Yakima is a microcosm of the future Jew-Ess-Eh. The number of Ostensible Whites is so small as to be well-nigh invisible. A Gringo would likely encounter more White tourists in a Mexican tourist trap than he would here.

The workers at my job are getting darker and more Asiatic in appearance. This is logical because the percentage of Asiatic blood is rapidly rising in individuals as well as the general population. My mestiza supervisor is blonde and blue-eyed, as well as fair-skinned, but she has the Asiatic eyes and body of a typical Yakama Indian. She proudly claims her Amerasian heritage, although she has a Dutch name and she hates Whites. I let her know that I was anything but ashamed for being White when she dumped some of her anti-White sentiments on me, shortly after I was employed. Since then, she has disliked me and lets me know about it by messing up my work schedule.

One mestiza of German ancestry who also works at the same facility said that "we needed more hispanics because they are usually bilingual and can therefore help the Mexican customers who can't speak English." I told her that I am a mere Gringo, but I am bilingual, and that I do use Spanish to help the Mexican customers (mainly so they will understand what they are buying and pay for it afterwards!).

As I wrote in a short essay entitled THE YELLOW PERIL (see: SOME PASSING COMMENTS), in which I pointed out that at least 50 percent of our North American population is mestizo (Amerasian-Caucasian). This population includes all so-called Native Americans, as well as Anglo-Hispano-mestizos. The Asiatic percentage is visibly and rapidly increasing within the native (domestically-born) population, combined with the rapidly-growing immigration from Asia.

Once a dark-skinned mestizo is put in a hire and fire position, the few Ostensible Whites' days on the job will be numbered. With the exception of myself and a couple of temporary students, the number of O.W.s on my job are few, indeed. My morning shift colleague is Anglo-mestizo. The rest of the shifts are, barring the two possible exceptions, Anglo-Hispano-mestizos.

The Yakima Mall has more and more stores, mainly food stores and fast-food concessions being run by Chinese, fresh off the 747, who can barely speak English. The plethora of Mall jewelry stores involved in drug money-laundering are run by judeo-mestizos, all of whom put good-looking O.W. salesgirls in front positions, to draw the darkies.

One sees more and more slightly built O.W. girls being towed around by hulking mestizo pug-uglies. Their offspring show barely a trace of White. They are generally Asiatic, sullen and ugly, in appearance and in temper. The primary ability of this mestizo population is breeding. Secondarily, they are thieves and gangsters. They do not care for education. School is just a hunting ground for Gringas and an assembly point for fellow gang members. As we know, there are exceptions, but the Bell-Shaped Curve characterizes any population, so I am speaking about the ostensible majority of the local mestizos.

Some racial-equality nitwits in Michigan decided to fire Whitey and move their manufacturing plant down to Nogales/Nogales, an Arizona town split by the U.S.-Mexican border. According to The Wall St. Journal, the plant owners were surprised to find that the mestizo population on both sides of the border was equally unskilled and could not be hired for key jobs at the plant. It was not because they lacked educational opportunities, but that their educational aspirations were too low for them to do modern factory work! Solution: management rehired the necessary honkies and paid them to move down from Michigan. Any White who denies the importance of race should be confined to Markham, Ontario, until he repents.

I remember an anti-White White missionary named Moffat who championed Black Rule in Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia). "We are all one," he piously opined. A few years after Black takeover, Moffat, who was born in Northern Rhodesia, fled to England. He was quoted in the press as saying: "There is no place for a White man in a Black man's country." Ah, yes. Belated wisdom.

NAFTA had some unforeseen effects. It was thought that Mexican entrepreneurs would run the factories south of the border, but it turns out that many of the factories are owned and run by Asians: Koreans and Japanese. The same is feared for Africa if the U.S.A. grants "most-favored" status to those countries. According to a U.S. labor union spokeswoman, a flood of cheap textiles from Africa will put the last nail into the coffin of the U.S. textile industry, which, ironically, employs a high percentage of Blacks. Judeo-capitalist malarkey aside, what we are seeing in North America is a general lowering of real wages plus unemployment for those unable to find even lowpaying jobs. The North American standard of living is being transferred elsewhere, but it does not improve the living standards of the general Turd World population, when they breed so rapidly. It is simple arithmetic: if I give you a million zogbucks, you become a millionaire; if I give the same sum to a million bipeds, they are only a dollar richer. Infinite population growth never produces prosperity for the society as a whole, especially when infinite breeding keeps wages low, as it must. I am only sorry that the Moffats of this world are not made to remain in the beds they have helped make for themselves and for us, their White victims.


Dear Sir: Many thanks for your letter of 26 March and your letter of 11 March which you sent to members of congress and the newsmedia. I appreciate your concerns regarding the future of Our Race. As you write, we need a movement and a leader. The last best chance we had to establish such a movement was during the series of Holocaust Trials in Toronto. Unfortunately, the self-styled 'leader', Ernst Zündel, changed his mind and put the organizational efforts into reverse. The Holocaust Lie was to be, in his words, the means to the achievement of an Aryan organization. This objective devolved into Holocaust Revisionism as an end in itself, and further, into Ernst Zündel becoming "The Cause", the be-all, end-all of our efforts. So much for saving the White Race!

My departure from the Zündel 'movement' was the logical outcome of his abandonment of The Aryan Cause. As for Ingrid Rimland, she is an obvious non-White. Her 'books' are pro-Holohoax and anti-Aryan. She advances nothing more than two personality cults, that of Zündel and that of herself.

As to the dearth of positive results, I can only say that Form Follows Function in Nature. Everything the White Race is now doing (and not doing) assures its eventual extinction. Whites are not breeding. They are race-mixing and allowing, nay, inviting non-Whites into their livingspace. As a mature individual, I live with the cognizance of my own death. I can also comprehend the extinction of Our Race, although that pains me far more than my own death. As I said in my essay, MUST WE DESPAIR?, where there is no love, there is no loss. The mystery to me is to find anything that White people love enough to defend. It appears that they do not love their race, nor their children, nor even their possessions. From my own observations, most Whites are "tired of living, but afraid of dying", as the nigger sings in "Old Man River". My Viking ancestors would daub these creatures "skrälings", beings worthy only of disdain, not even of pity. It is indeed hard to imagine any organism or group of organisms who could be so indifferent to their own survival and that of their species. I can only compare the behavior of most Whites to that of zombies or lemmings.

Although those of us who write and otherwise attempt to communicate to Our Race appear to be unheeded, there is little else we can do. Truth cannot make one free if one refuses to heed it and use it. The plight of Our Race is simple: we must first choose TO BE. From that choice, all else follows. It is not up to us. It is up to Our Race to choose LIFE. OUR RACE IS OUR NATION!

Eric Thomson

2 April 1998