3 June 1997

Dear Robert:

I do not know where Yuriy Kirienko gets his information about the history of the U.S.-backed Red Empire. My information comes from U.S. archives, French, British, Canadian and German writers, plus the Soviet Military Intelligence officer who writes under the name of Surorov. Mr. Kirienko seems confused as to the racial background of every Soviet secret police chief. I recall that he called Yezhov a Gentile. This was in fact the jew poison dwarf who headed the Cheka, the predecessor of the NKVD and the KGB, all of which have never had a Goy chief. The most recent KGB head, to my knowledge was "Andropov", whose real name was Lieberman. Stalin, whom he styles as a great anti-jew, is one more Bolshevik alias. Stalin's real name was Djugashvili, which means "son of a jew" in the Georgian (Khazar) dialect. "Stalin's" double was a jew who was born in Tiflis, Georgia, the same as "Stalin's" birthplace. Much has been made of "Stalin's" anti-jewish policies. Yes, he did kill some jews, including Trotsky (Lev Davidovich Bronstein), but the possible hundred of them who died during the Moscow show trials of the 1930s were nothing, as compared to the Gentiles who were put to death, including at least 30 million Ukrainians, who were deemed "kulaks" or bigots who did not like collective farming. As far as mass-murder goes, The Guinness Book of Records ranks Stalin after Mao and Mao after Genghis Khan, who made pastures out of great cities. The Soviet general, under Stalin, who created such atrocities in East Prussia was a jew, who merely carried out Stalin's propagandist, Ilya Ehrenburg's well-known urgings to do so. I saw a recent series of interviews of jews in Moscow who were asked about Stalin. This was just prior to the collapse of the USSR, so Stalin was long gone: "Ja, Stalin war sehr gut für uns, die Juden," said one old jew. I translate from the yiddish, which I understand from my knowledge of German. In English, the old jew said that Stalin was very good for the jews. He was not alone in his praise for Stalin's rule. So far, the only Goy ever to praise Stalin is Mr. Kierenko. He is correct in describing the Kaiser's government as being riddled with jews and freemasons. The Kaiser was a freemason and his minister of war and minister of state was the jew, Bethmann-Hollweg. The Kaiser's jew-freemasonic government arranged for the jew, Vladimir Illych Ulanov, alias Lenin, and his henchmen to leave Switzerland and travel by train to St. Petersburg. This would have been a clever tactic, were the kosher commissars not backed by the full force of international jewry, the international banksters, the U.S.A. and Britain. Remember? The jew, Karl Mordecai, alias Karl Marx, is buried in London, England. Lenin et al, did exactly what the Kaiser's government wanted them to do. They kicked out the pro-allied jew, Kerensky, whom I met in California in 1956, and dropped out of the war, enabling the Germans to transfer their armies onto the Western Front in time for the Ludendorff Offensives. In Germany, National Socialism was the German's reaction to jewish betrayal in WW I and jewish Communism immediately thereafter. Mr. Kirienko says that the National Socialistic hierarchy were a bunch of jews, one-half jews and freemasons. I would even throw in many Communists, Jesuits and other traitors. Whatever the genealogy of the Third Reich's leaders, we can only judge them by their fruits, as the jew-book says. Stalin fully intended to do what Trotsky has failed to do: conquer all of Western Europe! I heard this first from a German high-altitude aerial reconnaissance observer. He said that the Soviet rail system had been converted into a gigantic conveyor belt, with endless smoke of trains moving from east to west with weapons and munitions and then loading up with livestock, grain and factory machinery which was taken east, beyond the Urals. His observation was confirmed by a second German aerial observer. Suvorov confirmed their reports in his book "Der Eisbrecher", which is rare, but translated into English as "The Icebreaker", referring to Hitler. A traitor in the German embassy in Moscow ran to Stalin with the news of Germany's intended attack upon the USSR. Stalin replied, "There is nothing I can do. My invasion is already underway and I cannot speed it up." The Germans hit two-weeks before the Soviet war machine was ready to flood all of Europe! Franklin Roosevelt, the half-jew who wanted to be America's Lenin, and the British, were fully prepared to 'give' Europe to the Stalinists. My British Foreign Office memos reveal this in regard to Poland, with the Baltic countries thrown in as small change. It was Hitler who saved Western Europe from Stalin's genocidal tyranny, nobody else. Stalin's disastrous military and economic policies, under his master, Kaganovich (a jew), had so seriously depleted the Soviet Union, that the Cold War was necessary to shore up this tottering, crippled monster, which remained to the end, "good for the jews." As I said to one German: if you embrace the USSR in opposition to the USA, you will just go from Satan's right hand to his left. Francis Parker Yockey correctly described the USA and the USSR as "The Enemies of Europe," although he felt that the USSR was the less pernicious, as I recall. The USSR was created by the USA, which fed and financed it from its inception. If the USSR were as jew-free as Mr. Kirienko likes to believe, I would have gone there to live. I was never allowed to visit the place, with my own funds and I got the bum's rush out of East germany on orders from the jew Mischa Wolf, the prosperous head of East German secret police of Stasi, who remains prosperous and unscathed to this very day.

Yours, as always, for Truth, Freedom and Justice!

Eric Thomson