An open letter.

Dear Frank Gordon:

Many thanks for sending me complimentary copies of Heritage Front Report! I read with great interest your experience with WW II media control in Soviet Canuckistan. It was no different in the land of Uszog, as I recall from my wartime experience as a child, and in my subsequent research. The propaganda avenues were few, but the control of the content made the message potent. I did a video presentation in German at The World's Biggest Bookstore in Toronto, in which I pointed out the huge amount of anti-German propaganda being put out in book form, in the movies, the newspapers, radio and TV. Only a small fraction of anti-German propaganda was produced during WW II compared to the deluge since then, which is growing exponentially at present. The message is now, as before: everyone must hate the Germans. Zionist occupation government propaganda in Germany teaches Germans to love everyone, but themselves. So it is with Zionist propaganda in all occupied countries: the Whites must love all non-Whites and hate themselves, while non-Whites are taught to hate Whites. If the 'hate' laws were enforced fairly, most jewsmedia would be charged with "genocide" against Whites.

Your previous article on money and banking was the best treatment I've seen, in regard to a subject which is usually laden with jew-jitsu, gold-buggery, labor theories of value and so-called social credit dogmas, none of which are correct. Your article avoids all the magical mystical mumbo-jumbo and clearly states the truth of the matter: that money REPRESENTS goods and services. No sovereign state can permit aliens to meddle with the supply or the value of its money, for by doing so, it forfeits its sovereignty, just as we did in 1913 by passing the Federal Reserve Act in the USA. I photocopied your article on money for the benefit of others whom I deem capable of understanding it.

The real blight of the blight wing, as I call it, is their arrogant ignorance about the very things they hold dearest: their jewish god and their jewish money. They know least about those things they love most. One local Whiteman heard the lamentations of the Birchers and the militia members, and he told them that "you are swatting at gnats while you are being trampled by elephants.

In my readings I have discovered predecessors who have attempted to warn fellow Whites about the same things we are still warning them about. It is exasperating to see, with 20-20 hindsight, how these great seers were ignored by the masses of asses, but it is gratifying to see that we are not alone in seeing the very things which now threaten our racial existence. Our message is as valid as it was a century ago ; a thousand years ago; 5000 years ago! The message remains valid, for it is Cosmic Truth. We must keep on transmitting it.

When I read your articles, I perceive a kindred spirit. It is good to know that we are not alone, and that others have gone before us; surely, others will continue after us. An older comrade said, "what you are saying is not original. It was said by so and so." When I said that I had never heard of so and so, nor read any of his writings, he was amazed, just as I was, at the congruence of my priorities and expressions. I had arrived at my conclusions on my own, so for me they were original. For my race, however, they were as old as time, and yet, as young as spring.

Carl Jung was correct in his perception of Racial Memory. Our Aryan ancestors wrote aeons ago: "From the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races; from the confusion of races, the loss of memory; from the loss of memory, the loss of understanding, and from this, all evil."

My encounters with jews in the course of my college studies was most informative. They all had problems with their "identity". "What's the matter?" I'd ask. "Did you lose your birth certificate?" They would give me a wry grin and say that I did not understand. I never had any doubt as to my identity. What a curse it is to be race-mixed, like jews. If you do not know who you are, you'll never really know what is good or bad for you. You are eternally at war with yourself and cannot trust yourself at any time. Another important thing I learned at college: we Goyim were there to study our subjects; the jews were there to study us! Truly, the jews have gained the world and lost their souls! I do not envy them, but it is my duty to combat them, on behalf of mankind in general, and on behalf of my Aryan race in particular, for the jew is chaos incarnate, and therefore anti-life. As I say, we are in a cosmic struggle of quality versus quantity; order versus chaos; life versus death.

Some say, "what good is knowledge if you cannot use it?" I reply that knowledge gives you the power to act correctly whenever the opportunity arises. It is thus better to have knowledge and not need it, than to need it and not have it. A further observation I pass on to you is that Truth can never make us free if we do nothing about it. Since politics (people-power) is the art of the possible, I am glad to see you doing what you can best do. Keep up the good work!

Eric Thomson 14 July 1997