Dear FAEM,

I Just heard a funny program on my favorite commie radio station ("National" "Public" Radio). These are misnomers, since the program content is not "national" and it is not "public" because it is overseen by a jew and may be owned by one, as in the case of "Public Broadcasting Service", another misnomer and quite kosher. In this particular program, a "nice" jewish boy who runs a chamber orchestra in the Jew-Ess-Eh thinks "peace", pronounced "piss" by Israelis, can be achieved if people forget their "differences" so as to realize that "everyone is really the same". He tours the Middle East in search of musicians with "soul" and "openness" who are young Arabs and jews. These "marks" are brought to a swank U.S. resort where they can play music and "schmooze" with the jews. In such an artificial environment, where there are no children, no parents, no relatives, no government, no culture and no rivalry over precious land and resources, some of these young Arabs think that "jews are their friends". Hyenas which have just gorged themselves on carrion may be thought of as languid, lazy carefree critters, too. I am amazed, not that the young Arabs are sometimes taken in by this jew-screw, but that we are supposed to believe that "world peace" is just a party away from reality. Hey, everyone come in, get some cake and ice cream, but leave your identities at the door! A revisionist cynic might ask, "O.K., who's paying for this spread?" I see you, Mr. Jew! The bias of the program was that Arabs must learn to live in "piss" with the jewish usurpers. As usual, the hebes are 'right' in all they do, and everyone maliciously wants to "poisecute" them. Oy vey!

I enclose the mysterious letter on the "2020 Neural Chip Implant" for your information. One concept of evolution posits the eventual replacement of man by machine, but in the interim, some "cyborg" combination may be created, as depicted in movies like Robocop and Blade Runner. Yes, it can be done, but should it? We are well aware of human limitations, for our machines were invented to surpass us in performance and output. Our machines can do more, go faster and work day and night, with less 'down-time' than humans. But, people still have capabilities which even machines would envy, were they subject to such emotions.

The hottest job I know of was the replacement of firebricks in a hot smelter furnace. This was done by a team of White men wearing terry-cloth sweat suits and tennis shoes. Each man would trot in with a new firebrick, lay it in place and trot back out, then the next man would go in. I asked the smelter foreman why they did not use a machine to do the job. He answered curtly: "Machines would melt."

Another "piss" gimmick cooked up by the jews is that all conflicts are due to "misunderstanding". Every mugging victim must learn that he has been bashed and fleeced because there is a "misunderstanding" between him and the mugger. How'd you like to buy this neat bridge in Brooklyn?

Our situation is hopeless, but not yet serious.

Best regards, Eric