by Eric Thomson

12 JAN 00

Many thanks for the letter of Jan. 7th and the flyers, some of which I shall copy and pass on. Today, I have a brief respite from my work schedule, which is due to the fact that I have succeeded in finding a trainable co-worker who can climb 14 steps up to the second floor! As the Jews would say, "Another miracle!"

In regard to Dynasophy, which is informative and good mental exercise, it appears we have run out of time to use a philosophical approach for saying the White Remnant. Frau Rost Yon Tonningen, wife of the former Finance Minister of Holland, told me of their visit with Himmler, who was then in Holland. Himmler devoted more than an hour discussing Tibetan mysticism, until Herr Yon Tonningen blurted in exasperation: "The enemy is invading Europe, and is right now entering Holland. Can't you think of anything more relevant than Tibetan mysticism?" By way of apology, Himmler sent them a bouquet of flowers early next morning, just as Herr von Tonningen joined his Dutch SS unit for the front. He was later captured and murdered by mestizo Canadian troops, and his body added to mass graves, which the Allies first dug, then obliterated with bulldozers and ploughs. The Allies had learned from the Bolshevik's Katyn!

I believe we discussed the fact that liberalism is a religion, and that religious belief is unreasonable, hence, unresponsive to reason, facts and logical arguments. It does not matter to a liberal if anyone invented anything. The fact of racial differences requires the liberal to treat everyone as if those differences did not exist, while expressing guilt for any differences Whites may have.

There are huge gaps in generally available information, and there is much disinformation in the official histories. I did not know until very recently about the Tokharians and their civilization. It was recently that I discovered the research findings of Colin Renfrew in regard to the transmission of invention eastward, from Northwestern Europe, rather than northwestward, as current history alleges. The Tokharians' inventions and artifacts predate those of China.

The first inkling I had of Chinese acquisition of alien inventions was from Waddell, who mentions archeological studies of Chinese bronze-making. The Chinese always had an advanced bronze-making technology, with no trace of evolution, nor had they improved the art of bronze-making in a thousand years. One could, for example, study the making of steel by going to Argentina. There, he would find a 1940-type steel mill, with no evidence of prior iron-making; no primitive smelters, etc. For that, he would need to go to England. It would therefore be clear that the Argentines had not invented iron-making, nor steel-making, although they have a late model steel mill.

The simple fact is that acquisition in not invention, nor is preservation a sign that a people created an artifact or process, especially if they are known to create nothing else, and if they have not improved the artifacts or processes in thousands of years. If the Chinese were inventive a thousand years ago, then why are they no longer so? Perhaps they changed their racial makeup and bred out the genes of inventiveness.

The Tokharians apparently invented "Damascus Steel", according to archaeologists who discovered their steelworks in Turkistan. The Arabs copied the process, and they have not improved upon it since! The process was introduced into Arab-ruled Spain and became "Toledo Steel".

If the Chinese had "invented" all the wonderful things credited to them, I would be an awfully embarrassed Chinaman: no inventions for a thousand years, and no improvements! Then White foreign devils visit us, grab our stuff, improve it and defeat our armies with it! After which, they keep right on inventing new things which defy our imaginations.

But White people forget. You can see this process at work, right now, in the case of the steam locomotive which the Chinese have copied faithfully, ever since we sent them the model in 1940. Most young people and adults I know only know steam locomotives from old movies, and they have no idea how they run! It took a Chinese instructor to show them how to run one in Iowa! One day, a jew will write as 'history' that the Chinese invented the steam locomotive. The pattern is obvious.

The communist radio network, "NPR", featured a jew who had studied Mediterranean cooking. He said that the Italians already had noodles, before Marco Polo's alleged visit to China! Is nothing sacred?

We appear to be wandering all over the map with various definitions of "race". I stick with Black, White and Yellow. White is Aryan, although some mestizos would like to include themselves in that definition. The latest studies in DNA and hematology support the three race concept. A race is definable and distinct. It is utter twaddle to suggest that "all races are mixed". Some individuals who resemble one race more than another can be of mixed race, but they are not members of a race, but mongrels. Is a half-dalmatian half-great dane a member of either breed? Certainly not. Nor is a mulatto a member of the Black or White Race. There are enough differences amongst Blacks and Yellows to speak of "different races of Blacks and Yellows," as has been attempted in the past with Whites, i.e., dinaric, nordic, etc. As I mentioned earlier, it is nonsense to refer to these distinctions as "racial", for then what word do we use to describe a Black man, so as to distinguish him from a White man? Species, perhaps? As to "universal mongrelisation", we need but quote Dr. Landau of The Center for Disease Control, when he lamented that "one out of a hundred Whites is immune to the AIDS virus." That does not mean Eurasians, mulattos et al. The New York Times reported the growing TB epidemic in North America. In the article it stated that all Asiatics were prone to have TB and were resistant to the last available anti-biotic treatment. Included in the Asian category were: American Indiana, Mexicans, and people more recently from Asia.

If the Etruscans, for example, were "not Aryan", as you say, then of what race were they? Were they, perhaps, a mixture of White, Black or Yellow, as are present-day Arabs? Some blightwing writers have defined Arabs as "White", but "not Aryan". I suppose one can be "Black", but "not Negro", by such kooky criteria. American Indians are even included as "Whites", by the U.S. Government, along with mestizos. That is how they are classified by "race" on wanted posters in the post offices. More twaddle! One cynic opined that "the darker the population becomes, the more inclusive will be the definition of 'White'." That would accord with my Latin American experience, for people said someone had "blond hair". "It's not blond. It's brown," I would point out in Spanish. Well, that's as close as they could come to "blond", so "blond" it was. As we go downward into darkness, General Colin Powell will become a "White man". I am shocked to see how White the Afghan and Albanian peoples appear in comparison to the U.S. population.

I think you misunderstood the context of my curt reply to the Black man who sarcastically asked us why we were demonstrating, and if a sandwich would not satisfy us, when our hunger was for Truth, Freedom and Justice. I'm equally certain that most of the White on- lookers did not understand, either. The Black fellow was the only one to ask.

The Anti-Zionist Alliance is only as effective as its supporters and activists. If the ZOG-concept can catch on, as it has worldwide, then this name can result in the action which it describes. No idea succeeds without effective people. As you will note, my message against Zionism is for all races and mixtures thereof.

We can attempt to persuade others with our words, but in the end, only events can persuade them. I include a sample of what can be done via the Internet, which is the most powerful medium available for broadcasting one's ideas, literally to the world. All you need is to reach even one effective doer, and your ideas can make great progress.

If any Ostensible White fails to bellow anti-White racist sentiments to the muds and masses of asses, he will be deemed "racist" by the liberals. White parents of White children are "racists". I do not apologize for being White. It does no good, anyway. We are not the worst race on Earth, but we are obviously the best, for all non-Whites want to come and live with us and enjoy our civilization's amenities, rather than their own.

That is the most obvious "racist" argument I know of. Let the damned liberals go to Bangladesh on a one-way ticket!