1 MARCH 01

You point out the present fact that the majority of Whites is still not thinking in terms of race, as are the majority of non-Whites. This is what I saw in Rhodesia before the hand-over to Black Marxist Misrule. Although the racial matter was perfectly clear to the Blacks, it was not at all clear to the Whites, whose wishful-thinking misled them into all sorts of illusions. The Whites had myriad hopeful ideas about Black Rule. The Blacks' idea was perfectly simple and straightforward: We take over and they get out. I could not persuade those Whites who had most to lose that this was the Blacks' objective.

National Socialism had taken its form in order to address its contemporary function. As Savitri Devi wrote in "The Lightning & the Sun", "National Socialism was a contemporary expression of cosmic truth." I have sent you The 25 Point Programme of the NSDAP by way of illustration. NS social and economic policies would be quite relevant in present-day society, were it not for the anti-White racial factor now dominant. As you point out, in Hitler's time, race was not the foremost issue in Germany nor in Europe. In Germany, the problem was in unifying Germans in support of a socioeconomic programme which was pro-German. The struggle was basically German versus German, some of whom were led by jews and others who were led by their own people.

Whatever meaningful programme we suggest in Canada and the U.S.A. to solve major problems is likely to be condemned as "racist". Let us say that we aim to limit the robbing of the productive members of society on the part of the parasites. Any suggestion that Marxism be dropped in favor of responsible breeding, for example, will draw that condemnation. Under ZOG, I had only those children which I could afford to raise on my income: ZERO. My income is even reduced by the 'need' of those who are irresponsible in breeding their children at my expense. In socialist Scandinavia, during the 1930s, I understand that those dependent upon the taxpayers for their living were not allowed to multiply at taxpayers' expense. The jewsmedia have condemned that sensible social defence policy as "Nazi" and totally reprehensible.

Moreover, most Ostensible Whites in North America seem to have assimilated nigger 'culture' and jewish values. We live in a great Marxist kleptocracy in which everyone thinks he can steal from others and get away with it, in the form of exemptions, deductions and subsidies, such as welfare. I perused my monthly phone bill and could find no charge of any kind for actual telephone services. All charges were various taxes and surcharges on behalf of 'needy' politicians and welfare recipients. Only the honest, productive members of this society pay their own way, in addition to paying for those who live off them. If you are a member of a 'special' class or group, you are entitled to all sorts of tax-funded subsidies. As a joke, one college student hispanicized the spelling of her last name on enrollment forms. It was as if she'd rubbed the magic lamp! Suddenly, offers of tuition subsidies, scholarships, academic tutoring, free transportation services and housing allowances materialized. One female scholar was told that she received double funding because she was female. Had she been non-White, she'd have received triple the funding, and had she been a disabled non-White female, her scholarship would have quadrupled! "Some are more equal than others."

In his inaugural address, Adolf Hitler said, "I come to you knowing that I was not your first choice, nor your second, but your very last choice, for after me, there could only be chaos!" The Weimar Germans tried everything but National Socialism, every conceivable combination of parties and leaders, without success. They had no one to try, but Hitler. There is an old boxer's expression that "you never learn anything until you get tired." This is the situation Whites are now in: Weimar, North American-style.

Manfred Roeder, whom I know quite well, rejected the racist approach. "We have no niggers in Germany," he wrote. "To hell with 'White Power.'" Once he began using ground transport, instead of jetliners, he quickly discovered that Germany did have lots of non-Whites, so much so, that he instigated a Molotov cocktail attack on a "refugee shelter", which caused a wog or two to be fried. Now, there was a man who claimed to be a leader, and even he did not recognize the reality of the racial issue, until it hit him in the face.

Whites who must endure public schools and prisons quickly learn how important race is, and if they survive to get into the job market, they will continue their racial education. The only Whites who can avoid racial struggle on a daily basis are the affluent geezers in their golden ghettos and the limousine-liberals who send their brats to private schools.

Good effort! ORION!

Eric Thomson