Meyer Amschel, the founder of the House of Rothschild, supposedly said, "Give me the power to coin and issue money and I care not who makes the laws!" When we gave the power to create money out of nothing to the jew-banksters of the Federal Reserve, we gave away our sovereignty. The fact that the jews are permitted to charge us interest on every dollar they allow us to print is monstrous in the annals of self-inflicted slavery. For the body politic, charging interest on our country's currency is worse than an addiction, for a drug addict only pays for more of his drug. He does not pay more and more for the drugs he has already taken! Our addiction to credit, that is, borrowed money upon which interest is charged, is slavery, and like drug addiction, it is a form of slavery we have ourselves chosen.

"What is the difference between banking and counterfeiting?" I asked my economics professor, who was on the local Federal Reserve Board. He smiled and replied: "Bankers do not print money and counterfeiters do not charge interest." "Banking sounds like a better racket than counterfeiting," I commented. He just smiled and changed the subject.

Goods and services are what give value to money. Without productivity, money has no value, even if it be gold or silver. This truth is borne out by "Gold Rush prices" in California, such as $5 in gold for an egg, provided one was available. The misallocation of productivity into the acquisition of gold, silver and gems ruined the economies of the Spanish and Portuguese empires. Spain's most prosperous time, in terms of gold and silver was its worst time in terms of poverty and inflation. When diamonds were discovered in Brazil, the ruler of the Portuguese empire, the Marquis de Pombal, asked "What manner of wealth was this, which drew the peasant from the land, the artisan from the forge and impoverished the people?"

"Money is power," said an Ostensible White. "And the power to create money is sovereignty," I added. I added to that the fact that no people on earth, except the jews, have the power to create money out of nothing. Hence, only the jews are sovereign, for all states and peoples depend upon them for their money supply and all are exploited by usury, that is, interest owed on that money to the jew-banksters. By controlling the supply of money, the jews also dictate policy on such matters as wars, immigration, propaganda, economic activities and the operations of government. It is all so open and so simple that only the Gentiles do not see it. It took Dorothy's little dog to unmask the Wizard of Oz. Does it take me, Eric Thomson, to point out the obvious?

Without productivity, money has no value and no power at all. Without producers, there is no productivity. The White people of the world have consented to give their sovereignty to the jew banksters and their Zionist lackeys. We have thus traded our birthright for a sham and slavery. The jews have no power of themselves, for they are vampires who do not produce, but exploit the producers. The question is, why do we let them? Without our power and our productivity, the ZOG is both impoverished and impotent. Our enemies are only as strong as we, by our own consent and efforts, choose to make them.

By taking back our sovereignty from these tyrants and tricksters, we shall be able to use our power and productivity on our behalf, not our enemies'. By so doing, the Aryan can cast off the invisible chains of Zionist slavery and take over the tiller of his own destiny. If, for example, a bankster were to foreclose on one's house, one could deprive him of his ill-gotten gains by turning the house into ashes, but why do that when we have the power to turn the bankster into ashes? Those who do not resist the ZOG collectively must suffer individually.