26 OCT 98

Dear Mr. X:

Thank you for your letter of 19 Oct. I'm sorry that I am unable to contribute more essays to the reading public. The problem is not that I am not on the internet, nor is it the lack of a word-processor; nor the lack of paper; nor the scarcity of typewriter ribbon, ballpoint pen ink, etc. For me to write informed and informative essays, I need only time and money. The money is needed for me to live on and the time is what I need for writing. At present, the time I must spend earning a bare living eats up my productive writing time, so, no time, no essays. It is that simple. I have never received a dime for my articles and essays. Since the reading public wishes to be entertained without supporting their entertainers, they must wait until the source of their consumer amusement has time to put forth another effort on behalf of their largely anonymous titillation.

The cyber communications world has been quite disappointing in regard to feedback, with its potentials of networking and organization-building. Yours is exactly the 4th letter I have ever received from a reader on the internet. As Willi Krämer, one of Dr. Goebbels' secretaries told me: the purpose of communicating political ideas is to build a political movement. If my goal were to write for purposes of amusement, I would demand payment up front. Since my goal is to contribute in some way toward the survival of Aryan Man, I consider my work a sacred duty, as well as a natural expression of my literary abilities, such as they are.

I agree with your observations on Christianity as the bane of Aryan Man. I think you will find similar views expressed in my essay "true jews" et al. I opined in that essay that it is unlikely that someone who cannot think logically could be a pure Aryan, and that jew-cults and their adherents are un-Aryan, regardless of the physical appearance of the cultists.

You want some sign of encouragement. Well, my most comforting observations are contained in my essay, "Must We Despair?"

In regard to the Rimland matter, it ill-behooves us to support anyone who is not and never was pro-Aryan. We should never be deluded by wishful-thinking. With 'allies' such as Ingrid Rimland, David Cole et al., we shall never need enemies. I cannot believe that any Aryan could support Rimland after reading her books. It is as if they are befuddled by some evil spell which makes them into blind, stupid fools.

It can be argued that everyone is "doing some good". After all, a cup of coffee which is only 5% cyanide is "95% good". Indeed, the members of the so-called Aryan Nations frequently resemble Whites, if one overlooks their other Afro-Asian features. Perhaps the 3 mestizos who beheaded the Black prison informer in Texas thought they were White, even though they are obviously not. FDR decreed that Eurasian breeds are "White", but that is no reason we must accept his definition.

Well, it's time to go to work. Best regards, Eric Thomson