06 MAR 01. Aryan Greetings!

During my years in Soviet Canuckistan, alias Canada, I minced no words by telling the Anglo-Canadians that they were "refugees from freedom". On two occasions, they rejected the opportunity to become self-governing, only to be betrayed by the British whom they so loved and trusted. The White Rhodesians also know something about "perfidious Albion". As I pointed out in my essay on "Our Egregious Elite", the U.S. founders were of the same ilk as the race-traitors who rule Britain.

I am sorry that you suffered so much for your promotion of pro-White issues. I have not suffered much at all for my own pro-White activism, because I am not a ZOG-denier nor am I a liberal. Those types really get hurt by behaving as if Blacks were "like us" and "there is no ZOG." My academic studies in International Relations resulted in the FEDZOGUSA confiscation of my doctoral dissertation, which is like a summa cum laude graduation in my field. Best of all, I was allowed to live! Getting kicked out of 5 countries, beginning with the U.S.A. was only par for the course, since I can live anywhere, and did so, voluntarily, until my exile in 1968.

As the old song goes, "We'd live the life we choose, we'd fight and never lose..." I have done exactly that. Yes, I did spend jail time in Africa, East Germany, the U.S.A. and Canada, but I was never charged with anything, nor tried, nor convicted. That's par for the course in politics.

Of course, my nomadic life has not provided me with many zogbucks, so I must work many hours at a coolie job, which I am lucky to have in present conditions. My work gives me time for thought, however, which is a major plus factor.

I have enjoyed having a few female collaborators, but never a female ally who was willing to share my life. I am sort of a stodgy radical. I live within my means, but my goal is to foment revolution, rather like a White "Lenin". White women see themselves as trophies, rather than allies. If I were jewish, I would probably enjoy the company of a loyal wife.

As I struggled to gain my personal freedom from the toils of others' plans, I learned that the American way of family life was just the sort of materialist trap I needed to avoid. I left the rat-race in 1961 and began my career as an expatriate. In truth, I am rather surprised to find myself back in the Jew-Ass-of-Eh. I shall be quick to leave at the first opportunity, however, for I go where I am needed.

I have a few rules which have served me in good stead: (1) Never kiss a preacher's ass for pussy. (2) Never kiss a kosher kiester for credit. In this regard, I am rich, for I have the luxury of always doing what I deem to be right. I have no "traps, encumbrances," nor hostages, human or material.

I do not live on borrowed time. I live on stolen time. Hence, for me, every day I enjoy as a luxury, even though it may be fraught with some tedium and trivia. I advise us to enjoy the doldrums, for they never last. I have a feel for knowing where the edge is, so some have accused me of getting away with the outrageous. That's not entirely true, but those who know me are aware that I am willing to face death, out of my convictions, as I have done in the past. To me, it's no big deal, for we all die, sooner or later. I would prefer to spend my life on behalf of a worthy cause, however.

I agree with you that whatever one can do to bring about the demise of the ZOG is a worthy deed. That is why I have proposed The Anti-Zionist Alliance as a worldwide movement, incorporating any person or people who care to participate. So far, the problem I have had with Moslems is that they wish to convert everyone to "Allah". As long as they persist, I have told them they will not have anti-Zionist allies.

I do not attempt to convert those nearest me, unless they show an interest. I have been denounced to the local zoglings by a few who have pretended interest in my topics, but I got a much better job as a result. Again, I have a feel for "the art of the possible". Were Yakima under its former domination of Ostensible White Freemasons, I would not be so bold, but the Mexicans have invaded and occupied the area, along with their druglords. The DEA is cowed and does nothing, aside from tripping over the methlabs which are sprouting up all over. The ATF and FBI are looking for 'White Supremacists", sic, but the Asian gangsters and mestizo bandidos are breathing down their necks. Since there are so few Whites in the region, they might as well be looking for Martians. The INS, which is run by a Mexican, is totally irrelevant. I am right in the midst of revolutionary changes, as usual, and this turmoil permits me to carry on my modest efforts of informing or attempting to inform my kind. I am at an optimum age in which my physical vigor remains, but death comes closer with the sunsets. I thus have no fear of losing anything. My material needs are adequately satisfied and life is quite comfortable, albeit Spartan. But that's how I have always lived. University education teaches one how to live like a monk or soldier. Army training teaches one how to live as a bachelor. One visitor commented that my apartment looks like a first class World War I bunker. O.K., so I do have packing crates and forklift pallets for furniture, but it's sturdy and quite serviceable. I'll admit that the German Army raincoat hanging on the door and the haversack cum respirator satchel may look a bit World Warish, along with the bayonet I use to open my cans of beans, Spam, &c. Anyway, the place is dry, warm, equipped with electric lights and wall-to-wall floors and ceilings, although I furnished it myself with things I scrounged up. I have a radio which can use batteries and/or wallplug current, a manual typewriter and a telephone.

As I see it, we are in Stage One & Two, the Idea and Information Stages. For now, this is all we can do, with the means available. The three remaining steps are presently beyond our reach: (3) Organization; (4) Action and (5) Realization of the Idea. If Whites choose not to heed the message which relates to their own survival, so be it. My disinterest is described in my essay, "Must We Despair?" When there is no love, there is no loss. If Whites have no love for themselves, nor for their children, then their extinction means nothing to them. If this proves to be the case, then I, too, could care less.

The ZOG can give me nothing of value, nor can it take from me anything of value. I am therefore a sovereign person, and, given the opportunity, a 'deadly dangerous opponent,' as one zogling wrote in his report about me, decades ago.

Please do not be discouraged. Keep informed. Keep your powder dry. Events will provide us with opportunity, which our knowledge can exploit to the utmost.

In regard to firearms, I agree with the late Pastor Miles, who described rightwing gunnuts as firearms fetishists who believe that they exist to protect their weapons, rather than vice versa. The leftwing, on the other hand, does not flout firearms, but obtains them and uses them, whenever they deem it necessary. I stock no firearms, myself, but if I ever needed them, I know how to acquire them quickly, and I know how to use them.

A friend of mine in Soviet Canuckistan had a shotgun & ammo, as well as a permit for same. Thieves broke into his residence, shortly after he had received his permit and stole gun & ammo, which were in their prescribed steel lockers. Now he is liable for "improper storage" of a firearm, although he obeyed the law. If he had not registered the shotgun, the theft would not have got him into trouble with CANZOG.

In regard to Bush & the oil-barons (the Anglo-American petro-bankster alliance), I found Engdahl's book, "A Century of War", quite predictive in regard to impending war in the Middle East. The unwavering policy of the petro-banksters is to hold Europe in thrall to their oil monopoly. That was the reason for World War I, the present Chechen problem, and the creation of "The Crescent of Crisis" from The Balkans to Iran. We live in "interesting times", as the Chinese curse says.


P.S.: I don't have a TV, for I lack the stamina necessary to face additional enemy propaganda, which I already get from the radio and newspapers. Whenever I see a program on Judah-vision , I am absorbed in analyzing its anti-White propaganda content. To me, it's work, not entertainment. Although my achievements are too few to mention, I have served my people to the best of my abilities, and that, I consider a privilege. I hope events will permit me to do more, much more!

Eric Thomson