09 MAR 01.

I was indeed wakened from a sound sleep by the mild earthquake at 11:55 a.m. Earthquakes are quite familiar to me from my years of living around the San Andreas Fault in California, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. Of course, the first shock could be a prelude to a major one, so I quickly got dressed and grabbed my quick-exit satchel in readiness to evacuate my old stone building, before it came down on my head. I turned on the radio and heard a garbled report from the Chinese announcer that the epicenter was "near Portland, Oregon." Later, I learned that it was in the Seattle-Tacoma area. I have long had "the California mentality". This is the attitude that nothing is permanent, for everything can be & often is wiped out by fires, floods and earthquakes. Along with these phenomena is that of demographics. The U.S. Dept. of Labor obtained statistics, decades ago, on typical population behavior in the U.S.A.: People change residence every 2 years, within the same town or city. They change towns and or cities every 4 years! These statistics derive from the late 1940s and early 1950s, and they are undoubtedly much more frenzied and frenetic today. My parents became nomads during the Depression of the Thirties, and they never ceased pursuing the Almighty Dollar. The longest our family stayed in one place was from 1944 to 1954, in San Fernando, California. After that, economic forces required my parents to start moving again. During this period, I began my own travels, largely for economic reasons, but also as an exercise of my own freedom, in pursuit of experience and knowledge superior to that available to me in the U.S.A. When my parents died, I was still living in exile, an arrangement which was satisfactory to me, as well as FEDZOGUSA, until certain people died, who appear to have been upset with my investigation of The Cold War Hoax.

Since the destruction of the American community by capitalist nomadism, there came the horrendous influx of mestizos from the south, the Asians from the west and the Blacks and Arabs from the east. These denizens colonize and form communities, since the ZOG pays them to invade and breed. Meanwhile, the Whites continue to buzz back & forth across the continent, fleeing muds and chasing money. Since I give the ZOG credit for some planning & foresight, I would congratulate our Zionist masters on their clever scheme for uprooting the Whites and setting them up for impoverishment and extinction. Unfortunately, much of the blame is ours, for we stampeded off our land voluntarily, for the most part. My own parents were born to poverty, due to premature deaths and illnesses in their parents' families, so I can say that we never had a choice to stay on the family farm. There wasn't one!

Thank you for pursuing the liberals with your letters. I often wonder if a writer believes such hokum, or if he is paid to write it. The Reds recognized the difference between the "shit-eaters" (those who BELIEVED their propaganda) and the useful people who did not believe, but who served the Red bosses, the way competent, but cynical clerics serve their Vatican bosses. The name of the game is manipulation, when religion and politics become exploitative rackets. The racketeers who have rigged the game for their own perceived benefits must be smart enough never to play by their rules, for those rules are for the suckers, i.e., the faithful.

In regard to the FAEM website, it serves to educate Gentiles about the jews closest to them, the ones who are here. The Arabs are publishing full-page ads in such major jewspapers as The New York Times, USA TODAY et al. They are much better funded than we are to undertake the task you describe. In my essay, "The West, War & Islam", I tried to warn the Arabs that they should pay for propaganda over here, rather than to purchase costly arms over there, which would serve as a pretext for the Israelis and their American dupes to attack them. This essay was sent to all Arab countries' members of government, one of whom denounced Zündel to CANZOG, since he and Samisdat Publishers Ltd. were to be the beneficiaries of any Arab funding of our informational efforts. In his first thought-crime trial, under the "False News" law, subsequently abolished, Zündel was found "not guilty" for "spreading 'false news' likely to injure a public interest" on my essay. He was found "guilty" for publishing "Did Six Million Really Die?" by Harwood, with an explanatory foreword written by me and signed by Zündel as president of Samisdat Publishers Ltd. My proposal of The Anti-Zionist Alliance addresses the "issue-orientation" which you have mentioned, for it includes people of all races and religions. The problem I have in my dealings with Arabs is (1) they wish to convert me to Islam; (2) some are themselves Zionists, and (3) most of them are downright nuts. An old saying that "each Arab has at least 52 different opinions on a topic" seems to be no exaggeration.

I am not politician-for-profit. Had I wished for profit, per se, I could have continued my work for the ZOG in military intelligence, but every fiber of my being protested! Thus it was that I decided to present the U.S. Army with my ultimatum. As I strode into the H.Q., a mighty gust of wind blew open the doors in front of me, and sent the clerks and junior officers scurrying to retrieve all the papers which had been scattered. I demanded to see the commanding officer, and I reflect that the staff sergeant appeared somewhat frightened of me, for the wind had died down as suddenly as it had come up. When I appeared before the captain, I informed him that I intended to resign from the army. "You can't resign!" he said, or rather, cried. I said calmly and firmly that he would soon find it in our mutual interests to proceed with my honorable separation from the U.S. Army. Within one and 1/2 months, I had my General Discharge under Honorable Conditions in my hand. I had a peek at my personnel file and read the top page, the bottom line of which stated: "This soldier is determined and dangerous. No attempt should be made to interfere with this soldier." I had recently turned 21 and I was determined to take over the tiller of my life. Victory #1!

From such experiences I have derived an inkling that I serve a greater purpose. As Yockey wrote in Imperium: "This destiny shall not tire, nor shall it be broken, and its mantle of strength descends upon those in its service." I am not a 'clever' person, and I consider my duty to Our Race as a sacred trust, rather than a bag of tricks for tickling shekels out of people's pockets. Rumor has it that Zündel has indeed made a profit from the movement he abandoned, and that he has moved to live with his jewish mistress and/or wife, Rimland(er), in Tennessee. If such rumors are true, I would feel guilty indeed, if I were "The Zud." And if my god were Aryan, I would be very much afraid. I shall therefore stick to my coolie jobs, until I can make a bigger contribution to Our Race. I'll let Ed know that CANZOG censors et al. may be blocking access to the FAEM website.

In regard to the Asians' penchant for copying White inventions, I maintain what I have observed. Recorded history is short, indeed, for European cave paintings and evidence of trade and the use of "money" go back 500,000 years, according to one report I read. Colin Renfrew reports the tip of the iceberg in his National Geographic article of 1977: "Europe is much older than we thought." He used carbon-dating corrected with the California bristle-cone pine rings. To our knowledge, the bristle-cone pines are the oldest living things.

I am not an "anti-Semite", for I do not kill, maim or otherwise harm Arabs. I do not 'hate' the adherents of semitic religions such as Judaism, Islam and Christianity. I do hate Zionists, be they jews or Gentiles. That is why I coined the term, "ZOG". I don't understand what you mean by "illegal", in regard to the population of any area by Whites. The only illegality would be a declaration of independence from the U.S.A., as has been offered Puerto Rico, which has the option of being a state, a territory (as now) or independent. A White North West created within existing state boundaries would be just as legal as will likely be a Chinese state of Washington. It is FEDZOGUSA which can be relied upon to break the law in attacking a state populated and governed by Whites, within the U.S.A. My view of "The Great White Hopeland" of the NW is what I have maintained all along: Mere change of place won't save Our Race; only change of mind can save our kind. As long as Whites behave as sheep, there is no gain in herding them into one area. I asked Covington what would be achieved if the remaining Whites of Zimbabwe were all to move to Bindura, a rural area. If Whites would organize to fight the ZOG, flight would be unnecessary. As I say: Fight collectively or suffer individually. In my Sitrep, I also point out the futility of moving around in a Zionist slavepen, when one is shackled by one's economic dependency to the ZOG's dictates.

I will forward your letter to Kemp and your EDZI bulletin to Robert for maximum publicity. In regard to my present choice of racial content, which is not prohibited here, I shall continue to call a spade a spade. I cannot discount my hard-won knowledge in order to pander to White ignoramuses and cowards who fear to think of themselves in terms of race. Since non-Whites do think in terms of race, these Whites will learn the truth from them, and not from me, just as they deserve.

I view the anti-French topic within the bigger picture of demographic change now inundating this continent. The French-Anglo dispute is fast fading into the oblivion which the British-Afrikaaner conflict has fallen in South Africa. In ten years, a predominantly Asian North America will have as little interest in the issue of Quebec separatism as they do of the U.S. Civil War.

I certainly agree with the thoughts you express in your "Nation-State". They are congruent with my idea expressed by the slogan, ORION! (OUR RACE IS OUR NATION!). I believe we also agree upon the necessity for the creation of a state-within-a-state, similar to that of the NSDAP as they worked their way to power within the existing German state. The NSDAP had the form of a shadow-state. Although not in power, The Party had all the titles and officers of a state, with ministries of agriculture, labor, foreign affairs, information, finance, &c. In effect, we are really re-inventing the NSDAP under new labels, and the jews' big noses will sniff this immediately. Their standing rule, as seen in practice, is to prevent Whites from having any organization of their own, without jew members and jew misguidance. The "German" clubs in Soviet Canuckistan are good examples of the ubiquity and iniquity of the jewish presence.

It is the major task for leaders of any movement to prevent infiltration by enemy agents from the beginning. The jews did have their agents within the NSDAP from its beginning, and many were weeded out, but enough remained within the German government to function as key agents of Germany's defeat in World War II, not to mention World War I, although the Kaiser knowingly surrounded himself with jews and Freemasons, who he believed were all his 'loyal friends'. There was simply no time for the pro-German Germans to weed them out. That was a major reason for the Allies' haste in starting World War II. Imagine the results if NS Germany had enjoyed even 20 years of peace! Germany would have become "a shining beacon unto the nations."

In the practical sense, I recommend your seeing the film, "The Molly Maguires". Their recruiting ground was an Irish club, The Hibernian Society, which had many members who joined for charitable and social reasons, all perfectly legal. The Molly Maguires would make acquaintanceships with Hibernians at their functions, and after sounding them out on their views and capabilities, they would ask if they would like to "do things" by joining the Molly Maguires. All major groups, overt and covert, recruit their members in this manner.

The IRA was declining into becoming a drinking club when new leaders dubbed Provos came on the scene. Their simple method of recruiting activists from the moribund majority was to order prospective recruits to rendezvous at some forsaken place at some gawd-awful hour in bad weather. Those who failed to make it were removed from membership immediately. No excuses accepted. As anyone can understand, this weeding out process resulted in obtaining the most committed, most capable, most disciplined activists. Only the most committed infiltrator would attend those meetings, and he would be in constant danger of being found out. I believe the Provos adopted the cell system as a further security measure. I recommend "The Battle of Algiers" in regard to the formation of a national independence movement. Of course, no formula in human affairs is foolproof, nor perfect, as we have seen in the case of The American Revolution and the Algerian Revolution: both movements were betrayed by co-opted leadership, and achieved independence in name, only. Obviously, organization and security measures must be in place before any action occurs, whether such action is deemed 'legal' or 'illegal' by the powers that be.

It is a Five Step Program: (1) The idea; (2) The information about the idea; (3) The organization on behalf of the idea; (4) The action on behalf of the idea; (5) The realization of the idea. Even fishing trips and vacations adhere to this framework.

You experienced infiltration & sabotage at firsthand with the Heritage Front. I stayed away from their activities in Toronto because I knew the old gang too well. They were associates of the Serb, "Don Andrews", who has all the characteristics of a ZOG-fink & agent provocateur. Whatever he knows, the ZOG also knows. There were the usual jews, like Friedman and Weiche, plus a new jew, Schipper. Then there was the flamboyant Grant Bristow, who personally founded, funded and directed the group's activities. Without him, there could have been no Heritage Front. He made me suspicious, but I had no idea of his actual ZOG-status. Whoever thought up the H.F. affair wasted a lot of tax-payers' zogbucks. I wonder what CANZOG thought it was doing. "Don Andrews" allowed an agent provocateur to destroy The Western Guard Party, of which I was a member. Once again, no illegal acts took place without the instigation and participation of Bob Toope, ZOG-agent.

The Zud had begun to build an organization around the anti-Holohoax issue, but he reversed the necessary order of selection: his best pro-White supporters were in the peripheral group, and his inner circle, those closest to him were jews, darkies and the least reliable persons he could pick up. This is not the way to build a pro-White movement, nor anything else.

In regard to Esperanto/Interlingua, I think I understand your reasons for a White Nation to adopt a language different from English. I suppose it is like the jews who use their own dialect of their respective host people's languages, which they write in Hebrew script, from right to left, as a sort of code, as well as their means of showing unity, while maintaining secrecy. If secrecy is a reason for adopting Esperanto, I would disagree, for the jews not only invented it, but they are the major speakers of Esperanto. I knew a jewish couple who attended an international Esperanto convention, and they were ecstatic about all the Afro-Asian Esperanto-speakers in attendance. In North America, the majority of the non-White invaders speak Spanish. With my own Spanish language background, I had no trouble understanding your statement, without ever having studied Esperanto. If you wish a unique and Aryan language for the White Nation, I would strongly recommend Icelandic, written in the Runic alphabet for good measure!

I enjoyed studying Swedish during my brief stay in Sweden, where I was refused work by that government. I would have loved to live in Sweden, for it was like coming home. The uncanny thing about my learning Swedish was that it seemed more a matter of recalling than learning. Old English words and usages suddenly flashed into my mind. The last time I spoke Swedish was when I purchased my train ticket from Stockholm to Berlin. As I wrote to one of my Swedish correspondents, it seemed that Odin wanted me to have my fill of the Turd World in Central Africa, instead of enjoying White civilization in Scandinavia. Well, no harm done. I gathered more knowledge, without catching malaria, and lived in Whitest Africa, where I could experience Blacks in their natural habitat without having to forego White culture & hygiene. Shortly after I left Africa, AIDS arrived. My timing was perfect, although I had no idea at the time. I am sure my purpose in returning to the U.S.A. will be revealed in due course, and specifically, my reason for dwelling in brownest Yakima, where I witness the hispano-mestizo invasion at firsthand. It's like living in Mexicali or Nogales once again.

In regard to morality, Dr. Oliver commented that Aryans did not condone theft, murder, lying, &c. BECAUSE THEY WERE WRONG. The Christian mischief-makers merely put jewish labels on Aryan morality, which meant that these crimes were wrong BECAUSE THE BIG SKY-JEW SAID THEY WERE WRONG. Then came the legal sophistry of which we see so much today: "Did Yahweh REALLY mean that theft was wrong, under such and such circumstances? Etc. It is interesting that people of one nationality rarely require attorneys, at least not nearly to the extent that multi-national societies do. I believe that Japan, Denmark and Iceland have the fewest lawyers per capita.

The recent multi-national conflict in Fiji and the present one in Borneo are signs of a healthy body politic in which the native people resist their invaders. Obviously, the North American body politic is sick unto death, with no immune system apparent.

Eric Thomson