24 DEC 00

by Eric Thomson

Hello. I have been working 10-hour shifts, nearly 7 days a week, due to employee absenteeism. Right now, we are looking for someone who can climb one short flight of stairs. That's the reason 3 employees have had to quit. They just can't build up enough steam to get upstairs. One is too fat; one has a bad heart; one has a rectal polyp, which allows him to do everything, except climb stairs! If they were machines, they'd be long overdue at the scrap yard. On the ground floor, those who could climb stairs are so unreliable about showing up for work and remaining on the job during their assigned shifts, that chaos reigns. The existing staff are run ragged, like myself, while we shop around for replacements. The problem seems to be that they don't make reliable, competent employees any more. Everyone seems to be born with physical and mental defects, combined with nigger or Injun work-attitudes. My boss wonders where I got my work ethic. I told him, "My work ethic is based on the simple fact: No workee, no eatee. No pay rent, live out on streetee." Where do these bums get their food and shelter, if they don't work? I wonder. The younger louts who are in their 20s and 30s go home to leech off their parents. Generational downbreeding is evident. The previous generation could just get by, with their lack of intelligence and physical disabilities. Unfortunately, they had kids, and these specimens are even less viable, physically and mentally! The mestizos with tribal affiliation return to the reservation and live off Whitey. The other bums, both male and female, have their fangs in Whitey's welfare system, so they can obtain rent and food assistance. The income from actual work is just 'extra' for booze, drugs, toys, etc.

What a stupid tragedy, that vehicle accident at John Deere! Did the father of the two dead kids advise them to "go play on the freeway", as well? What an idiot. If John Deere must pay, the precedent created will be dangerous for any company to hire any employees. Robert Frenz related two accidents, in which stupid people managed to have airplane accidents, entirely due to their own stupidity. (A pilot taxied his Piper Cub into a maintenance truck and then sued the company for building planes with limited windshield vision. In 1927, Col. Charles Lindbergh flew over the Atlantic Ocean without windshield visibility.) The private aircraft industry nearly shutdown because the liability costs weren't worth the risk of staying in business! I understand that they have resumed manufacturing aircraft on winning some appeal. It's getting so bad that an automobile manufacturer may be sued if a driver decides to drive their 'product' off a cliff. One Canadian writer described this legal phenomenon as "infantilization of the citizenry". Adults are "not responsible" for their acts, so the state must step in to protect them from themselves, by restricting their activities.

There is a grim logic to this process: If I decide to get drunk and injure myself, everybody must pay for my folly, at least in the form of increased medical insurance premiums. The concept of personal responsibility and personal accountability as being part of the definition of "adult" has gone out the window. I have the freedom to smoke my lungs out; you have the duty to pay my medical bills! I have the 'right' to reproduce more of my feckless, dysfunctional kind; you have the duty to feed, clothe, house, educate and medicate them! Such a deal!

After Mt. St. Helens blew, those who refused to evacuate the area, following government warnings, actually tried to sue "the owner of the volcano" for damages accrued to life and property! The U.S. Government admitted that it did own the volcano, but it flatly refused to pay the damages! I'm sure the outcome would have been different if the volcano was located on private land. So, ya wanna buy a volcano?

The imposition of tyranny is the price we appear willing to pay for "safety", that is, to be protected from ourselves. It reminds me of "Fahrenheit 451", the Ray Bradbury novel about a state in which the government wanted all citizens to be 'happy'. They discovered that thinking made people unhappy, and that books made people think. Solution: burn all books! Tyranny in the name of 'happiness'.

Your observations on Orwell are quite interesting. For all his "hard-headed realism", he was indeed ill-informed. I believe the jew, "Lenin", described him as a "pathetic bourgeois", if I recall correctly. In his "Road to Wigan Pier", Orwell describes his view of socialism as "decency". How socialism could cope with an ever-increasing population of 'needy', he did not say. I am reminded of the line from "The Molly Maguires", in which Pinkerton detective Robert Redford says, "It takes money to be decent." Orwell was ambivalent about the British Empire: it was necessary to maintain the British standard of living, but it was "unjust". His question was, how could a 'just' Britain, without its empire, survive with its present population? Obviously, it still needs trade to survive.

In 1984, 1 remember the jewsmedia pundits congratulating themselves that Orwell's version of "1984" had not come to pass. No, we now are observed by far more TV cameras than Orwell had ever imagined! Our history is being rewritten systematically. The Bible is appearing in ever more 'translations', with passages altered or omitted. Orwell could not imagine how fast modern technology can do the job of Big Brother's censorship and surveillance. "Terrorism" is now the pretext for the deprivation of civil rights, including privacy. The population of proles lives under a fog of disinformation and war hysteria, as in "1984". Meanwhile, our universal bogeyman is not "Goldstein", but "Hitler". Sounds pretty Orwellian to me! No wonder the ZOG is pushing "1984" down the Memory Hole.

The Black chief's statement about the White man being a phenomenon, rather than a person, correctly describes the White man's role as mindless servant of the jews. We have been enthralled by jewish tricks to serve the jew as his "Golem" (Goyim). It took a Black man to see the obvious, and to say it! It reminds me of the statement uttered by a British statesman to the effect that "We have no loyalty to any people, but to 'interests'." They Live! Our Race we slew for the inner jew.

The social attitudes purveyed in the Hickman story are so innocent, so honorable and so Aryan, compared to those of today, that I found that aspect most striking. Nowadays, such attitudes are not even found in fiction! Could we imagine a bunch of muds organizing a boat race on such terms? A jew loser would just renege on such a verbal agreement, using whatever excuse he might deem credible. We cannot look back at any time as being a 'golden age' of honor, honesty and courage, however. The chicanery described by Mark Twain in his Jumping Frog contest is certainly a reflection of Yankee attitudes favoring 'sharp practices', and Edison's reneging on his verbal promise to Tesla is further evidence. Henry Ford said that it was not that jews were taking over American business, but that American businessmen were behaving like jews. Economist Werner Sombart characterized America as "the distilled essence of Judaism". In other words, "nice guys finish last."

It is a sad commentary on our current racial scene that Paul's "Black friend from high school" would go into politics, while Paul studiously sinks beneath the level of a Jamaican vendor of "dee ganja spliff" on dee corner, mon. What a waste for Our Race!


"Jews are not White," says Professor Leonard Fein, who teaches Politics and Social Policy at Brandeis University in the U.S.A. Fein was addressing the 172 biennial congress of the Jewish Board of Deputies in Johannesburg, South Africa in May, 1972. "You are not White, either symbolically or literally, as anyone knows who goes to Israel," he said. Professor Fein, besides being a specialist in jewish community problems in the U.S.A., is a specialist in Black-White relations in the cities. RAND DAILY MAIL, May 15, 1972.

"Jewish blood is different," says jew Dr. Michael Kaback of the John F. Kennedy Institute in Baltimore. Jewish blood lacks an enzyme called Hex A and often results in a condition called Tay-Sachs disease. Over 90% of the Tay-Sachs disease is found in jews. This disease causes convulsions, paralysis, idiocy and death."

A TV documentary featured the story of a jew who called himself "German". He mated with a Cajun woman. Their child was born with Tay-Sachs disease and died in infancy. Jews of all parts of the world have specific genetic similarities, even common fingerprint characteristics, according to Dr. Leo Sachs, who heads the genetics section of The Weizman Institute of Science in New York, in collaboration with Dr. M. Bat-Miriam.

"The Genetics of the Jews" by A.E. Mourant et al., Oxford University Press, 1978, reports the findings of jew hematologists, whose work was originally published in The Lancet, the journal of the British Medical Association. They report that "even the blondest jew has Negro marker genes ... which are due to concubinage (prostitution) and slavery."

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