.)

As a child of W.W. II, I remembered my family's exposure to wartime propaganda: It came in the form of our daily newspaper, books which we did not buy or read, the radio, on which we listened to classical music, rarely newscasts and movies and magazines. We were too poor to see many movies and we did not subscribe to weekly magazines like The Saturday Evening Post until after the war. So much for our exposure to wartime propaganda! Ah, but after the war and the advent of TV, the deluge began. We could watch all the wartime movies we had missed. What a treat it was to see "Days of Glory", starring a very jewish-looking, young Gregory Peck and "Casablanca", as well as an inconceivably ridiculous film on the OSS, starring the actor who played the lead in "Shane". (Alan Ladd – Ed.) Those 3 films I had seen in the company of my parents and it is nice to get a closer look at those German bogeymen who had so scared me as a tot: they were all jews! Otto Preminger just loved to play S.S. officers. What a good villain he made! The propaganda techniques were entertaining and informative, as I viewed these films 40 years later: black and white film was excellent to portray menace and gloom. I saw a colorized version of one W.W. II film and the postcard quality of the production greatly detracted from the oppressive atmosphere of an occupied town in Norway. The use of camera angles and closeups was a science in itself. This allowed great economy in the construction of sets. A "Russian country scene" in "Days of Glory" was obviously a small set on a sound-stage in California. One saw a rustic cabin and portion of a rail fence, with two jews in costumes pretending to be Russians. The key prop which produced the exotic impression of "Russia" was a large wooden spoon which one of the jews wielded during his borscht belt burlesque 'shtick'. The Germans are portrayed as hordes, masses, and they wear greatcoats and W.W. I helmets of the sort Darth Vader would like. As soon as they are disarmed, they become quivering, craven cowards, whining and pleading for mercy, but when they have a gun, they are full of pompous, arrogant, gloating, villainous menace!

Lots of action occurred in darkness. This allows a wide choice of location, covers lots of potential bloopers and gives a suitable atmosphere of menace. With maturity, I note the improbable 'German' uniforms and all the W.W. I equipment, most of which was Allied and not German. I note the characteristic boilers and configurations of American locomotives and some very imaginative vehicles which were supposedly "German tanks". I recognize locations in far-off "Russia" or "France" as places in the San Fernando valley!

The propagandistic use of numbers was notable: in "Days of Glory", the 'gallant Soviet Allies' are always out-numbered by the Germans and in the Norwegian farce, starring Errol Flynn, the 'German' commander complains of the endless "hordes" of Norwegians! How many Norwegians comprise a "horde"? Six or 12? There aren't many to go around. When I was in Sweden, I was told that its population was around 5 million, about the same as the population of Los Angeles! Norway has even fewer people to provide those "endless hordes", heh, heh. As far as Germans out-numbering the Soviet hordes, give me a break! (Almost every W.W.II battle, on the Western Front, had the Germans out-numbered by at least 3:1. On the Russian Front, ratios of 24:1 were noted. The Americans never invaded any Japanese-held island unless the invasion force was at least 6 times as great. This war was won by the side who could afford the greater loss of life. God is always on the side with the larger armies. – Ed.)

But the American audience was too ignorant and lazy to know or to care. As one U.S. state dept. zogling said when a reporter asked if the U.S. under Reagan had not erred by attacking Libya, instead of Syria, over an alleged terror-bombing in a G.I. pub in Berlin, the state dept. zogling replied: "Oh, Libya, Syria, the American people don't know the difference and they don't care!" Now, if Arabs are deemed to be human, what is one to think about people who would drop bombs on the wrong Arab country and who could care less? Isn't this a "crime against humanity"? What of Ronnie Reagan, the U.S. president and commander-in-chief of the armed forces who ordered an act of war against Libya without declaring war? Isn't that a crime under international law? It used to be.

I get a wry grin every time I reflect on George Bush's declaration of a "kinder and gentler America", just before the U.S. bombed the hell out of Iraq! I would like to see how a "meaner and rougher America" would differ. I note that the chief U.S. representatives to China were Messrs. Tarhoff and Sasser. No goyim need apply. There is no ZOG, eh?

As I said in our phone conversation, I foresee a return to feudalism as the ZOG empire disintegrates. Most people are followers, not leaders and this makes democracy a farce, with its insistence on all citizens' "equality". It will be along the lines of "No Blade of Grass" and "The Poseidon Adventure". Pick the wrong leader and you die. It will be as simple and brutal as that. Feudalism requires that the leaders must always consider the needs of the followers and the latter must obey the orders of the former. The leader's job is unenviable. As an ex-Indian Army officer told me: "In the cavalry, the first duty of the men is to look after the horses; the officer's duty is to look after the men and, if there is any time left, to look after himself."

Japan has a feudal society, which proves that a society with such values can be as 'modern' in terms of productivity and technology as any other, except, of course, a 'society' of anarchists. Feudalism was the natural response to the breakup of Roman law and order. Roving bandits pillaged the peasants at will, until the peasants chose suitable leaders and defenders to repel these incursions. In Weimar Germany, farmers fed the hungry soldiers in exchange for their protection against the murderous Reds. Obviously, feudalism works and seems to be a natural 'fall-back' position of societies which suffer from too much 'libertarianism' and banditry . As I foresee events, I would deem feudalism to be the social system of the near future. The ZOG objects to it, of course. Separatists of all types, from the communes of Koresh to the cabin of Weaver are potentially independent political/economic units. They are the future. The ZOG is the past. ZOG values are strictly materialist. Feudal values are folkish, a community-oriented and put duty foremost. A leader who can he bribed can be a traitor to his followers and get them all killed. A leader cannot long be a leader if he lacks intelligence, virtue and strength of character. Machiavelli advised "The Prince" to be wise as well as ruthless. The ZOG's minions are mercenaries. He warned the prince not to rely on them, for "They are costly when not needed and they run away when they are sorely needed."

Ernst had the services of idealistic volunteers. When he alienated them, he threw away something precious. "They were 'just' volunteers," he said. But those are the people whom a commander or leader prizes most of all, if he is sane. What can we conclude in regard to E.Z.?

Personal quality and character mean everything and the day will come when a man's word is worth more than money. Worthless people will not long survive when the crunch comes, as it surely is. The 3rd World War is taking place on our streets and doorsteps. The enemy does not wave foreign flags. The enemy has captured our governments from the top down. We are seeing The Jew World Disorder taking shape, first as a trickle, then as a torrent. A perceptive doctor can diagnose chicken-pox from one or two spots without waiting for them to appear all over the patient's body. So it is with bio-politics. All one needs to do is to look at the population on the streets and in public places. When one notes their behavior, it is simple arithmetic to project the future of this society or any other. The growing masses I see cannot contribute to civilization. They can only destroy it. The defenders of civilization must destroy them and/or drive them out of our countries. If not, we and our civilization shall perish. It has happened elsewhere and it can happen and is happening here. Historians will view National Socialism as a "kinder, gentler" solution to these problems than the ones we shall find necessary.

Under ZOG, I foresee a great process of disintegration, destruction and death in the making. Growing disorder will disrupt the power supply, as well as the supply of water and food. The disorder will increase as mass die-off from thirst, hunger and disease will begin. I would gladly trade my nasty crystal ball for one that would pick up a rose-colored, Pollyanna channel, but I must report what I can see with what I've got. The near future will have great changes, indeed, and few of them comfortable. Exciting, yes, but not comfortable. The judeo-capitalist system of creating artificial markets with tax-payers' money, which transfer goods and services to the increasing number of drones and predators in our society and elsewhere cannot last much longer. The Asians will not allow themselves to be taxed, robbed and raped as do the White wimps. They see no reason to cozen and coddle swarms of parasitic, predacious Black and mestizo 'pets', as do the White wimps.

The official U.S. prison population is 5.1 million. When it gets to 6 million, will the 'gassing' begin? Certain states are reintroducing the prison labor of the chain-gang variety. Busting rocks is a form of therapy which is very educational for apes who were not content to live off welfare, but why should they be in our society at all? They share our goods, but not our values. There is no such thing as 'cheap labor', especially prison labor. If that were different, the Gulag Society of the USSR would have paid its way. Instead, it incurred huge debts from its bankster-founders, who were really robbers and not real businessmen. Real businessmen maintain a going concern; jew banksters take control in order to loot the enterprise, as we saw most recently with Milken and Boesky. Once again, we see that heredity is paramount.

Consider also the fauna of Africa: African elephants are useless for work. Asian elephants are prized for work. African bees are noted for stings, rather than honey. European bees live in a productive symbiosis with their keepers. African bees destroy European bees and steal their honey, just as African Blacks destroy and loot European-style societies. Blacks do not raise bees in Africa, they raid the wild hives. This practice is suggested as being why African bees are so vicious. The White beekeeper takes some of the honey. The Black raiders take all they can get, leaving none for the bees to live on. There is a moral to this story. A Black will kill the goose which lays the golden eggs. A jew will torture it to death. A mestizo will mug it and the Asian will pluck its feathers. The White will feed it and breed it so that more golden egg-layers are produced. Who indeed is more in harmony with Nature? The Whites are the golden geese of this planet and everyone else knows this. That is why they use our technology and invade our living space so they can better live off us. Meanwhile, the colored hordes prate to us of the 'superiority' of their cultures! Our problem is that we choose to believe them – those 'noble' savages, just as we accepted alien creeds like "Christianity". Where do Whites get their masochism? Is it in our genes or is it inculcated by our Zionist rulers? No doubt, we shall see how history unfolds over the next few centuries or even sooner.

A local yokel asked me what nationality a glib-talking peddler could be and I said he was probably a Gypsy. "Gee, I don't think we have many of them out here," she said, "there were lots of them in Nebraska, where I come from. Aren't they neat people? A nation without a country." I said there were certainly lots of Gypsies in this state (Washington – Ed.) and asked if she had read about the big theft ring which police cracked by raiding half a dozen Gypsy houses where loot has stashed. Now the Gypsies are suing the respective authorities for 'discrimination', at tax-payers' expense, of course. I mentioned their origins and how they began to swindle the Spaniards, centuries ago, by claiming they had been expelled from their country, "Little Egypt", by the Moslems, so they needed donations to help them "reconquer" their lost territory for Christianity. In Paris and other European cities, they harass and rob tourists by swarming them, taking whatever they can grab. They live off welfare, steal and swindle, wherever they go. The Dutch masochists offered all of them Dutch citizenship some years ago, but they refused. "Do they make a contribution to our society?", I asked the Gypsy-loving woman. She said nothing. I concluded by saying: "Gypsies are just jews who didn't make it because they didn't get into the money-lending racket." This just proves Bakunin's adage that small crooks rob banks and big crooks establish them!

World Wars I and II used nationalism to destroy nationalism on behalf of the banksters and the judeo-capitalists. The intriguing aspect of these conflicts is that everyone used appeals to nationalism in order to get people to fight. Even so-called international communism in the USSR dropped its unrealistic appeals to "working-class solidarity" and proclaimed the defence of "Mother Russia". Stalin even reintroduced czarist-style insignia on the military uniforms. The pseudo-nationalism of the multi-national USA was propagandized for all it was worth. All the "Why We Fight" posters, etc., showed White Anglo-types. What an economy would have been achieved if the same propagandists had offered the same stuff in German with slightly different uniforms! The Germans would have bought it. Such a deal! As David Irving and Douglas Reed pointed out, these wars were fought for reasons other than those we were told of. The proof is in the results.

FDR crowed that "Things in politics don't happen by chance, they are made to happen the way they do." Now, we see that colored nationalism is permissible, although regrettable, but White nationalism is absolutely sinful. French people have no right to keep France French; Germans have no right to keep Germany German and even Poland cannot be Polish. Why is White nationalism so bad? Because it leads to National Socialism ("Fascism" as the judeo-commies purposely miscall it). What is bad about National Socialism? It involves policies which lead to the independence and the survival of White people. The logical conclusion is that it is sinful for White people to survive at all. Time to wake up, Whitey! The intriguing point to hear in mind is this: People fight best for their own people. They do not fight very well for "Internationalism", as we saw in World War I and in the U.N. "peace-keeping" missions of recent date.

The concept of "Americanism" is becoming so diluted that White people may no longer be suckered into the identification of "American interests" with White interests. Black people caught on to the ZOG's propaganda long before we did, although some perceptive Whites did notice that the Civil War was "a rich-man's war and a poor-man's fight." We aren't quite as dumb as we so often appear to be, at least, not always. The White man's problem is that he gets too involved tinkering under the hood of his car to care who is in the driver's seat. Time to grow up! The jews see us as a bunch of strong, gullible, playful children, when they do not dismiss us as a bunch of cattle. Why do we so often 'live down' to their expectations? Each of us has the power to correct our own behavior. If every White were to do this, there would be no jew problem.