11 MAR 01. Aryan Greetings!

I was reminded of the novel, "Fahrenheit 451", in which the fireman filches a book from the bonfire and attempts to read it on the subway train, amid the babble of advertisements and demented chatter of the subhumans who were crowded into the car with him.

I quite agree with your observation that the jews would be unable to work their iniquity without the able assistance of White race-traitors, whom I call Zionists, just as they often call themselves. That is why I coined the term, Zionist Occupation Government or ZOG. The jews are only as dangerous as Our Race cares to make them. I referred to these traitors in my essay, "Our Egregious Elite". They remind me of the traitor earthlings who served the jew-like aliens in the movie, "They Live". Robert Frenz met them on his recent golden ghetto tour. Were I "successful" in ZOG terms, I would have to associate with such miserable, disgusting creatures, all of whom had their story of how they betrayed Our Race and what they got out of it.

Apparently, the denizens of The District of Corruption who are highest on the food-chain, are exempt from the knowledge of how their policies affect the common people of USZOGland. I am on the receiving end of their policies. Down here in the basements, one notes that whenever the U.S. economy hiccups, Yakima pukes. I see the future, and it is a food stamp economy. That's what it has been, ever since the capitalist race-traitor fruit growers went all out for "cheap labor" from Mexico and points south. As you can guess, what is cheap for them is extremely costly for the tax-payers. Every "cheap worker" brings in, or hatches out, some 15 dependents. If the growers had to pay his full salary, so that he or she could support those dependents, each mestizo worker would not be "cheap".

Your observations on the timidity of capitalists in regard to losing money or making less thereof are true. Before forced racial integration, restaurant owners feared to admit Blacks because they would lose White customers. Then the Blacks began to burn the cities, and they changed their minds, with lots of help from the hebes and the ZOG. My employers would abase themselves no end to shake a few more shekels out of the scuzziest Black or mestizo bandido.

I learned two important lessons during my African colonial experience: (1) There is no such thing as "cheap labor". The same held true for Latin America. (2) White concepts of kindness and generosity are perceived by non-Whites as signs of dementia and cowardice. The very fools who give the most away, without demanding something in return, are the first to be attacked. It is true on the veldt: if an animal behaves erratically, exposing itself to attack from predators, they will surely attack it. With Blacks, especially, brutality is admired and respected, even by the Black victims thereof. According to one old askari I met who had served with the German colonial forces in World War I, the Germans were harsh, but fair. Any riotous behavior, and out would come the machineguns, which would be used forthwith. Just before Ian Smith took office in Southern Rhodesia, the Blacks had no respect for the army or the police, even though they were armed, for the Blacks knew they were not going to use their weapons. "Shows of force" were derided and the troops were endangered by appearing with weapons they were not to use. Rioting and general disorder prevailed, until Blacks began to bleed. Blood and bodies are understood and respected by Blacks, who traditionally name their king's residence as "The Place of the Killings", which is the translation of the name, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe's second largest city.

The jews in Africa did their usual subversive, anti-White things. Just before their betrayal of White Africans, the tribe announced that it WAS NOT White. That is true, but neither are they Black, although there are Falashim (nigger-jews) north of the Sahara. It is only fitting that the Blacks would think with their stoneage blood and apply their clubs and machetes to jews who stand in the way of their immediate self-gratification, just as they did with the Whites, whose jobs and property they wanted. Recently, I was eating in a local diner when a nigger with a dark, slant-eyed infant on his shoulder came in. Suddenly, I flashed back to the Turd World: a professional beggar, I thought. A blonde waitress went over to him, and from her behavior, I thought she was his wife: such effusive affection did she lavish on these ugly enemy alien specimens. The word, "fulsome" comes to mind. She gave the nigger a big glass of milk. "Did he pay for it?" I asked, when the simian pair had departed. "Well... yes," she lied. "He wanted to buy a quart of milk with a $10 bill, but I told him we only sold it by the glass." "Yes, I am sure he is probably unfamiliar with the difference between a restaurant and a grocery store."

I went on to say that such professional beggar types swarm in Turd World cities, and that the best way to prevent that from occurring here is by not rewarding them for their parasitism. Then she focussed on me with her big blue eyes and admitted that she was afraid. I said that is exactly what you communicated by giving him the milk. Where he comes from, any act of charity is construed as a sign of weakness, cowardice, craziness and/or stupidity. By doing what you did, you invite him to attack you. When it's a matter of kill or be killed, fear is quite foolish. "Been there, done that," I said. Then she was afraid of me. Although she is married to a White fellow and has children by him, she worships Black men and African 'culture', especially the Masai, although shorter domestic niggers will do fine. Amazing!

As a 'marginal man' I inhabit the local demimonde with pimps, prostitutes, gamblers, druggies, alcoholics, bums, bandits, undercover cops and dropouts from insane asylums. It's a lower class of people than that with whom I did business in Durango, Mexico, who were mainly crooks. I get along in this environment because I do my job and I keep my mouth shut about others' business, which I see going on around me. I am quite tolerant about others' affairs, as I can afford to be, since I have no one who would be threatened by the anti-social behavior of those around me. In fact, the entire U.S. people are anti-social, as I wrote in "The American Delirium". Were I attempting to raise children and protect them, my concern would be great. This is the world I can afford to live in on my income. Incidentally, the denizens of this world have as little love for the ZOG as I do, because the ZOG interferes, now and then, with their little rackets and their idea of 'fun', which is certainly not my idea of fun. To me, the world of the affluent zoglings of The District of Corruption is not something I would envy, nor would I be tempted to join it. I enclose a copy of my letter to Wayne MacLeod who is trying to promote his philosophy cum religion he calls Dynasophy. There is no private content therein, so you may find it informative. This saves me repeating it to you.

In regard to the prospect of "workin' for the ZOG and livin' like a hog," there is a German adage that it is better to eat from a clay jug as a free man than to eat from a golden plate as a slave. I agree.

The ZOG-world of D.C. sounds quite vulnerable to disruption. There is no community of people, purpose, nor trust. The area is totally dependent upon distant food sources and its wealth is purely symbolic and can vanish with the flick of a switch or a power outage which turns off and/or scrambles the ATMs and gas pumps. I hope you have an escape plan, in the event of such a crisis, for it will be "Feeding Time at the Zoo", as Maguire wrote in FAEM.

The shootings at public schools seem to be a fad, which will fade or flourish. The ZOG uses such incidents to promote their anti-gun propaganda. In at least two of the incidents; no, three, the shooters were jews. One or both of the shooters at Columbine High were hebes. Watch for Michael Eisner's possible release of "Columbine High – the Musical" at your local cinema. It's really too good to miss making money from such a popular subject. I don't know why an evil psychologist would bother programming school shooters. The anti-social content of the jewsmedia, like MTV and sicko websites for teenagers do a fine job already. The fashion pages of magazines and newspapers feature "heroin-chic" models who look like subjects of a student embalmer who failed the course. As Grimstad said in his three 90-minute audiotape feature entitled "Sirius Rising", the cabalistic proponents of The New Age/New World Order revel in sex & death cults. A book on this subject is entitled "The Apocalypse Generation", if I recall correctly. It's worth a read, if only for the section on the Great Bottle which was transported to the Trinity Atom Bomb Site and destroyed AFTER the successful atom bomb test, in accordance with jewish ritual and alchemy. Sorry, I cannot recall the author.

Well, I'll mail this off before I return to my coolie job, here in Brownest Yakima. Work is not only the curse of the drinking class, it also interferes with my rate of 'hate' output.


P.S.: You have great handwriting, the teaching of which was abolished just as I arrived at school. As my mother used to say,"I don't write. I draw my letters!" I am grateful to Our Race for inventing the typewriter. In regard to your Costa Rican National Guardsman, I wonder how he will fare when he meets up with determined and murderous opponents. I know my Colombians, after two years of work and travel there. There are no more bloodthirsty savages on earth. Beheading people with machetes is considered good fun. All I can say to him is ¡CUIDADO!

P.P.S.: On my return from work, I reread your letter and see that I omitted addressing a question you brought up about Steven Barry, publisher of The Resister. The blightwing is so insular, jealous and compartmentalized that I have never heard of him, nor his publication. Were all the Internet users blightwingers, no communications would ever be exchanged and no networking would occur. Each blighter would try to keep his flock in the dark about any other blighter's existence. Unity must be avoided at all costs! I recall my reading of the World War II Sedition Trial, in which FEDZOGUSA accused anti-war blighters and patriots of "conspiring" against the U.S. Government and the war effort. It turned out that none of those accused had ever heard of the others, and if they did know about them, they were sworn enemies! The Fort Smith Sedition Trial dissolved into a total farce as "White Supremacists" appeared in their Indian tribal regalia and the judge, with a straight face declared that "The U.S. Government has failed to prove how its existence has been threatened by small groups of men shouting, 'Sieg Heil!' in the woods." Steven Barry could be a radical version of "Bo" Gritz: a zogling acting as agent provocateur who attracts radical activists in order to identify them and round them up, as I warned about in my article on Target Selection, re phony combat cells. Ingrid Rimland, who I strongly suspect to be jewish, by her own admission and behavior, seems to be working her way into various revisionist and blightwing groups. I hear rumors that she has latched onto Ernst Zündel and his inheritance money, in exchange for him obtaining U.S. citizenship through marriage to her. Such a deal (if any of it is true)! In her semi-autobiographical novel, "Demon Doctor", Rimland(er) writes of two groups of people who emigrated to Paraguay after World War II: the Mennonites, whom she dubs "Bennobites" and jews. The "Bennobites" were tall and blond and fair-skinned, whereas the jews were quite otherwise. Since Rimland(er) is 'quite otherwise', she would be jewish. Her self-pity-for-profit is certainly a jewish trait, and not Mennonite. If Barry is a genuine ZOG-resister, her infiltration of his operation would be similar to that of the kike, Fred Farrell, who infiltrated and took over Conde McGinley's COMMON SENSE. When will we ever learn?

Of course, if Zündel, alias The Zud, has teamed up with Rimland, it would not be the first jewess he has shacked up with. In Toronto, he was under the total domination of a kikess who used the name, "Anne Burton". She was so much a part of his psyche that he could not distinguish her thoughts from his. She could even change his own recollections of events he had experienced at firsthand. It was a disgusting and unwholesome relationship, and since the Zündel-"Burton" persona was so strongly bonded, one cannot tell if the sabotage of our group came from him, on his own, or whether it emanated solely from her. I believe that Ernst Zündel was a genuine victim and subject of mind-control, every bit as much s "The Manchurian Candidate". Rimland is the reincarnation of the now defunct "Anne Burton". Such a deal!

Hans Schmidt is right. We are about to see great changes. I am already experiencing the mestizo flood of mud at firsthand, in my daily life. Census figures show a horrendous jump in the hispano-mestizo population, throughout the U.S.A., as well as Asians. It is like being on The Titanic and seeing the ocean engulf and fill up more and more of the ship. At this rate, there is no doubt where we are heading, and that is DOWN!

Well, back to work. Oh, please address my letters with "E. Thomson". A postal mestizo put a big "?" on my envelope. The last thing I want is non-delivery of my mail. If you prefer me to address you as "M.J." I shall do so. As for me, I have no secrets, only appointments.

Eric Thomson