10 Feb 96

Dear Robert:

The telecom bill passed and the Internet operators appear to be in the mood to challenge its censorship provisions in regard to porno. A compromise may be reached: the jews can have their porno and they can censor political views which displease them. Such a good deal that would be. I guess the intention will be to challenge the provision in court as was done when it was attempted to censor jewish porno-mags a few decades ago. If the Christian censors have their way, all public discourse would be reduced to the level of 2 year olds, although as the level of general intelligence declines, that may be unavoidable in a few more decades.

News Flash: A recent article in the Yakima Herald-Republic reveals that the entire "Yakima Indian Nation" is mestizo: anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 White to 1/8 "Indian". The similarity with Mexico is getting closer and closer, for an "Indio" or "Indian" of Mexico is defined as someone who wears sandals and speaks a village dialect, rather than Spanish and who thinks of himself as an "Indio". Otherwise the entire Mexican population is mestizo, including the "Indios". Basically, the so-called Indians are this country's 1st welfare bums. Time for a change! The Chinese conquerors of this continent will give these decadent savages short shrift indeed: no workee, no eatee! They may come to worship the good times they enjoyed under "the White gods" who sailed away somewhere, just as did the Incas and Aztecs. The so-called Indians of this continent are the last people enjoying an apartheid system. When Whitey's civilization collapses, as every one has done in the past, everyone now on welfare will be very much out in the cold. The pendulum is swinging back to the bad old days of l9th century judeo-capitalism and the 'robber barons' or 'malefactors of great wealth' will have yellow faces. The slogan of this new era will be Caveat Emptor, as we see already. One recent example is the airplane crash near the Dominican Republic: the German tour company got the cheapest airfare because it used the cheapest crews and the cheapest maintenance, i.e. Turkish-owned planes which were serviced by Dominican mestizos, sambos and mulattos. The sharks were the real beneficiaries of the new, free, multi-national capitalism. This system is prone to massive abuse (l) because of limited liability (2) because of jurisdictional boundaries which multi-national companies leap over and (3) because holding companies of holding companies create an impenetrable subterfuge for those attempting to assign responsibility for abuses. In regard to limited liability, such companies are known in Latin America as "Sociedad Anonima" (anonymous society), which describes them very accurately. As one history professor used to say, "Distance disinfects dividends." We are thus entering an era of global, anonymous irresponsibility in which such cutthroats as the Borgias would feel quite at home. Everything and everyone is for sale. This system will implode upon itself, as it did in ancient Rome and those who cannot be bought will become a people's most precious assets. As race and portions thereof become more and more the criterion for hiring and academic preference, it will be necessary to have DNA tests to classify people according to their exact racial composition. The present birth certificates which say "white", "negro", "asian", etc. are sloppy and inaccurate. If, for example, one can prove that one's children are 1/4 Amerasian, they need not be bused to Black schools for 'racial balance', i.e. mugging and raping. Even the Nazis never approached such exactitude. Jews can call themselves non-Whites and thus avoid any charge that they are not exercising "affirmative action requirements". I don't know how they can claim to be male and female so as to avoid the gender quotas, but they may do that too, as Dustin Hoffman did in one movie. I am beginning to agree with Robert (Frenz) that America is indeed a vast, open-air insane asylum, run by the inmates.

The local flood danger appears to be diminished and I note another aspect of declining intelligence in America: civil engineers do not take flooding into account when they lay out new highways and builders put suburbs into low lying flood plains along river banks. Result: all major highways were blocked by flooding and washouts throughout Washington State. Few, if any, railroads got blocked, although one did suffer a mudslide, because early engineers took floods into account. Older city centers remain high and dry, but the suburbs generally got a deep soaking. One small town has been a laughing stock for decades because its founders built a deep, ugly concrete-lined drainage ditch through the middle of the town. Morons and idiots recommended it be filled in, but this year, the ditch saved the town as a raging torrent passed through it, almost up to the top of the ditch. Give it a few years and the morons and idiots will demand it be filled in again! Mental defectives usually have short memories, as well as short or nonexistent foresight. Our ancestors may have been more primitive, but they were generally smarter then we are. Elmer Pendell, author of "Sex vs. Civilization", claims that the earliest Cro-Magnons were far more intelligent than we are, but they started with far less than we have. The wonder is that they survived at all. One fellow scoffed at this idea, until I asked him how long he thought he would be able to survive if he were cast naked into the wilderness and forced to rely upon himself to obtain food, clothing, weapons, fire and shelter. What good would his knowledge of our present civilization do for him? The fact that we consume many things does not mean that we have the slightest idea nor means to create for ourselves the items upon which we depend for our survival. A trapper or hunter knows the basics, but how many of such people do we know? Not very many! Imagine if we had to learn such skills from scratch: to fashion spears, bows and arrows, fishnets and hooks from the natural environment; to learn how to make traps and where to set them, etc. Even city folk with all the means often lack the strength and skill necessary to track and shoot a deer with a modern rifle. How vulnerable we are and how arrogant! Pendell describes civilization as "cumulative", the useful and wonderful artifacts thereof are created by what he calls "problem solvers". Civilizations are destroyed by the proliferation of "problem-makers", who are becoming more and more easily identified, just as we become more and more insistent that they must be protected! All civilizations self-destruct when they love their enemies. Even if all of us were Eagle Scouts and graduates of the Air Force Survival School, not many of us would survive by catching our living from the wilderness. We know the land's carrying capacity for so many fish, so many deer, so many beaver, etc., just as we know our daily food requirements. The Amerasians misnamed "Indians" had all the requisite hunting and fishing skills and their numbers were few, as compared to now, thanks to the technology and agriculture of the "White gods". The Morgenthau projection for an agrarian Germany's population was 1/3 of its industrialized population and a projection of a hunting and gathering society would be no more than 1/4 or 1/3 of an agrarian society's population. I am told that "Aryan" is derived from "arable", although we cannot be sure of that. What we can be sure of is that the early Aryans knew how to farm crops and raise domestic animals, which fed them better than a hunting and gathering economy. With food surplus comes civilization. Savagery relates to food-scarcity, unless we are talking about Blacks and mestizos whose behavior doesn't change, no matter how well-fed they may be.

It is 5:30 P. M. and I just heard 13 fast gunshots which sounded like a .38 or a 9 mm. pistol firing in the neighborhood. Also sirens followed and we probably won't read about it in the local "news" paper either. "All quiet on the Western Front", eh?

Ron, the ex-activist of Zündel's Samisdat, reports that the job situation in Soviet Canuckistan is rapidly deteriorating: GM announced that they were seeking workers in Oshawa and 25,000 people eagerly applied, only to discover that GM was merely canvassing for potential labor pool members for temporary employment, should a need arise. He said not one applicant was actually hired. Ron's friends and acquaintances are being laid off and new industrial plants which never got to full capacity are closing down. Ron drove over 800 miles recently in pursuit of job prospects: lots of hunting but no gathering. Free trade put the dumb Goyim out on a very slim limb, indeed. Jewsmedia pundits are striving to identify "free trade" with "political freedom". If one thinks that a "free for all" in a tavern equates with "freedom", then go for it! Political freedom can come only from independence and independence can come only from self-sufficiency. A high standard of living comes from high real wages, not from high unemployment and 'cheap' imports. Poverty is a poor basis for 'freedom' and this is what 'free trade' will bring. The rich who are getting richer and fewer cannot and will not create a prosperous, orderly and free society. They will merely recreate the Turd World conditions we see in most non-White countries. Toronto already had White rickshaw-pullers when I was there: the transportation of the future. As we learned in the l9th century and forgot in a few decades, unregulated capitalism permits monopolies and monopolies are anything but freedom. As John D. Rockefeller alias "Wreckafeller" used to proclaim: "Competition is a sin!" The most recent example of this credo was revealed by an Archer Daniels Midland executive who blew the whistle on this food giant and now lives in fear of his life: "Our competitor is our friend. The customer is our enemy." He disclosed a massive price-fixing conspiracy, but nothing has been done about it, at least to my knowledge. Remember: big business owns big government. This means we have the best government money can buy, heh, heh.

It's now 10:10 p.m. For the past 20 minutes I have heard all manner of sirens including fire, police and ambulances. I don't own a police radio scanner, but I don't need to, for I can accurately guess the routine nature of the calls in my neighborhood. I also know that the shootings and muggings will increase as the weather warms up. It always reminds me of "Cocktails for Two" by Spike Jones with his sound effects, heh, heh. I guess we can become accustomed to most anything. Oldtimers say Yakima wasn't like this until the Mexicans came. Now people can't imagine Yakima without Mestizo-bandidos firing their pistolas, and no one wants to be called a "racist".

On the AIDS front, I just read an article about an HIV+ stud who didn't care who he was infecting. He was "irresistible" to women and infected at least 4, one of whom died of AIDS. Someone put a period to his lifestyle: a bullet in one shoulder (to get his attention?) and one in the back of the head. Police have so many possible motives: his house was next to a drug-dealer's; he was a possible gang member; he may have done a bad drug deal; oh yes,it could be a revenge killing, since the infected girlfriends had other boyfriends. Yeah, could be... No races mentioned, however one can guess they ain't White. "I infect, therefore I am" is their motto. All this ZOG'swallup, as opposed to codswallop, that AIDS-carriers must be treated like healthy people is mere whistling in the wind. If I got infected by a knowing AIDS-carrier, revenge is the first thing that would enter my mind and I am fairly civilized, as you may agree. Of course, I'm not a 'swinger', so variety in girlfriends is not my style and never was. Those who do believe that "variety is the spice of life" may seek the sort of revenge which the law will not allow. It is generally perceived that one gets no satisfaction from courts, as per the O.J. case, so more and more 'para legal' resolutions will occur. The police will just have to stand aside to avoid getting hit. More and more people will be armed, so disputes can be settled on the spot. Muggers will file civil rights suits against prospective victims who pulled guns on them. It reminds me of the comedy-satire, "The President' s Analyst", in which some 'typical' American liberals are always armed with .357 magnums (designed to stop a moving car by shattering the engine block!) and regularly take karate lessons. "Why all the guns?" asks James Coburn, who plays the 'analyst'. "To protect us from the fascists!" says the liberal housewife. "Fascists?" asks Coburn in wonderment. "Yes," says the woman. "I've even have them in our neighborhood. There they are: right across the street. See, they have an American flag in their front yard." If you get a chance to rent the video, you might enjoy seeing it.

I enclose with the latest news clippings from The Wall St. Journal an amusing and informative article about the legal struggle over the movie, "Easy-Rider", a motorcycle-hippie movie starring two forgettable actors who organized production in much the way we have seen revisionists 'organize' things. The article concludes: "Ego über alles", referring to the origin of the conflict. They definitely have the makings of revisionists! Government truly exists in the minds of the governed. As the social consensus disintegrates because of demographic differences, government, particularly on the federal level, becomes just one more interest group vying for favor and attention amongst others. The U.S. Government is becoming cut off from the people, isolated and irrelevant. It is seen as a taker of livelihood and a maker of trouble by the ordinary people I talk to. Thousands of Mexicans have no love for it nor its minions. Thousands of Blacks see it as "the Great Satan", even as they draw their welfare cheques. The Waco incident reminded me of the Japanese attempt to impose their 'government' upon the huge territory and population of China. Since they were too few to occupy the territory they had conquered, they sent in columns of troops to terrorize the Chinese and to show them who was boss by killing large numbers of them (a drop in the ocean). One Japanese acquaintance of mine said his cousin was drafted for service in China and the sergeant blooded the recruits by having them bayonet Chinese villagers who purportedly 'resisted' by not complying with some order. His cousin bayonetted around 300 quietly standing Chinese villagers one afternoon. All were killed and not a bullet was wasted, he said. Oriental finesse, eh? The USZOG entity prefers to cremate resisters: Bob Mathews, Gordon Kahl, the Symbionese, MOVE and Waco-wackos. It is more spectacular and convenient for zoglings than using bayonets, especially when some of the victims may shoot back in self-defense. But, this territory is rapidly becoming ungovernable, thanks to USZOG's very own policies. Bombing is not the same as governing, but I'm afraid ZOG still has not learned this. When there is mayor disagreement on the justness of government and growing dislike of its policies, plus a growing number of alien, conflicting interest groups, the minds of the governed can no longer be relied upon by the government, which must increasingly back its wishes with force and terror, and this is a vicious circle that only further erodes the government's perceived legitimacy amongst a conflict-ridden, polyglot, multiracial society. The fear I see in the faces of the ATF members reflects their knowledge that they are the fish in a growingly hostile sea, to use the metaphor of Mao Tse Tung. I would be fearful too, if I didn't know who I was fighting for! USZOG's rule is "every man for himself". Is this the sort of revisionist team spirit which can win against indeterminate odds? I would not like to occupy their shoes. They are mercenary minions indeed. People are different in important respects. The Khazar kikes found the Arabs to be far less compliant than their Slav-slave population of the USSR and satellites; next they will find that it will be difficult to impose an Orwellian "New World Order" on the American madhouse, especially when they intend using madhouse inmates to enforce it! To quote the Chinese military strategist, Sun Tzu, the government is behaving like "mad bandits", which is perfectly fitting, for that is the nature and composition of the ZOG.

Dr. Kevorkian's jury-selection process may not be as easy for the defense as was Mr. Morgenthaler's in Toronto. As I see it, people who favor abortion and euthanasia comprise one "nation" and people who object to both comprise another: just as Black juries ere likely to find Black defendants "innocent", the selection of jury members is all-important. The insistence of the ZOG in refusing to recognize these major social differences is making government irrelevant, just as the Italian government became irrelevant to the real constituencies in Italy before Mussolini. State jurisdictions do not relate to interest groups who live in every state. The best example of extra-constitutional corporate statism is, of course, the formation of the Democrat and Republican parties, for the U.S. Constitution makes no provision for parties! The issue of abortion, euthanasia, or race-mixing is one of consent. If I decide to race-mix, buy dope or take a nonhabit-forming Kevorkian cureall, I affect myself directly, my dependent offspring next and pass the social costs on to society, if any. Those who do not believe in abortion, euthanasia, dope, race-mixing, etc. will not engage in such, so they do not need laws to enforce their behavior. The question is their right to make laws for those who want what they do not. If I have to pay for drug-takers and race-mixers and am forced to live amongst such bipeds, then I have this right. If we were able to live amongst people who thought and behaved as we do, there would be no need to enact and enforce laws against others. Such a grouping of like-minded people is called a "community". Rather than attempt to legislate others' behavior, we need to establish communities of interest. A Sondernegerrauschgiftträger (Special nigger dope pusher) who wishes to enter an anti-dope community could be summarily killed by any member of that community. Under the present system, he would be killed and the killer charged with murder and found innocent by a jury of his 'peers'. In Rhodesia, we had such a system of free choice: Whites lived in White areas which were legally designated as such; Blacks lived in their areas which comprised 52 percent of the country's land, and race-mixers lived in "multi-racial areas". Thus, in one country, 3 types of antagonistic life styles coexisted in peace, under a White government, which undermined its position only because it provided the fast-breeding Blacks with food and services which caused their population to explode. As usual, Whitey was his own undoing. The U.S. began as small colonies or communities of religious fanatics. If one were about to be condemned as a heretic in one town, he just moved (very quickly) to one in which his views or lack thereof were tolerated. People who weren't sure how long their views were going to be tolerated might choose to live in a seaport, in case they had to make a fast and long getaway, heh, heh. This explains to some extent the liberal nature of seaports, as opposed to landlocked communities. As usual, I am not positing utopias, but basing my projections upon historical examples. Kurt Vonnegut lives in a little town in hayseed country because he foresees the violent self-destruction of American society along racial lines. He mentioned one incident in which a couple of marauding Blacks were found dangling from the local railroad trestle. I'm sure the message got around in 'superstud' circles that the White daughters of that village were not 'up for grabs'. Unlike Keegstra's "community", no one has abandoned the town's 'welcome committee' to the ZOG, at least not yet, for the ZOG offers lavish cash rewards to finks and if the community defenders blab once in the wrong place, a fink will do his thing. I am still waiting for one member of the Ohio National Guard to blab about those responsible for shooting some rioting hebes and mestizos Kent State campus back in the 1960s. So far, silence. Whitey can keep his trap shut when it is important, it appears. The supposedly political blight wing could learn much from ordinary, 'apolitical' people. Unfortunately, blightwingers think that anything they don't know ain't worth knowing.

All the best! Eric